The Good Nurse

by chris.lionofthenorth

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Workplace, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young nurse is the midst of dealing with a recent break up, when an attractive older woman becomes his patient

Disclaimer: This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

Alex was working at the hospital on a Tuesday morning when he got a text from his girlfriend, Angela-

Hey Alex, I think we should call it

What do you mean?

Its not working out for us

Alex’s heart sank-

Like, break up?

He waited for Angela’s answer with bated breath- No, it’s not real!

Yeah, sorry...

Alex tried to think of a response, but his mind was blank, his eyes still glued to the screen.

“Hey Alex, quit sexting your girl and help me move the patient in two-oh-five” came an aggressive-sounding voice. Alex looked up and saw that John from transportation was addressing him. The sting of his words only lasted a moment before his attention returned to his phone.

“C’mon man” John said. He reiterated his need with a sideways tilt of his head toward the room in question. It only took John another second to realize that something was wrong...

“What’s wrong?” he asked, walking over to Alex in the hallway.

“Angela just broke up with me”, Alex said simply.

“Oh, shit, really?” John said. His face instantly softened.

“Yeah, just like that” Alex replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry man. How long were you two together?”

“6 months...” Alex couldn’t think of anything else to say at the moment.

“And she broke up by text? That’s cold, dude” John sympathized. Alex didn’t respond immediately-

Did I do something wrong? Was it about that fight we had last week? I thought it was going so well!

“Don’t worry, man, you’ll get over her. Plenty of fish in the sea, right? You’ll find someone in no time”

“Yeah” he mumbled. But Alex knew that wasn’t him- he was never the type to go out and find some girl to take home, like his other friends did. He wanted a real connection, and was willing to wait for the right girl- I thought it was her.

bzz bzz

Alex instinctively looked down at his phone-

I’ll leave your stuff by your apartment

“C’mon, let’s get your shift done. Then you can worry about that shit later” John offered. Alex knew he was right, so he nodded and followed John into Room 205.

Alex thought a lot about his relationship with Angela during the rest of his shift- Should I call her? Ask her what went wrong? He tried to play the conversations in his head, but they always wound up with her hanging up on him.

Alex sniffed, feeling the slight tingle in his nose that meant he was about to cry-

Was I not attentive enough?

Alex thought about all the times he had tried to talk to Angela about her feelings. Angela seemed to really enjoy how much he was into her problems- and Alex just figured it was expected from a boyfriend.

Too demanding?

Alex liked to go hiking and jogging, and knew that Angela wasn’t into that kind of stuff, so he cut down on his outside exercises to once a week. Since he was working 3 12-hour shifts in a row every week, he thought that having one day to recover and go outside wasn’t asking too much...

I’m too boring, Alex realized. He wasn’t into all the shows that other people seemed to enjoy- although he certainly tried to get into Angela’s shows. He wasn’t a sports fan, or a risk-taker, or anything cool like that. Just a loser, he thought.

An image of the Forever Alone meme came to his mind, bringing tears to his eyes. Yep, that’s me. Forever alone...

Sure enough, when Alex came home to his apartment complex that night, there was a box of his things right by the front door. He grabbed his things and brought them inside, trying to fight back his emotions.

Alex knew he could’ve opened that box and looked through all the things he had left at her place- a loaned t-shirt, a toothbrush, some pictures he had framed for her ... so many things, so many memories.

All gone. But Alex knew himself well enough not to open Angela’s Box, despite the curiosity of what she decided to give back, and what she kept.

Checking his phone before going to sleep, Alex knew he had to make one last try at their relationship-

_Please, just talk to me. I know you haven’t been very happy

these past few weeks, and I want to know how to make it

better. I still love you, and I want to be with you. Please

call me or text me- XOXO_

Alex waited for Angela’s response, but the messenger app didn’t show that Angela had read the text yet, so he went on Facebook and browsed his news feed to kill time.

It didn’t take long for him to try to look up Angela’s page, but he soon found out that she was no longer on his friends list, and that he didn’t have access to her profile.

Alex couldn’t fight the tears anymore, and just let go of his emotions. He sobbed for a good half hour before a text came back-

I don’t want to draw this out. There’s nothing that can be done

Please just leave me alone.

And just like that, Alex knew that it was truly over.

Alex went back to his job the next day, feeling like he was just going through the motions. His only motivation for work at this point was that he didn’t want to get fired...

But Alex was, in reality, a really good nurse, having graduated from the state-run school in the top 10% of his class a couple years ago. And the reason behind his excellent nursing skills was not only his smarts, but his heart as well- he gave some of his patients the compliments they needed to lift their mood, and he motivated other to walk in the hallway or participate in physical therapy as much as possible. Although he couldn’t please everyone, Alex was definitely one of the patient’s’ favorites on the general ward floor.

On his second day of three, Alex was feeling exhausted, and he knew it wasn’t just the killer 12 hour days this time. Fortunately for him, he was still 24 years old, so he could still function just as well as the older nurses, who were a bit slower, and the newer employees, who were still trying to learn the system.

“New patient for ya, Alex” said the heavier woman at the nurses station. Maureen was almost 50 years old, and her 23 years of experience at the hospital had only gained her the role of charge nurse for their floor. Although she was cantankerous and not people-friendly, she was still Alex’s boss.

“Patty’s full right now, and Yvonne has a student. Here ya go” she said, plopping the clipboard on the counter top. Alex took it and gave it a glance-

38 year old female presented with chest pain that started 5 hours prior to admission. Seen in the ER by Dr. Manu, and given aspirin, morphine, and nitroglycerin for chest pain. EKG given to cardiologist, who read it as ‘nonspecific t wave changes’”. Cardiologist recommended observation, with possible stress test for cardiomyopathy on discharge. Troponin negative x1, but patient will need serial Troponins x2 every few hours and another EKG tonight to watch for ST-elevation.

Sounds like I need to keep an eye out for her, Alex thought. Although chest pain was one of the most common presentations to the Emergency Department, it didn’t mean this one couldn’t take a turn for the worse-

I’ll have to let the lab know about those Troponin lab orders. Let’s see ... first one was at 2 pm ... so 6 and 10 should be fine ... and the overnight float gets here at 7, so I’ll have the EKG ordered at the same time as the second Troponin.

Past Medical History: Hypertension, Ovarian Cancer (remission), Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...

Well, the psych history would lean me towards a noncardiac source for chest pain, Alex wondered, but then again I’m only a lowly nurse, what do I know.

Past Surgical History: Tonsillectomy 1985, Appendectomy 2002, Salpingo-oophorectomy (bilateral) 2010, Breast augmentation 2015

Medication list: amlodipine 10 mg po daily, clonazepam 1 mg po q12h prn anxiety, diphenhydramine 25 mg po daily prn breasts, fluoxetine 40 mg po daily, fish oil 1000 mg po daily

5’9’’, 125 pounds. HR 82, bp 143/88.

Alex continued to read the labs, which were unremarkable.

I think I’ve got this patient figured out. Might need to be a little more reassuring, since she’s already had a run-in with cancer, probably back in 2010 when she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. Transport should have her up in a few minutes.

Alex checked in on another of his patients before he spotted the transportation bed leaving room 212, his new patient. Clipboard in hand, he almost walked into the room without checking the name-

Tiffany Larson. Be extra nice, he told himself.

“Hello Miss Larson, how are you today?” Alex asked. The patient was in a two-patient room with the curtain divider pulled between the two beds. He didn’t know the other patient.

“I’m alright” Miss Larson said, sounding anxious. She put on a small smile. “Are you my nurse?” she asked.

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