Lost Toys 4: Heel Turn

by redsliver

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Fiction, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Analingus, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Matthew returns from his indulgent trip to catch his lost love and runs face to face with the disapproving gaze of his sister.

Misty Reid - Saturday July 18th, 2015

“Jesus! What won’t you millennials do to scam a room and score drugs?”

“Matthew!” I was so happy to interrupt Meghan’s meandering story. Our sister glared from her seat at the side of my hospital bed. She stroked her hand through her dirty blond hair and sighed with her entire body. I would’ve jumped out of bed ... I sneered at my plaster encased foot.

“Oh, so you’re not dead?” Meghan scowled. She crossed her arms in front of herself. Her confrontational growl rumbled low in the throat. Between Matthew and myself, “You’re not dead!” was a cheerful exuberant hello. As if we were genuinely amazed at the concept. Meghan always hated that. Good for her to have something to throw in our faces. “And who’s with you? Do I finally get to meet this Gwen?”

“Um, not exactly,” Matthew burned red and looked at his sneakers. Meghan really got under his skin. I often wished I could. Sometimes it paid to be on team Meghan over team Matty. Right now, for instance. Meghan’s mouth was hanging open.

“Oh, how in the fuck--”

“Hi Meggy. Hi Misty.”

“Ha! Meggy!” I laughed almost recognizing the brunette shuffling out from behind my brother. She was without makeup but still quite good looking. She had really sharp features, high cheekbones, dark eyes, thin lips. Her black hair was wavy all around her shoulders. She was slender, a little shorter than Meghan and wearing ruffled business clothes. Those flats couldn’t match her suit. She must’ve borrowed them. Or she just had no self awareness.

“Janine!” Meghan growled out her name. Janine? Matthew’s lost love? I hadn’t seen her since I was 10, no wonder I didn’t place her. She was gorgeous, she couldn’t have been that hot when she was 21 right? Right now she was way too hot for Matthew.

“We ran into each other in Ottawa,” Matthew beamed slipping his arm around her waist.

“Janine,” Meghan was stark white, “What the hell’s going on?”

“I had to come back home,” She replied. She was a good liar. I believed her; Meghan couldn’t. I trust Meghan on shit like this mostly, “And Matthew made it happen.”


“Can we talk later?” Janine pleaded, “I mean, Matthew rushed us here the moment we heard about Misty.”

“Nice catch, bro!” I couldn’t help myself. I keyed up a puppy dog pout and knew I had Matthew by the funny bone. I looked right into Janine’s rolling eyes, “Are you going to be my new sister?”

“Surrounded by idiots,” Meghan rumbled as I was engulfed in a brotherly hug. We were both laughing our asses off.

“She hasn’t changed,” Janine told Meghan.

“Neither has he,” My sister snarked.

“Yes,” Janine claimed solemnly, “He really has.”

“What the hell did you do to yourself?” Matthew pulled back and laid me back on my pillows. I chewed my lip. How much should I explain this?

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Misty,” Meghan groaned, “Twenty bucks says you can’t tell the story without even more embellishments this time...”

Misty Reid - Friday, July 17th, 2015

“You are a crazy bitch,” Joy, my best friend, pulled me to the bar by my new shiny dress. We slapped down on stools, myself less ladylike than Joy. I waved at some boys opposite the ones I had just been grinding on.

“Hey, I thought we were connecting,” Said the disembodied hand rolling over my shoulder.

“Yeah, but now I’m drinking and those guys have more money,” I explained. I always found honesty to be the best policy.

“Leave the cunt. Seriously, Richie, let’s go see if we can finally put your dick in sane.” His friend escorted my dancing boy away. The guys I signaled, two older men, older ha! I just traded college boys for people my sister’s age. Two hot shirts, a haymaker punch of cologne and a gold watch flanked Joy and I.

“Hi, what’s your name?” Too much cologne asked.

“I’m thinking Singapore slings,” I decided and poked Joy, “Or do you want mudslides again?”

Cologne came right in close and I chuckled. I do not giggle when I’m drunk. He flashed so many white teeth. Probably too many. Or maybe they were too big.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” He waved down the bartender.

“No, I’m sorry, really. My friend’s just been getting me in trouble all night. Can you help me get her to a cab? Please?” Joy was doing a poor job of getting the wingman on the hook. Had to be self sabotage. She was smoking in her slutty red dress. Her dark brown hair was all wavy, bitch, and she took half as long to get ready as me!

“Hey, did we lose Claire? And where are the others? Were there others? I remember showing up with boys.”

