Be Careful What You Wish For

by jamaica

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Workplace, School, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, White Male, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Food, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Analingus, Size, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hot little Oriental PA enslaves her boss and all of her work colleagues.

‘Wanted: Female, 25 or thereabouts, to work as PA to founder CEO of small thriving company. Preferably a graduate. However the key requirement is physical attractiveness and a sassy attitude. The successful applicant will be a highly desirable young woman who understands and enjoys the advantages that accrue from this. Absurdly good package for the right person.’

Ok I did not write the ad quite like that but it is what I had in mind. I had spent the best part of 20 years building the business, working my nuts off, and I figured I owed myself. The kids were off our hands, up and running with independent lives, leaving us rattling around in a house that was way too big. We got on fine, the wife and me, but it was boring. The sex in particular had become dull. Or it used to be dull. We stopped altogether a while back. The marital bed was now the preserve of reading and talking and watching TV, all of which could be conducted without the uneasy undercurrent of two waning libidos struggling sporadically through the motions. It was by mutual consent. Better for both of us.

Except that there was, in truth, little wrong with my sex drive. I simply did not fancy my wife any longer. She was 50 and looked it. My ‘problem’ was nothing that a raunchy little hottie half her age could not fix.

Did I actually need a PA? Not really. I had managed without one thus far and could easily carry on doing so. It could be halfway justified, sure, but I was fully aware that when they saw the sort of person I was planning to hire my employees, the guys in the office, would realize my sleazy motivation. Fine. It was 100% my company. It was my personal fiefdom. I called all the shots there and I could not care less about the thoughts and feelings of any of the others. They worked for me. End of story. Matter of fact, I was relishing the thought that the guys would know what my game was. I took a perverse pleasure from abusing my power as the boss and this would certainly fit that description. So, yeah, bring it on.

I interviewed half a dozen before I found what I was seeking. As soon as this oriental cutie called Melissa Chang walked into my office, my pulse quickened. The girl was gorgeous! Medium height, an achingly pretty face framed by lustrous black hair, flawless complexion, a glorious figure that her tight and rather short skirt and cleavage-hinting top did nothing to hide - a total honey.

She sauntered towards me, hips swaying. “Mr Brown?” she smiled, offering a beautifully manicured hand. Her nails were cherry red. I got a whiff of scent. Something ultra-feminine and musky.

I shook her hand, beaming at her. “It’s Mark.”

“Hi Mark - I’m Melissa!”

There was a smug pout as she clocked my admiration. This was a girl who knew she was hot and revelled in it. Another box ticked. I figured I might be looking at my new PA.

She sat down and bent forward to place her bag on the floor. The delights previously suggested were suddenly under my nose as her blouse fell away from her chest. A magnificent pair of tits nestling in a flimsy white lace bra were presented for my delectation. The girl took her time with the bag business, tantalizing me with her lovely breasts. She knew exactly what she was doing. Yep, this was the one for me.

She sat up to face me and crossed her smoothly tanned, shapely legs. The sexy skirt slithered up her luscious thighs – lo and behold another spectacular view. She made no move to readjust. Go ahead, Mr CEO, take a good look, was the message. I did, not bothering to pretend otherwise. When I dragged my eyes back to meet hers I found her looking directly at me. No pretence there either. Her gaze was knowing and amused. Downright mischievous even.

It was not exactly a hardship to move from her legs to her face. This was a girl who needed no artificial enhancement. She was a slam dunk premier league natural beauty. But she was also the type who did not miss a trick to heighten her sexiness and she was wearing some make-up. It was applied to a professional standard. The brown eyes were beautifully highlighted. Her full lips were painted the same red as her fingernails.

“So,” she said, those gorgeous dramatic eyes widening, coaxing me on.

“Sorry,” I grinned. “Now, about this job. You read the spec?”

“I have, Mark, yes. I’m excited about it!”

