My Silent Mom


Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Mother son accidental consensual encounter then flirtation

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I was 14 and in hormonal storm. Just learning to “beat my meat” a year ago that was all I could do now. At that time I was into visual stimuli as opposed to written erotica. So what did boys do for porno? Why Sears and Roebuck catalog. And not the sports section. My personal favorite were women in slips. It was obvious because the pages were often stuck together. And I think my mom, Susan, actually said something about needing a new catalogue! So that brings me to the subject of most of my lust. The only real woman in my life. If I was 14 she would have been 44. And beautiful. Even did some modeling for Parisian’s I heard later. Brown hair brown eyes beautiful figure. And so relaxed and carefree despite five children. Back to my favorite thing in the catalog was women in slips. It suddenly just occurs to me as I write this of something that happened I thought was spontaneous but now I’m suddenly doubting that. Susan was not uncomfortable undressing in front of me, at least down to her slip. I had assumed she was the same with sibs. But now I don’t trust my memory. The disrobing may have happened after I was about 12 or 13 and after she complained about the state of her catalog! Did she reallze what i wanted and made an effort to give me what I wanted? Was she teasing me? So anyway, the few times this happened, probably only twice, I was immediately locked in the bathroom waking off to the image.

So my greatest memory ever in life happened that summer. It was one of rare times when I our house wasn’t pandemonium. I can’t remember where everyone was but they were spending night out with friends or grandparents. Daddy was at hospital working. It was just me and Momma watching TV. I was at end of sofa near TV and she was lying down with her feet streched across me. i was enjoying the view up the leg of her shorts where I could see white panties, just a peak. She had button sleeveless shirt (or blouse I guess). I had on who knows what but my dick was rock hard and bent horribly. I didn’t want to disturb the site I had so I was trying not to move but finally couldn’t take and had to shove her legs off me and jump up facing away from her. I said “there too heavy” and flopped down in front of TV on floor. Susan (later called Susie by my future wife) said “Christopher I’m sorry. Here you lie on the couch, the floor is too hard” and with that she scooched forward to edge of sofa and patted the sofa behind her. I wasn’t that big, no growth spurt yet, so I jumped at chance figuring I might get a look down the sleeve hole at her breast. I lay on my side on the couch with my momma in front of me and began to watch TV. But I couldn’t get the memory of momma’s panty crotch out of my mind. I was propped up on my arm and had a nice view of the side of her face, down her shoulder thru sleeve opening and could see a little lace and the jutting of her breasts (now I would guess C). And I could feel my dick hardening quickly once again but a least it was pointed up. I pulled my middle back so that she wouldn’t feel it against her.

I could smell the shampoo smell in her hair. that mom smell. My dick was hard as a pipe now and I was tense. My breathing was tight and not coming as freely and I was sweating. I wanted to hold her so bad I let my arm rest over her waist and gave her a squeeze. I felt her put her hand lightly on my arm in and pat it in a motherly fashion. It was alright.

I tried to watch TV but kept coming back to the open sleeve. Then Mom casually shifted herself on the couch and her round but pressed up against my dick again ... My boner got harder and bigger and I couldn’t move back any further. “God ... No. She can feel it couldn’t she? wouldn’t she? Didn’t she?” She didn’t move or give any indication. Was she so clueless she didn’t know what she was doing to me?

Then my brain began the justification process. ‘What was going on?’ it asked me. ‘Was it possible that my mom knew I was stimulated and liked it?’. Oh man I was starting to tremble excitement.

‘What was she thinking/ What was she trying to do?’ There was no way she couldn’t feel it pressing into her crack. I looked at as much of her face as I could see and she was just looking ahead at the TV. she looked perfectly normal.

I wanted to move back but couldn’t and the pressure of her soft bottom pressing against my cock was too much to give up. Something was whispering to me that Mom was well aware of the situation and that voice was convincing me that she wanted to tease me. I decided to see if I could touch her a bit more and maybe then I would find out if she was responsive.

