Cape and Cowl

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fan Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: An assassination attempt against Congresswoman Barbara Gordon brings the Maid Of Might into the fray. The two women soon discover they have far more in common than their alter egoes

The Erotic Adventures of Supergirl and Batgirl

“Mayday ... Mayday ... Mayday...” the pilot of the small jet said in a controlled voice as he struggled with the controls of the crippled aircraft. “This is Gotham Air Two-Zero-Niner declaring an emergency!”

Those simple words brought fear to the heart of Jim Lee. In all his twelve years of flying, including almost a hundred combat missions during the Gulf War, he’d never had to declare an emergency. Three minutes ago, just as he’d made the leisurely turn that would line his plane up for the approach into Washington’s National Airport, a sudden explosion had ripped through the starboard engine.

Thousands of hours of flying time helped avert any sense of panic as he quickly increased power to the port engine and tried to keep the aircraft intact long enough to make an emergency landing.

“Brace yourself.” he said to the smartly dressed young woman who occupied the co-pilot’s seat. “This is going to be a little rough.” Lee added, trying to be reassuring.

In the split second he had spared to look into the emerald eyes of his sole passenger, Captain Lee had been surprised to see no trace of fear in the redhead. It was as if the young woman faced life or death situations all the time, secure in her acceptance of an uncontrollable fate. In a way it made him feel more secure as well. The last thing he needed right now was a hysterical right-seater.

Glancing up from the instrument panel and then out the window, Jim’s eyes fixed on the rapidly growing image of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Rapidly he ran the numbers though his head and a small smile filled his face. Once they cleared the bridge, which he judged they would be able to do, they were home free.

“Almost there...” he said as the altimeter continued to drop.

What measure of confidence he felt, evaporated in a second as the airframe suddenly rocked once again. Jerking his head to the left, a look of horror filled his face as he saw the small jagged hole that now appeared in the port engine.

“Oh shit.” he whispered, all color drained from his face.

“We’re not going to make it, are we?” the redhead said, no longer worried about breaking the pilot’s concentration.

Jim Lee’s eyes glanced down at the now spinning altimeter and the bridge before them. They were dropping like a rock. It was no longer a matter of clearing the bridge. If anything, they’d be lucky if they didn’t take out a dozen cars when they crashed into it.

Resigned that there was nothing more that he could do, he turned and faced his passenger. No sound issued from his lips, but the look of resignation in his eyes was all the silent answer she needed. Just as quietly, the 26 year old mouthed a prayer that the end would be instantaneous.

Suddenly. Incomprehensibly. The encompassing view of the bridge suddenly dropped below the horizon as the small aircraft rose once more into the sky. It took a moment for the two of them to realize they were still alive. It was a dozen more heartbeats before they dared considered asking themselves how could they be with both engines destroyed.

Before they could say a word to each other, they found themselves on the ground at National Airport. Instinct took over and they quickly exited the aircraft, right into the arms of the emergency crews that were already surrounding it.

“I guess it’s safe now to ask...” the young woman said. “Why aren’t we dead?”

The answer came in the form of an athletic blonde haired woman who walked out from under the damaged starboard wing. 5’7” and about 120 lbs, she wore a tight fitting blue shirt which topped a red skirt and matching red boots. A equally bright red cape draped across her shoulders. Situated across her rounded breasts was an irregular red and yellow pentagon with a stylized “S” in it.

“Supergirl!” the redhead exclaimed.

“Are the two of you all right?” the Girl of Steel asked as she reached the front of the plane. “I didn’t have much time to be gentle if I was going to keep you from becoming an unwelcome decoration on a National Monument.”

“We’re fine, and thankful beyond words.” Jim said as he stepped forward and extended his hand out in welcome. “Jim Lee, pilot and from now on, your number one fan.”

“That’s better than any reward.” Supergirl smiled as she accepted his outstretched hand.

