Kellee and Kaylee

by Angie E.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Humor, Science Fiction, Incest, Sister, First, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Twin sisters Kellee and Kaylee plan a little dabble into incest. No sooner than they lie down in bed, however, the crazy stuff starts. Twilight Zone crazy.

Kellee held her breath. What came next would change the way she dealt with her sister for the rest of her life. Trembling, she reached out and laid a hand over her bare breast. Kaylee shuddered.

“I’m not sure about this,” Kaylee whispered anxiously.

Kellee kept her hand where it was. “I’m just as scared as you are,” she whispered. She looked at the bedroom door, suddenly ultra paranoid. One or the other had checked the door ten times in the last ten minutes.

“I’m more scared of asshole catching us, than I am of Mom or Dad,” Kaylee complained. Asshole was their younger brother, Martin, a nightmarish 14 years old; the twins were 16.

“I want to do this,” Kellee pressed. “So do you.”

It was just two weeks since admitting her overwhelming need to make love to her sister. To be precise, fourteen days ago, on Friday, October 16th.

A miserable two weeks it’d been too. Kellee thought she was getting an effing ulcer. She’d lost six pounds, which was a big deal for a 16-year-old weighing only 109 pounds in the first place. That loss came right out of her boobies, too, the last place she could afford it. No 16-year-old thinks her boobs are big enough to begin with.

She stood 5’3” barefoot, was blonde and blue-eyed, fair-skinned (of course fair-skinned, both parents being of Scandinavian descent), wore hated orthodonture and attended Harford Lutheran High School in Bel Air. She hated school. Math homework was the worst.

“Go check the door again?” Kaylee pleaded.

Sighing dramatically, Kellee gave up her sister’s boob, rose and padded to the door on tiptoe, twisting the doorknob. It held firm in her hand, barely moving. Then she gave it a tug, just to be sure, and to her horror, the door swung out freely and hit her bare toes.

“Eeech!” she squealed softly, staggering back a step. The doorknob followed suit and with it the door. The gap was now a foot and a half wide, revealing her very bare breasts. Behind her, keening in panic, an equally topless Kaylee twisted away and covered up. Kellee fitfully jammed her left forearm over her breasts.

“Shut the door!” Kaylee screeched. Blinking spasmodically, Kellee stood frozen at the open door, mouth agape, staring across the hall. “Kellee!” Kaylee keened wildly. “Shut the door before Martin sees us!”

Kellee turned her bewildered gaze to her freaking-out sister and worked her mouth, though nothing came out. She didn’t think Martin was of immediate concern right now. Not with the opposite wall missing, and with it Martin’s bedroom door.

Kaylee blinked furiously. “What the... ?” Jumping up, she baby-stepped to her sister; shoulders hunched painfully, arms crossed over bare breasts. “Where is the wall?” she wailed. “Where’s the rest of the house?”

Kellee shook her befuddled head. “I don’t know!” she wailed. It wasn’t there.

A wide sandy beach, waves crashing ashore, receded to the distant horizon. Lush green forest, so dense as to be virtually impenetrable, bordered the beach.

Kaylee whined, “What’s going on, Kel?”

“I don’t know!” Kellee responded shrilly. “Where’s the wall?”

“Where’s Martin’s bedroom?” Kaylee demanded. “Where’s Mom and Dad’s bedroom? Where’s Mom and Dad?” she wailed. Who cared where little brother was.

The afternoon was crisp, the air reverberating from the crashing surf. It was 1:34 a.m., according to the bedside clock, but intense sunlight made them squint. Kellee erupted in goose flesh and began shivering violently. Kaylee dashed to the bed, grabbed their T-shirts off the floor, and flung one to Kellee. She snatched it over her head and Kaylee did likewise, moaning uncontrollably.

What the eff was going on, Kellee wondered.

“Shut the door!” Kaylee pleaded. “See if it goes away.”

Kellee immediately slammed the door and gripped the knob hard enough to make her tendons cry out in protest. She never wanted that door open again. She was panicked, barely able to breathe, heart pounding against her ribcage. She had to--

“Go pee!” Kaylee suddenly squealed, squirming madly. “I have to go pee!”

“Stop that!” Kellee hissed. “You’ll make me pee my panties!” She was in serious danger of peeing down her leg and soaking the bedroom carpet right now.

