Cheer Squad

by Logco

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Lesbian, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Someone's story in high school just not mine.

A lot of the quotes in the story are quotes I vividly remember either myself or someone else saying. If I can’t remember the quote I won’t put it in.

Cheer Squad Try outs

My name is Samantha Claire Collins. I was 14 years old, quiet and shy but I loved to dance and I cheered back when I was a young girl. I was still pretty much flat chested but I had a cute butt or so I was told. I left my hair down most the time but this specific time I did it in pigtail with red and white rubber bands to match the schools colors. I had brown kind of drab hair. I had pretty blue eyes and I was told they captivated a lot of people. I was only five feet tall and weighed just under 100 pounds. My hair was straight unless I used a curling iron or went to the salon and got it done up nice. When I’d go to the salon to put a curl in it they’d have to use a curling iron three times.

My sister Julie is the hot blonde haired green eyed girl that every guy wants to date and she had several boyfriends during high school and even now in college she has some too. She attends junior college but still college and at least for now she still lives at home. I’d heard a couple guys that she had brought into her room say she had an awesome butt and truth be told I have to agree. The only reason I heard them was because we have a house rule that the bedroom doors remain open during the day.

I was in high school and wanted to be accepted so what better way to be accepted, make some friends and be lusted after by most the guys then by becoming a cheerleader? The tryouts were weird you know most girls showed up in the typical sports bra and shorts or yoga pants and stuff like that. They refereed to us as fresh meat and told us to go in to the locker room and strip totally nude. That was the weird part and then they brought in cheer outfits no bra or panties were allowed but we did those underwear bottoms. We got dressed in those. Some of the girls were weirded out by the lack of underwear. I didn’t always wear underwear so it was okay for me. That day I had worn underwear cause I knew I’d be made to change in the locker room before cheerleading tryouts. I was a little embarrassed because I was the only girl except for a couple of fat girl that wasn’t wearing a thong or G-string. When the juniors came in to give us the uniforms they noticed that some of the girls were shaved down there and some had hair. I was neither I had not grown hair yet but my older sister assured me we were just late bloomers. She had grown boobs at 15 and now had C cups and she had pubic hair come in around 16 but she shaved it off now at 18. I was hoping that I’d have hair to shave off before 16 but was worried that I might never get it. I never did change in to what I had brought for tryouts but that was okay by me.

Some of the girls were really good some were really bad and others were somewhere in between. We were judged by the upper classmen and the head cheerleader. She was a bitch and a half named Summer. She had bleached blond hair and big possibly fake boobs but she looked okay. She could look better though.

When they called my name they got my last name wrong. How could you get the last name Collins wrong? They pronounced it Colligs. My hand writing was not too bad but they had you sign up on a computer for any clubs be in or team that you wanted to be on. I know they meant me. I went to center floor and give it my all with a big voice. The seemed unimpressed until I began my tumbling stuff then they were thoroughly impressed. They huddled up and discussed it quietly. They let me go back to the locker room and change back in to my day clothes less my underwear. Everyone who tried out had to wait around until everyone tried out. At the end of try outs they said, “The list will be posted on Friday. Be sure to check all levels.” I guess some people that were freshman like me had maybe done so well that they could be on higher class.

I went home that day hoping to be a new cheerleader. The tryouts were on Wednesday and I got there excited on Friday morning. There was no list posted yet but it was still early. I decided I’d check before and after every period. At the end of third period the list was posted. I wasn’t on the freshman list or the sophomore list. I was worried and saddened when I wasn’t on the JV squad. I was just shy of breaking down when I saw my name on the Varsity squad list. I would be with mostly seniors and a couple other class students that had done better than their class. At the bottom of the list in bold red lettering was written, “See Summer or another cheerleader for further information. First practice is Monday.”

Did I have any questions hmmm? The other 4 classes of the day were crazy and for me and just dragged on. I couldn’t sit still. I was just so excited. When I got home I went in to the back yard to work out on the trampoline and just work off some of my excess energy. I couldn’t wait for anyone to get home. I called my sister’s cell phone and left her a message saying, “I didn’t make the freshman squad.” I was going to go through not making the sophomore or JV squad but I got too excited and blurted, “I made the varsity squad. Don’t tell mom!”

I worked out some more in the backyard doing tumbling and stuff. I heard a car pull into the driveway and knew it was my mom and I ran into the house. I met her at the front door. I was so bouncy that she could tell that I made the cheerleading squad but she was so happy for me that I made varsity. Julie came home from work and had gotten me a congratulations cake. Of course I’d share it with Mom and Julie.

First Practice

Monday could not come soon enough. Everyone was told at the first practice that during practice no underwear was to be worn. That meant no bra or panties. On game days we had to wear a thong or G-string in either Red or white that was our choosing. I figured that’d be a problem I didn’t own any underwear like that and even if I did I knew my mom wouldn’t let me wear it yet.

After practice while some of us were changing in the locker room Summer and all the experienced cheerleaders showed us another facet of squad life. All the girls on the team had to shave, wax or laser off their pussy hair. Luckily I was still bare so I didn’t have to do any shaving yet. The shaving thing was more about team unity than some perverted thing. The senior cheerleaders had to check us all out to make sure we were bare or willing to go bare. Most the girls had been on the team for 3 years already so they all knew about it. I had heard from my sister that it is a bitch to keep yourself shaved and if you don’t keep up with it it itches bad.

The following day I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t ask my mom if I could start wearing thongs and the first game was in a month so I had some time. I told Lisa--the nicest varsity cheerleader-- at practice that day that my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear thong underwear and Lisa suggested I just not tell her. If I didn’t tell my mom I’d have no way of getting them because no one could take me to a store to buy them. Lisa asked,” Don’t you have like a brother or sister that can drive you to the store?” I didn’t have any brothers but there was Julie. She could help me out and Julie did her own laundry granted it was in our Laundry room but she still cleaned her own clothes.

I decide later that day I’d ask Julie if she could take me to the store on the weekend when she didn’t work.

I figured honesty is the best policy so I told Julie I needed thongs so we went to the mall on Saturday and she dragged me to the shoe store. I went in with her and a former boyfriend was working there that day. He came over to us and we both had sat in chairs. I figured we were there for something Julie wanted and when Chris came over Julie told him that I needed thongs and that told me that Julie thought I meant sandals but I meant the underwear but I didn’t tell her then Chris measured my foot and told us it was a good time to buy sandals cause they were having a clearance on them so Julie decided to get them too. When Chris went to the back to get some optional sandals I made it clear that I needed thong underwear.

Julie looked at me like I was crazy but then she recovered. She said, “Well let’s see I could pin some of mine or maybe mom would be okay with you getting your own.”

I looked at here incredulously. I said, “There is no way mom would allow me to wear thongs. The only reason she lets you is because you are 18 and she thinks she has limited control over you.”

“I live in her house I’ll follow her rules but don’t tell her that,” Julie said. “If you are going to wear thongs you’ll have to get use to them first. I had a real hard time starting out with them but now I’m use to them. It’ll take a couple of hours maybe a day or two. Right now I’m not wearing underwear because when you wear thongs it’s almost like you aren’t wearing underwear.”

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