“And let me add my own thanks.” the woman in the conservative business suit said as she reached out as well. “Barbara Gordon.”

Automatically, Supergirl shifted her attention to Barbara as she had done with a thousand thankful recipients before. Abruptly, the Kryptonian froze as she focused on the attractive young woman for the first time.

Barbara noticed the sudden pause, unsure what to make of it. She waited a few moments, then asked.

“Is something wrong?”

“I’m sorry.” Supergirl said, snapping out of her momentary daze. “I thought you looked familiar, that’s all.”

“Maybe you saw me on CSPAN.” Barbara replied. “Although as Gotham City’s most junior Congresswoman I usually get on opposite most of the late night lineup.”

“Congresswoman Gordon, of course.” Supergirl smiled. “I’ve read some of your speeches. They were very impressive.”

“I’m flattered.” Barbara said.

“Well I’m just glad I was able to be here when you had your accident.” Supergirl said as she began her own well rehearsed speech. “The country needs people like you.”

“I’m glad you were as well.” Barbara replied. “But I’m afraid it was definitely not an accident.”

“I don’t understand.” Supergirl said.

“One engine exploding is an accident.” Barbara explained. “Two is a statistical anomaly.”

With that, the Girl of Steel turned and focused her amazing vision on the twisted remains under both wings. Layer by layer, inch by inch, she surveyed the mangled metal.

“I’m afraid you’re right.” she reported. “I’m picking up almost untraceable amounts of explosive residue. They’d be invisible under normal investigation.”

“I’d expect that.” Barbara said, amazingly calm for someone discussing what was supposed to be the instrument of her own death. “If we’d gone down into the Potomac, as was undoubtedly planned, it would’ve been written up as a tragic, inexplicable accident.”

“You sound like you have a good idea who planted those explosives.” Supergirl said.

“Not enough to convince the FBI.” the Congresswoman replied. “Not even with two other members of Congress having had similar, more fatal accidents in the last eight months.”

“Well I’m not the FBI.” Supergirl said, suddenly very interested. “Convince me.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have any real proof.” Barbara went on. “I just find it too coincidental that both of them and I were on that fact finding trip to Qurac last year. The one that led to Congress’s resolution condemning Qurac for exporting acts of terrorism.”

“Qurac, that’s a nasty bunch.” Supergirl noted. “But wouldn’t simply blowing up your plane be more their style.”

“That’s true.” Barbara agreed. “But what information I’ve been able to come by suggests that this is a contract job. A group of mercenaries led by a woman called the Crimson Rose.”

“I’ve heard of her.” Supergirl replied. “As bad as the Quraci’s are, she’s worse.”

“Definitely.” Barbara agreed. “And this is exactly her style. She wanted us to know that we were going to die. She gets off on the fear she creates in others.”

Supergirl took a few steps away, lost in thought for a few moments. She had only planned to be in Washington for a few hours, just long enough to drop off a heart for a transplant at George Washington University Hospital. Now she had a new goal.

“If you’re right, you can be certain that she doesn’t suffer defeat gladly.” Supergirl noted.

“In order words, I should expect another attempt ... and soon.” Barbara agreed.

“Exactly.” Supergirl said with determination. “And when they do, I’ll be there.”

A look of concern flashed across Barbara’s face. For some reason, the prospect of having the Girl of Steel as a bodyguard seemed to bother her. A strange reaction for someone whose life was in obvious danger.

“I’m afraid that’s not a good idea.” Barbara said. “I can’t really explain why, but I can’t let people think I’m running away from what everyone tells me is an overactive imagination.”

The Congresswoman’s heart was racing, Supergirl noted. A tell tale sign that she was hiding much more that she was telling. Still it was her business, her life. She couldn’t be forced to accept a bodyguard.

“I assume you don’t have any objection to my spending a few days in Washington and taking a little look around?” Supergirl asked.

“Of course not.” Barbara smiled, a smile that hid many secrets.

With that, the Maid of Might was gone.

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