Getting to Know My Neighbours

by WelshWriter

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Another fictional story I wrote for my wife

After recently moving into a new block of flats I was enjoying the process of meeting my new neighbours. I didn’t go knocking on doors but would introduce myself whenever I saw someone I didn’t know around the block. One day when I was hanging out some washing, a lady I hadn’t met walked past. I smiled at her and when she stopped, I introduced myself and she told me her name was Hazel. She was a nice, reasonably attractive lady who I guessed, like me, to be in her mid sixties. She said she was on her way to the shops but I asked her if she’d like to pop round for coffee later that evening. It seemed the neighbourly think to do and that first coffee led to us becoming much more than neighbours.

The block of flats where I live is a secure block with self locking outer doors, so very few of the tenants bother locking their front doors in the day time. It was this fact that, a few weeks later changed my life forever!!!

One evening, I was lying on the couch in just my boxers having a bit of fist fun to a porn video and didn’t hear Hazel come into my flat until I saw the lounge door open and Hazel standing in the doorway with her hand covering her mouth. There was no hiding what I was doing and I could she was as embarrassed as I was. I hurriedly tried to tuck my cock away while Hazel just stood there staring down at me. She was obviously shocked but she apologised for walking in on me and said she’d see me later when I was less busy, giving me a sly grin when she said the word ‘busy’.

About an hour later I decided it was really up to me to apologise and went up to Hazel’s flat. I didn’t do the norm and just walk in, but knocked and waited. When she answered the door she seemed oblivious to what she’d seen earlier and just invited me in. I said I hoped what she’d seen wouldn’t affect our friendship and she assured me it wouldn’t. Saying she knew men had their needs and quite understood. She asked me if I had a girlfriend and when I explained I was single as I’d broken up with my girlfriend six months earlier, she told me that she was divorced and had spent the last few years on her own, and knew how frustrating being single and unattached was. “We all have needs Mike,” she said, “even me.” I didn’t really read anything into her last remark and we just carried on chatting as normal.

A couple of days later when she was down at my flat having a coffee again, she suddenly became serious. “Mike,” she said, “what you were watching the other day, do you often watch things like that?” “Well if you mean porn films.” I replied, “the answer’s yes. I find them a good release. Why haven’t you ever watched one?” I watched as her face reddened and she fidgeted in her seat. “No,” she eventually replied, “I wouldn’t even know where to get one. Where do you buy them?” It was pretty clear that Hazel wasn’t really computer savvy and when I explained that there were thousands available on line, she looked shocked. “So how were you watching it on your TV?” she asked. As I tried to explain to her how my computer was linked to the TV, I could see she was getting confused. “Look, would you like me to show you?” I said.

For a moment or two, Hazel sat there without replying, then took a deep breath. “Would you Mike,” she finally said. Now I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. I was more than happy to show her. But what did I show her? Did I hook up to a non sexual site or did I show her just what I’d been watching when she walked in on me? I decided to take the bull by the horns, and chose the latter.

I fired up the computer and logged on to the site I’d been on when she’d walked in on me and found the video I’d been watching. “Are you ready?” I said, “if you don’t like it just say and I’ll knock it off, okay.” Hazel nodded, “yes okay Mike,” she said. I pressed the TV connect button and the TV screen flickered into life. The video I’d been watching started of pretty tame, with an elderly couple sitting on a couch chatting, much as Hazel and I often did. The difference between our chats and the couple’s on the screen soon became apparent though as the elderly gent kissed his partner and began to unbutton her blouse. As things progressed it was obvious that the action was having a profound affect on Hazel as her breathing got ragged and she became even more fidgety. “Are you okay Hazel?” I asked, ready to hit the stop key if she said she wasn’t. “Yes Mike,” I’m okay,” she said breathlessly, “I’m okay.”

