Family Affair

by Meatbot

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: The sexual adventures of a 40-ish MILF and her family.

The day Peter asked me to marry him was the happiest day of my life. We had dated sporadically for almost four years, seeing each other as often as we could and we seemed to just fall further and further in love, complications on my part notwithstanding. I’d felt like for several months he was fixing to ask and sure enough he did, one night at McDowel’s. We had been living together almost six months by then since he had moved to the city to be with me, basically. Things were going well for us.

We had even settled the Rodney issue. With Peter, it didn’t even seem to be an issue. I told him one night, gently, that Rodney and I had been “involved” for the last four years, and it didn’t even seem to surprise him a bit. I almost got angry with him, weirdly, wanting him to somehow react. He just listened to me, smiled, and kissed me. He told me it didn’t bother him a bit, and later than night, as he held me, he even told me it kind of turned him on. I have no idea if he really meant that or was just saying it for my benefit. Peter is pretty liberal, I admit. But to just be so blase about hearing your fiancee say she’s fucking her nineteen year old son? Crazy. But, I appreciate that he’s so understanding about it. Rodney seems to be slowly weaning himself off me, and I’m letting it happen, he’s actually had real girlfriends, but still at least once a week we make love. I knew it would end this way and I understand, and I’m happy for him. I hope he finds whatever it is that he wants out there, as I think I have for myself. Although ... he’ll always have a special place in my heart. Rodney will start his first year of college this fall, and he’s preparing to move out, which makes me sad in a way but I think is for the best for both of us.

Kirsten and Bryan have been married almost three years, and seem to be doing great. They still even seem to be in love, and I hope they can keep feeling it as strongly for years to come. They live close, maybe twenty minutes away, and I see them often. They are both working and going to school, and managing a house that I helped them buy.

And Steven. Steven went out with a whimper, not a bang. Oddly, we almost seem to be halfway friends now. I have met his, uhm ... significant other, a nice man named Edward, and I wish them well, although I do still carry some pain and unresolved issues from our marriage. I don’t want to be a bitter old shrew but I did suffer during my marriage to the man. Someday I hope I’ll be able to look back and laugh. Steven agreed to all my demands in the divorce agreement and I didn’t rape his ass as badly as I could have.

That’s about it, except for Jean. Peter understands, of course, about Jean, she was there at the beginning of our relationship and he fucked her the first night he fucked me. He fucks her almost every weekend when we see her and I won’t care if he fucks her when he’s my husband. I will gladly share him with my best friend. With my lover. Jean and I are as close as ever and sharing Peter has made us closer. I love the woman dearly. My attraction to her is stronger than ever and I love her all the more for aging well ... she is approaching fifty, after all. I have just turned forty-one, and my forties have not been as hard on me as my thirties were.

Anyway, that’s the quick rundown. My life is hectic and busy but fairly happy and fulfilling. When Peter and I tie the knot there will be almost no loose ends. Things will settle down and cool off somewhat when and if Rodney gets a steady girlfriend ... and if he doesn’t for a while, so what. I can manage.

The weekend Rodney moved out was still hard on me. Bittersweet is the word, I suppose. I was mopey and I appreciate Peter understanding and sympathizing without being clingy. He held me while I cried then he helped Rodney pack his car and then he held me some more. Finally there was nothing to do except watch him go. At the last minute, though, he held back.

“Mom...” he said, and I swear, there were tears in his eyes. My god, I thought, I haven’t seen the boy cry since he was five years old. I knew that this was getting to him, too.

“Mom,” he said, holding me and whispering in my ear, “I hate to ask you this, since it’s not our night ... but could we make love one last time?” He kissed me softly on my ear and I ruined the moment by giggling.

“Rod, honey ... of course!” I said, pressing my lips against his in a most un-motherly kiss. I went on. “And, darling, it certainly won’t be for the last time. For the last time while you live at home, maybe...” His reference to “our night” was because Peter had generously suggest I spend at least one night a week with Rodney, which was usually Friday night. I knew Peter would give us a freebie today. I loved him even more for his big-heartedness.

