An Ordinary Adult Sex Life
Chapter 1: An Ordinary Morning

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Spanking, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Lactation, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: An Ordinary Morning - After An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life and An Ordinary College Sex Life comes An Ordinary Adult Sex Life. Familiarity with the series up through OSL: New York and OSL: Amber's Wedding is a requirement.

-- FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2007 --

6:44 AM

I felt something tickle my balls, and with a start, I jerked awake.

“Mmph!” somebody grunted, and as I sat up, I realized I’d just shoved my dick an inch into a girl’s throat. She took it like a trouper, gagging only slightly and keeping her head down, breathing heavily through her nose until I pulled back. And then she resumed rhythmically pumping my shaft in her hands and sucking on the mushroom head as if I’d never interrupted her.

My eyes fluttered for a brief second before my heavy eyelids closed themselves, but with my face pointed to the ceiling I didn’t see my mystery fellatrix. Perhaps I could have determined her identity by analyzing her oral technique, but this early in the morning and with my sluggish brain still fighting off sleep inertia, I really wasn’t interested in the attempt. Although I had my own bedroom, I pretty much never went to sleep alone. She could be any of a half-dozen different girls, but whoever she was, I knew that she’d be looking up at me, so I smiled and patted her head. And my positive feedback was rewarded by the sensation of my morning wood sliding into her throat once again.

Just another ordinary morning in my life.

For a few minutes, I simply lay flat on my back, letting the pleasurable sensations emanate from my loins and through the rest of my body. Each tease of her tongue sent tickles of energy along my nerves like string vibrations. Each suck of her mouth bloomed forth waves of warmth across the surface of my skin. Each hum of her throat muscles surrounding my shaft filled my core being with heavenly light.

Eventually, a wider awareness of my surroundings penetrated my brain, pushing aside the fog of sleep. Familiar sounds and smells filled my senses, and as I opened my eyes I recognized the morning light filtering through the curtains of my bedroom in the San Francisco apartment I’d shared with Adrienne, Sasha, Kim, and little BJ for the past year. And I finally looked down to see my big sister’s gorgeous brown almond-shaped eyes staring back at me, grinning around a mouthful of meat.

“Good morning, little brother,” she mumbled.

“Good morning, big sister,” I replied warmly. My hand had been resting atop Brandi’s head, but I now slid my fingers through her silky dark locks once again splashed with blonde-streaked highlights and cupped my palm to caress her cheek.

My beautiful older sister closed her eyes and hummed around my cock while pressing her cheek into my hand. And she suckled on my shaft while smiling in deep satisfaction as if nothing else in the world could make her happier.

“Looks like you decided to stay the night.” I popped my eyebrows questioningly before giving them a suggestive waggle.

Her tongue polished the end of my knob and she worked her mouth for a few more sucks before popping off and taking a deep breath while continuing to stroke my shaft in her hands. Lovely Brandi giggled and stared down at my mushroom head poking through the top of her hands for a second. “Evidently.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Thought you said you weren’t going to do that anymore. And besides, I don’t want to make you late for work.”

She sighed and shrugged. “Couldn’t get enough of Big Ben last night, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to drag myself to work without a big ‘O’. These caffeine withdrawals are a killer, and I need you to give me a morning pick-me-up.”

I chuckled. “You didn’t HAVE to quit coffee.”

“But I wanted to. Healthier this way. More fun, too.” She grinned and swiped the tip of her tongue across her upper lip before bending over and deep-throating me once again.

I moaned at the return of pleasure, but took a deep breath and caressed my sister’s cheek again. And in a somewhat more somber tone, I replied, “Of course it’s fun, but trading a coffee addiction for a Brother Ben addiction can be bad for your health, too, remember?”

Brandi rolled her eyes and popped off my cock again. Pouting, she gave me an annoyed look and said, “Please don’t kill the mood.”

“You made me promise to remind you.”

Jacking my shaft with both hands, Brandi set her jaw and nodded. “I know. But you’re one addiction I just can’t quit for good.” With that, my big sister sat up, reached down to the hem of my oversized T-shirt she wore as a nightgown, and whipped it over her head. Jerking her panties down to her ankles, she wriggled out of them and knee-walked herself along my body until her naked crotch was directly over mine.

I didn’t say anything more. We both knew that I had no qualms with fucking my older sister. Any moral hesitations were solely on her end; the only guilty conscience in this room was hers. Since the first time the two of us committed incest when I was sixteen, we’d both known that I would fuck her whenever and wherever she wanted. If she didn’t want, then of course I wouldn’t push her. There had been a lot of those times, periods during which the illicit nature of what we were doing and societal disapproval was just too much for her to handle. But there were times that she DID want, and whenever she did, I was always ready to go.

Right now, Brandi wanted, so I raised my hands to hold her hips as she settled herself into position, swabbed my wet cockhead through her even wetter folds, and began a gradual descent.

“Fuuuuuck ... yeahhhh...” my sister groaned with closed eyes as she slowly swallowed me up. She was a slender young woman: perky B-cup breasts, a taut tummy, and gentle curves, with a tight narrow pussy to match. The constriction of her snug vaginal walls limited how fast she could take me in, but eventually she was fully seated. Her beautiful brown eyes then opened, and she smiled down as if seeing me for the first time, repeating, “Good morning, little brother.”

“Good morning, big sister,” I replied just as warmly. The mood was back, and together we began to make love.