Tentatively, I moved my arm up on her body a bit so that my hand was just below her breasts on top of her shirt. I could feel the outline of the bottom of her bra on my palm and softness of her breast on the side of my hand.

My Mom didn’t stir. She just kept watching TV.

Was it ok with her that my hand was there? She didn’t mind? Or was she not aware of it? Her hand was still on my forearm. She could pull my arm away if she wanted to. Did she know my hand could feel her breast move as she breathed. I was convincing myself that she was completely alert to what was happening.

I was shaking from excitement of this. My mind was racing now, being directed by a myriad of crazy messages. I had to take a chance, a big chance, an awful chance, but I had to know what would happen. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by and never know what my Momma was thinking.

I debated it over and over loving the feel of holding her close feeling her breath with gentle press of her hips and breast movement as she breathed. She was going to be so mad at me but I just had to know!. Then I did it.

I placed my hand squarely over the soft swell of her left breast, cupping gently through the light cotton shirt, watching her face for the first flash of horror and shock so that I could recoil from the reactive attack.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but in my mind it had to be one of two things. Either she would react negatively or positively. But, to my surprise there was no reaction, nothing. She didn’t move. She didn’t even seem to notice. She just kept staring forward at the TV.

‘Was this for real? Could this be? I had my hand on my mother’s tit and she wasn’t pushing it away?’

Mother. My Mom. But she was also a real woman. This was Susan my mother and a woman. And she was letting me feel her up. Her breast was so soft and firm in my hand. About the size of a grapefruit. I could feel the hard nipple on my palm, and I began to squeeze her breast and fondle the nipple through the thin material.

My God it felt wonderful. A real woman in my hand. I rubbed and petted for a while. Her face, what I see of it showed nothing as she stared maybe a little unfocused into space. All the time my hard dick strained into her hot, soft butt. It felt like I was going to explode as I pressed into her behind. She was no longer momma. She was a real woman. I was aching to feel more! Slowly, I uncupped my fingers and then moved my hand slowly down her body. She lay in silence, still seeming to watch TV. My hand reached the loose bottom of her blouse and I slipped my fingers inside and then ran them up warm stomach. Although she wasn’t acknowledging what was happening I felt her belly quivering. I came to her rib cage and then to her bra and I pushed my hand under the elastic so I could feel the actual soft hot flesh of my mother’s breast.

Glancing over, I could see that she still seemed to be occupied with nothing but the TV. Her eyes just stared blankly forward, with no expression revealed in her face at, as I held the warm tit in my hand. However, I could now feel that breathing had become much more labored.

Her large nipple stood out and became hard as I continued to rub and stroke and squeeze and pet her spongy, soft breast for many long minutes. I became aware that I was now pushing my dick up against my Mom’s round butt, repeatedly, in a slow, fucking kind of a motion.

Lost in my own lust, I removed my hand from beneath my mother’s bra and caressed softly down her smooth abdomen out of the heat of her shirt, and then down the outside of her yellow shorts until I came to the hard bone at her crotch. No longer caring why she wasn’t reacting, i pushed my hand between her legs and began to squeeze and rub my mother’s pussy, through the material, pulling her lower body back onto my raging thrusting cock. This was pure sex at this point.

Finally, I felt her put her hand back on my forearm.

This was it, I thought. She was going to pull my arm away from her and put a halt to all of this. Whether or not I would have been able to stop at that point is debatable, but to my total surprise, Susan didn’t stop me. She just lightly held her hand on my arm. She didn’t even blink as I looked at the side of her face again. She showed absolutely no reaction to the the fact that her son was now squeezing and rubbing the alluring, soft area between her thighs.

Damn, I thought, this is too incredible! If this was a game that she was playing with me, it was too late for her to stop me from progressing now. I pulled my hand from her crotch and without giving it a second thought, I thrust it down into the front of my mother’s shorts, beneath her silk her panties.

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