Dolan's Diaries 1: My Princess

by Uncle Micky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the original Micky Dolan story. Mike returns to Ohio from Florida in an attempt to rebuild his life. He is fighting temptation while apparently having success in rejoining normal society. Invited to a gathering at his brother's house, he learns that the beautiful Anna Maria will be there. He first encountered Anna Maria three years previously, when she was just eleven years old

I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many freinds and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying.Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)


The morning light was filtering through the bedroom window. I had a few moments to collect my thoughts and listen to the light breathing coming from next to me on the bed.

Columbus is not such a bad place. I had been here for a little over eight months and it was turning out alright. I came here with the goal of escaping a life that was, assuredly, heading to ruin. I was distancing myself from the worlds of cocaine and human trafficking. I vowed to break the bond of attraction for young girls; I was going to do something with my life; something that might atone for some of the terrible things I have done. I may claim I was forced into some of the situations I found myself in, or that I was blindly naïve; but, deep down inside, I know that I wanted to do what I had been doing. Actually, I loved much of what I had done. But, on this morning, all would be different. I believed this because the last twenty-four hours seemingly had shown me the way. But, old habits are tough to break.

I had earned, and put away, enough money to live without any financial concern for the rest of my life. With my brother’s help, I’ve made investments to clean the ill-gotten gains and ensure financial security for the both of us. The money has allowed me to enroll in graduate school, purchase a small 1920’s house near campus, keep my 1969 MG in the garage and my 2005 Grand Cherokee on the road. Even though I did not need to work, I accepted a Graduate Assistantship for the Spring Semester. I had a small office on campus, set my own hours for advising and taught one undergraduate introductory math education class on Wednesday nights. Life was falling into a welcome pattern of regularity. The previous night brought the type of welcome surprise that only a college town can provide.

A slender arm reached across my chest and Melissa gently pulled herself closer, nestling herself under my arm and sighed contentedly.

Yesterday had been a good day. I completed my morning office hours, met Dr. Anderson from Analytics for some lunch, and went over to the student activity center for a good workout. I had started to appreciate the coeds that are everywhere on campus, but best displayed in the fitness center. I engaged a few of the girls who made eye contact in casual conversations but made sure to stay out of the “creeper zone,” even if it meant cutting a conversation short. The fitness center experience was good for me in many ways. I was quite active in sports while in high school and wrestling got me a college scholarship where I majored in Math Education. I became a high school teacher and wrestling coach. I have always worked hard to stay in shape and although it hurts more at my current age, I know it’s good for me. I was in better shape than I have been in many years.


I headed home after my workout that day, grabbed a shower, and made a simple dinner for myself. After a little reading and writing, I headed to the Pour House, to meet up with a couple of local guys I had made friends with. Thankfully, they were normal working guys, not affiliated with the university. Randy and James were fun companions and easy to be around. We were shooting pool and sharing a pitcher of beer when she walked into the bar.

We all knew Melissa. Randy had been trying to bed her for some time; but, had only managed to put himself deeper and deeper into the friend zone with every attempt. Melissa was about twenty-four, slender, petite and with beautiful cascading brunette hair; although, tonight it appeared to be more auburn than brunette. Her eyes were a penetrating blue that appeared to sparkle when she’s happy. She wore very little make up; but, the little she did was the perfect amount of accent for her cheeks and eyes. There is, really, very little about her physically that was not attractive. She certainly had the petite look I dearly love in a female. The smaller the better, I believe. But, I didn’t share the same outward excitement for her as my buddies. After some observation, I felt that she was trying to reclaim her younger glory days and compete with the younger campus beauties for the attention of the young college studs. She simply tried too hard to ignore the fact that time had passed and that she needed to look forward, not backwards. I sensed an unattractive shallowness in her.

I excused myself from my friends, as their attention was drawn to Melissa, made my way to lean at the bar and talk with the bartender, Kim, who was a fellow grad student. She always made sure that my drinks became straight ginger ale as the night grew later. I had really cut back on my drinking, and had become an occasional social drinker. I found that since I moved here and started fresh; I could sleep without the aid of drink or pharmaceuticals.

The ‘people-watching’ at the bar was its usual study in humanistic misbehavior and Kim was always ready with a humorous running commentary. After a while, Randy stopped by to say he was going home and that he was through with trying to pull Melissa away from the younger crowd. After he left, I watched Melissa for a while and could see that luck was not with her that night. A younger, prettier, and bustier queen bee had shown up and Melissa was relegated to being a hanger-on.

