Jenny Is a Friend of Mine

by alan14

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Shemale, Light Bond, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story continues immediately after the end of Take Me Home and follows the story of Chloe, Jenny and Danny. Chloe and Danny grow closer, Jenny joins their life full time but when her former social worker becomes seriously ill Chloe and Danny are introduced to our old friends Amy & Gary, and from that point everyone's life changes.

“Hey Danny, how you doing? That was a fucking top night last night. Here have a drink on me”

“Hi Jenny, thanks, I drank way too much last night, could I just have a glass of milk please.”

“No worries,” Jenny grabbed a pint of milk from the fridge, “still on me though...”

“Thanks, mmm that’s nice and cold.”

“So, what you going to do about the Chloe & Lorraine situation?”

We were sat on a sofa in the pub, I was the only customer late on Sunday afternoon, Jenny was the only member of staff, Mary was on the piano, noodling away at some Thelonious Monk tune. I had my milk, Jenny had a large Cheeky Vimto (blue WKD and port).

“Jenny, I’m in love with Chloe, it’s not just the sex, although as you know, that was stunning, we’ve just clicked. I’ve spent the last few hours at her house, just doing revision work. It was wonderful just being in her company, no sexy talk, no fooling around, just working, and it was like being with an old friend.”

“Was her mum there, because that would influence your behaviour I imagine.”

“She was there when we arrived, but she went out to the shops and left us alone. She clearly has no idea what Chloe was up to last night.”

“Have you met her mum before?”

“No, never. She’s had two jobs for the last few years, so hasn’t been able to attend parents’ evenings.”

“What’s she like? Her mum I mean?”

“She seems nice, looks like a 20 year older Chloe, still very good looking, with a nice figure. She brought us pizza and we ate it together, they’re both good company.”

“How do you think she’ll take her daughter having a boyfriend nearly as old as she is?”

“I don’t know, but she didn’t look at me in a distrustful way, she was very nice to me, and thanked me for coming around to help Chloe with her studies.”

“Didn’t she think it odd that you arrived with Chloe, and Chloe had been out all night?”

“If she did, she didn’t mention it. What are you getting at?”

“God, you are slow today. I think she knows full well what Chloe was up to last night, and why you arrived home together.”

“Shit. You’re right, I wasn’t thinking straight. Holy crap I hope this isn’t all a plot. What am I going to do?”

“It’s OK Danny, because I love you, like a sister you understand, err a sister who just slept with her brother and his lover, well anyway, I love you in a, oh fuck it, I’ll help you out, and I have just the solution for both your problems. Ohh customer, can you tend the bar while I make some calls. I’ll need your phone, just the address book, I’m not making calls with it.”

Numbly I handed her my phone and she dashed into the back office while I tended to the customers who’d just arrived. Mark the landlord appeared while I was serving.

“You don’t need to work for me to pay last night’s bar bill, just help my daughter with her revision and make sure your mate Andy is here on Friday...”

--”Will do Mark, Jenny’s just popped back to make some urgent calls I think, asked me to hold the fort.”

In the back office Jenny checked Chloe’s number on Danny’s phone and dialled it from the office phone.


“Hey Chloe! It’s Jenny, remember me?”

“Oh, Jenny. Of course I remember you, I could hardly forget you.”

“Err, Chloe, I’m not sure how to put this, but I’ve been talking to Danny, and he’s like, totally in love with you.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes, really. So this is a little delicate. He’s been thinking things over, and he’s a little concerned about your mum’s reaction earlier. He’s thinking she should have been a little more suspicious about you being out all night, then arriving home with your teacher.”


“So, we’ve been talking it over, and he’s worried that your mum knows exactly what went on last night, well not exactly, I doubt she knows about me, but you get the drift. So he’s now shitting it that last night was some kind of scam.”

“Nooo! That’s not it at all. Yes, my mum knew about where I was going, but only because we tell each other everything. We’re very close, me & mum, ever since dad left I’ve had to look after myself a lot, because mum’s had to work hard to keep a roof over our heads. We’re very honest with each other. Mum understands about me and Danny, she fell in love with her teacher at school and had an affair with him for 5 years, from when she was 14. I shouldn’t be telling you this, don’t tell Danny, please. Just tell him mum understands and won’t tell anyone.”

