Magic Is Gross

by redsliver

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, TransGender, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: David just wanted to get through another day of immaterial classes and girl watching when a incredibly hot girl wearing his best friend's favorite shirt dragged him out of the cafeteria.

I had heard there was a new girl, but until I saw her: Holy Shit! Where was Curtis? It had been his job to collect and catalog all the hot chicks at school. She was a brunette. Her hair waved around her oval face. She had clear, lightly tanned skin and pale pink lips. Her body! I mean, Yes! Yes! Yes! She was tall, at least 5’8”, and slender but with a flare to her hips that promised an incredible ass if she’d only turn around. Her jeans were baggy but I’d bet her legs were as hot as the rest of her. Rips and tears in the denim gave me hints around her knees and thighs. Her tits, Yes! Yes! Yes!, were even prominent in spite of the loose t-shirt she was wearing. Now I was truly pissed with Curtis. This new girl was wearing the same Drowning Miranda tour shirt that he loved. I saw the flash of a momentary smile as she finished panning the room. That smile was the best part of her! At least until she got a tighter shirt. I found myself smiling until I met her pale blue eyes. What an interesting sandwich I was eating!

“David!” The new girl had crossed the room and hissed quietly at me while taking the seat across from me. I froze, eyes focused on the fact that the word Nutrition Facts were unironically displayed across my can of Coca-Cola. Fuck off, David! Girls are people. You like people. Even more so when they’re girls. Sure, you have trouble starting conversations with girls but you can talk to them! And besides, she started it.

“Oh, hi,” I talked around the frog in my throat, “I’m David.”

“Oh, fuck off!” She huffed and dropped her elbows onto the table with a thump, “Look, I went to scope out the new girl and--”

“That’s vain of you,” I smiled. Good! Jokes! Girls love a sense of humor! David for the win!

“What? Oh fuck. Come with me!” She grabbed my shirt by the shoulder and tugged as she climbed to her feet. I looked at her hand on me and really didn’t want to stand up. “Goddammit, David!”

Alright, I’m not heartless. This beautiful creature was nearly in tears, seemingly more out of anger or frustration than anything else. I hadn’t known I’d ever give a shit about eyelashes but her blue eyes were just gorgeous. I swallowed my pride and made her exhale impatiently as I discreetly readjusted my dick so I could stand up without tenting too badly.

“Where are we going?” I asked, normally I was an under the radar kind of kid but I could tell that I was the center of attention as this girl dragged me out of the cafeteria. I may have been grinning.

“Shut up, David,” She growled. I did at least until we stalked out into the hallway.

“Hey, who told you my name?”

“Look, it’s me! Curtis.” She told me. Nope! This was the stupidest prank ever. I mean, I might have been angry, hurt, or something if she hadn’t been gorgeous. I mean, cool, the new girl was willing to toss in with my crazy best friend. Hell, she even agreed to wear his shirt. Ballsy. Maybe we could be friends? Maybe we could go out?

“Alright, Curtis,” I watched her grind her teeth as I patronized her, “So you’re now the hottest girl in school but you’re not too good to still hang out with me? You’re a true friend.”

“And you’re a dick,” She snarled, “C’mon, I need you to help me with the new girl.”

She started stalking down the B-Wing hallway towards the C-Tower. I hurried up. Her butt was great! Of course, I wished she’d buy tighter jeans. Hell, maybe a skirt. Also she didn’t walk like girls do. She wiggled, but she could wiggle more. I was being a selfish dick. I hurried up alongside her.

“So what’s your name?” I asked her as we passed through to the B-Wing.

“Curtis Martin Shannon.” She enunciated. Ooh, bringing out the middle name.

“I’m going to call you Shannon.” I told her and she gave me the finger. Her nail polish was seafoam green, “So Shannon, why’d you come to this school?”

“Because my mother wouldn’t let me sleep in til suppertime.”

“Holy crap, Shannon! You two went all in on this!” I laughed, “Curtis always makes that joke. You should have seen the vice principal when he--”

“Mr Kane all but dragged me to the office and might’ve suspended me if mom hadn’t stormed in an hour later and tore him a new asshole for keeping me out of math.”

“Jesus,” I lost my humor, “I almost believe you.”

“Listen and believe,” She chuckled. That’s what tipped me. Curtis and I loved watching anti-SJW videos.

