Two Moms, a Daughter and a Pet

by maedhros21

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Double Penetration, Analingus, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The sixth story in the Calloway/Edwards Family. Two stars are born while a mother trains her pet with the help of a guest star

Hello again everybody, first off my apologies for the length of time it took to get this chapter finished. I try and think of the positive side ... George Martin still hasn’t finished book 6 in his series after five years and he gets paid to do it! Just kidding but real life definitely limits my available time. Now the good news and I hope some of you see it this way, this chapter is very long so it is split in two parts which are being submitted simultaneously. So depending on the mercy of the moderators they should both be out within days of each other.

Since forewarned is forearmed I tell anyone reading this is an incest story with overtones of cuckoldry. The heart of the cuckold part of the story will be in the next chapter when the father’s get directly involved in their wives lifestyles. There is also an exploration of some very light bondage in this chapter with some fetish play involved.

As always all the characters are over 18 years of age

It’s 10 a.m. and sitting at his desk Jack Calloway is lost in thought, his feelings torn between utter bliss and low level depression. The bliss came from this past week with his wife Donna and the complete rejuvenation of their sex life. It was so good he felt like it was almost like a second honeymoon.

After returning from a weekend visit with their daughter Katie, Donna had seemed like the woman he had married twenty one years ago. It was almost miraculous the change she underwent when returning home. She had gone from a woman who seemed to have not only no interest in him but also no interest in anything else. Well that wasn’t one hundred percent true. Every time their daughter Katie would enter their conversation she would always cheer up even if it was only briefly.

That’s why he had called their daughter and asked how she would feel about Donna visiting for the weekend. At first he sensed some hesitancy on Katie’s part but then after a moment or two she quickly agreed. It was actually right after letting Donna know about Katie wanting her to visit that their sex life started improving. Even still those few days were nothing compared to this week.

Monday night through Wednesday night it seemed like every wish he had was Donnas’ command to do. It had gotten so good that he found himself disappointed last night when she begged off sex claiming an upset stomach and headache. He had to admit he was feeling just a bit selfish when he let his disappointment show on his face when she told him no. For the briefest second after he told her he was let down he saw a glimpse of the Donna from a week earlier. Her face had gotten dark and it was almost as if she was biting her tongue trying to hold back some caustic comment.

That had bothered him slightly but what had led to his low level depression was what he overheard later in the evening. He had gotten up to use the bathroom and he heard Donna speaking in whispers on her phone. He assumed it had to be Katie because they had spoken on the phone every night this week for some time. It was almost as if she was living at home again and the nightly ritual of Donna spending an hour with her each evening had been renewed, except on the phone this time.

What he overheard had him confused and bewildered and once again questioning the fidelity of his wife. It truly confused him because he knew that right now Donna was on a Metro North train into Grand Central Station to start another weekend with Katie. His beautiful talented daughter was enrolled in NYU film school and was working on a major project for her professors. She had decided to make a documentary about a mother who suffered from ‘empty nest syndrome’ and she had chosen Donna as her subject.

She had asked her father’s permission to let Donna come to the city each weekend to work on the project. He had hesitated when she told him it could take up to six months of Donna spending her weekends in the city with their daughter. He had reluctantly agreed wanting to support his daughter in her pursuit of a degree and career. He didn’t let her know how lost he felt last weekend with his wife gone and him being alone. Instead he sucked it up and took the opportunity to try and shed some doubts about Donnas’ behavior before last week.

His doubts had gotten so severe he had even begun to suspect his loving wife of having an affair. The very idea had made him sick with worry and made him question the level of his love for his wife. He had sought out the advice of his best friend Steve and was completely floored when Steve had informed him that he himself was a willing cuckold and that Joanna his wife actively had other lover’s even right in front of him. Jack was stunned to say the least because he had grown up with a father who was also a cuckold and who allowed his mother to have lovers in their own home.

His initial resolve to immediately leave Donna if he were to find out she had been unfaithful had been shaken after hearing both his father and Steve explain why they stayed with their wives. It essentially came down to the question of how deep one’s love goes for their partner. Steve had explained that Joanna and his sex life had not only gotten better but was at a fever pitch after he accepted her need for extra marital sex. He asked Jack if on the outside did it appear that his marriage to Jo looked like it was in any trouble and Jack had shook his head and said no. In fact this came hours after he had jealousy asked Steve the secret to why Joanna and he couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

So after being given a new perspective to consider Jack had awaited Donnas’ return eager to see if her weekend away had helped. His suspicion of her having an affair had been forgotten for those few days because she was with Katie and there was no opportunity for anything like that to happen. Then when she came home and basically fucked him to death for three nights out of four he had put his concerns aside. That was of course until the conversation he overheard last night.

“Oh yes baby, I can’t wait to have you inside me again. Yes of course I did just as you told me to, I fucked him to death this week. Well except for tonight, I begged off tonight because I want to be fresh for you tomorrow. What’s that? Why yes of course I love him and I have to admit the sex this week was amazing but it still didn’t compare to last weekend with you. Jack has always been a great lover but the taboo aspect of our lovemaking takes you and me to another level, one he can’t compete with. No don’t worry he’s deep asleep,” Donna whispered.

Jack just stood outside the bathroom door with his chin hanging and his stomach in turmoil from his wife’s conversation. Who could she be talking to? How is she able to do this without Katie finding out, oh god maybe Katie even knew about it and was helping Donna meet up with her lover. It all made him suddenly sick to his stomach and instead of just peeing he found himself throwing up his dinner from before. The only saving grace from what he overheard was Donnas’ sincere statement that she loved him and always considered him to be a great lover.

But then he questioned even that, he asked himself how she could do anything like that if she really loved him. Then he wondered about the whole taboo thing she mentioned, she must mean the thrill of cheating that must be the taboo she spoke about. He cleaned himself up and quietly returned back to his bedroom not wanting to hear anymore of Donnas’ obviously secret conversation. He lay in bed wondering what his plan of action should be now that his deepest fear was confirmed.

As he lay there he couldn’t help but wonder if he was able to live a life like Steve and his father. Could he knowingly send his wife off to be in the arms of another lover as long as she still loved him as she had said? If her were to decide the opposite it meant a life of loneliness and heartache because he would probably lose his daughter too. She was after all a pure mommy’s girl and that might explain why she would help Donna harbor such a dirty secret. Donna was probably able to convince her that she needed someone else and that it meant no threat to her marriage, all the things that cheaters tell people.

So as he sat in a mental fog in his office he picked up the phone and spoke to his one closest expert on the subject of infidelity, Steve Edwards. He asked Steve if he was free that night and Steve told him that coincidentally Joanna was staying in the city that night so he agreed they could meet for dinner.

That little bit of information about Joanna staying in the city sent a shiver down Jack’s spine because she had tried months ago to recruit Donna and him into their lifestyle. Of course up until last week he had no idea of this invitation other than hints by Donna about possibly including other people in their sex life. He had shut her down quickly and now wondered if in fact it was Joanna that had found someone for Donna to play with. Maybe she had finally convinced Donna that she needed to get what she wanted even if he objected. He decided that he would come right out and ask Steve about Joanna’s possible involvement in whatever Donna was doing this weekend when they met up tonight.

If in fact Joanna was responsible for convincing his wife to have an affair he had no idea how it would affect his friendship with Steve. The two couples had been friends since Steve and Joanna had moved next to them almost twenty years ago. Their daughter’s Katie and Trish were more like sisters than just friends and it was why they were now roommates together. It would be hard enough to deal with an affair by Donna without the added complication of it all being at Joanna’s urging.

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