Large Uncle Pete

by Brittni4u

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, Foot Fetish, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: My large uncle teaches me about sex when I was a teenager and takes my virginity.

When it came to sex, I didn’t know much about it as a young teen until the week before my sixteenth birthday. Until then I still hadn’t so much as touched as boy’s penis. Of course I knew what sex was but I was naïve to most all the details. I believe the fact that my parents were very protective of me and paid a large amount of money over the years for me to attend one of the finest private schools in southern California, contributed to that greatly. I know is sounds cliché but yes it was an all-girls school and we did have to wear uniforms even though they were a little more liberal than what you see on television.

My sex education did not take place at school but at home. It started when my Uncle Pete separated from my Aunt Susan. They hadn’t got along for at least 6 months before he finally left. He was a business man and could easily afford a hotel but my mom insisted he was going to stay with us for a little while until he got on his feet. We had a bedroom in our basement that we used as a guest room and my mom had prepared it for him to stay.

Now let me describe my Uncle Pete in two words and those words would be large and hairy. He is 6’8 and at that time, weighed about 275 pounds. He was a division one football player in the 1990s and even though he had put on a little extra weight, he was still an attractive, mountain of a man. When I tell you that my uncle was hairy, I don’t mean like disgusting hairy. He had real thick wavy hair and for a guy in his mid-thirties, hadn’t lost any of it. Uncle Pete also had an extremely thick, neatly trimmed beard which he wore short to his face and his thick kinky curly hair covered his chest, stomach, and legs.

My mom had texted me and told me to take extra pillows down to his room when I got home from school. I gathered the pillows up from the hall closet and bopped my way down the stairs to where my uncle was staying. As I approached the door, it was slightly open and I could see the light flickering inside. I thought there was something going on with the lamp.

As I got closer to the door and stepped inside, there sat Uncle Pete, leaning back on the edge of the bed with his dress shirt and tie still on with no pants. He was stroking his cock really fast and because the lamp sat on the table behind him, the light seemed like it was flickering. He was groaning as his hand moved up and down. It sounded like someone smacking skin very rapidly. I was embarrassed and didn’t really know how to respond except a muffled, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know...” and then I ran out.

I went to my room unsure of how to react or what I would say when I saw him again. Uncle Pete came to my room soon after, with his pants back on. He knocked and asked, “Britt, can I come in? I want to talk to you.”

I told him to come in and he began to explain to me, “I’m so sorry. I thought everyone was gone. I should have been more respectful than that.”

I was curious when I asked, “Do you do that a lot?”

“Well to be honest, your Aunt Susan and I haven’t had any relations in a long time so the only time I get any sex is if it do it to myself,” he informed me.

I responded sincerely surprised, “I didn’t know older guys did that. I thought only guys my age did it.”

My uncle laughed, “No, us old guys need it too. I’m just sorry you had to walk in on me like that. I hope you’re not mad.”

We talked a little more which made me feel at ease. Uncle Pete left my room and when my parents came home, we all sat down to dinner like nothing had happened. I couldn’t help but look at Uncle Pete a little differently. That night when I went to bed, I was strangely aroused from what I had witnessed earlier. Just thinking about him beating his meat, combined with him thinking nobody was watching, made me wet. I slipped a finger inside my panties while lying there in the dark. I closed my eyes visualizing him stroking his hard cock while I continued to shallowly finger myself, careful not to tear my hymen as I had done many times before. I would dart my finger in, then pull out and lick it, and rub my clit back and forth. This caused me to cum twice and I felt so naughty because I was actually fantasizing about my large uncle.

A couple of days had went by and I still couldn’t get Uncle Pete out of my mind. I had a gymnastics meet on that Saturday, so when the bus had finally gotten us home, Mom and Dad, who were at the meet, had already went out to dinner. My uncle was mowing the yard. I left my dirty blonde hair up, because it was already French braided to my head, and even though I had glitter all over me, I was just too tired to shower. I did want to get comfortable so I put on my sweats, hoodie, and my white ankle socks because our house was usually kept cool by the air conditioner.

