Love Grows in Her Mother's Arms

by maedhros21

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The fourth story in the Calloway/Edwards Family Sunday comes and with it Sunday dinner and a last night together...for now.

Sunday morning the traditional day of rest was instead a day of restless awakenings in three different households involving the Calloway and Edwards families. In the most troubled one a lone Jack Calloway was waking up for only the second morning ever without his wife Donna by his side. He looked over at the spot in their marital bed where she would normally be and couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.

It wasn’t as if she had left him or that they were splitting up as far as he knew. It was just that their lives were changing and in a way that was going to leave him without his wife for multiple nights every week. He kept trying to admonish himself for making the agreement that was going to make it happen but the request had come from his one other weak point in his life, his daughter Katie.

Even if he didn’t have anywhere near the close relationship that Donna had with their daughter, Christ she had brushed the girls hair for a solid hour every night of her life since she was a child, he was still a sucker for his daughter’s requests. She would never be the daddy’s girl that other fathers enjoyed but he loved her till his heart burst and he knew that she loved him too.

Of course this whole chain of events had come about because of the close relationship that Donna and Katie had with each other. After Katie had left to live in Manhattan’s East Village and attend NYU Donna had become more and more withdrawn. Her depressed and out of character behavior had pushed him to the point of confrontation a week ago. That confrontation had led them both to come to the same conclusion, Donna was suffering from a severe case of empty nest syndrome.

That had led to them calling Katie and before you knew it Donna had agreed to spend the weekend with her daughter getting her fix of their mother daughter bond. Jack of course was clueless how deep the mother daughter bond had become over the last two nights. Then yesterday he had gotten a call from Katie telling him how she felt that what her mother had been experiencing would make a great subject for her sophomore film project that she had to start working on. He couldn’t see that he was being reeled in like a fish on a hook so he agreed with her, even offering to give her any help she needed.

He of course had meant financially so when Katie had asked him that the only help she needed was her mother’s participation he had agreed. Then she had dropped the bomb, her participation would consist of being in the city every weekend for the next six months until the film was due to be shown. He got silent and realized he was boxed into a corner so he agreed. Katie of course had been ecstatic and filled the phone with I love you’s and Thank you’s for her father so when they hung up he was feeling okay. He felt like he had done something nice for both his wife and daughter and his act of self sacrifice might pay dividends during the week when he was alone with Donna.

So as he woke up alone and horny he prayed to god that the wife that was going to come home to him on Monday would be the old Donna and not the morose imitation of her that had lived here for the last months. After they had agreed to her spending this past weekend with Katie Donnas’ nonexistent sex drive had returned with a vengeance and she had fucked him almost into submission the last three nights before she left. If she came back with that same fire in her loins it would go a long way to making their upcoming weekend sabbaticals more acceptable.

One thing that her being with their daughter this weekend had accomplished with him was he had given up on the fear that Donna was having an affair. It had been his accusation of that possibility the last Monday that had brought things to a head. His first thoughts on his wife having an affair were severe and unforgiving; he had immediately gone to the gut instinct of throwing her to the curb.

Then as the hours passed and the next few days passed he found himself feeling less and less likely to throw away a twenty year marriage over an indiscretion. He knew that his gut reaction to the thought of Donna having an affair had been an overreaction caused by his own upbringing. His mother and father had lived an unorthodox lifestyle for a good number of years before he had moved out.

His father had allowed his mother to have other men in her life even going as far as watching them while they would fuck. Inside he had always felt sorry for his father that his mother made him do this and he thought that his father was weak for accepting it. They had never really spoken of it but his accidental discovery of their lifestyle had altered his relationship with his mother and they had never been as close afterwards. He knew that it saddened his father that he kept his mom at a distance even up to the day she died. After she had passed he had stood at her gravesite while everyone else had left and he poured his heart out to her spirit.

He had told her that he had never stopped loving her and he was just confused. He thanked her for always being the best of mothers, which she always was to him even after he had pushed her away, and told her that he wished he had been more understanding. Then he had let go of tears that he hadn’t shed for many years over their estranged relationship.

When the thought of Donna possibly cheating on him had entered his mind he swore he would not be like his father. He loved the hell out of Donna but he just couldn’t accept any less than total devotion to him. As he mellowed on that position over the last few days he decided to seek out his father’s advice. He felt like it might finally be time to talk about his father’s decisions as two adults so he headed to his house on Friday.

He had learned a great deal that night including the fact that there were a good number of men who actively supported their wives in sleeping with other men. It seemed that there were multiple reasons for a man accepting this from their wives and some of them even pushed them into it. His father was one of the former and had accepted his mother’s affairs. He told him that it was his supreme act of self sacrifice and he had done it at first because he didn’t want Jack to grow up in a broken home.

Then he told him how it had changed and how over time he had started seeing how happy it made his mother and how fulfilled she always seemed. He even confided in his son in a slightly embarrassed tone that it had even made their sex life busier and hotter. It seemed that the stress of not having to hide her affairs had freed his mother and allowed her to accept her need for lots of sex. Of course Jack was still slightly uncomfortable with the idea that his mom was a borderline nymphomaniac but he started to understand his father’s actions.

He questioned himself after seeing an affair by a partner from a different perspective about whether he could make the same sacrifice as his father. He knew that his love for his wife was unending and even if they split he would never stop loving her. He knew that the trust between them would be damaged but if he accepted her need to have an affair or affairs the trust factor would be moot. In fact it might even make their trust in each other stronger with Donna being able to let him know what she was doing. As he had drifted off to sleep the night before he knew that in his heart he had already decided that if he was ever faced with making a choice he would try and accept it with love as long as the affair was a physical thing that didn’t threaten to take her away from him.

One other thing he learned from his father was the name associated with this acceptance, cuckold. He turned the word around in his own head and wondered if any of his friends or acquaintances lived that kind of life. He wished he had others to talk to and get opinions from to see how they had come to accept it. He of course had no idea that one of his closest friends had been living this type of life for a number of years now, Steve Edwards.

He also had no idea that the simple weekend with their daughter that he agreed to was starting a chain of events that would not only force him to decide if he could be a cuckold but would also tie the Calloway and Edwards houses together for the distant future.

Then he remembered that it was Sunday and that he had a two o clock tee time with that very same Steve Edwards. He shook the cobwebs from his brain and put all thoughts of cuckolds and film projects away for now and jumped in the shower. Steve had called him on Thursday and mentioned that it would just be the two of them today since the other two guys both friends of Steve wouldn’t be able to make it.

As he got ready he wondered about his friend’s life in comparison to his own and he felt a stab of envy. It seemed that Steve and Joanna had an amazing marriage even after the twenty years they had been together. He would always catch them in an embrace or a whisper when they didn’t think he was noticing and he wished that he and Donna could have the same kind of relationship as the two of them, never once thinking of two age old adages, be careful what you wish for and the grass is always greener.

It was a pretty definite thing that his idea of the Edwards marriage would be more than slightly altered if he could overhear the pillow talk in their bedroom right now.

“So honey, are you telling me you are okay with me pursuing this with our daughter? I mean yesterday...” Joanna asked her husband once again. They had put off any real discussion of what Joanna had in her mind until today because it was too late the night before. Of course there was another reason that Joanna didn’t want to talk about it last night, she wanted to fuck her husband’s misgivings away.

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