A Gift for Dad

by Meatbot

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A son offers to share his girlfriend with his lonely father.

Zachary South lived with his father, in a nice house on an a small family farm, out a ways from town. Zack didn’t remember his mother, she’d disappeared long long ago, when he was just two or three. Stupid bitch, from what little his father had ever told him about her. They were better off without her. He got along well with his father, except for a few years when he was thirteen or so, but now that he was sixteen, everything seemed to be fine.

Zack felt sorry for his father at times, the guy didn’t really seem to have a life. He worked sixty hours a week, and the rest of the time he spent in front of the TV. Well, not really, he went to the gym a few times a week ... and he hunted some ... but he still didn’t really seem to have a life. And he had never had but one girlfriend, in all the years Zack remembered. And now she was long gone.

That’s where the idea started, really. Zack tried to think of the women that he knew, and which ones might go out with his dad. As far as he could tell, though, all the women he knew were married or hooked up. What to do, what to do, he thought. There’s gotta be something I can do.

Zack had just become sexually active, himself. That’s probably why this was on his mind so much. And all thanks to one girl. Serenity Smith. How he was lucky enough to ever end up with her, he wasn’t sure. She was the foxiest, sexiest girl in the whole school, and she seemed to belong totally to him, for reasons he couldn’t figure out. He was not a football star. He did not make straight A’s. He didn’t even have a nice car. Why the hell did she ever select him? He couldn’t figure it out, he just ran with it. She was the best thing that’d ever happened to him. He knew that. She knew that. All his friends new it, and they constantly reminded him of it. He knew that these were the best years of his life, and a small part of him mourned how empty and dead is life would be, when and if she finally tired of him and left him. He accepted the inevitability of that, in a way, and took what he could of her sweetness, living for the moment.

He’d even been the one to pop her cherry. And, of course, she popped his too, his symbolic guy cherry. They had done it in the barn, up in the hayloft, on a chilly winter Saturday when his dad had been called back into work. It was everything he’d hoped it would be, sexy and fun and momentous ... she came like crazy, and she’d smiled up at him after it was over, and he felt more love for her than he thought he could stand. He felt like the greatest stud in the world. She was so perfect. And she was all his.

They fucked every chance they got, and she’d gotten her mother to get her on the pill, “just in case.” Her dad didn’t know, of course. Zack often wondered what his dad would think if he knew that his boy was fucking a girl, now. He knew his dad would be upset, but he liked to think he’d be a little proud, too. Especially when he met her, because she was such a fox. His dad wasn’t an uptight religious nut, or anything like that ... he knew his dad just wanted what was best for him. She is, he thought. She’s what’s best for me.

One dark winter night he was talking to Serenity on his phone. She was being sweet, and slightly dirty, and he was idly jacking his cock as he listened to her.

“Whatcha doin’ now,” she said.

“Just listenin’ to a girl yap,” he said.

“Are you touching it?”


“Does the sound of my voice get you off?”


“Jerk it ... for me...”

“Say something sexy, then.”

“Oh, I want you, Zack ... I want your body ... I want your cum on my face, your finger in my ass, and your fat dick in my cunt.”


“Jeezus what?”

“You sound like a phone sex line.”

“How would you know that?”

“So I’ve heard.”

“That wasn’t sexy though?”

“That was intensely fucking sexy, yes.”

“Did you cum?”

“No, I haven’t really started yet.”

“I’m touching mine, now.”

“Oh shit.”

“I’m rubbing my little clitty bump, and thinking about the last time we went up in the hayloft.”

“Oh shit.”

“Zack. You were very sweet. You made me cum and cum and cum. Nobody else has ever done that for me.”

“Oh shit. I hope not.”

“No, you are the only one. You are my only one. I stuck my finger in it, when I said that. Way in. Like where your cock-a-doodle-doo goes.”

“Oh shit.”

“Say something other than oh shit.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Fuck, Zack, we gotta get together again. Sometimes soon. This finger shit ain’t really workin’ for me. Is your dad gonna work Saturday? I’ll ride my bike over, if he is.”