I was curled up on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal when Uncle Pete ducked through the doorway as he entered the house. He was sweaty, grass covered and was drinking a glass of water when he said, “Hey Britt. How did the meet go?”

I told him it went fine and we talked a little more when he said, “Listen, I wanted to apologize for the other day again. I didn’t know you were home and you had to walk in and see me going to town on myself. Like I said, your aunt and I had not got along for a while and it had been years since we’ve had sex so I have to do that from time to time.”

I asked, “Well how long has it been since you’ve last done that to yourself?”

Uncle Pete chuckled, “You don’t even want to know. Probably a few weeks at least.”

“So what happens when guys go that long and don’t do anything?” I asked genuinely curious.

He laughed again, “We get backed up and cranky. That’s why we need to jack off and get it out of us.”

“Well at least you got do get it out of you the other day after I left,” I responded trying to make him feel better.

“No, I never got to finish. After you walked in, I felt so bad, I talked to you and then got busy doing something else,” he said deflated. Uncle Pete then added, “You have really blossomed into a beautiful girl. I bet you got boyfriends all over the place and I bet they don’t have to go through this like I do. When I was your age, I was screwing everything that moved.”

I paused then said reluctantly, “No. I’m still ... a ... virgin and I haven’t done anything yet and now I’m a little scared that I won’t know what to do or do it right. I do have a boyfriend now and he is really getting anxious to have sex and I keep putting him off.”

“I’m sorry again. When the time is right, you will have fun exploring and doing everything,” Uncle Pete assured.

I was real shy to say but still excited about catching him, I just blurted out, “Do you want to show me some things or at least let me watch you do it?”

His jaw dropped and at first was against the idea, “I don’t think that is a good idea. You are my niece and I was there when you were born, for Christ sakes.”

“Nobody will have to know. I won’t tell a soul,” I assured him now.

He muttered to himself about how it would “be so wrong” and no “he can’t” before he rationalized, “It has been a long time and I am horny as hell. Maybe we can help each other out. I tell you what, I’m gonna take a shower and you can meet me in my bedroom in 15 minutes.”

I agreed and got butterflies in my stomach, partly from nervousness and partly from excitement. I wasn’t sure what was going to happened but I knew I was ready to learn. Fifteen minutes had went by and I knocked on his door. He told me to enter and when I opened the door, he was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard with his hair wet and slowly stroking his cock. Besides his cock, the two things that stood out the most were his barrel chest which was covered in thick, short, kinky, curly hair and his size 18 feet sticking straight up.

Uncle Pete already had a good rhythm going as his hand moved up and down. He directed me, “Come on over here Britt. I want you to sit down right here in front of me and watch.”

When I sat down, he stopped jerking it and put both hands to his sides on the bed giving me a great view of his cock. That is when I noticed how huge it was. It was laying on his stomach past his belly button and was as big around as my wrist! It also had a huge thick protruding vein that ran up underneath it all the way to his head.

“Wow! It looks really big. How big is it?” I asked in amazement.

“It’s almost 10 inches,” he answered proudly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It just had so much girth and was so hard. It was the first penis I had seen in real life. I really wanted to touch it but I was too shy to ask.

He put his hand back on the shaft and started to stroke it again while I watched him completely mesmerized. That is when I noticed his head would disappear every time he slid his hand upward. I was confused when I asked, “Why does the head disappear like that. Does that happen to all guys?”

Uncle Pete’s eyebrows showed me that he was the one now confused, then it dawned on him, “Oh, that. I’m uncircumcised, so I have this extra skin around it. It’s called foreskin,” as he demonstrated sliding it up real slow until the head disappeared once again. He added, “It depends on the family’s religion and background whether they have it cut off at birth.”

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