I began to give some thought to calling it a night myself. I decided that the basement media room might be exactly the way to cap off the day. I had fixed up the partially finished basement in my house, installed a nice media room with a HD projector and a floor-to-ceiling screen. It’s great for movies and sports, but even better for the special collection of videos I had accumulated over many years. I also had the very special videos that I made myself; some of which that have been sold and the others that I would never allow out of my possession. Yeah, I planned to cap the evening with the beautiful video number 26, which still works so well for me!

Right then, Melissa made her way up to the bar, leaned right next to me, leaving only the slimmest of space between us. I didn’t expect this and was somewhat surprised. I hadn’t noticed before; but, she was going braless that evening! I could make out the outline of a camisole undergarment. I wanted to examine her more thoroughly, but polite conversation was the order of the moment.

She asked, “Mike, why don’t you ever talk to me or try to spend time with me?”

I replied, “I always thought you really didn’t care for me that much, and I didn’t want to be a bother. Anyway, I’m not exactly in the age group you seem to be interested in.”

That started the conversation along the “I like you more than you know” path and, eventually, into the odd feelings we both shared about being older and living in the college part of town. I bought her two more drinks and as the time passed, she moved closer and closer, until we were pressed up against each other. Kim kept a close eye on us and made sure I noticed her nods of approval. Eventually, we ended up facing each other when Melissa laid her head on my chest and asked me to take her home. I said I would be happy to, but I would need the address. She replied that I should know my own address. Well, hell!

Once in the car, I turned to her and placed my left hand along the side of her face. I ran my hand down, until I cupped her chin, and slowly brought her forward. The kiss started softly, and slowly; we built to more of a teenage frenzy with genuine makeout lust taking us to other times. I let my hand roam freely and her body felt just as I imagined it would.

The slimness of her waist, the way she shifted to allow my hand to cup her firm ass, the firmness of her breasts, which were larger than I imagined; I was surprisingly turned on by her genuine, quiet, little whimpers as my hands caressed her. As I started to break away, in order to get us out of there and back to my place; she took my hand, with both her hands, worked them around my index finger and gently began giving head to my finger, while keeping her two beautiful eyes firmly fixed on me. I was already hard from the makeout session, but this almost put me over the top! I extracted my finger, pulled her as tight as possible, kissed her long and hard, then slowly shifted her back into her seat and reached for the seat belt. I had to get us home very quickly.

There was very little time to waste as I got her inside and up into my bedroom. I decided not to move too fast. It has been sometime since I have been to bed with an adult woman and I wanted to savor every moment. I walked her backwards, towards the bed, and sat her down upon it. I knelt on one knee in front of her; she adopted a completely passive attitude as I began to remove her shirt and then her undergarment. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. I almost gasped when I realized they were smaller versions of Tracy Lord’s tits. They sloped down and out, into beautifully rounded breasts with oversized, puffy areolas. They were firm, but had a delightful jiggle to them that drove me mad. I sucked on one and played with the other. I switched back and forth sucking and tonguing on one while cupping, squeezing and pinching the other.

Her upper body was beautifully proportioned, svelte and soft to the touch. I rose up and took off my shirt; I stood her up and began to unsnap her jeans. As the jeans became undone, I sat her back down on the bed and rolled her onto her back. She raised her butt up enough for me to pull her jeans down below her ass. I pulled her legs upward and took hold of the hemline of her jeans and in one motion removed them completely. My breath was taken away by the sight that was presented to me. It isn’t just the overall beauty of the figure in front of me; it is the fact that she was wearing the exact same style and design of panty that was worn by Danielle years ago when we had our first encounter.

Danielle was an eighth grader and everything was so very different; but, still, the sight of those panties made me stop and stare. High cut, light pink checkerboard design, lace edging all around with a small lace bow on either side. My demeanor was enough to cause Melissa to ask what was wrong and, luckily, I had the where-with-all to reply, with a sigh, “You are simply a work of art, a thing of beauty without explanation.”

Well, that turned the key! She rose up, reached around my neck, pulled me down and over onto my back. She floated above me, playing my chest and face with her long soft hair and beautiful breasts. She slid down, undid my slacks and repeated my own movements; except, there was no pause from her. She immediately removed my boxers and released my erect dick from its confines. I’m no major stud; but, a clean shaven, thick six inches will do a whole lot of good for the right lady.