“She’s absolutely wasted. You’re a lifesaver. Thank you so much,” I felt her rubbing my arm, “Sweetie, c’mon, I know where we can go to keep partying.”

“I think your friend is trying to take you from me.” The gold watch said.

“Fuck off, she’s obliterated.” The words kept swirling around from all directions. Joy pulled me from the bar and I hopped off the stool, landed on a tilt and wobbled but did not fall down. I’m a goddamn ninja. What’s the girl word for ninja? Kun-something or other. Matthew would know.

“Hey, we hear from Matthew yet?” I asked Joy but she shook her head. I stumbled a little bit. I was more tilty drunk than blind drunk.

“I got you,” The gold watch was pushed away for Joy’s guy.

“Hey, don’t forget Joy!” I warned him, “You’ll like her. She’s nuts.”

“I’m right here, Misty,” Joy wrapped my other arm, “We’re going to grab a cab.”

“Do you like my shoes?”

“Yeah, sure sweetheart,” He glanced down at my legs. I have a lot of legs, it takes a lot more than that to see my shoes.

“You can look again,” I assured him.

“She is dangerous,” The guy was nervous. Boo! I ate nervous guys at breakfast ... I laughed.

The streetlights were kind of amberish and dirty. We passed the sleepy bouncer. The fresh air, harbor air, chemical air kicked me in the face.

“You two stay here,” Joy’s boy said as we reached the curb, “I’ll flag down the cab.”

“There’s only one boy for the two of us,” I excitedly warned Joy.

“Calm down, crazy,” She squeezed my hand.

“Where’d my boy go?”

“He was a bit of a creep,” Joy stroked my hair.

“Oh,” I saw my purse next to hers on her arm, “Give me my phone.”

“In the cab, crazy,” She promised.

“I paid for the cab, get your friend home safe,” The boy offered his hand. I never had a gentleman before. I bet he was hiding a complete freak. He held the door as I reached the cab.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Joy said to the guy as she pushed me in through the open door.

“Where to?” Asked the cabbie with the brutal East Coast accent.

“Um...” Joy was still outside with the guy, “Hurry up you two?”

“Night, thanks again!” A kiss on the cheek? Shame on you, girlfriend. Joy climbed in next to me without shoving me up against the door to make room for the guy. Then she closed the door behind herself. Boo!

“She going to be OK?” I was talked at again. People were rude.

“She’ll be fine,” Joy explained. I felt a hand run through my hair. She garbled something about Harborview Towers. Matty’s place sucks. Gentleman boy smacked the roof of the cab as we pulled away from the club.

“No, no, no,” I routed through my purse for my phone, “Let’s go see Paul.”

“Misty you’re wasted.”

“Yep, good wasted,” I smirked at Joy, “You can come too. Hell you can come twice.”

“I’m not pissed enough at Matthew to go looking up his friends,” Joy shook me. I grabbed her arm and couldn’t stop giggling, chuckling, chortling, laughing as I pulled her all about. She was well tickled when she slapped my hands off of her.

“So you’re going to send me this drunk to Craps?” I poked her but tickle war two was avoided as she managed to shove me off straight away.

“Craps may be bad but he’s not capable of doing anything other than putting you to bed cuddling a bucket,” Joy rebuked me, “We could both use a bed. Besides, since when am I a ‘Let’s go see Paul!’ kind of girl?”

“I didn’t valley girl like that,” I pouted. We were turning by The Alehouse to head down Brunswick Street. Paul quickly responded to my question marks and eggplant emojis with a “Doors opened” I waved my phone at Joy, “Please? Please, please, please? Pleeease?”

“Brunswick Street or Paul’s?” The cabbie mocked.

“Fuck it, Paul’s,” Joy stretched out. There’s my girl! I rattled off the address as I recalled it. Joy corrected me.

“Lucky bastard,” Growled the cabbie.

“Alright,” I tickled her again. She ninja’d my hands again, “Do we need ground rules or are you cool?”

“I’m leaving you at Paul’s sweetie. I’m going to bed.”


“God you’re an irritating bitch,” She snarked.

“Two stops? Anything over 50 you’re going to have to cover it,” The cabbie interjected.

“Anything over 25 and you’re robbing us blind,” Joy snapped back.

“Jesus,” He grumbled.

“Don’t be mean, Joy,” I told her.

“You know I was excited to have you in town again. We’ve been drinking every night Misty. I can’t keep up with you right now,” Joy grumbled, “What the fuck did you do in Europe?”

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