“Mom...” Rodney whispered. He looked at Peter who was giving us our privacy and studiously pretending not to notice we were locked in a death embrace. “Mom ... let’s go to your bedroom ... tell Peter he can come, too...”

Oh my fucking goodness, I thought. A threesome? That would be too cool, the son I loved and the man I loved, at the same time? What the fuck brought this on?

“Rodney...” I whispered, “I’d love that. Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah,” he whispered. “It’s the least we can do. Plus I think it’ll ... it’ll be sexy, for you.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I whispered back, giggling.

And it was just too cool for words. We started out with Rodney just holding me, whispering to me, while Peter gently spread my legs and buried his face in my pussy. I came quickly as he licked my clit, my mouth locked to Rodney’s. After Peter pulled back, Rodney sank his hardness into my cunt, giving me chills, like he always did. The boy was just too big to be fair. I wondered what Peter thought. I’d already told him Rod’s rod was pretty impressive ... not too many people can upstage Peter, but Rodney could. Well, this wasn’t a contest. Rodney fucked me gently and tenderly as I lay on top of him and Peter finally spread my ass cheeks apart and licked my asshole, making me to squirm and giggle. I came again, and told Rodney to keep on going.

“Peter!” I said, and he made a noise of assent down there somewhere. “Peter, put it in my ass!” I said, and I heard him laugh. He left the bed and went to the bathroom, and returned with some oil or something. I felt him slather it on my asshole, and soon enough his cock touched the center of my starfish. He pressed in, gently and insistently, as Rodney slowly pumped in and out of my cunt. The feeling was incredible, I could feel their cocks almost rubbing together through that thin layer of skin between my cunt and my asshole and I felt so full of the two of them I thought I was going to burst.

“Oh, goddam...” I said loudly, “Oh, holy shit ... goddam ... fuck me, fuck me!”

They did just that, Rodney on bottom, me on top of him face down, and Peter somehow supporting himself over me. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Peter and I hoped the pleasure was worth it to him. We didn’t ass fuck a lot, it’s something we tried every now and then, but this time it just seemed special, to me. To say it was intense was an understatement. I gasped and groaned and even cried a little and soon enough I came, hard. “Keep going, fuckin’ keep going!” I said, and the two of them laughed. A minute or two later I came again, every bit as hard as the first time. Oh, I thought, we’ll do this again, we’ll definitely do this again.

Peter came in my ass and soon after that Rodney filled my cunt up, squirting out on the bed-sheets. Peter crawled off and went to wash his dick and I hugged Rodney and whispered my thanks to him, kissing him again and again. He just laughed and stuck his finger into my sore asshole. I bit his lip and we laughed some more.

Finally, well after the sun had gone down, Rodney drove away for school. Peter and I lay on the couch while the TV droned and recuperated. Threesomes are hard work, I decided.

Well, now it was just the two of us. I hoped for the best for Rodney, I hoped he enjoyed school, and living on his own. I was already making plans to visit him and maybe spend the night just to see how he lived. I wondered if he had a room-mate and how Rodney would explain me if I did spend the night there. I wondered if his room-mate was hot. God, I laughed to myself ... what a horny old bitch I have become. I kissed Peter, and thanked him for being so understanding. I really didn’t deserve somebody as good as him.

“Dawn, baby...”

“Hi, Jean. What up...”

“Nadda ... what you kids got planned next weekend?”

“Nadda. You?”

“Think’n bout Woodloch again ... you guys game?”

“Oh, hell yeah ... hang on...” Just to be fair, I put the phone down and asked Peter. He just looked puzzled about why I’d bother to ask him. I laughed, and said to Jean, “yes, do it. We’ll pay for the room this time, you did last.”

“‘Kay,” she said.

“Jean,” I said, “Rodney left for school last night. Got all his shit packed and just drove away. I cried.”

“Awww,” she said, “I’m sorry ... happens...”

“Yeah. He gave me a nice goodbye fuck, at least.” She laughed. “And, get this. We included Peter. Jean, you gotta try that shit. A cock in your ass and your cunt at the same time is unreal.”

“Damn, girl ... that does sound like fun ... wanna invite Rodney this weekend?”

“I’ll ask him ... but this is his first week in school, he might be busy.”

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