Halloween X.O. Fundraiser

by NymphWriter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Interracial, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: As the final phase of a sorority's hazing, the pledges must suck random cocks in glory holes for the annual "Dick or Treat". Journey, a Navy vet warns about potential cheating risk and when she makes such a discovery, she takes the necessary steps to prove she's the superior cock-sucker.

The pledges of Chi Omicron (XO) sorority had endured weeks of insane hazing. It started off innocently enough with weekly meetings and study sessions as a requirement to maintain membership with a minimum 3.0 GPA, but quickly evolved to much harsher treatment leading up to hell week or ‘inspiration period’ as the sisters called it because the term “hazing” had such a negative connotation.

During the inspiration period, girls were required to wear certain clothes that bordered on slutty when not in class and were always escorted by a big sister. They had a night were they were asked random trivia questions, that if they answered wrong, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and marshmallow fluff was poured on their heads. By the end of the night every pledge was a sticky, gooey mess.

The hazing activities weren’t always so crazy, often the girls had bonding exercises that brought them all closer together. They shared stories of their insecurities, heart break, and fears. There were wine tastings, self-defense classes, and tutoring sessions. A few girls dropped out, but most had endured all the good and bad that was leading up to the final challenge. The rumor mill had claimed everything from an all-night orgy to a drinking contest, though none of the girls thought either was possible.

The pledges were ushered into the darkened gathering room where they waited. “How long will they keep us here?” one girl asked.

“As long as they want,” whispered another.

“This is such bullshit,” whispered a third.

“What?” asked a fourth voice.

“These games they keep playing with us,” said the third girl.

“Like what?” asked the fourth voice, sounding curious.

“Well, the stupid trivia night for one. It took me two hours to wash the fucking marshmallow fluff and caramel goo out of my hair.”

A few others whispered their complaints about the difficulty they too experienced cleaning up after that night when a fifth girl exclaimed, “So what! The extra tutoring and other bonding activities have really helped me. Hell! I’m passing algebra now. Even my mother can’t believe how well I’m doing.”

“And that is what the ‘inspirational period’ is all about,” said the fourth girl standing up and removing her wig and glasses. The girls in the room turned and a collective gasp was heard as they saw the mystery woman was the sorority president who had been asking the questions. The tall, slender black woman peered out into the room.

“Oh shit,” hissed the third girl as she shrunk down into her seat.

The sorority president looked at the girl and said, “And let me remind you that no one forced you to stay or participate. However, we don’t need your negative energy in XO, so thank you for pledging and have a nice night.”

For a moment, the girl sat frozen in her seat, then stood up and said, “Whatever,” as she stormed out in a huff.

“Anyone else want to bitch about trivia night or anything else, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The girls nervously looked around, but no one said a word. The president turned to the last girl who spoke and said, “Oh, and I’m really happy to hear you’re passing algebra dear. I’d hate to lose you to poor grades. We’re not kidding about that minimum 3.0 GPA requirement.”

“Thanks,” she whispered, blushing and sinking into her seat.

“Now ladies,” said the president clapping her hands together, “let’s get down to business. Next Saturday, as in the Saturday before Halloween, is our annual ‘Dick or Treat’ fundraising event and your final test. The event is simple enough really. The members of Alpha Omega pay twenty bucks and will be sticking their dicks into glory holes and you ladies will be on the other side. Half the money will go to a local charity and half will be divided among the top three cocksuckers. Each of you will be given a number over your hole and the men will vote on which one of you was the best cocksucker.

There were a few gasps and whispers, then the president continued. “The challenge is simple, really. The men stick their pricks into the holes and you will give them a blow job. Every few minutes they will switch and you’ll be sucking a new cock. The object of the game is to make them cum. The first place winner gets fifty percent, second place will get thirty percent, and third place gets twenty percent. So you all understand better, if ten guys pony up twenty-bucks each, we collect two-hundred dollars. One-hundred dollars goes to the charity, fifty-dollars goes to the first place winner, thirty-dollars to second place, and twenty to third. Oh, and don’t misunderstand me, there will be way more than just ten men so the potential to make some serious money for yourself and our charity is great.”

