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by maedhros21

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Second story in the Calloway/Edwards family chronicles. Donna wakes up next to Katie and they go toy shopping. Trish gets sucked even deeper into her own fantasies

While his wife was destroying the concept of fidelity in the arms of their daughter Jack was tossing and turning in his father’s house. He had driven out to spend the weekend with his dad since Donna wasn’t going to be around. Since he never traveled for his job like other people it was his first night since being married that he wasn’t sleeping next to his wife.

His dreams were nightmare filled visions of Donna screaming in ecstasy in the arms of multiple lovers. He kept waking up in a sweat with the images from his dreams still fresh in his head. One of the reasons he had come to see his dad was to talk about the relationship with his mother.

When he was eighteen Jack had accidently been exposed to the darker side of his parent’s relationship. He had discovered that his father was a willing cuckold even though he had no idea of the term for it back then. He had accidently come home early when his parents thought he was staying at his friends house. He had seen his mother fucking a man that wasn’t his father while she verbally berated her husband of eighteen years.

What had confused him was why his father want upset by the whole experience and instead was actually aroused. He didn’t know it and never found out but was he was slightly lucky that he hadn’t actually shown up 10 minutes later. If he had he would have been treated to the sight of his father licking his mother clean of her lover’s semen. What he witnessed had devastated him and had forever changed his relationship with his mom.

Because of his fear of Donna possibly having an affair Jack felt the need to bring up the past with his father tonight. It hadn’t been easy because it was obvious that his dad still missed her terribly and trying to talk about intimate issues like this was not easy to begin with. At first his father didn’t want to discuss it at all then when Jack told him of his fears about Donna he opened up some.

Jack had been reminded of the earlier years of his childhood and the fights he would witness between his parents. It was never a physical disagreement just a lot of screaming and shouting. His father then asked if he remembered how the fighting had all but stopped at one point. He had to agree that it just seemed to change overnight and he had always been happy about that.

He asked his dad why it happened, how all the fighting just went away. His father took a deep breath and told him because he had made a choice. It had been the toughest choice of his whole life. He had to choose whether to accept that his mother had needs physically that he just couldn’t satisfy or to choose a divorce. It was the time when divorces were becoming popular escapes from marriages that had problems.

He explained to Jack that it would have been easy to pick divorce and he would have had every right, after all his wife was cheating on him. Instead he took stock of his whole relationship with Jack’s mom and found that in every other way she had been a wonderful wife. She was a wonderful housekeeper, she was an excellent cook and with him had done a wonderful job of raising him. It had been the hardest thing to do in his whole life putting his ego aside in the bedroom. He had even gone as far as making a chart documenting the percentage of their life together that really involved sex. It was such a smaller percentage than all the rest of the things that she had excelled at. So he made the only choice he could make with the evidence in front of him.

He chose to stay married and accept that his wife was going to periodically need to be with other men. At first it had just been an agreement that she could go out and do what she needed to do as long as he knew. She would tell him she was going to visit her sister and he knew it was their code. At first when it was happening he would sit and seethe at home doubting his decision to allow this.

Then she started coming home and letting little details slip about her lovers, about how big they were. How they could go for hours and hours and she would cum over and over again. Then the two of them discovered something, her telling him these things actually got him excited. He found himself in bed with his wife with a raging hard on from hearing about her exploits.

Some people might think that she took advantage of his father then when she suggested that she could bring her men home with her. Then he could actually see what she was talking about and maybe even join in from time to time. The first few times he had tried to join but soon realized that she hadn’t been lying about the size difference. It intimidated him as well as excited him. So it had eventually worked its way into him sitting and watching which left everyone happy. He still didn’t share the part about cleaning her cream pies with Jack because he had never witnessed it and it still confused him why he would always do it.

Jack sat and listened while his father finally spilled all the dirt on his unconventional sex life with his mother. Some people might have looked at their father with less respect but Jack could never do that. He was a rational man and reason told him that his father had made the right choice for the whole family. He sat there and once again was grateful that his parents didn’t divorce like so many of his friend’s parents had.

That of course brought him back to Donna and the resolution he had come to even before hearing his father’s whole story. He would do whatever was necessary to keep his family together even if it came to accepting Donna having an affair. He doubted that he could go as far as his father and actually watch but had to admit that because Donna was so sexy seeing her having sex would be a turn on.

Then he had gone to bed which brought him to this moment, waking from another nightmare vision of Donna fucking someone else in his dream. Yes he had woken up from each one sweating and shaking but he had also woken up from each one with a huge erection.

While her husband was waking up in a cold sweat over the fear of her fucking someone else Donna kept waking up to make his nightmares come true. However if he could see who she was having sex with his nightmare would have been worse. It was their twenty year old daughter Katie.

After they had fallen asleep Donna had woken up and realized that for the first time since she had been married she was in a different bed than Jack and someone else was in it with her. She was naked in bed with her naked daughter and they had fallen asleep after taking the plunge into an incestuous lesbian affair.

She had immediately reached for her new lover and started making moves on her while she slept. Instead of reaching for her husband’s hard cock she found herself reaching for her daughter’s leaking pussy. It was still so wet and open from everything they had done the night before. She shuddered from the erotic memory of seeing Katie filed up with a fourteen inch cock, hearing her begging to be fucked right before lowering her face into her mother’s pussy for the first time.

Then she had returned the favor to Katie while lying on her back and allowing Scott’s cum to run out of the young pussy above her and right into her mouth. Then she had pulled it down and hoovered it out with her mouth until there wasn’t a drop left and her daughter was screaming out her orgasm. Then she remembered how she had squirted pussy cum for the first time in her life and how Katie had drank up every drop.

After she woke up they made a soft slow love to each other and had fallen back asleep. This happened three other times during the night with Donna being the instigator twice and Katie twice. It just felt like they couldn’t get enough of each other. She was already hooked on the taste of her daughter’s pussy and even though it was the first one she had ever tasted she doubted there could be a better one. She knew that she was of course biased with Katie being her daughter but it would have to be proven to her before she believed otherwise.

She lay there in the bed and looked over the deep breathing gorgeous naked body next to her and noticed the time, it was almost one o clock in the afternoon. She laughed softly to herself because the last time she could ever remember getting up this late had to have been when she and Jack had lived here before Katie was born.

Here of course was the lower east side of Manhattan, a neighborhood that in the past had helped Donna come out of the ultra conservative shell she had been encased in when she met Jack. Now it was serving the same effect for her all these years later, she felt like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. A cocoon of boredom and depression she had found herself in when her daughter left home to start school. Some people call it the empty nest syndrome and the empty part was definitely true. But that had all passed yesterday as soon as she had emerged from the downtown number 4 train into Astor Place.

She had immediately felt renewed and excited to be spending the weekend in this part of the city. Of course the fact that she had come to town already committed to giving in to anything her daughter wanted helped her build level of excitement. Now in hindsight and after they had both talked yesterday and confessed to having an unorthodox attraction each other it seemed inevitable that she would wake up hungry for more of her daughter’s delicious pussy.

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