Fighter Girl

by Meatbot

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Story: A young girl is captured by pirates and ends up on a world where warriors fight to the death.

Jenthe de’14 was a drone. A clone, in the old language. She grew to term in a vat, not some woman’s belly. She was raised in a group home, most likely to be a sex toy for some rich old man. She was perfect, physically, and way above average mentally. Her mind was sharp, although curiously blank. It was up to her owners to fill that in. Her body was carefully engineered to be nothing but appealing on both a conscious and subconscious level. She literally oozed sex appeal. She was made for sex. The Jenthe line went back a few dozen generations by now, always popular, always selling well. Jenthe de’14 would have carried on that proud tradition, except for one little incident.

Somebody in a shipping office somewhere was a mole. A pirate, gone civilian for a while, for a purpose. The schedules of certain ships were copied and mailed off to a distant world. A pirate ship knew where and when to be and yet another shipment of people and things disappeared, lost among the vast lanes of space. Jenthe de’14 was on one of those ships.

When the pirates burned through the hatch they simply shot everyone they saw moving about freely. They had no interest in crew members and little in the passengers. Jenthe was locked in a cabin, where she’d spent most of the trip. She was property being shipped, not a normal paying passenger, and since she was just a kid the crew didn’t have time to care for her personally so they just locked her in a cabin most of the time.

The pirate captain finally noticed the locked cabin. They’d pretty much gutted the ship by then and shot most everyone except for a few pretty girls they could either use or ransom. The captain shot through the lock on the door and after some yanking finally got the door open.

Jenthe sat on the bunk and stared at him. He stared back at her. He motioned to her and she hopped off her bunk and followed him. She was used to doing what adults told her. He was no different, in her mind.

Back aboard the pirate cruiser he placed her in his cabin while he settled the books on his latest conquest. He got off ransom notes on the few passengers they’d taken and got them ensconced in locked cabins here and there throughout the cruiser. He didn’t worry much about the kid, he figured she wasn’t old enough yet to cause much trouble.

The pirate cruiser was on a thirty-six hour day. Nights were long and often boring between jobs. The captain kept to himself, as captains are wont to do. It was an unexpected pleasure to him to have a companion. Earlier in his career, the captain would have jumped on her and ravished her immediately. Now ... he was a little different.

The captain was well into middle age. He’d had a few health problems and the ship had even put into a few civilized worlds on occasion so he could be examined by competent doctors. He was feeling his mortality. He was even worrying about the condition of his soul, which sounds a bit crazy for a pirate. Not enough yet to change his ways, but he was starting to think about things like that. Once on a job he’d picked up a Clearwater Bible, and the stuff that most people thought was nonsense seemed to ring a bell deep within him. He’d taken a personal vow of chastity, even, and was doing his best to keep it up.

Having a child around with a highly engineered sex appeal was hard on him but he didn’t allow himself to waver from his vow.

“Little darlin’,” he said, as a pirate cleared away the dinner’s dishes, “do you know where you were going?”

“I am going to Vincent san How,” she said, “to Mr. Deaconess de’Vlier.”

“You were, yes,” the captain said.

“I was?” she said, puzzled.

“Yes, dear, we kidnapped you. You no longer are going to Mr. de’Vlier. He will have to buy a new sex toy.”

“I’m not?” she said. She wasn’t sure if this was good or bad.

“No, you’re not. You are a pirate now. You belong to us, now.” he said. “Is that okay with you?”

“I guess so,” she said, just staring at him. He wondered what was going on behind those big dark eyes.

“So...” she finally said. “Am I to have ... sex with you? Like I was with Mr. de’Vlier?”

“Oh, darlin’,” the captain wished he hadn’t taken that vow. She was delectable. Small ... he knew she was ten standard years ... just about his old target age ... he’d had some pretty little girls in the past, but never one as pretty as this one. She was sweetness personified. Smooth brown skin, dark waist length hair ... slim waist, nice plump thighs ... and a butt that was out of this world ... just that ass alone would have told him she was enhanced if he hadn’t already known. Her face was beautiful, a mixture of racial characteristics, old-style Asian eyes, a cute little upturned nose and fat puffy lips ... everything about her screamed ‘take me, now’ even to folks who didn’t have pedophilic inclinations. He started to wonder how long he could keep his vow.

With difficulty he remembered her question. “Darlin’, you don’t have to have sex with anyone if you don’t want to. Especially me. Sex being defined as vaginal intercourse, per my vow of celibacy.”

“I see,” she said, though she didn’t.

They passed the evening watching old vids and spying on the crew with various cameras he’d hidden throughout the ship. All seemed normal and well.

Within a week he was desperately in love with the little girl, almost crazy in love with her. Dangerously in love with her. The crew even noticed and a few times he caught conversations between them on his spy eyes, talking about how much time he spent in his cabin with her. He finally started forcing himself to spend time in the ship proper and he even brought her out with him rather than let her sit alone. The ship fascinated her and she had a million questions and before long the whole crew was captivated by her beauty and innocence.

He knew he was going overboard with her. He knew that discipline on his ship was suffering. He couldn’t blame it on her ... he didn’t really know where to go from here. It was either her, he felt, or give up being a pirate. He thought about retiring but his 44041k wasn’t really where he felt it should be for that. Time and time again he pondered what to do. He didn’t want to give her up but he felt like he had no choice. He talked to his first mate, who agreed. The girl had to go.

About that time their path took them near Delcimur. Delcimur, world of swords. He spent one last night of heaven with her, holding her and hugging her and rocking her and he didn’t think he could stand to give her up. But he felt he must, for the sake of his career as a pirate and the eventual salvation of his soul. He lay in his bed and wept as his first mate led her away.

From an auction house deep in the city she watched the pirate ship lift, puzzled, knowing that yet again her life was going to change. That night she stood alone in front of a room full of buyers and heard the bids go higher and higher. She didn’t even understand it was for her that the men were bidding. She just felt all alone and a few tears streaked down her cheeks. She missed the pirates, especially the Captain.

And change her life did. She was barely eleven standard years old by now, still a child, and still curiously blank in some regards. Life with the pirates had opened her up slightly but she had still spent most of her time in the captain’s cabin. She was eleven physically, but probably a bit younger mentally.

Anyway. She had been bought by one of the premier fighting houses on Delcimur. Now she was destined to become a fighter. To fight, possibly to the death, for the entertainment of paying customers. She was moved into a dormitory with a dozen other children. The very next day her schooling began.

Oddly, Jenthe immediately felt an attraction to the martial arts. And she was good at it, she was a drone, and she had almost every enhancement known to man. Her reflexes were blindingly fast and her endurance incredible. Her body had the ability to heal quickly. She was made to be a fighter and her teachers knew it. All of their students were drones. Licensing was difficult when trueborns fought to the death but it was not nearly as difficult for drones. As an enhanced drone she was made to do anything well this is just what had been chosen for her by fate.

Her first fight was a month after her training began. She stood in the ring before the master of the house and a hundred other students. She carried a blunt wooden stick. A boy, four years older than her, approached and bowed to her. She bowed back. He went en garde and she did, also. Her heart was pounding like crazy. She somehow knew that this was a pivotal moment in her life.

The boy started easy with her, sparring and occasionally tapping her on the shoulder or the stomach or the leg when she left herself open to him. She felt like he wasn’t really trying. For a split second she saw an opening in his defenses and she swung her stick as hard as she could and connected with his kneecap. He danced away, favoring his leg, surprise on his face. She glanced quickly at the master and saw him nod his head. That was all she needed.

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