“Wait a minute,” said one girl. “We’re expected to suck a man off after only a few minutes?”

“Each pledge will have two attempts at every dick, assuming he makes it that far. It’s rare that any man can make two full rounds without blowing his load.”

“Rare, but not impossible,” said a woman in the back, clearly older than the other pledges.

“Correct Miss...”

“Gleason. Journey Gleason.”

“Right, our veteran.”

Journey Gleason was unlike the other young women in the room. Instead of coming to college straight from high school like many of her pledge class, she had spent the previous four years as a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy. She was stationed on the USS Jackson in San Diego, California, and at the Naval hospital on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California. Now she was using her GI Bill to pay for her college education and had decided rushing a sorority might be a good way to make new friends who didn’t have a military background.

“Aye, aye ma’am,” said Journey with a slight salute. “So, please elaborate. You said it was ‘rare that a man could make two rounds without blowing his load.’ How rare?”

“Right,” said the president. “Alpha Omega had a member known as ‘King Kong Dong.’ He’s hung like a horse and nearly impossible to suck off.”

“Nearly impossible, but not impossible,” said Journey.

“Well, none of us were ever able to suck him off, so I’m actually not sure if nearly impossible is accurate.”

“Did he cheat?”

“Excuse me?”

Journey stood up, brushed her blonde hair out of her face, and tugged at her blouse. “When I was in the Navy, some of the guys, specifically the Marines, used a special cream to prolong their erections and slow down their climax. They said it was easier to hide than a cock ring. They used this when they’d fuck prostitutes in foreign countries to prove they were the superior lovers. Plus, those girls know lots of tricks to end the sex quick. You know, more fucks, more bucks. Kinda like our contest here.”

A few of the pledges giggled at the last line. The president bit her lower lip and sighed. “I have never heard of such a thing.”

“Oh trust me sweetie, it’s not something they advertise. I will however say that this cream has a unique taste and makes your tongue tingle.”

The girls in the room began whispering about what they just heard. “So,” said the president loudly over the whispers, “you’ve tasted this cream?”

Journey smiled. “Yeah, one of my shipmates didn’t score with a hooker one night and needed a release. Poor boy was suffering a serious case of blue-balls. Since I was dealing with my monthly visit from Aunt Flow, I sucked him off. Took a couple of hours for my tongue to stop tingling. He told me later about the cream. He said the trick was not to use too much or you go from a ‘man of steel’ to ‘limp Louie.’ Um, if ya know what I mean.”

The ‘limp Louie’ comment brought forth a slew of giggles from the other pledges and the president. “Yes,” said the president, trying to contain her laughter, “I think we all do.”

Journey sat back down and one girl asked, “What does it taste like?”

“Well, it depends on the cream, but the one I tasted had a minty-nutty taste.”

“So, assuming what Miss Gleason has shared doesn’t occur,” continued the president, “this should be a fair contest.”

That week the pledges met in the library meeting rooms to discuss strategies for effective cock sucking. A few brought assorted dildos that the girls would practice on or model for other girls. Journey watched and coached were she could. Many of the girls knew how to suck a cock and claimed they could suck off their boyfriends, though a few admitted they didn’t like the taste, but were willing to do what they must to succeed. Journey worked with the girls who were clearly clueless when it came to sucking cock, teaching them some tricks to help them be successful and easing their fears about the contest.

Journey knew she had little to fear, unless a man used the desensitizing cream she’d warned the others about. She had sucked many a sailor’s and marine’s cock during her time in the Navy. To her, it was just something you did when you didn’t want to be in a committed relationship. She knew not all the women in her unit were as sexually active as she was, but it wasn’t a secret that what happens on the ocean, stays on the ocean, or what happens in the barracks stays in the barracks. Still, she really wanted to become a member of XO and win the cash prize to help pay for her next semester’s books. She felt that XO and the friends and contacts she made would be helpful in both her academic and post military career.


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