Mommy's Princess and Pet

by maedhros21

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Consensual, Slavery, Lesbian, Fiction, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Food, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The fifth story in the Calloway/Edwards Family. Trish finds out that wishes do come true while Katie and Donna deal with being apart.

All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.

This is a story primarily of incest and cuckolding, the cuckolding aspect will get greater in future chapters. If these two subjects bother or offend you then proceed at your own risk.

This is also chapter 6 in the ongoing story of the Calloway and Edwards families.

I’m sorry that the chapters take awhile to finish but life goes forward in the real world and there isn’t always time for fantasies. This chapter as others is quite long because I like to focus a lot on the feelings and sensations each character is feeling while it is occurring. There is lots of sex involved but in this chapter the heaviest action takes place at the end.

It was Tuesday morning and Donna Calloway stood in front of the café in West Port waiting on the arrival of her lunch guest. She had always considered herself to be a focused person but she felt her mind torn in so many different directions while she waited.

She was waiting on the arrival of her best friend Joanna Edwards for what was going to be a very interesting lunch and chat. While she waited her mind kept creeping back to the past weekend, the one that had led to this meeting between the two women. It had probably been the greatest three days of sex in her life even surpassing the early days of her marriage. Of course none of the sex had involved her husband; it was all with their daughter Katie.

She had arrived on Friday with a vague idea of her attraction to her own daughter and quickly found out that Katie had shared the same feelings. Then the floodgates opened and didn’t close until Monday morning before she left the Manhattan apartment. The peak and pinnacle had been on Sunday evening when she and Katie had taken each other anally passing the final taboo of giving their bodies to each other with total abandon.

It had given Donna the greatest orgasms of her life and when her turn came to return the favor for Katie she had basically fucked her daughter unconscious. Then they had passed out in each other’s arms right after proclaiming their love for each other. Yesterday morning they had woken up and before leaving the bed made slow passionate love to each other. It was the complete opposite of the night before in its tenderness and passion. The night before had been raw and animalistic and involved toys as well as themselves whereas yesterday morning was just them and their bodies, no outside devices.

It had been beautiful and slow with each one taking the time to reinforce the newly discovered love for each through the tenderness of their touch. Donna could almost taste her daughter on her breath right now and found herself missing the girl even though she had just left her less than 24 hours ago.

She had been very glad when she returned to the home she shared with her husband Jack to find that he hadn’t returned yet from work. She needed the couple of hours to herself to mentally try and reconnect with her life here in Connecticut and try to appear normal when he got home. She had gone about doing the mundane tasks of her day to day life as Jack’s wife.

She wasn’t surprised to find dirty dishes in the sink and an unmade bed because she had always been responsible for those chores. She had to fight off a wave of anger and resentment when she first discovered them because she felt like the least he could have done was make the place look good when she returned home. Then as she thought about it she reversed her feelings 180 degrees and realized how petty her thoughts were, after all the two of them had never spent a night apart in all the time they were married.

It really had been a sacrifice on her husband’s part to allow her to go and spend time with their young daughter. He had also been blindsided with the request from Katie to make the weekends a regular thing for six months with the excuse of getting her mom involved in a film project she was working on. It hadn’t been a lie when Katie had asked her father for the exclusive use of all of her upcoming weekends because they had in fact started making a movie over the weekend. What the final direction of the movie would be was still up for debate but in its rawest form it would be one of the hottest porno films ever made.

Katie had started with the idea of making it a film about how a mother deals with her daughter leaving the nest empty at home. She had thought of that concept while still not believing that her fantasies of bedding Donna would ever come true. Once they had fallen naked together into Katie’s bed she switched directions and now was thinking of it being a film that is supposed to debunk all the negative ideas of an incestual relationship. She now wanted to show how strong a relationship with a family member could be if the two people involved were both consenting adults.

Of course the person who was filming all of this was the real reason for Donna standing in front of the same café where she had last had lunch with Joanna. That person was Katie’s best friend and roommate Trish Edwards the daughter of her lunch date.

She felt her thought’s pulled once again back to Jack’s return yesterday and the night that followed. She had worried the last part of the way home on the train whether she would feel any guilt when faced by her husband of more than twenty years. Would he see it written all over her face that she had spent the weekend not only breaking but shattering into oblivion the part of her wedding vows about forsaking all others. She hadn’t felt even a twinge of guilt all weekend in the presence of Katie and even on the trip home wasn’t feeling any remorse for her actions.

In fact she spent the first half of the ninety minute train ride basking in the remaining glow of her early morning sex with Katie. She could still smell her on her skin having refused to take a shower in the apartment. She wanted to carry her daughter’s musk with her as long as she possibly could throughout the day. It was only when she was a few stops from her own that what could be considered any form of guilt entered her mind. If she really thought about it though she would have realized that it wasn’t guilt but fear, the fear of being found out.

Originally Katie had played with the idea of having her mother keep Jack in the dark for the entire six months of weekends they had gotten him to agree to. Then on Sunday Donna had told her daughter that she didn’t want to sneak around and hold on to this secret for such a lengthy time. She had told Katie that at some point she would confront Jack with what was going to become a second life for her. Of course she had no intention of doing that this week, it was way too soon and besides she had a plan.

It was in her mind a great long shot but she knew it could be done; it all depended on whether or not her husband could accept her new life with Katie. She knew it could be done because her friend Joanna had done exactly that with her own husband Steve, she had turned her husband into a willing cuckold and the two of the never seemed happier. At some point she was going to have to get some coaching tips from her friend and hope that Jack could be made to see things like Steve did.

She didn’t want to lose her husband over the changes that were taking place in her life because she still loved him. In fact after last night she knew she had never stopped loving him and enjoying the sex with him either. Whereas the new found sexual energy she had discovered with Katie was raw, exciting and dirty the sex with Jack was still excellent. She had discovered that last night when she did as Katie had commanded; she took her husband to bed and fucked his brains out.

There had been a few moments of awkwardness when he first returned home last night based solely on her fear. She had eagerly greeted him at the door as if the clock had turned back ten years and was just mildly shocked when he didn’t respond right away. Thinking now she could understand his hesitancy because she had been far from the model wife for the past few months and had pretty much ignored him.

Their sex life which had always been a cornerstone of their relationship had completely disappeared over the last two months and it was that missing aspect that was the catalyst to this past weekend. One week earlier her distance from her husband had caused the argument that led to her having the weekend with Katie that had now changed her life. In what she had tried to pass off as gratitude she had reopened the gates to her pussy over the three nights before her weekend and Jack had appeared satiated as she left for the city on Friday.

Katie’s theory was simple, keep Jack happy in the bedroom and he wouldn’t worry about the weekends she and Donna would share. So Katie had made sure Donna understood how important this was when she left yesterday. Maybe Donna had feared that part of returning home the most because she had never had to cover up an affair with her husband, he had been her only partner her whole life. She had surprised herself when she not only had pulled it off but found herself relaxing and loving the feelings her husband’s cock and tongue had given her last night.

She had always believed Jack was an amazing lover and she had never failed to cum more than once with him. Of course what had happened with Katie over the weekend was off the charts in the intensity and number of orgasms she had enjoyed but after last night she felt like she could relax and enjoy her husband too. So she was going to follow her daughter’s instructions and give Jack as much sex as he could handle every Monday night till Friday. Then when Friday arrived she would once again be back in the arms of her new lover and Mistress.

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