Writhing, Kaylee jammed her fists into her crotch, staggered to the door and yanked it wide open. Kellee gasped and jumped back, hopping one-footed, holding the other foot whose toes Kaylee had raked with the door. Kaylee blinked at her fiercely for a moment, and then rushed into the hallway.

“Don’t go out there!” Kellee yelled, too late. At least the pain had erased her urgency to go pee.

Kaylee was backed against the wall. The hall carpeting ended abruptly where the opposite baseboard should be. Advancing cautiously, Kellee raised a hand in the air and held it out, palm vertical, hoping to encounter something solid.

“Kellee, don’t!”

“Don’t what?” Kellee muttered, encountering nothing but air.

“Leave it alone! Please!” Kaylee begged.

“Leave what alone? There’s nothing there, sis!”

Dropping to her hands and knees, Kellee crept forward until she broke the plane of the missing wall and looked downward. The carpeting ended cleanly, lying atop the smooth edge of a 3/4” thick plywood sheet. Sandwiched between the plywood and a sheet of drywall below was the flat end of a 2x6. More were visible all down the length of the hallway floor, arrayed two feet apart. Below her lay the dining room, to the right of the dining room a hallway leading to the living room. The basement was intact, though a three-foot gap separated the main floor from the edge of the white sand. Kellee wondered why it hadn’t collapsed inward and flooded the basement. She looked up: the house was neatly bisected, top to bottom.

“Kellee... ? What is going on?”

“I don’t know,” she muttered, “but I intend to find out.”

“No!” Kaylee protested.

Kellee arose and brushed her hands, and then the knees of her pajamas, a totally unconscious gesture. She was no less frightened than before, but now curious, as well--and more than a little intrigued; Kellee had an adventurous side. Kaylee grabbed her arm.

“How will you get down?”

A good question, Kellee thought. She hobbled to the end of the hallway, now a balcony with no railing, and examined the stairway leading downstairs. The second floor was a good fifteen feet off the sand, maybe nine feet above ground at the mid-floor landing. It was still a heck of a jump, she thought grimly, with no immediate way to climb back. Easy way to break a leg or your ankle, too, she thought.

“Want to go first?” she asked glibly. Kaylee gave her a sour look and crossed her arms.

If only they had a ladder, Kellee thought. A tall ladder, made of aluminum like the one Dad stored in the garage, the kind that extended way upward so you could clean out the gutters in the fall, once they became totally clogged with falling leaves. That exact ladder, in fact, she thought, turning around.

Pushing by her sister-”Hey! Watch it, dammit!”-Kellee returned to her bedroom and strode to the front window, popped up an eye-level wooden slat and gazed out. She was shocked to discover the view out front was absolutely normal. No pristine beach, no cascading breakers running to the horizon, no dense forest.

Looking back, blinking in consternation, she noted sparkling white sand and lush greenery through the open bedroom doorway; the ocean (she assumed it was the ocean) was hidden from her at this angle. She dropped the slat in a huff, stomped back to the makeshift balcony, down to the far end, and peeked carefully around the corner. She discovered a continuation of the beach and heavy forestation, heading south to the distant horizon, if directions still applied in this effed-up world.

“What?” Kaylee demanded.

Kellee returned to her window and yanked opened the blinds. “See for yourself!” she shouted.

Kaylee stayed put, tightening her grip on her chest. “No way! How can we be seeing that--” she stabbed her nose at the window--”with that!” she protested, jerking her shoulders toward the open door.

Kellee said nothing, hating the strident sound of both their voices. Must calm down, she warned herself, not a good time to panic, not if she wanted to get a handle on this thing. Kaylee, for one, looked two seconds away from diving for the closet door. “Calm down,” she murmured.

“You calm down!” Kaylee shot back, hugging herself even tighter. Kellee didn’t set her straight on who’d she’d been talking to. Instead, she gazed out the window again, gauging the drop to the front lawn. Even higher than out back, she judged, a good five feet higher, making a drop suicidal. Unless she shimmied outside first, hung from windowsill by her fingertips and then dropped. That put her feet five feet closer to the ground. Still a long fall, though, and nearly as dangerous. Eff that, she thought.

“What are you thinking about doing?” Kaylee demanded.

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