Side Effects

by AurelianB

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Body Modification, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: A man tries to help his wife out with some pain medication resulting in some unexpected side effects.


“So how is Mary doing?”

“You know how it is Peter. Kids are fine. Mary’s fine.” I said. I looked morosely over the two bottles of wine we had just finished at dinner, before speaking again.

“Well, maybe not Mary so much.” I explained further, “Do you recall when we met up a couple of years ago that Mary was complaining about her back? Well, it’s gotten worse – much worse. She is pretty much in pain all of the time. It’s the curse of late middle age, I suppose, but I only wish that something could be done.”

“Have you seen a doctor?” said Peter.

“Yes, but no luck. Half the doctors say ‘surgery’ and half the doctors say ‘pain medicine’ and the quacks say hypnosis or acupuncture, so the only action she is taking is aspirin and meditation. She covers it up well, but, you know, she is crabby all the time to me and the kids.”

I paused for a moment.

“And just between you and me, the lack of sex is tough also. Honestly, she was never that much into sex, but now the pain makes it pretty much zero. And it has been like that for three years. You know what though? I could deal with it if she wasn’t in pain and so irritable all of the time.”

Peter looked intently at me with the drunken intensity that two empty bottles of wine will bring.

“If she can wait for five years, we can probably help. You know how we just received massive venture funding? Well, it was for a fundamentally different approach to managing pain. And the prime focus is chronic pain. It works like this: The nanobots lock into the pain fibers, go back to the source of the pain, lock down the neurotransmitters causing the pain and swelling, and even fix up the source as long as it is only tissue and minor bone mods. It works really well for cartilage problems, herniated disks, bone spurs, etc, which it sounds like is the problem for Mary. It is really huge for us and is already working in trials of twenty people or so – so well that we are only waiting for the large scale studies on the results of any side effects, which look to be minor.”

I said hopefully, “You’re serious? You can actually do this? Can I get some?”

“John, the stuff is still in trials. We have had small scale trails, and it works every time, every single time. But we really haven’t tested enough for side effects. The trial numbers are still small and it is all locked down to a clinical setting. One of the things that we are worried about is that we included a positive enhancement for pleasure. Many of the recipients were addicted to pain meds so we needed to offset this as they came off opiates, and it seems to work well – at least to date,” Peter said.

“Can I get some? Mary is pretty badly off.” I said.

“Side effects,” said Peter, “I may be able to get Mary into trials, but it is four years minimum.”

“Come on, please,” I said. “It’s a quality of life thing, for me as well as Mary. You remember what I did for you a couple of years ago? Let’s call this payback.”

“Shit man. OK, OK. But don’t tell anyone or my job is toast – and I will deny it all anyway. I’ll sneak some out of the center next week. Just have Mary take it one morning, stay in bed for the rest of the weekend, and don’t take alcohol or other drugs. It lasts for 72 hours – the bots have an absolute kill time after that so it is all over by then. After that, she’ll be fine.” Peter warned, “Remember, keep it as low key as possible, stay in bed, and read a book or something.”

I put my plan in action a week later while we were at the breakfast table.

“I’m planning a nice dinner tonight, Honey, so don’t stay too late at work,” I said as I poured a small vial of liquid into Mary’s morning coffee. “I thought it would be a nice start for a relaxing weekend at home.”

“That’s wonderful, what’s the occasion,” Mary said absentmindedly while reading the paper.

“No occasion,” I said, “We just haven’t had some quiet time at home for the two of us in a while - you have been so busy at work.”


I was having a good day – no a great day. For the first time in what seems like forever, the constant back pain had either disappeared. I was almost walking on air it felt so good. And then John had a nice dinner planned. I was a bit worried that he might try for a bit of sex, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble to fend it off. Then, as usual on great days, the downside happened. As I was winding up in the early afternoon, my boss, Carol, came rushing over.

