The Club and the New Member

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A city chap returns to his old town and joins the local club, he meets the members including the women and one lonely and not that popular woman rings him and issues an invite - read on

It wasn’t a difficult decision for Jim to return to his old home town after the final papers had been signed, ending a very awkward marriage. In the weeks before that final visit to the solicitor’s office he had notified his old friends from his teenage years to advise them that he was returning, he also obtained a small property that suited him fine.

Because of his decision to engage with his old friends there was no difficulty in entering the social structure for individuals of his vintage and that led to him being introduced to the local Workers Club, that was a club where the working man and those that had retired from the rat race could relax and socialize and Jim took it in his stride and because of his active lifestyle he didn’t look his age and for the many women, some totally on their own, he was a source of admiration and much interest.

He was introduced and over the following week got to know many of the patrons, especially the women who he found very attentive but none that really stirred his sexual interests so when he received a call from one of those women it did take him by surprise. He was just finished doing a bit of a touch up on a lattice work he had erected when his mobile rang. “Jim Wain”, he said. There was a moment of hesitation till a female voice said. “It is Maud I was introduced to you at the Workers Club. I was wondering if you would like to come for lunch”. He racked his mind, trying to separate Maud from the number of women he had met over the last week, he couldn’t but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be diplomatic and engage her as though he remembered her. “Thank you Maud, I would be delighted”. There was a slight gasp on the other end for his acceptance was something that the woman hoped for but realised that there was always the possibility of a refusal. She knew that she wasn’t, or didn’t think she was that attractive and up until this moment had not successfully managed to attract a man. With the acceptance set, the time and address were then noted and with a “Thank you Maud”, the phone conversation ended.

Finding the address wasn’t too difficult; he had bought a town map for there were many streets that were either new or had been altered that without a map or direction he would have been ‘up the creek’. The street where Maud lived was very neat and her property, like all the rest he had noted was immaculate. He rang the doorbell; he immediately recognized Maud for she was short and tubby. Her facial appearance was not one that would attract a ‘scout’ for a man’s magazine but facial appearances were not his first item of consideration, it was always their tits and Maud did have a pair that alerted his interests and in those seconds of closer contact he did recall the woman although he was being given the rounds of individuals in the club, Maud was just one of the many women he had been introduced to. “You have a very lovely garden”, he said as she led him into her lounge room. “Coming from the city”, he said. “The present trend by developers is to cram as many units onto a single block that there is no room for outside activities, gone is the family backyard, that is not the case here and it is great to know that developers haven’t got their greedy paws into properties here and people have the space to breathe”. Maud was all smiles and did seem a bit flustered in what to do for in reality this was the first time she had invited a man into her home. However, his easy approach and his smiling conversations calmed her and after a bit of fumbling finally presented the lunch, which was very enjoyable. “Maud that was delightful”, he said as he moved to the couch which she suggested as she took the dirty plates to the sink.

Normally he would encourage the woman to sit beside him and eventually begin the move to total seduction, however, as Maud was a little hesitant in all her activities since he arrived, he was a little awkward, however, for Maud something clicked; whether it was his friendly approach or the fact that like many men at the club who didn’t think she was worth their attention, he displayed the opposite and accepted her or maybe it could have been all those things and she was determined to grab the opportunity for all it was worth; she took the part of the aggressor, much to his surprise but also delight. She fell upon him, planting kisses that at first threw him off balance, but only for mere seconds; he responded, returning the embrace and cupping her very substantial tit, which bought on a ‘Ooooo!’, but not to the extent that she pulled away, on the contrary only gave her more encouragement but when he slipped up inside her thigh and moved amongst the forest of hair at her groin and began to finger her, she erupted. Her gasp echoed around the room and her whole being shuddered almost to the point of being out of control. The harder he fingered the louder she panted and the wider she spread her thighs. “Stand ... stand up”, he commanded. She did, within mere seconds her panties were on the floor, he bent her over the edge of the lounge and the next utterance was a long and loud ‘Ahhhhh!’ as he rammed his cock to the utter depths of her very hairy cunt.

In and out his cock went. This was not a gentle fuck but one that echoed the sound of flesh banging against flesh. Maud shuddered as his cock did its work, going right to his balls, withdrawing and thrusting till she was shaking like an unset jelly. He pulled up her blouse, undid her bra and gave a grunt of appreciation as her tits fell free. He groped them, working the nipples till they were hard and all Maud could do was gasp, grunt and groan as he fucked her; finally it came the burst of cum and as he pumped it into her, a shudder when through her being, a shudder that she hadn’t experienced for a long, long time. “That Maud was great, the best fuck I have had in a while”. He pulled out and helped her up. Her face was red and sweaty but from her mouth saliva dripped. “Enjoy it?” He asked. All she did was nod but finally, in a voice that was almost a gargle ask, “We ... we f ... fuck some more?”

“I think that is a great idea”, he said as he smiled at the half dressed woman before him. “I need a refill, my balls are empty. I think a shower would be on the cards and give me time to refill for my dear Maud I want to get my cock among the hair at your groin again”. This comment made her giggle but as he stripped her that giggle was increased when he stated. “You are one attractive woman. I love your tits, fucking fantastic and the hair at your groin is a real cock raiser. Fucking you Maud was fantastic. Now let’s have that shower and by the time we finish I think we could be ready for another example of how to harden a cock”. With that she led him to the bathroom and for the next fifteen minutes pampered each other till he was rock hard and she was oozing with anticipation and dribbling saliva.

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