She slid downward, cupped her tits around my dick and began to fuck me with her titties. The sight was wonderful! I knew I was going to erupt if I didn’t slow things down a bit. She was straddling my right leg, so, I began to slide my leg up and down her crotch, which created the desired effect of her slowing her actions on my dick. Then I gently lifted my leg, which raised her up and toward me. She gracefully tumbled toward me. I caught her, turned her over and positioned myself with my head directly between her thighs. Off came those panties, and there was my own god’s little acre for the night. She was shaven, neat and clean. She had, in my opinion, a perfectly mounded vulva and, as I parted her thighs, a simply delightful opening between two pink petals appeared.

I quickly got to work. My tongue flicked and darted, my lips kissed, caressed, and sucked. My hands and fingers provided relief when my mouth felt strained. I played her like a finely tuned instrument. The rhythmic movements up and down, the squeezing of her thighs, her breathing and her hand placements were all cues. She was both conductor and instrument, I was the player. The feverish pitch in her grew; I cupped both hands under her ass and lifted her pussy up to my mouth as she began to shoot off several small quick repetitive orgasms. It was a sight to behold.

Her breathing was short and quick; I glanced up in time to see her sit up and reach down to me. She took hold of my shoulders and began to pull me up. I got the message real quick and shifted around so I could access her pussy while straddling her head; my dick was right above her mouth, a classic 69! I lifted up on one arm to watch as she guided my dick into her mouth and began sliding up and down, sucking with great intent. She placed one hand around my shaft and began working my dick with three slides of her hand to every suck of her mouth. Her mouth never left my dick as her tongue worked its magic around my head as her hand worked my shaft.

I hunkered down and got back to work on her swollen, pink pussy. It didn’t take long, the smell of her heady aroma, the sight of her pussy, the multiple sensations on my dick, the sights of day, the memories of my little girls ... and, then, she reached up and wrapped her arms around my waist with a slap and hugged into me with all her force. I felt my dick slide deeper into her mouth, to her throat. She began to push her pussy harder and harder into my face; she took a leg and wrapped it around my head, pulling my face tighter to her pussy. She started bucking while making guttural sounds with my dick buried deep in her mouth. She hit the point where her back was arched up as far as her body could go with me on top. Her pussy froze in space, for a moment, she then dropped back down to the bed and began whimpering as her pelvis continued to make involuntary jerks upward.

That was all I could take. I posted my right leg out, lifted my hips from her a little bit and exploded in an orgasm like I haven’t had in a long time! I kept coming in almost painful surges, and I felt her working my dick to take in my load. It was as if I had lost all control over my lower extremities. She continued working my dick until she had gotten every last drop I had to give. I collapsed on top of her and rolled off; my head was at the foot of the bed with her feet next to me.

I reached around, under her legs, rolled towards her and hugged them together. I slowly released her and slightly parted her legs. She wasn’t saying anything; she just laid there breathing deeply, collecting her energy. I took my left hand and began to gently stroke my fingers along the outline of her mound. She slowly began to squirm and started gentle gyrations as I continued to tease her pussy and, occasionally, used my thumb to caress her clit. She sat up and shifted so that she brought herself in alignment with me. She lifted her left leg and slid it over my legs. She was now lying on my chest with her warm moist pussy pressing against my stirring dick. She took my hands in hers’, intertwining our fingers and “forced” my arms upward until she had my hands pinned to the mattress alongside my head; she giggled as she starts using her pussy to entice my dick, her entire body writhing on top of me.

She lifted her hips and tried to capture the head of my dick with her pussy. I shifted and arched around to prevent her from succeeding. We were both enjoying this little game of cat and mouse and continued teasing each other.

Finally, I looked her in the eye and said, “God damn it, girl! Just what is it you want?”

She stopped moving, looked me in the eye and growled, “I want you to want me, I want you deep inside me and I want all of it right now!”

“You need to learn to take what you want girly-girl.”

“Just sit back and stay out of my way, boy. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

She slid back, found the head of my dick with her pussy, forced herself over the head and encased me in the satiny warmth of her pussy. She was tight and hot. Hungrily she moved up and down, driving herself faster and faster. She was right! I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The visual of her riding on top of me, and the glimpses of my dick disappearing into her; but most of all, her beautiful face framed by her luxurious hair was driving me plain crazy!