“Serenity, just come over no matter what. He won’t know, and he wouldn’t care if he did. We’ll just disappear up into the hayloft. He won’t have any idea where we are.”

“I can’t be ... noisy, though, if he’s around.”

“Maybe you can not be noisy, Serenity.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. I can’t make any promises.”

“Serenity. Do you know any single available women my dad’s age?”

“No. Sorry. Why?”

“He needs a girlfriend. He needs a life. All he does is work.”

“Work, and babysit you.”

“Pretty much. I’m tryin’ to fix him up with somebody, but I can’t find anybody.”

“I’ll keep my eye peeled. Did you put an ad on Craigslist?”

“No ... I’m not that desperate yet...”

“Well, shit.”

“Yes. Shit.”

“I gotta go, Zack. Dinner’s ready.”

“Night. I love you.”

“Night. I love you.”

Zack hung up, and finished, thinking of Serenity. She was just too much. She was the sexiest thing alive. Maybe this weekend, he thought. Maybe she’ll come over this weekend. Shit. I should have saved it.

She did come over, that weekend. And to his delight, his dad went to a gun show with his buddies. He waited impatiently for Serenity to show up. She finally came down the lane, on her bike, and he was at the gate.

“We got two hours baby, get your ass up in the hayloft,” he said, and she stared at him, her mouth opened.

“Well,” she finally said. “Pleased to meet you, too.”

“Come on, Serenity. I’ll lick you ... we got time for me to lick you...”

Serenity liked being licked. She dropped her bike, and he followed her up into the hayloft. They had glorious, wonderful sex for two hours, with lots of licking. Finally they cuddled up under an old quilt, and feeling the delightful smooth feeling of naked body rubbing against naked body. After a while a truck came down the hill, and turned into the drive.

“Oh, shit!” he said, jumping up. “It’s my dad!” He furiously started getting dressed.

“I thought you said he wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t know, you said.”

“Well, let’s not tempt fate. Serenity. Put your clothes on, and lets go in and see him. You’ve never met him, right?”

“I’ve never met him right.” she said, slowly pulling her panties up. He found her bra and turned it inside out for her. She turned her bra back the way it was supposed to be. “Why must I meet him?” she asked.

“Because you will be part of the family someday,” he said, hoping with all his might.

“I see. Well, okay. But what if he doesn’t like me?”

“He’ll like you. He’ll like the shit outa you.”

Zack was right. His dad, Ben, liked the shit out her. She was pretty likeable, so that wasn’t surprising. He asked her to stay for dinner, and he even talked to her mom when she called home to ask. All was fine. Then he decided there was nothing suitable to fix, so he ended up taking them out to a fancy restaurant. At the end of the evening, he let Zack take her home in the truck, so he could take her bicycle, also.

They sat in her driveway, separated by a reasonable distance, just in case someone was peeking out a window.

“So, what’d you think. Are you gonna help me find him a girlfriend.”

“Oh, yes, I suppose so. I’ll keep my eye peeled, like I said.”

“It is very important that she be likeable to me, too. I don’t wanna live with a bitch, if they hook up.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind. Any other requirements?”

“She must be fairly foxy and pleasant to look at. I don’t wanna have to see an old crone all the time.”

“You will have me. That is not a strict requirement.”

“Okay, okay. Just pick out somebody you’d like to live with.”

“Me? Suddenly it’s all on me?”

“No, I’m still looking, too. Do you know Miss Crane, at school? Do you know if she’s shacked up or anything?”

“I do not possess that information. She’s kind of a bitch, though.”

“Yes, I thought so too. Just thinking.”

“Well, I’ll think too. But I’m much more interested about when we can hook up again.”

“Maybe tomorrow afternoon?”

“Tomorrow is what, Sunday?”


“Possibly. Let me consult my calender,” she said. She looked at her phone. After a moment, she said, “Yes. Sunday is good. If my Mom says I can.”

“Serenity. You are sixteen years old. Does your mom still have to tell you what you can and can’t do?”

“Yes, since she is the guardian of my precious virginity. She has veto power.”

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