“If you’re Curtis, who’s the new girl?” I asked with trepidation, turning the last corner before the C-Tower.

“My name’s Kristi. Kristi Minsk.”

“Close?” Shannon whispered as I quivered. She squeezed me tighter. Kristi’s hand zipped up and down my cock. I held her close and had my face buried in her red hair. I gargled a reply to Shannon, her cool fingers spiraled around my balls. Kristi pumped faster.

“How do you guys do this everyday?” She panted, “My wrist is dying!”

“More!” I pleaded and she kept going. I erupted, vibrating against her leg.

“Shannon! Go grab a beaker!” Kristi sounded way more excited than I did. I found her ear and tugged it with my teeth. She giggled. Shannon vaulted from the bed and rushed to the lab equipment. I breathed in, smelling her fruity shampoo. She stroked my hair with her other hand.

“You did good, we can save Curtis now.”

Perhaps some context is in order. I had never been in a girl’s bedroom before. Well, I’d never been invited into a girl’s bedroom before. More honestly, I had never been invited to a girl’s bedroom by the girl who slept there.

We had skipped afternoon classes. I was going to catch hell if they called home. Unless they didn’t call. Did they always call? Fuck.

Shannon lay sprawled (until we fixed this, I wasn’t calling HER Curtis) on the bed while I spun around in the computer chair. The room was cluttered with unpacked boxes, bare walls and an empty closet. Most boxes and suitcases had been rooted through but not emptied. The only box that was empty and folded up against the wall had “Bedclothes” Sharpied on it. Her desk barely held her laptop and a Fluttershy plushie. I put the pegasus back down.

“I’m so sorry!” Kristi expelled.

“You’ve already said that,” Shannon raised up on her elbows. It really thrust out her boobs. She looked at me and looked down at herself. It took me a second to realize she was looking back to me again.

“What?” I failed to remind myself that Shannon was the same dumbass on the inside. The outside did a fine job of muddying things.

“Do I really look that good?” She asked. Low self esteem! That was one of those things we’ve always dreamed about. She smiled back at me. She shook her head, her nose scrunching up in confusion. It was super cute.

“You should, I mean that’s what the potion does,” Kristi said without turning from the box she was digging through. Kristi was very cute herself. She was a fair redhead and freckle free. She was probably less curvy than Shannon but wasn’t dressed like a boy. Her little butt was in a pleated skirt and her slim torso was tightly defined under a pink babydoll t-shirt. She had boobs too. I was on the lookout. They weren’t quite Shannon’s, Kristi was scaled down in height and size all around but she was scaled down an extra step in the breast department. It was her face that was so cute though. I hadn’t seen her smile yet but I loved her lips. Her eyes were a steel green. Mostly green until you were looking straight into them and then the gray shone through. Her hair, a dark red that hung to her breasts, was thick and shiny. Shannon’s was just as proportionally long, but waved out from her face with more body--if I understood the lingo in girls’ shampoo commercials.

“I still don’t understand this whole potion thing,” I admitted, “I mean, there’s lots I don’t understand, like--”

When I waved both hands towards Shannon, Kristi looked to her with a tilted head.

“Women,” Shannon had this beautiful mellifluous laugh, “He doesn’t understand women.”

“Well, I have trouble with boys,” Kristi blushed and smiled at me. The magnificent results of successful orthodontia shone through.

“Don’t worry, we’re not hard,” Shannon chimed in. She looked over at me; I sat up straighter as she suppressed a smile, “More than two dozen times a day.”

“Oh, yeah...” Kristi pulled out a red and blue journal from the box. Supergirl was on its cover. Her blush was running straight down her throat and into her top, “I seem to remember reading a novel where the boy tried to think about baseball to get rid of a...” Her erratic hand gestures poorly described a penis. We got the picture.

“I have never thought about baseball.” Full stop.

“I concentrate on spiders,” Shannon explained.

“Spiders make me think about superpowers,” Making an erection easier. I continued counting prime numbers. Sixty-seven. Seventy-one. Seventy-three.

Kristi tucked the little journal under her arm and stepped over a couple of boxes. She headed for a set up in the corner. Two small fridges were underneath a table that held another taped up box, a cluttered little bookshelf and a chemistry set. She focused on the bookshelf, dragging her left index finger across a row of binders. She pulled out the green one from the middle. She turned to us with a triumphant smile. One thirteen. One twenty seven. One thirty one.

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