I raised my hands up from beside my head and placed her into a sitting position. I took her hands and reversed them, which caused her elbows to turn in; thereby squeezing her tits together. The show was exquisite. Her tits were bouncing up and down in a rhythmic dance that matched the sensations surrounding my dick. She watched me watching her, then arched her back to provide me a better view and threw her head back to provide greater momentum to her thrusts up and down. I noticed that the slimness of her waist was accentuated by the spreading of her hips as she made room for me under her. I had to get a rear view.

I reached forward, placed my hands above her hips and pressed her down, grinding myself deeper into her. I reached under her left leg and brought it up and over my chest which created a classic spin situation. She caught on immediately and reversed her position so that she was facing away from me. Her hair flowed down over her shoulders and back; her body spread out at the hips and, when she lifted her arms to fluff out her hair, a glimpse of the sides of her tits became visible. I lifted and rolled, which placed her on her knees in front of me. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her waist. I held her hip with my right hand while I placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and firmly pressed her upper body down to the mattress. I made sure her hips were up, legs apart, and her back fully arched.

She didn’t make a sound; rather, she obediently placed herself in position and even began to seek out my cock with her pussy. I knew she was perfectly gapped back for me, but I had to take a look, just to capture the visual in my mind. She was perfectly positioned, her ass riding high, her legs spread out a little over shoulder width apart, and her pussy reaching back, spread open, and inviting me to fill it. I rose up, leaned forward and placed the head of my dick against her opening.

With one small thrust, the union was made. I began to really fuck her; going deeper and faster with every thrust. She worked to keep pace, making backward thrusts to match my forward ones. I began to lean further forward over her and my hips pressed her down, stopping her movements; I rode higher, driving her ass up and gapping her pussy further back and up. I reached around with my knees and brought her legs together. Everything was tightened around my dick, I kept most of my weight off her, but she felt me with every thrust. I worked harder and harder, driving my dick in as far as it could go. I used my pelvic thrusts to push it further by driving her down into the mattress.

She started with soft squeals, which turned to animalistic grunts. She struggled, not to get away, but, rather to join in and participate. I kept driving deeper and deeper, where sound, visuals, the tight grasp of her pussy, and movement were having the correct effect. I felt the pressure build, not just in my balls, but also in my head, I think I was on the verge of a blackout: I finally lost all control and let loose. I shook and jerked as I filled her with my cum. The sensation was awesome, since I still had her tightly encased under me. I realized that she was quivering, cumming with orgasmic jerks, using her pussy to tighten around and milk my dick. I was finally able to relax a bit but she kept at it. She wouldn’t release my dick; she kept milking it, even as it went flaccid. I stayed in position until she started to slow down. I slid out; released her as I rolled over next to her. She curled up next to me in a fetal position and purred contentedly.

We didn’t speak much during the entire event. There was an animalistic feel to everything. We were both in extreme need and looking to see if the answer to our needs resided in the other. I assumed she needed acceptance and love; she needed to be a sexually desirable creature, and, of course, she needed some sort of future. I needed to find out if I could make an honest connection with an adult female that could drive back all the other desires that have preoccupied my every waking hour for so many years.

We drifted off to sleep. I know she got up at some point in the night, and spent some time in the bathroom. I had placed one of my old t-shirts in there for her and she was wearing it when I woke up. I laid still for a while and reflected on the night’s events. Maybe this was something to give some consideration to; we seemed to be of like mind; but only time would tell. I gave her a light kiss on the forehead and told her I was going to make us some coffee and breakfast.

A New Day Dawns

I had seen my phone blinking the night before and, once I started the water to boil for the French press, I checked the message. It was my brother Jimmy. He wanted me to join him and the family at his place in Dayton for the weekend. He had moved into a new house with an in-ground pool and, with this being the first nice weekend of the year, he wanted to have a pool party on Saturday. Now, this would be a welcome diversion! A couple of days out of town, with my niece and nephews, would be great. They are the closest things I have to a family and I haven’t seen them since I helped Jimmy with the move from Cleveland to Dayton in the cold of January.

I definitely could do without my sister-in-law, Diane. She’s a bitch, through-and-through, who comes from a family of liars, cheats, thieves, and murderers. She and I have achieved a sort of détente, wherein we can exist in peace, if only for short times. I needed to see my brother to discuss finances anyway, so the timing was opportune. This would also allow me some driving time to contemplate Melissa.