“Look Mary, I am sorry about this, but we have a bit of an emergency in the conference down at San Diego. Our sales rep is extremely ill and we don’t have anyone to handle the company products for the next couple of days. You know that this is our big sales weekend and if we don’t do well, we will all miss our bonuses. I know that you can handle it. Please, please, please?” Carol gave me that pleading puppy dog look that bosses give when they know that they are asking something unreasonable, and are hoping to guilt you into doing the work.

I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach as I reviewed the weekend and realized that I had no good excuse to decline – nothing planned other than the stay at home dinner tonight. I gave a couple of sighs.

“Aww Carol, you are pushing it this time. I can do it, but you owe me big. John had a big dinner planned tonight.” I looked at my watch. “I barely have enough time to go home and pack up. There are flights every hour, but you will need to book it for me so that I can get there in time.”

After the rush home and to the airport, and getting through security, it was just as I got on the flight that I remembered about the dinner. John’s phone went to voice mail, so I left a message profusely apologizing about the evening and that I would see him on Sunday evening, but would call tonight if I had the chance. I turned the phone off and forgot about it.

Strangely, I kept feeling better and better – all my back pain was gone – and even the niggling other bits of joint pain were also gone. In fact, I was feeling almost euphoric. I didn’t recall feeling this good in years and, unbelievably, was actually looking forward to the conference.

I was expecting only a quiet dinner by myself, but was pleasantly surprised to run into an old colleague at the hotel restaurant who was also going to the conference. I hadn’t seen Gary in years - we had worked together a few years ago, and I always suspected that he was a bit attracted to me, but obviously nothing had ever happened. I know that he lived close to us back in San Francisco, and had gotten a divorce a couple of years ago, but I had simply lost touch. We had that awkward kiss one has with old acquaintances, and his kiss on the cheek ended up on my lips for a brief second. It was kind of nice, but meaningless. Then finding that neither of us had any plans, we sat down to dinner to catch up.

I don’t know if it was the lack of pain, the buzz from the wine, the lighting, but it wasn’t long before I couldn’t help but notice that Gary was looking good. I was feeling good – no great – and I could feel the bottle of wine we shared going to my head. But it felt great. And I felt Gary looking at me with something more than just the mild interest of a colleague.

I found myself getting increasingly giddy and increasingly horny. On an impulse, I slipped my shoe off and reached under the table with my foot to caress Gary’s leg. My nipples were hard and I was getting wet just looking at him. Now my full attention was focused on getting him out of the seat and back up to a room. I had some vague feeling in the back of my mind that something wasn’t right, but I dismissed this, and, as we made our way out of the restaurant, I walked as closely as possible to him, brushing him with my body and touching his arm.

In the elevator, I stood as close then leaned into him, so he reached his arm around my waist, and whispered that he had a great view of the city from his room. I whispered back that this would be perfect and then nibbled his ear a bit to lock him in.

As we walked through his door, I turned around and kissed him hard. As he put both hands on my boobs, I felt myself go weak at the knees. I started moaning, “Don’t stop”, so he pushed my bra down and moved his head to suck on my nipples. I felt my body shudder with pleasure and I was wetter than I ever recalled. I lost it as he moved me to the bed and began manhandling by my boobs. I had the hardest orgasm in my life: They probably heard me down the hall.

I wasn’t out of action long because he was still on top of me, looking on with pleasure, and a bit of surprise I think.

“I didn’t know that nipply orgasms were real, but that was the most amazing thing that I have seen. Just tell me when you want to stop, because we still have more to do.”

I just whimpered and whispered back “Don’t stop.”

I shuddered, almost orgasming again, as he slowly pushed his penis in and I wrapped my legs around his body to pull him in as hard as possible. I think that it was after I whispered “Harder” that he got the message. I don’t think that it lasted longer than a minute – a minute while I helplessly shook my head back and forth and shuddered with pleasure. I must have passed out when I orgasmed because I don’t remember much as I bucked my body, let out a little scream.

When I woke up, Gary was lying on his side, looking at me, and playing with my breasts. I started to get turned on again by the nipple play, and squirmed around under his hands.

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