She was not the only one. As I described what her PA duties would be, my gaze dwelt frequently and longingly on those fabulous legs of hers. It was blatantly obvious that I was lusting and Melissa lapped it up. She multi-tasked, listening intently to what I was saying, at the same time goading me with the object of my appreciation. She leant back in her seat and periodically crossed and re-crossed her legs, letting her skirt slide a little further each time, displaying an ever more titillating vista of bare honeyed thigh. I struggled to finish my piece. The sight of her stunning legs plus the recent memory of her equally stunning tits was a devastating mix in my scrambled mind. My cock was stiff as a peg. Christ, those legs. It was all I could do not to reach out and stroke them! I comforted myself with the delicious prospect of doing exactly that and plenty more before too long.

This was a point that needed clarifying. Before hiring Melissa I had to make sure that she knew what the score was. I sensed she would have no problem with it but I had to be certain. The idea of being in constant close proximity to this girl without being able to have her, it did not bear thinking about. It would be nothing short of purgatory.

“So, that all sounds easy peasy,” she said, providing my cue.

“Yeah, not much to it really.”

“You sure there’s nothing else involved? I mean, it’s a big salary, right?”

“Not to mention the perks,” I said.

“Oooo tell me more!”

“For now let us just say that they will be - how to put it - generous and extensive.”

She pouted prettily. “Generous and extensive perks. I do like the sound of that. Aren’t I the lucky girl?”

Had she already sussed the deal here? Probably. Least she was making it easy for me.

“You don’t think you’re worth it?” I kidded, staring pointedly at her superb thighs.

With a sly smile, she ran a finger up under her skirt and lazily scratched herself up there.

“Do you think I’m worth it? Isn’t that what matters?”

“I damn well do.”

“Why is that?” she prodded, playing with me. She was dangling a stiletto on the edge of her toes. They were painted to match her lips and fingernails.

“Well, because the biggest part of the job, the thing I am really looking for in my PA, is that she floats around the whole time looking absolutely fucking gorgeous.”

She loved it. “I see! And you reckon I can do that, Mark, do you?”

“I do, Melissa.”

“Why thank you! I think I can too.”


“I’m looking forward to it.”

“So am I.”

“So that’s it? Tiny bit of typing and filing but otherwise I just go around the office looking hot?”

“Pretty much. You will need to fend off the attentions of all those bozos out there,” I said, indicating the open plan beyond my office.

Melissa grinned. “There were a few guys looking intensely interested when I arrived. So prepare to get lusted on quite a bit - is that what you’re saying?”

“Bound to happen, yeah. If we didn’t have the blinds shut for this interview they would be peering over here right now, trying desperately to check you out.”

“It’s cool. I’m used to it.”

“Bet you are.”

My reward for this was a thrilling and insinuating little giggle.

Melissa was smirking happily.

“And I like it,” she said.

“That men find you sexy?”


“So having every guy here drooling over you - this is nothing that you cannot handle?”

“I would be offended if they were not drooling over me. Especially with the outfits I plan on wearing. I’m the sort who loves to be noticed and appreciated and I dress accordingly, you know what I mean?”

I chuckled. My erection stirred. This was going swimmingly.

“Glad you mentioned that,” I said.

“What, you would rather I covered up?” she said, knowing full well that I meant the very opposite.

“What do you think?” I said, playing along.

“What do I think? Well from the way you keep looking at me I would confidently say that the boss will be more than happy for his PA to wear her sexiest gear to the office. Am I right?”

“You are.”

“There you go then.”

“Not sure the other guys will be quite so happy about it though.”


“No, because just to be clear, far as that bunch of losers are concerned, you are completely off limits ok? You’re the PA to the boss. Out of their league.”

“Sure. They can look at me but nothing more, right?”

“Which will be quite an ordeal for them, I’d say.”

Melissa was giggling again. “I guess it could be!”

I sniggered at the implication. “It sounds as if you would enjoy that scenario.”

“It’s perfect! Like, I could be a terrible pricktease around the guys then, couldn’t I?”


“I could totally torment them like that. I could be extremely wicked and naughty. You know, if I wanted to?”

She was pushing all my buttons. Almost like she was in my head.

“You could, honey, yes. If you wanted to.”

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