I quickly began a mental rearrangement of my schedule. I would have time for a quick work out, head to the office to finish the work I had planned to take care of on Saturday, call the guys and bail on Saturday’s racquetball game; hell, I could be on the road by 1:00 pm. That meant I could take the Pike over to Dayton and avoid the Interstate.

I heard Melissa moving around upstairs. She appeared in a few minutes, fully dressed, looking a little worn from a lack of sleep; but, very pretty all the same. I was enchanted as she smiled and cradled her cup of coffee in her hands across from me at the table. She is an extremely attractive woman. We ate simple: wheat toast, real Irish butter and preserves; we kept our chat simple as well. I think that was when I really started to like her. I told her that I would be at my brother’s for the weekend and we then arranged to meet for dinner at her place on Tuesday.

I quickly got my gear together, decided to shower and shave at the athletic center, threw what I needed for the weekend into a backpack, took Melissa back to her car at the Pour House and made my way to campus. I could tell that she was being cautious when we parted. Neither of us wanted to commit to anything on such short notice, or say anything that would be misleading. I decided on honesty, for a change, and told her that she was a very special woman and that I hoped we would have the opportunity to get to know each other better. That appeared to work fine with her.

Temptation Again

The morning was moving along fine. After a workout and shower I felt great and was really looking forward to the weekend. Once at the office, I called Jimmy and left a message saying I would be on my way soon and to expect me around 3:30 or so.

My office isn’t very big. They put the graduate students in an office suite that has a common worktable along with a small break room; small offices line the walls. I didn’t have an outer office with a window but I was satisfied with my little space. I settled in and began grading the stack of lesson plans submitted by my undergrads. I promised to have them back by Wednesday night and knew I had to grade at least half of them before leaving. The rest would come to Dayton with me; but, would likely never leave the briefcase.

The building is usually quiet on Fridays. Most people, me included, avoid scheduling anything for Fridays. I was making good progress when I heard Dr. Anderson call out my name. He appeared at my office door, saying he saw my car in the parking lot and was hoping I could do him a favor. He needed a half hour of my time while he met with the Dean. He wanted to leave his daughter with me while he was at the meeting. He had been divorced for years and was awarded custody of his daughter after his ex-wife’s alcoholism had been proven during the custody hearing (she showed up drunk!) He promised to make it good for me, in return for the help. We both knew I was going to help him and that I expected nothing in return; but formalities and niceties in academia are always important.

I told him no problem and came out of my office to meet his offspring; I had heard about her through stories told by Anderson, but had yet to meet her. There, sitting at the table, was a very striking fourteen-year-old girl. She rose from her chair, and walked around the table to let her dad introduce us. Her name is Kaeli. She extended her hand, looked up with big blue eyes and gave me as pleasant a smile as one might expect from a properly raised young lady. She quietly said she was pleased to meet me. I took her offered hand, gave a slight bow and replied that the pleasure was all mine. Anderson was already heading out of the suite and told her to behave herself and not to give me any trouble.

Kaeli stood about five feet tall, slender, with long, light brunette hair. She had some light blonde streaking in her hair and it added to her clean look. She is a pretty girl, her mouth is wide, slightly down turned, and when she spoke her bottom lip curled a bit more than it needed to; she also tilted her head a bit when she spoke and paid flirtish attention to her hair.

She was wearing white denim pants that were low enough to expose a hint of skin from, what is obviously, a wonderfully flat stomach. Her pelvic bones were clearly evident, which caused the illusion that the front top of her pants weren’t exactly in contact with her skin; in another place it would be called a bikini bridge. One might be tempted to try to position oneself to sneak a peek down the front of her pants, if one was in a mind to. She had on a brightly colored, sleeveless shirt with patterns of orange, green, yellow, and black streaking across it. I felt the familiar butterflies in my gut and the all too predictable stirring in my loins as we both stood there watching her father exit with our hands still in a polite handshake. I withdrew my hand and asked if she wanted anything; to which she replied in the negative and said she would just do some texting out at the table.

I told her to let me know if she needed anything or needed to go anywhere. She had already turned to head back to the table and gave a semi-whip of her hair as she turned her head to me and said she was OK and would let me know if otherwise. I retreated to my office and made my best attempt to get back to work. After about five minutes, I decided I needed to print a document I didn’t need printed for the sole purpose of leaving my office and going to the printer, which would take me right past Kaeli. I merely got a nice smile and another OK when I asked her if all was alright.

