Starting Over

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: : Changing his life after a cheating wife.

Andrew Anderson entered the conference room in the courthouse with his attorney, Jennifer Portofino. They were the first ones to arrive and set about finding chairs to wait on the other participants in the conference. Jennifer placed her notebook computer on the table, booted it, and pulled several folders from her briefcase.

While the computer was loading, Jennifer looked over at Andrew and smiled. She said, “Relax, Andy. You know we have them at a disadvantage. I’m positive this conference will end pleasantly and satisfactorily for you. If it doesn’t we still can go through with the lawsuit. We have two hours before court convenes. The pressure will all be on them. If they don’t offer a satisfactory settlement we’ll let the jury decide on your case. You have all the boss cards in that game.”

The door to the room opened and one of the most beautiful women Andrew had ever seen strutted angrily into the room followed by a tall arrogant looking man in an Armani suit. The woman’s lips compressed as she glared at Andrew. Her eyes constricted as her angry glare bored through him. She pulled out a chair as far from Andrew as possible and sat down. Harold and Dolores Stevens had been Andy’s friends since grade school. Of course, Dolores’s name had not been Stevens at that time.

Her attorney smiled and moved to stand beside Jennifer. He held his hand out for her to shake as he said, “Good morning, Ms. Portofino. After she shook his hand he turned toward Andrew and held his hand out to him also, then continued talking. He said, “And good morning to you also, Mr. Anderson.”

“I think we have a settlement proposal this time that will satisfy all the conditions you have laid out in previous conversations. My client has reluctantly agreed to your demands for complete ownership of the property in Florida as you demanded.” He pulled a folder from his briefcase and handed it to Jennifer before continuing, “As you can see, Ms. Portofino, this settlement agreement covers all the demands your client made during our previous meetings.

Jennifer took the document and began reading through it. Andy looked over at Dolores and said, “How are you holding up, Dolores?”

She turned her angry gaze on him once again and glared daggers at him. She began yelling, “Don’t you ever speak to me again you son of a bitch. It’s your fault we’re here and my husband and your wife are dead. This hearing should be your trial for murder instead of you forcing me to give up one of my properties to you. I thought we were friends. How could you do this to me? Your damn foolish pride caused the death of my husband and my best friend and now you’re suing me because of it. That ‘s just so wrong.”

“How could I do this to you? What the hell do you think you’re talking about here, Dolores? It was your damn husband that was fucking my wife. He was the one that couldn’t drive and killed the two of them. All we would have been doing was sorting through the divorce if he hadn’t been driving drunk and killed them.”

“Don’t give me that you sanctimonious bastard. The neighbors saw your truck at the cabin and heard you screaming at the two of them. Damn it they saw you chasing them out of the house and heard you make threats to them. All they were trying to do was get away from you before you beat on Harold some more. You didn’t have to chase them down the highway until he lost control of the car and crashed. You killed them just as if you held a gun to their heads and pulled the trigger. Now you’re taking almost a quarter of my inheritance on top of that.”

“You’re crazy. I didn’t kill them and you know it. Yeah, I confronted the cheating assholes, but they’re the ones who decided to take off and got killed.”

“I don’t care. It’s your fault and you know it. If you’d just left them alone they would both still be alive. My children would still have their father and I would still have my husband. Damn it, you didn’t own Paula’s pussy. She did. You weren’t losing anything from her sharing a little pussy with Harold. Shit, you were supposed to be at work so you weren’t going to get any during the day anyway.”

“You’re joking. You mean to sit there and tell me you wouldn’t have divorced his cheating ass like I would have Paula’s? I can’t believe that. Why would you even consider keeping a cheating asshole like Harold? You surely can’t mean his cheating on you didn’t bother you?”

“He was more man than you or any other male I’ve ever seen. He was the best there has ever been. No one woman could ever take care of him alone. Hell, I was glad when he began dating Paula. It gave me some rest. He was the best provider and father I have ever seen. Harold just needed more pussy than I could give him. Hell, I knew I wouldn’t lose him. He always came back to me. If you’d been a better lover, Paula probably would never have taken up with Harold and you wouldn’t have gotten your little feelings hurt.”

“Jesus, you crazy bitch, I thought I knew you and Harold but I guess I didn’t. I’m not one of those cuckolds you read about. I don’t share my women and I never will.”

By then the two attorneys were trying to quiet their respective clients. Finally they managed to stop the argument and Jennifer finished reading the document. She turned to Andrew and said, “I think this is exactly what you demanded, Andrew. Dolores Stevens and her Real Estate company agree to transfer the 5.6 acres on Sanibel Island Florida to you free and clear of any encumbrances as demanded. Additionally, they agree to purchase your family home located at 36714 Cherokee Ln. for the sum of $179,000 and pay off the remaining mortgage in the amount of $63,235.87. Mrs. Stevens also demands a non-disclosure agreement on the facts of the settlement and agrees to pay all attorney fees and any and all costs associated with the property transfers. If you accept this settlement I need you to sign here.”

Andrew signed the document. His attorney handed the document to the opposing council and handed Andy two more copies of the document for signature also.

Dolores’s attorney showed her where to sign the documents after he received them from Jennifer. As Andy signed the other two copies she handed them to Dolores’s attorney for her to sign also. After all three copies were signed Dolores’s attorney handed one of the copies to Jennifer, another to Dolores, and said, “I’ll have my paralegal file this document with the appropriate offices and send you proof of the filing. We’ll get back in touch with you to set up the date and time to transact the property transfers if that’s satisfactory with you. It’s almost time for the hearing to begin so if there are no farther comments I suggest we inform the Judge we have reached a settlement and request dismissal of the lawsuit.”

Three days later the same group of people met in Jennifer’s office to sign the property transfer documents. This time neither Andrew nor Dolores spoke to the other. After the documents were signed and distributed Dolores and her attorney stood and left. Andrew leaned back in his chair and watched his old friend walk out of his life. He shook his head and sighed. He just didn’t understand any of the things that went on over the last five months. How could he have been so wrong about so many people? Oh, hell, he knew Harold was a player and had a large cock. He had heard more than one woman gushing about his sexual powers and remembered many instances of Harold bragging about nailing married women. He just never expected him to make a move on his wife or, for that matter, for her to succumb to Harold’s line of bullshit. Paula was three months pregnant when she died. Now he wondered if the child was even his. Not that it mattered now, but he did wonder. Had her disrespect for him and her marriage vows extended to that too? After the accident Andy found out that several of his friends knew about Harold and Paula but hadn’t told him. Of course that also ruined those friendships. The disloyalty disgusted him. It was obvious they thought more of Harold and Paula than they did him.

Andrew felt he could not live in the small town he grew up in any longer. He had not enjoyed living there for several years but Paula refused to move. He never understood why that was until he caught her and Harold. Paula grew up in a town over a hundred miles away. They met during college and she moved to his hometown when he graduated and they married. Now at least he knew why she was so adamant they remain in his hometown. She didn’t want to leave her big dicked lover.

After he cashed in his stock options and banked the money from the sale of their house and the insurance settlement for Paula’s death Andy had almost $579,000 in the bank. He also owned the land in Florida free and clear. Truthfully he didn’t know much about the land but he liked the area it was situated in and always dreamed about living there. He and Harold spent three spring breaks there while they were in college. At the time there was a small older 24-unit condo on the land. Harold’s family used it for rentals but closed it a year or two after the boys got out of college. Andy remembered it as being pretty run down even then. All he knew was he intended to move down there and unwind before he decided what to do with the rest of his life. His parents were now retired to Florida so he would be much closer to them for another plus.

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