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Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Paranormal, Cheating, FemaleDom, Big Breasts, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Young newlyweds move into an apartment building to start their life together. But waiting to disrupt their happy marriage was a sorceress who looked with longing at their wealth and the husband.

Chris swirled Jane around in his arms as they entered the apartment. It was theirs, all theirs, and safely away from the soft cocoon of their family. They immediately started exploring, exclaiming over the view out of the kitchen, the three large bedrooms, and nicely appointed living room.

“This was a great idea. Just us and no one else.” Chris said has he gave Jane a passionate kiss. The had plotted about moving to New York for almost a year, ever since they were married. Their families were scions of Burlington, Vermont, old money, and were conservative in their lifestyles and in what they expected of their children. Chris and Jane chafed under the implicit expectations of their families and both strongly desired to escape those velvet chains and make their own way in New York City, which is how they ended up purchasing an apartment in Prospect Heights, a short distance away from the center of the city.

“I love it.” Said Jane. “And the best part of it is that we are so far away from our families.” Jane kissed Chris, leading him to the bedroom. “Let’s christen the apartment now. It’s time to put our mark on it.”

Chris laughed and walked willingly with Jane to the bedroom, the bed bare of sheets, but it didn’t really matter because they were in love and this was the start of their adventure. They made love tenderly as befits newlyweds, and then lay in each others arms for a while to relax.

“Let’s have a housewarming party.”

“But we don’t know anyone in New York,” said Chris with puzzlement.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s just invite our neighbors - everyone on the top two floors of the building. We can introduce ourselves and get to know everyone. It would work in Burlington.”

“OK, but I think that we need to be prepared that no one will show up. After all, they don’t know us.”

A week later, Chris and Jane stood in their living room, welcoming their neighboring apartment dwellers in one by one. In spite of Chris’ skepticism, New Yorkers turned out to be no different to anyone back home. They were all willing to meet their neighbors and more than willing to show up for drinks and to chat. They ended up with a small party of about 12 people, three couples and six other singles who lived in various apartments in the building. It was a wide and varied group, ranging from two retired couples to one woman who looked to be only in her mid twenties. It was this woman who stood out a bit from the others. She had dazzling long blonde hair, a body to die for, and large and prominent breasts that swayed as she walked. She was dressed normally for someone her age, in jeans and T-shirt, but the jeans were almost painted on and the T-shirt was nicely molded to the woman’s top and left little to the imagination.

She walked over to introduce herself, identified herself as Helen, and then generally mingled with the other neighbors. Jane kept a bit of an eye on her because Helen, in turn, seemed to be eyeing her husband. She didn’t like that very much, but wasn’t worried because she and Chris were only just married, and Chris wasn’t the type to stray, nor was he the type to become bedazzled by a voluptuous body. At least she thought not. The party ended on a high note after a few hours, and everyone had left by 11:00 in the evening, and Chris and Jane fell into bed a bit exhausted, but not too much so, as they proceeded to exercise the springs in their bed for the next few minutes until they fell asleep.

Helen was a bit intrigued by the couple who had just moved in. There was something about them that seemed a bit more affluent than one would expect. A sort of polish or maybe assumed arrogance that comes from growing up with plenty of money. She thought a bit and popped his last name into Google and then Burlington, recalling that was where they said they were from. It didn’t take long before she found the family name and a description of the wedding in the society pages of the local pages. It became obvious that they both came from very wealthy families indeed, and the word “family trust fund” was mentioned in another article. Hmmm. Maybe there was something here.

Helen was a sorceress. Not a very good one, she would admit to herself, but a sorceress with actual power in a mundane world. For over three hundred years, she had traveled the world, in different guises, learning much. Unfortunately, since she was of average intelligence, and did not have a particularly good memory, she had forgotten much also. Basically, she was not very remarkable in any way, did not gain enormous power, wealth, or pretty much anything, other than staying alive when other people didn’t. She was also a bit evil, not enormously so, but obviously the power to stay alive had a penalty, and unfortunately, that cost was paid by others, not herself.

She had developed the power to do two things well. She could swap bodies and she could do some modifications to her own body. She also had a very weak power to influence others, but this only meant that she could influence a bit more than a hypnotist or mesmerist. This took lots of time and effort. Her mother had died young and with her had died the lore that would have allowed her to develop her potential. As a result, Helen ended up just muddling along and basically staying alive. Perhaps if she was ambitious she would have tried harder, or if she craved wealth, she might have managed to become rich, but basically she was kind of lazy.

She had hit upon her basic strategy in her first body, her first lifetime. She would select a ‘victim’ carefully, usually someone who was young and in a relatively wealthy family, and hopefully an only child. She would spend a couple of months scoping the victim out, learning everyone’s names and habits. She only needed some part of the victim’s body, hair, toe nails, etc, to set up the spell. Then, while sleeping, she would activate it by will and power. Both parties woke up in the other person’s body. The trade was not as one sided as it might seem, at least it wasn’t when she started this. The 17th century was not known for its hygiene, cleanliness, and lack of disease, so it was not unusual to show up in a body that had been tortured by disease, or was a bit malnourished, or ugly or overweight. She would spend the next year fixing up the body, trying to end up with a pleasing demeanor, because this made it easier to ask for money and support from parents. As a result, while the victim ended up with a body twenty years older, it was invariably in good condition, attractive, and she made sure that there was money available. These days, the victim wasn’t quite as happy.

Helen had stumbled on an approach that made this all the easier: Before the swap, she would start acting crazy, claiming to be someone else, or reincarnated from a different life. Thus, when the victim showed up and acted the same way, everyone just thought that she was on a downward spiral. If the victim was intelligent enough, they would just accept it and take the money and live out their lives. There were several unfortunates who couldn’t accept this in years’ past and ended up in an asylum. Generally, she dealt with this by targeting individuals who were disabled or obese. Many were quite happy to live out their somewhat shorter lives in an older, but attractive and fully capable body.

The one primary weakness for body swapping is that it took an enormous amount of mana, which took her years to recover enough to do it again. During that period she could do body mods, but that was about it. As a result, she developed a twenty year cycle for body swapping, leaving friends behind, and starting anew.

One big issue was money - because it was always difficult to switch large amounts of money from one individual to another without it being obvious. She honed her technique through the years, from starting with simply burying gold in the ground and recovering it later, to opening banking accounts in the new person’s names. The latter approach was difficult these days, because of IRS tracking and so she had started using a numbered offshore account. As a result, she managed to accumulate modest wealth over time and life became comfortable.

Then the GFC hit. Much of the carefully cultivated wealth had been foolishly placed into mortgage bonds (it was safe wasn’t it?), by a financial adviser. When it was over, much of her wealth had disappeared. She spent two years on revenge, leaving the financial planner his reward: No wife or other family who wanted anything to do with him, and a compulsion to seek out overweight black prostitutes for sex. Revenge was sweet. She moved to New York a year later and was trying to make financial ends meet for the last four years.

Helen yawned over her coffee and prepared for work. After her revenge on the financial planner, she was left with her apartment and some funds to start a business, which she promptly did: As a Webcam model. It turned out to be work that fit her skill sets and could be done from the safety of her own home. A few hours a day taking her clothes off in front of a camera and masturbating and the money rolled in. She modified her looks to maximize income. After some experimentation, she had settled on large DD tits topped by wide areolas and big nipples, narrow waist and wide hips, and long blonde hair. She had found that authenticity helped, so she increased the sensitivity of her body’s response, so her orgasms were truly things to behold, and they were often beheld by a surprisingly large male audience. However, it was still work and she preferred to have money rather than to have to work to make it.

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