I sat at my desk and, again, attempted to get some work done when the thoughts of what I would do with her, if I were only given a chance, started to flow into my mind. I hadn’t had these thoughts in a while, but, then again, I hadn’t had a very cute fourteen-year-old so close in a while either.

I was letting my mind wander when I heard a noise at the office door. There stood Kaeli, just looking at me. I leaned back in my chair, turned to her and asked, “Is everything alright?”

She said in a sigh, “Yeah, everything is just fine...” She casually walked into my office, looking at the books and curios on my shelves. “I just got bored and thought I would visit with you for a while.”

“Well, I’m not so sure I’m all that interesting to a young lady such as yourself.”

My office was rather small: so, she was in very close proximity. I could smell the freshness, the soap cleanliness of her; she squeezed by me and leaned back, almost sitting on the edge of my desk, so that we were facing each other.

She bent over next to me, to look at what I was working on, and her shirt fell slightly open. I snuck a quick peak and could plainly see a delightful little tit encased in a silky white bra cup.

She looked at me; she knew I was looking down her shirt, which was why she bent over in the first place. She smiled and said, “Who knows, maybe you are interesting ... my daddy likes you a lot. He talks about you at home ... are you really a math teacher?”

“Yes, I am, or rather I was, at least I had been a teacher before coming here to the university.”

“So, did you give extra credit in your class?”

“Yes, I did, but only for special students, and for special reasons.”

She smiled and looked at the calendar above my desk and said, “I have a teacher who gives extra credit for special students.”

“What do you mean?”

At first she hesitated, but then said, “My geography teacher gives special credit to some of the girls who are willing to do special projects for him ... I’m not one of those girls ... he’s gross and ugly, but some of the girls really like him and they love the attention and easy grades he gives them.”

“So, if he wasn’t gross and ugly, you would do extra credit?”

She didn’t reply. I gazed at her long hair as it flowed over her shoulders and partially covered her chest. Her hips spoke to the fact that she would be perfectly functional, although, I suspect, likely unbroken. She caught me staring. She giggled, leaned over, face to face, and said, “If you ever want me to do some extra credit, I would be happy to complete the assignment.”

I wasn’t too sure exactly what to say; when, we both heard the outer office door.

It was Dr. Anderson coming back. Kaeli straightened up, with her ass on the edge of my desk, as her dad came to the office door. She was biting her lower lip and giving me a short smile when he came around the door. He asked how things went, I stood and told him he had a wonderful young lady for a daughter; and that she was a pleasure to have around. I then added that Kaeli mentioned she might be willing to help me with some of the lesson plan activities I had been designing for a workbook I was hoping to publish. Anderson’s eyebrows rose in wonder; he turned to her and remarked that he was a bit surprised, but happy, that she was going to assist. He then reminded her that he told her she would like me. She smiled and headed to the table to collect her things. She whispered something to her dad and he said it is a great idea, turned to me and said, “Kaeli would like us to invite you over for dinner sometime next week.”

I readily accepted the invitation and as soon as Anderson turned away from me. Kaeli gave me a smile and averted her eyes downward. They left, I sat back down and thought, “What just happened? Was it real? Anderson’s daughter?” I collected my gear and headed to the car. Now I had something else to contemplate on the drive.

Driving the Pike

When I got into the car, my cell rang; it was Jimmy. He was wondering if I was on my way yet. I told him that I was about to pull out of the parking lot. I asked if I should bring anything and he said to give a call when I got closer to Dayton. Then, he sprang it on me; he tells me that Diane’s sister, Marianna, and her kids, are going to be at the party on Saturday. God, the only person I hate more than Diane is her sister, Marianna. Jimmy and I refer to her as Jabba the Cunt! She is such a grossly fat bitch that the sight of her is tough to handle. To top it off, she thinks she’s hot.

Thirteen years ago, when she wasn’t quite so repulsive, she married one hell of a great guy named Mark. When I met him, I instantly liked him. It is tough to explain; we didn’t have much in common, but we enjoyed each other’s company. They had three kids and seemed to be doing OK. I really enjoyed being around the kids and was able to practice being an uncle. One day the news came that he had been killed by a rifle shot while working in the garden next to their house. They lived in a semi-rural area, so, maybe it was an accident. Six months later, Marianna and some scumbag ex-con, were arrested for his murder. They were only able to convict her of conspiracy while the guy was put away for life. With one single act she destroyed two men. Marianna was sentenced to four years in prison; they told the kids, a girl and two younger boys, that she had to go away to college. Eventually, she managed to get released early. Since her release, I have been mostly able to avoid contact with her, but have tried to help the kids any way I could.

