There Was Confusion

by looking4it

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Drama Story: My wife makes a decision about our marriage so I felt obligated to do the same.

I posted this elsewhere several years ago and I’ve not had time to take the comments and suggestions and edit it. I take full responsibility for the content and writing. I do not consider myself a writer but I found writing this story to be satisfying. One of the biggest complaints I received was the coincidence in this story. Sorry if that offends you. After reading it again as I went through to edit it I am still proud of the decisions I made. It was not my intent to make it as long as it became but I believe people now who say that a story and characters take on a life of their own.

This story was born from one I read a while ago where a man finds his wife in an adjoining room and gets excited about it. Well, that one didn’t set well with me so I wanted to write what I believe would be a more believable reaction. Again, it is fiction so there may be some improbable events. It is also likely to have elements of other stories in it read here and beyond, I’ve read a bunch so that is certainly understandable. I hope I’ve written the events in a way that, while similar to other stories will be unique here.

There was confusion...

Things were confusing...

I was confused...

I bolted upright in bed. I had no idea where I was and to tell the truth it was unnerving. Things began to settle down and clear and I started to remember where I was and what was going on. Recognizing the stereotypical desk, flat screen television, window and drapes the image of the room at the downtown Marriott began to take shape in my mind. There was still something wrong, a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, but for now a more comfortable feeling and sense of control began to grow and that original confusion began to fade.

As my pulse slowed and the adrenalin ebbed I lay back down and reached for my wife. Immediately, the troublesome feeling that was still present spiked when my arm didn’t find her lying next to me in the bed. I tried to ease my mind figuring that she had gone into the bathroom and perhaps did something that woke me accidentally.

We were both attending a set of summer workshops for teachers. Clinics dedicated to secondary classes for me while my wife, Janice, was taking in ones designed for elementary teachers. We both teach in the same school district and have for the past six years. I’ve actually worked in the district for nine years as a high school history teacher and Janice started there three years later as one of our third grade teachers.

This is an annual conference our district sends us to for training in ways to improve reading scores on our state tests but it’s always nice to take a “vacation” on the district. Sure, there is a certain amount of our time spent in meeting rooms listening to experts, consultants and colleagues talk about the latest and greatest strategies but the evenings were ours and we took great advantage of them with dinner and dancing.

This was our last night and would be heading home in the morning. Well, later in the morning anyway. We had a wonderful dinner at the local chophouse and spent the rest of the evening with people we knew at a nearby club. I’m sure you can imagine that drinks and dancing led to plenty of flirting but, as usual, everyone left with the one they were suppose to and we were in our room with enough energy to make love before submitting to sleep.

There didn’t seem to be anything coming from the bathroom but I noticed that the door used for adjoining our room to the one next to us was slightly open. This seemed odd ... beyond odd actually; it raised my anxiety to a whole new level.

I tried remembering who was in the room next to us. Sleep, confusion and that nagging suspicion kept me from thinking straight yet. I could discern sounds now, but they weren’t coming from the bathroom. Voices in low conversation were coming from the door leading next door.

I quietly got out of bed and made my way toward the voices. When I reached the door I found our side to be nearly closed but the other side was wide open. I peered through the space between the door and frame and I could make out two figures near the bed.

I knew what I was going to see before I had arrived to the gap. It wasn’t going to take a rocket scientist to know the basics of what was beyond that door. The lithe form of my naked wife was on the end of the bed with what was apparently the cock of the man from next door in her mouth as she rocked back and forth giving him a blowjob. There was enough light from a dim table lamp to see everything going on. Since my vantage was from near pitch black it was like looking into a room in full daylight. She gave good head, I’ll admit to that. Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve had my last.

She was looking up at him while slowly moving him in and out of her mouth. She pulled back and there was a popping sound as she separated herself from his dick. I was numb ... absolutely numb. I knew pissed off was not too far away but right now, in the heat of the moment I felt dead. As she pulled her head away she spoke to him.

“My God Sam, this has been an amazing three days.”

What! Whatever was left of my mind reeled. Three days? THREE DAYS?!? What the hell kind of moron was I.

“Our lunch on Wednesday was amazing and missing those clinics on Thursday was so naughty. I think a couple of the staff members who are here from my school are curious about my absences but I know they don’t suspect what I’ve been up to. Then, last night was unbelievable. With Keith in the next room you taking my ass was indescribable. I can’t believe how turned on being bad has made me this week.”

“If he can’t keep you happy and satisfied then it has to fall on those of us who can to pick up the slack babe,” Sam replied.

“Oh, don’t kid yourself Sam. Keith does so much more than satisfy my needs and not simply the food, shelter and conveniences but in bed I can’t imagine a better lover,” Janice retorted.

I smiled for a nanosecond until I realized that what she is saying doesn’t even come close to agreeing with what I’m seeing. The fog was beginning to lift and my anger began to boil.

“How can that be Janice? With the things we’ve done ... are doing ... how can you say he is satisfying you?” Sam asked.

“Look, we’ve fantasized about other things in our love life including people we’d do. For the most part fantasies were just that and it served to heat our passion, but I’ve been curious lately and I have to admit the naughtiness is more exciting than I could have imagined. Our time has been amazing and it ends tonight. I return home with Keith to be the most loving, adoring, and horny wife a man can desire. Keith will never want for attention for years to come and my guilt will feed that attention to the point of being his personal whore but for now I’m a slut ... your slut ... and we need to get busy before I have to return to my room to begin my self imposed penance,” Janice concluded.

Sam wasn’t a huge guy and I probably could have taken him easily, especially considering how much adrenaline my anger was inspiring. In fact, it was likely I would probably kill him. I am no angel and my emotions run wild at times. It’s my gift and my curse. I knew myself and that I was capable of murder without conscience, at least in the heat of the moment. I nearly gave into that temptation but somewhere in the back of my mind I held my ground. I can’t say in hindsight that it was a good decision or bad one, what it did was keep me out of prison.

A quick plan was beginning to form in my mind and I figured I needed some important evidence that would help make sure people were able to believe my side of the story. I was thinking of where my phone or camera was when I noticed I was squeezing my phone in my right hand. Apparently, my subconscious knew what was going on or had a really good guess because I must have absentmindedly picked it up from the nightstand when I had approached the door.

Silence and stealth were the important aspects of successfully pulling off my plan. I did notice that while I had been seemingly trying to squeeze lemon juice out of my phone I had no sexual excitement whatsoever. Yes, we had shared fantasies and even talked about bringing another into our bed, even talked about specific people for the fun of it. That really made for some wild nights. This was so far from what I was now witnessing that it wasn’t funny. Well, in reality I guess it wasn’t funny in any fashion.

I set my phone for video recording and plied the door open a little more so I could get a full screen view. Janice had gone back to sucking the assholes dick and was really getting into it. He was beginning to moan and buck forward slightly, trying to get more cock into her mouth. Her eyes closed now as she worked to finished what she had recently interrupted. I had a good angle and the blowjob did nothing to hide who she was should someone she knew saw the video ... and I was quite sure someone she knew would.

It wasn’t long and he shot his load in her mouth. I wasn’t worried about being caught because this is Janice’s thing: get the guys first one out of the way and then she’d be guaranteed to have his full attention to work on her.

“Yes, lover. Just like that. Hmmmmm, such an artful tongue. Oh my God Sam, that’s it, suck my clit,” Janice quietly purred. She had laid back, opened her legs to him and pulled his head into her crotch.

“You taste like no one else, Janice, I swear you pussy is a true honey pot,” Sam replied.

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