Dolan's Diaries 1: My Princess

by Uncle Micky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the original Micky Dolan story. Mike returns to Ohio from Florida in an attempt to rebuild his life. He is fighting temptation while apparently having success in rejoining normal society. Invited to a gathering at his brother's house, he learns that the beautiful Anna Maria will be there. He first encountered Anna Maria three years previously, when she was just eleven years old

I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many freinds and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying.Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)


The morning light was filtering through the bedroom window. I had a few moments to collect my thoughts and listen to the light breathing coming from next to me on the bed.

Columbus is not such a bad place. I had been here for a little over eight months and it was turning out alright. I came here with the goal of escaping a life that was, assuredly, heading to ruin. I was distancing myself from the worlds of cocaine and human trafficking. I vowed to break the bond of attraction for young girls; I was going to do something with my life; something that might atone for some of the terrible things I have done. I may claim I was forced into some of the situations I found myself in, or that I was blindly naïve; but, deep down inside, I know that I wanted to do what I had been doing. Actually, I loved much of what I had done. But, on this morning, all would be different. I believed this because the last twenty-four hours seemingly had shown me the way. But, old habits are tough to break.

I had earned, and put away, enough money to live without any financial concern for the rest of my life. With my brother’s help, I’ve made investments to clean the ill-gotten gains and ensure financial security for the both of us. The money has allowed me to enroll in graduate school, purchase a small 1920’s house near campus, keep my 1969 MG in the garage and my 2005 Grand Cherokee on the road. Even though I did not need to work, I accepted a Graduate Assistantship for the Spring Semester. I had a small office on campus, set my own hours for advising and taught one undergraduate introductory math education class on Wednesday nights. Life was falling into a welcome pattern of regularity. The previous night brought the type of welcome surprise that only a college town can provide.

A slender arm reached across my chest and Melissa gently pulled herself closer, nestling herself under my arm and sighed contentedly.

Yesterday had been a good day. I completed my morning office hours, met Dr. Anderson from Analytics for some lunch, and went over to the student activity center for a good workout. I had started to appreciate the coeds that are everywhere on campus, but best displayed in the fitness center. I engaged a few of the girls who made eye contact in casual conversations but made sure to stay out of the “creeper zone,” even if it meant cutting a conversation short. The fitness center experience was good for me in many ways. I was quite active in sports while in high school and wrestling got me a college scholarship where I majored in Math Education. I became a high school teacher and wrestling coach. I have always worked hard to stay in shape and although it hurts more at my current age, I know it’s good for me. I was in better shape than I have been in many years.


I headed home after my workout that day, grabbed a shower, and made a simple dinner for myself. After a little reading and writing, I headed to the Pour House, to meet up with a couple of local guys I had made friends with. Thankfully, they were normal working guys, not affiliated with the university. Randy and James were fun companions and easy to be around. We were shooting pool and sharing a pitcher of beer when she walked into the bar.

We all knew Melissa. Randy had been trying to bed her for some time; but, had only managed to put himself deeper and deeper into the friend zone with every attempt. Melissa was about twenty-four, slender, petite and with beautiful cascading brunette hair; although, tonight it appeared to be more auburn than brunette. Her eyes were a penetrating blue that appeared to sparkle when she’s happy. She wore very little make up; but, the little she did was the perfect amount of accent for her cheeks and eyes. There is, really, very little about her physically that was not attractive. She certainly had the petite look I dearly love in a female. The smaller the better, I believe. But, I didn’t share the same outward excitement for her as my buddies. After some observation, I felt that she was trying to reclaim her younger glory days and compete with the younger campus beauties for the attention of the young college studs. She simply tried too hard to ignore the fact that time had passed and that she needed to look forward, not backwards. I sensed an unattractive shallowness in her.

I excused myself from my friends, as their attention was drawn to Melissa, made my way to lean at the bar and talk with the bartender, Kim, who was a fellow grad student. She always made sure that my drinks became straight ginger ale as the night grew later. I had really cut back on my drinking, and had become an occasional social drinker. I found that since I moved here and started fresh; I could sleep without the aid of drink or pharmaceuticals.

The ‘people-watching’ at the bar was its usual study in humanistic misbehavior and Kim was always ready with a humorous running commentary. After a while, Randy stopped by to say he was going home and that he was through with trying to pull Melissa away from the younger crowd. After he left, I watched Melissa for a while and could see that luck was not with her that night. A younger, prettier, and bustier queen bee had shown up and Melissa was relegated to being a hanger-on.

I began to give some thought to calling it a night myself. I decided that the basement media room might be exactly the way to cap off the day. I had fixed up the partially finished basement in my house, installed a nice media room with a HD projector and a floor-to-ceiling screen. It’s great for movies and sports, but even better for the special collection of videos I had accumulated over many years. I also had the very special videos that I made myself; some of which that have been sold and the others that I would never allow out of my possession. Yeah, I planned to cap the evening with the beautiful video number 26, which still works so well for me!

Right then, Melissa made her way up to the bar, leaned right next to me, leaving only the slimmest of space between us. I didn’t expect this and was somewhat surprised. I hadn’t noticed before; but, she was going braless that evening! I could make out the outline of a camisole undergarment. I wanted to examine her more thoroughly, but polite conversation was the order of the moment.

She asked, “Mike, why don’t you ever talk to me or try to spend time with me?”

I replied, “I always thought you really didn’t care for me that much, and I didn’t want to be a bother. Anyway, I’m not exactly in the age group you seem to be interested in.”

That started the conversation along the “I like you more than you know” path and, eventually, into the odd feelings we both shared about being older and living in the college part of town. I bought her two more drinks and as the time passed, she moved closer and closer, until we were pressed up against each other. Kim kept a close eye on us and made sure I noticed her nods of approval. Eventually, we ended up facing each other when Melissa laid her head on my chest and asked me to take her home. I said I would be happy to, but I would need the address. She replied that I should know my own address. Well, hell!

Once in the car, I turned to her and placed my left hand along the side of her face. I ran my hand down, until I cupped her chin, and slowly brought her forward. The kiss started softly, and slowly; we built to more of a teenage frenzy with genuine makeout lust taking us to other times. I let my hand roam freely and her body felt just as I imagined it would.

The slimness of her waist, the way she shifted to allow my hand to cup her firm ass, the firmness of her breasts, which were larger than I imagined; I was surprisingly turned on by her genuine, quiet, little whimpers as my hands caressed her. As I started to break away, in order to get us out of there and back to my place; she took my hand, with both her hands, worked them around my index finger and gently began giving head to my finger, while keeping her two beautiful eyes firmly fixed on me. I was already hard from the makeout session, but this almost put me over the top! I extracted my finger, pulled her as tight as possible, kissed her long and hard, then slowly shifted her back into her seat and reached for the seat belt. I had to get us home very quickly.

There was very little time to waste as I got her inside and up into my bedroom. I decided not to move too fast. It has been sometime since I have been to bed with an adult woman and I wanted to savor every moment. I walked her backwards, towards the bed, and sat her down upon it. I knelt on one knee in front of her; she adopted a completely passive attitude as I began to remove her shirt and then her undergarment. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. I almost gasped when I realized they were smaller versions of Tracy Lord’s tits. They sloped down and out, into beautifully rounded breasts with oversized, puffy areolas. They were firm, but had a delightful jiggle to them that drove me mad. I sucked on one and played with the other. I switched back and forth sucking and tonguing on one while cupping, squeezing and pinching the other.

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