The thing is; if Marianna was going to be there, then Anna Maria, her daughter would be there as well. Anna Maria would be fourteen. They had been in California for over three years.

Anna Maria

The last time I saw Anna Maria was just after her mom’s release from prison. We were all living in Cleveland at the time. Jimmy, and his family, was living in the old house on Mason Street. He decided to upgrade his above ground pool and asked me to help. I was on Spring Break from teaching, and more than happy to lend a hand. For years, the kids had one of those three-foot high, soft-sided circular pools and Jimmy decided to replace it with a good old-fashioned, round, four and a half foot deep, rigid above-ground pool.

We spent a week together digging out and prepping the site; putting together all of the pieces for the frame, and consuming a fair amount of beer. We threw together a simple deck for the pool and designed it so it could eventually extend around the whole pool. We spent hours getting the base ready with a six-foot deep area in the center. We laid in an extra duty liner, smoothed it all out and began adding water Thursday night. On Friday evening, Jimmy did the first cannon ball into the pool and I followed him right in. His kids were next and the fun began.

On Saturday, Marianna and her kids showed up for the grand opening, along with most of Diane’s family. Thankfully, Marianna’s piece of shit boyfriend, Eddie, wasn’t there. I couldn’t stand that pasty-faced asshole. He epitomized what the girls in school call a creeper. I excused myself and spent a good part of Saturday visiting a couple of bars and a few of the tittie-places over near the airport. I made it back to the house, around four in the afternoon, just as Jimmy was firing up the grill. I was feeling good from the day’s beers and a bit randy from the two lap dances I had bought. Jimmy told me the kids wanted me in the pool; then, as an aside, he said it would be a good way to avoid dealing with Diane’s family.

I made my way past all the assholes, faking greetings, left and right, as I headed for the bathroom to get changed. One exception among the group is Diane’s oldest brother, Dave. We get along alright and he even gets some work for me in the summers with his contracting business. I have never been too sure what to make of him; but he does have the most impressive porno collection I have ever laid eyes on and he is good at lending some of it out. Somehow he keeps his fat wife, Edie, happy; plays the field, and seems to make more money than his business accounts for. He wanted to know if I was up for some fishing on the lake this summer, to which I readily agreed. He also said he wanted to talk some business with me when I got a chance.

“Next week OK?”

“Sure, just give me a call; I need an excuse to get out of the office.”

I got to the bathroom, changed and moved just as quickly past everyone as I made my way to the pool.

There was quite a group in there and, when I stood at the edge, my nephews began to chant “cannonball, cannonball...” I didn’t disappoint. That began a series of kids being thrown around the pool and underwater attacks on each other that made the waters roil. I was slowing down and moved over to the side with my niece, Jan, and the ever cute, Anna Maria, Jabba’s daughter. Jan gave me a hug and asked me to let her dive off my shoulders. I submerged; she climbed aboard and stood on my shoulders. Soon enough she was high in the air as I stood and then she leapt for the middle of the pool. When I turned to Anna Maria and asked her if she wanted to jump, she demurely declined. She said she wasn’t a very good swimmer and really, is scared of the water.

Anna Maria is an exceptionally beautiful child and had developed into an even more attractive tween. She had lightly streaked blonde, shoulder length hair; brown, but somewhat hazel eyes, and a gentle little mouth. I could tell that she had been wearing make-up before getting in the pool. Being early in the season, her skin was still fairly white with the slightest hint of a tan starting. She was wearing a teal colored bikini with various red outline flower designs and stripes. The bra was the tie-on type; her breasts were just starting to stretch the capacity of the little cups. The wet fabric clung to her skin and the cool water was having the natural effect.

The front of her bikini bottoms had horizontal stripes and the rear was plain teal. You could tell it was last year’s suit for the fit was just a bit too tight for her developing body. Right then, the boys assaulted us with repeated splashing. I turned my back to them and Anna quickly moved in close to me, so that I was blocking the splashing from getting at her. She was squealing and shaking as she came closer into me; I put my arm around her and held her close. She put her hands on my hips and pressed in closer to avoid the splashes of water. She was so small; her head barely reached my chest. I bent down a bit to cover her and protect her from the splashes. She looked up and pled, “Please don’t let me go Uncle Mike.” I told her I would never let anything bad happen to her.

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