The Occasional Bachelor

by Westside24

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Many things can happen when a wife leaves her husband alone for four weeks.

Greg Daniels was sitting in his car at the Tampa International Airport cellphone parking lot watching the flight board for information on his wife’s arrival flight from Dallas, Texas. Jill, his wife had flown out to Dallas almost four weeks ago to visit their married daughter Bethany and her family. Jill loved being with the three grandkids. The board said that Jill’s flight was ten minutes late from its scheduled arrival.

Jill initially had gone out to visit Beth when her first child was born, then went there again for the second and then the third child. These visits of Jill’s were about four weeks each during the summer months and close to nine days during the school year. She went during the school year by combing some sick days with a holiday weekend and an institute day. She spent the Spring Break week in Dallas.

Now with her being retired all of the visits were for four weeks and occurred four times a year. Greg understood the need for the visits when the babies were born but now that all the grandkids were in school that was another story as to her going there. While he too visited Beth he didn’t want to interfere with their lives that much. He bit his tongue and didn’t complain to Jill about these visits as that would cast him as the “bad guy.” He knew she enjoyed doing these visits. She had told him she looked forward these visits but she never asked him what he thought about her doing these visits. If she ever did he wasn’t sure what he would say to her. While she enjoyed these visits Greg thought he should in some way enjoy himself while Jill was in Dallas.

It had been an interesting four weeks with Jill gone thought Greg. How things had changed in the man woman relationship was dramatic from what it had been when Greg was younger and was starting to date. In trying to explain the change he would say that men no longer were the only pursuers and the women now or at least some of them saw what they wanted and went right for it. These women were aggressive and not hesitant to pursue a man to have sex if they felt an attraction to a man. The man being married or single didn’t seem to be a bar to their pursuit of the man if they were attracted to him. These were ‘interesting times’ was the thought that was running through Greg’s mind as he waited in the cellphone lot.

In thinking about what happened when Jill had gone he knew it all started two days after she left for Dallas. On that day Greg who was fifty six years of age and an early riser was walking through the large parking garage under his condo building. He was heading to a convenience store to purchase a newspaper and a cup of coffee. He heard a car door slam and a voice say, “Damn it.”

Looking at where he heard the voice he saw a dark haired lady standing next to an automobile. Walking over to her he said, “Problems?”

“My car won’t start and I am going to be late to school. The teacher is supposed to be in class before the students arrive and it looks like that won’t be happening now. What a way to start the day.”

“What happens when you turn the key in the car?”

“I get a clicking sound.”

Greg asked her to try and start the car and he could hear the clicking sound she said she had heard.

With her exiting her car Greg said, “It sounds like your battery is dead and that is the starter solenoid you hear clicking. There just isn’t enough juice in the battery for the starter to turn over the engine. If I had jumper cables I could give your car a jump and get it started but I don’t have the cables nor could I guarantee that your car would start when you wanted to come back here.”

“I guess I will just need to call a cab. My husband was already picked up by his buddies to go out on a charter boat to do some fishing.”

Greg said, “Why don’t you let me give you a lift to school? There is nothing pressing that I need to do since my wife already has left for Dallas to visit our daughter and her family.”

“That would be so nice of you to do that and a life saver. Let me get my things and by the way my name is Pat Morrison.”

“Nice meeting you Pat, I am Greg Daniels.”

Walking with her to his car Greg had some thoughts about Pat. Age wise she seemed to be in her early to mid-forties, about five feet seven inches tall with a slim figure. Facially she was fairly attractive. Her attractiveness was what he would call natural as it seemed she didn’t have on much makeup because he saw a few freckles on her face. The dark skirt she had on showed a nice pair of legs and a small butt.

When they were both inside Greg’s car Pat gave him directions on how to get to the school. They also talked in an effort to get to know the other better.

Greg said, “I haven’t seen you here before, did you just buy a condo?”

“No we bought three years ago and have been renting the unit out to the prior renters. Now that they have told us they won’t be renewing their lease we thought we would use it for a few months ourselves before we rent the unit out again. I think this is the best time of year to be here before the snowbirds come down here and the area gets crowded.”

“I agree with you and I like the area. To me the area is more blue-collar and not has fancy as some of the areas that are further south. There is also less traffic and maybe not that many snowbirds compared to the number that are down south.”

“I’ll second that.”

“How do like teaching? My wife was a teacher before she retired.”

“I am not a full time teacher, just a substitute teacher. Although I did get my teaching certificate when I graduated, I never did become a full time teacher and was always a sub. My husband Paul followed his father and was into the purchasing and renting of apartment buildings. We live in a suburb in the Washington DC area which is where Paul has his buildings. He thought that was an area that would be somewhat immune to the fluctuations in property values and that the buildings would appreciate in value. So far he has been right in his assessment. He purchases buildings putting the minimum down after assuring himself that the buildings have a positive cash flow. As the buildings appreciate he re-mortgages them and uses the increase in equity to purchase more buildings. He is good at what he does and we do own a considerable number of apartment buildings and two large apartment complexes. Right now Paul is flirting with the idea of turning some of those buildings into condos and using the money from the conversion to buy more buildings.”

“As to me, I was always a sub and when I wasn’t teaching I was helping Paul with the buildings. Now we have reached the stage in life where we can turn over the buildings to a realty management company and take some time to relax and enjoy life. The management company only calls us when there are major problems. But wait a minute here. This talk so far has been all about me, you are going to need to tell me somethings about yourself.”

Greg gave her a quick synopsis of his life in which he told her he was a retired firefighter and split the time living here in Florida and living in Michigan equally.

They arrived at the school Pat was scheduled to teach at. As Pat was leaving his car Greg gave her his card and told her to call him when she was done teaching and he could come here and take her back to the condo.”

“Thanks for the offer and it is sweet of you to do that. I will try and get a lift back from someone here first. My husband when he gets back from fishing will be busy replacing the car battery which is probably the original battery as the car is four years old. Thanks again and it was very nice for you to give me a ride here.”

Greg watched Pat and her pretty backside walk into school and thought she was an interesting lady. She never did phone him that day so he thought she must have gotten a ride back from someone at the school to the condo building.

The next day at ten in the morning Greg walked into a medical clinic to have an ultra sound performed on his right leg. Close to a year ago and when Jill was on one of her trips to Dallas, Greg experienced some shortness of breath and had passed out. At the hospital’s emergency room they diagnosed him having a deep vein thrombosis or DVT as they referred to it in his right thigh. Apparently some of this clot had broken off and had gone into in his lungs. The term given to that condition was a pulmonary embolism and that was also causing him to have pulmonary hypertension. His heart was working too hard pushing blood into his lungs.

The seriousness of his condition hit Greg in the hospital when the Hematologist who was assigned to Greg’s care said, “I have never had a patient die on me from this condition and you are not going to be the first.”

That was a wakeup call for Greg as to how ill he was. The treatment given him was one of the new blood thinner drugs that had been recently approved by the FDA. Subsequent test a few months later showed that the clots in the lungs had been absorbed by the body but there was some damage to his lungs. The Doctor wanted to see what had become of the clot in the leg which was the reason he suggested that this ultra sound procedure be done.

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