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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Steve find his first love then his grand daughter then his lost daughter.

My name is Steve Johnston. I’m 57 years old, 6’3”, athletic and still have most of my hair. I run my own computer consulting firm. My income is more than adequate for my needs and my ongoing investments assure me a comfortable retirement.

I own a home in a nice community just outside of a college town. You might think that this would lead to some fantastic sexual adventures but my needs are met by some good friends a few nights and weekends a month.

All things are subject to change and it started with a phone call. It came in on my private line from an unknown number.

“Have you seen Sarah?” Barked a harsh female voice. You get used to wrong numbers in a college town.

“I don’t know Sarah. You must have a wrong number.” I said politely. Then I hung up.

The phone started to ring again and I let it go hoping the caller would give up. No such luck. I finally answered it.


In the next fifteen minutes five calls came in which I ignored.

“OK, who are you calling?”

“I’m calling you Steve.”

“Who is this?”

“Joan, your wife.” I hadn’t heard that voice in over twenty years.

“Who is Sarah?”

“Your granddaughter you idiot. If you hear from her tell her to call home or else. GOODBYE!” I didn’t know I had a granddaughter.

In college my friend John wanted to date a very hot girl. She wouldn’t go out unless her roommate had a date also. I was drafted.

Joan was drop dead gorgeous and highly intelligent. Six Foot of Ice Queen. On the third date we went to a party. Joan drank some spiked punch and we all were drunk enough that I spread her legs and filled that beautiful pussy. No response. It was like fucking a corpse. I finally busted a nut in her but I told John that was our last date.

John and Mary had a conversation and then we headed back to the girl’s apartment. We helped Joan to her bed then when we were leaving Mary gave John a long kiss and turned to me. “I want to thank you for trying.” She laid a kiss on me that curled my toes then led me to her room and screwed my brains out.

After that night John, Mary and I were a constant threesome. It wasn’t love just friends with benefits. We were all hetero but we experimented with as many ways two guys can enjoy one girl as we could think of. Double penetration was dropped after several awkward attempts because Mary didn’t care for anal. Almost anything else was on the table; well, on the table, on the couch, on the bed, on the floor. She preferred one on one and she could wear us both out while possibly enjoying the sex more than we did. This lasted for three months then Joan announced she was pregnant.

Being somewhat old fashioned and chivalrous I married her. Being pregnant she said, no sex. Two months after the birth of our daughter I insisted on at least two nights a week. She just handed me some lube lay down and spread her legs and said, get it over with.

After three years it was down to once a week, at four years it was down to once a month. My hand was a much better lover than my wife. At ten years I had to leave.

I loved my daughter Karen. She was my pride and joy. Joan hired a nanny when she went to work. The only love Karen received was from me and her nanny. She would cuddle up next to me or on my lap if she could. Joan just looked away.

When Joan made partner in her law firm she earned twice as much as me. She told me I needed to start pulling my weight. I just walked out the door, didn’t even pack. I finally stopped a thousand mile later.

I found work with a company that sold and service computer systems. Consulting with a lawyer I learned that even though she earned more than me divorce would probable destroy me financially. Getting custody of Karen would be a hard fight that I would most surely lose.

I always sent cards and gifts for holidays but was blocked from direct communication. After four years my cards were returned, “Moved no forwarding address”.

Well, life goes on so I moved on with my own, building a new future. Eventually I bought the company expanding it to cover multiple states. The company became my life. After fifteen years I was burned out.

I made a good profit when I sold the company which I invested for my future.

Traveling around with no companion was a very lonely life, so I looked for a place to settle down.

I found a house in a nice neighborhood. It was larger than I needed but would make a good investment. Living alone in a big house with no friends isn’t much of a life.

I decided I would cook dinner at home but I needed a few groceries. While shopping at the super market I notice a woman with a classy confided look, she looked a little younger than me but I decide to take a chance. By the time I made up my mind she had disappeared down another aisle. I went from aisle to aisle looking. Almost ready to give up I was grabbed and spun around. There she was. She wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss on me that shook my world.


“I’m glad it’s you, or this could be very awkward.”

“Mary??” I was totally blind sided.

“Come on Steve, dinner at my house.”

We strolled around the super market chatting as though we hadn’t been apart for twenty five years. Mary added items to the cart load until she was satisfied.

I followed Mary to her house and we worked together in the kitchen to make a wonderful dinner. Later we sat over a glass of wine and told each other about or lives.

Mary had earned several degrees but had never found the right man to settle down with. She was now the Dean of Students at the college.

I told her of my life with Joan and my daughter Karen that I still miss. After that I gave her a ‘Cliff Notes’ version of my last twenty five years.

Standing up Mary walked around the room and struck some sexy poses. She may have been almost fifty but she could pass for a classy forty. Then she started to strip. Her body was ageless. Even with only a pair of lacey panties she still had the class most women shed with their clothes.

“Do you remember the night you told John you were done dating Joan?”

“I will never forget that night.” Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom and fucked my brains out, again.

In the morning I awoke with her warm body cuddled next to my right side. I felt the best I had in many years.

“Steve I can only give you a B- for last night.” She said with a serious look on her face. “You’re out of practice. It’s going to take a lot of tutoring to get you up to an A but I think we can do it.”

Mary is a good tutor. She gives me an A now days. I’ve always given her an A+.

We get together about twice a week and some weekends. Movies, dinners, even operas. We’re the plus ones for many things. We have grown close over the years and I often wish I had chosen her instead of Joan.

A few years ago Mary asked me if I would escort one of her friends to a dinner. Becky was thirty five years old and a comfortable motherly type. She had had two bad marriages and was not looking for another. We got along well and I became her go-to as an escort once or twice a month.

Mary was going out of town for three weeks to do some seminars. She told me if I needed anything to give Becky a call. Mary and I talked on the phone ever other night. After the first week I wished she was back.

“I really miss you.”

“What’s the matter? Do your feet get cold at night?”

“My feet and other harder things.”

“I told you Becky would take care of you.”

“I really need you in my bed.”

“Becky won’t mind and neither do I.”

“Are you trying to dump me?”

“Of course not. Just keeping you warm until I get back. I’ll call her and send her over. Oh bye the way, she doesn’t mind anal occasionally.”

Becky’s body is as comfortable as her personality. She is now a regular in my bed once or twice a week. I don’t feel about her the way I do about Mary. Mary is happy that I keep her friend happy.

A man cannot ask for much more in life.

Life was going great until I received that phone call.

The next morning I received a message on my business line.

“Dad, this is Karen. Call me back on this line at two o’clock. I don’t want Joan to know I called you.”

My little girl. How could I talk to her? Did she feel like I abandoned her? If I have a grand daughter she must be married. I had no choice. I made the call.


“Karen, this is Steve.”

“Daddy, thank you for calling. I love you and I’ve missed you so much.”

“I love you to. I was afraid you would hate me for leaving.”

“I’ve lived with Joan. I know why you had to leave.”

“Honey, what can I help you with?”

“I got this phone so I could call you without Joan finding out. Have you heard from Sarah?”

“No. I just found out about Sarah when Joan called. What’s a little girl doing running away?”

“Dad, I can’t talk any longer. I’ll call you tomorrow. Sarah’s not so little, she’s eighteen. I love you. Bye.”

Thinking about that conversation I realized that if Sarah is eighteen she must have been born when Karen was only sixteen. Now I had a million more questions to ask.

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