For the next ten minutes I sat at my computer, my eyes flicking between Hazel and the TV screen. As the on-screen action got hotter I could hear Hazel’s breathing getting even more ragged and when, after some oral action, the old gent slid his cock into his lady friend Hazel gasped loudly and I saw her body begin to tremble and realised she was having an orgasm. Of course the effect of watching Hazel and the on-screen action at the same time was affecting me and my cock was soon fully erect. I looked across at Hazel again and saw that her eyes were closed as her orgasm continued. Just the sounds of the couple on the screen seemed to be prolonging her orgasm. Finally though the video ended, Hazel relaxed and opened her eyes.

“Well,” I asked, “what do you think?” “I don’t believe it Mike,” she gasped, “it made me, errr, you know ... come. I had an orgasm and I didn’t even touch myself.” “Yes Hazel, I did notice,” I laughed, “I did tell you they were a good release didn’t I?” Hazel looked shocked. “Oh I’m sorry Mike. I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry.” “There’s no need to apologise Hazel. We all have our needs, even you,” I said with a smile. Immediately Hazel started to laugh as I borrowed her comment from when she’d caught me. Nothing else happened that afternoon but before she left, Hazel asked me if I’d show her how to link her computer to her TV. It had the distinct feeling that this was the start of better things to come.

The thought of repeating our mutual masturbation session in the more ladylike surroundings of Hazel’s own flat had been playing on my mind all day and I was already hard when, the next day, I went up to check the connections on her TV and computer. Hazel said she had to go out, as she had a hospital appointment but said it was okay for me to stay and do whatever I needed to. After checking her TV and computer, I found the connections were the same as mine so I had the lead I needed and quickly connected her up. I created short cuts to some of the sites I used and even downloaded a couple of videos. I was picky with the videos though, concentrating on ones that featured more mature couples. If, as I hoped Hazel and would be taking our friendship to the next level, I didn’t want to put her off with young virile couples.

As I was leaving her flat, I noticed that Hazel’s bedroom door was slightly open and saw that she had a large screen TV in there so it seemed natural, to check the connections on that one too. I didn’t know whether Hazel had a lap top, but I had. Again, luckily, the connections were compatible and my cock instantly hardened as I imagined us lying there on her bed, watching the videos together.

Later that evening I got a call from Hazel asking if I’d pop up and show her how to use the new set up. When I got up there and she opened the door I hardly recognised her. I could see she’d had her hair done and was wearing make-up and looked a good ten years younger than the Hazel that had left me in her flat earlier.

She was wearing a knee length, black skirt and white satin blouse, the top two buttons of which were open, giving me a glimpse of the red bra she was wearing under it.

I followed Hazel into the lounge, fired up her computer and linked to one of the videos I’d downloaded earlier. It was almost the same as the situation that I was in at that very moment, about a lady had asked a friend to fix her computer. I’d watched it before so knew the hardcore action didn’t start straight away so stalled for a couple of minutes before I clicked on the TV connect button. When the screen came alive it had got to the point where the couple were sitting on the couch, the lady was sitting in a chair in-front of the computer with her friend standing behind her with his hand down inside her blouse.

“Do you like this type of video Mike?” Hazel asked. I smiled and nodded. “Yes, I prefer videos of mature couples,” I replied. Hazel paused for a moment then asked. “Do you imagine you’re the man in them?” “Of course I do,” I laughed. She paused again and I saw her face redden. “Mike,” she almost whispered, “do you ever imagine I’m the woman?” Now I was between a rock and a hard place. If I lied and said no, she might take it as an insult but if I told the truth, she might think I was just a dirty old man and our friendship would be over. After thinking for a second or two, I decided on the latter. “Well, to tell the truth Hazel, ever since you walked in and caught me, errr, ‘busy’, I have imagined you as the woman. But I’m...” I was about to apologise but was cut off in mid sentence as Hazel stood up and started to undo her blouse. I was stunned and just sat there lost for words as she finished undoing the buttons, exposing the red bra I’d caught a glimpse of.

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