“That’s OK Chloe, your mum’s secret is safe with me. Danny said she’s pretty hot by the way.”

“I kind of got the feeling he did, she’s still very good looking, and has a cracking pair of boobs. We can share most of our clothes, but her bras are too big for me.”

“Mmm, maybe I’ll look her up one day.”

“Thanks for understanding Jenny, you’re a good friend.”

“I’ve not got many friends Chloe, so I’d like to be yours, and Danny’s.”

“Me too Jenny, so what’s Danny going to do, have I got a chance with him?”

“Once I reassure him about your mum knowing what’s going on, and make another call, you’ll be set. Danny’s going to have a tough break with Lorraine though, they’ve been together a couple of years, and I think they were going to get engaged soon. So be gentle with him, take it nice and slow, and give him space.”

“I will do; will he call me tonight?”

“Not sure, I’ll ask him to call you, but he’s about to get a very angry call from Lorraine in about 10 minutes, so don’t call him, let him call you. Oh, and keep your distance at school, I’m serious, anything over-familiar will be noticed and Danny could be in serious trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve only got another couple of weeks then we all go off on study leave, and much of the next two weeks is exam practice anyway, so I’ll probably be too busy to pester him or anything.”

“Just be careful, that’s all I ask.”

“OK Jenny, I’ll be very careful.”

“See you soon Chloe.”

Jenny cut the call, then checked Danny’s phone for Lorraine’s number, she dialled it from the office phone, prefixing it with 141 to block the caller ID.


“Is this Lorraine Szabo?”

“Yes, who’s that?”

“You don’t know me Ms Szabo, but I thought you’d better know that I saw your boyfriend Danny leaving a restaurant last night with a girl, they seemed quite friendly if you know what I mean.”

“What did this girl look like?”

“Well, I didn’t get a good look, but I know what you look like, and she definitely wasn’t you. Tall, dark hair, big boobs, so, well very different to you is all I can say.”

“Who are you?”

“Like I said, no one you know.”

--Jenny put the phone down and dashed back to the bar.

I saw Jenny rushing towards me, she was holding my phone out and it was ringing.

“Danny, this will be Lorraine, take it in the back, I just told her you were seen out last night with a tall, dark haired girl with big boobs.”

I grabbed my phone and headed for the office.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry, I was in the kitchen and my phone was in the bedroom.”

“Where were you last night?”

“I was out in Lancaster.”

“I’ve just had a weird call claiming they saw you with a girl.”

“Who told you that?”

“Some girl called, wouldn’t leave her name and withheld her number, it wouldn’t be one of your students playing a trick would it?”

“How would they have got your number? Anyway, I went to the pub, then had dinner in a restaurant. I met a former student on the way out, we said a few words, then she went on her way. Maybe that’s who she saw.”

“Or maybe you’re full of shit. I’ve always had my doubts about you Danny. I’ll be around on Tuesday afternoon to collect my stuff, make sure you don’t come home till I’ve gone. I’ll post they keys back through the letterbox, I won’t be needing them again.”

The line was cut.

I went back out to the bar, poured myself a stiff drink and went around to sit next to Jenny.

“Well that’s a strange look on your face.”

“Lorraine just finished with me, but it was too easy. I think she’s got someone else and you just gave her the perfect reason to dump me. This is all very weird.”

“On a similar weird note. I was right, Chloe’s mum knew she was with you last night, and is totally cool with it. They have a close relationship, Chloe & Olivia, they tell each other everything. I’m kind of hoping not completely everything and she leaves me out of it, but Olivia will not give you away.”

“Oh wow, that’s great. You really are the best you’ve sorted me out in two phone calls.”

“Anyway, Mark’s back, so that’s my shift over, fancy walking me home, it’s more or less in the right direction for your place.”

“It’s in the opposite direction, and you know it, but I’m a gentleman, and I’ll walk you home.”

Jenny grabbed her jacket from the office and we set off towards her house, stopping first at the Tesco Express for milk, coffee and a few groceries.

“You want a coffee? It’s the least I can do after you’ve carried it home for me.”

“Why thank you ma’am, I’d appreciate a cup.”

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