For a few minutes, brother and sister gazed into each other’s eyes as she rocked back and forth in my lap. No judgment, no recriminations, just love. A family love, not romantic but no less intense. We’d gone through a lot in the last year together, some good and some bad and some we’d both really, really like to forget. But in the end our relationship was stronger than ever, and while I figured there would most likely come another period of time when Brandi’s guilty conscience would make her no longer want to share this level of physical intimacy with her own brother, I knew with certainty that our sibling love would never die.

But all that was in the future. Right now, I would enjoy this morning for today.

I held Brandi’s drum-tight ass in my hands as she gyrated around my upright pole. Her naked, willowy torso writhed and twisted in a serpentine manner as she worked her core muscles to move her body and clenched her pussy muscles to work my cock. Despite my previous comment about not wanting to make her late for work, our movements weren’t rushed. She set the pace, rhythmically undulating as if she had Morcheeba’s “The Sea” playing in her mind. Her hands caressed her own skin, one gliding across her face and into her hair while the other slid down her chest, across her belly, and along her thigh.

Eventually, both hands slid up her own ribcage and palmed her perky breasts. Never the most buxom woman in the room, Brandi’s boobs were nevertheless spectacularly perfect works of art. I found my chest getting tight watching her cup and hold up both pleasantly-shaped mammaries while tweaking the nipples between thumb and forefinger. And my breathing sped up even more when she glided her palms back down her sides before reaching back to remove my hands from her ass and instead direct them up her torso to take over worshipping her tits.

At just the right moment, my luscious 25-year-old sister bent forward to capture my lips. Her hips went into a big roll and her tongue speared into my mouth to touch mine as she groaned and began to speed up. I could feel her quim quiver around my cock as her first orgasm approached.

Seeking to maximize my sister’s pleasure, I rotated my wrists to bring my thumbs to the centerlines of Brandi’s breasts, and I dragged each digit up and down the curvature of each globe before flicking my right thumbnail against her nipple – her left nipple, the one hardwired to her clit – while simultaneously driving my cock straight up to spear her snatch on my shaft.

Brandi didn’t scream or moan in climax. Instead she let out a sort of whimpering cry into my mouth as the orgasm snuck up on her and momentarily overwhelmed her senses. Releasing her tits, I wrapped my arms around her body and pinned her down against my chest while I set my feet and rapidly hammered my dick up and into her clenching cunt over and over again. She shuddered in my grasp, jerking violently enough that she might’ve dislodged our joining had I not been holding onto her, but a moment later her body settled into shivers as she rode out the rest of the orgasmic wave. And eventually she went still on top of me, her chin over my shoulder and her face in my pillow as she absorbed the afterglow of ultimate pleasure.

One big ‘O’: It was what she’d said she needed to be able to drag herself to work. My job was done, and it was time to pat my big sister on the butt and send her off to her own apartment to get dressed and start her day. So what if I hadn’t cum myself? It wasn’t yet 7am, which meant that my girlfriends would certainly still be asleep (at least, the two that lived in this apartment). Even though she held down a regular day job, Sasha was accustomed to staying up late and sleeping in a bit. And with a far less busy schedule than in her New York heyday, supermodel Adrienne usually got out of bed after twelve noon. Either of them would very much enjoy taking care of my not-so-little problem once they did wake up, and even if both of them were otherwise occupied, there was always Kim. Although she refused an official “girlfriend” title, my self-declared “submissive” would always be more than happy to coax a load out of me on command. (In fact, she complained that I didn’t command her to do so often enough). When a man like me lives alone with three very sensual, very sexual women with needs of their own, there’s never any trouble finding someone to help with this kind of problem.

So I patted my sister on the butt, adding a pinch and caress of that perfect peach just for good measure. I mumbled into her ear, “Time to get you to work.” And I grabbed hold of her hips with both hands to slide her off my erection.

But Brandi stirred back to life and shook her head while clamping down with her inner muscles to arrest my cock’s withdrawal. “No...” she murmured into the pillow before picking her head up and setting it back down on her cheek, her lips tickling my ear. “Not yet,” she whispered breathily as she resumed clenching her pussy muscles around my shaft and began to nibble her way up my jaw.

I parted my lips to meet her open-mouthed kiss as her hands came up to cradle my head. She kissed me with an urgent passion every bit as fierce as our previous lovemaking had been calm, as if the first big ‘O’ had only gotten her energized for the real fucking. Brandi dug her knees and toes into the mattress and humped herself up and down my shaft, dragging her rock-hard nipples across my chest before sitting up and really riding me. But as great as it felt to let my big sister have her way with me, I’d been flat on my back long enough.

Hooking my hands behind her shoulders, I yanked my sister’s chest against mine and abruptly rolled us over. My cock came free of her cunt for just a few seconds before I slammed it right back in, causing her to scream. But rather than start rabbit-humping her right away, I remained at full depth, brushed Brandi’s bangs back from her forehead, and gave her another tender kiss.

“Motherfucker...” she swore at the abruptness of it all.

I grinned. “That’s sister-fucker, actually. Good morning, big sister,” I repeated warmly.

Great morning, little brother,” she replied with a grin.

We started up again, slowly. We made love with our mouths more than anything, Brandi clutching my weight down onto her chest with all four limbs while I made short thrusts into her. She moaned into my ear, her voice a sonata of beauty. And for a while I felt like we could continue like that for hours ... jobs, lives, and girlfriends be damned.

But Big Ben had other ideas of his own, and eventually he started to take charge of this session. My hips began to pull back a little farther and a little farther with each retraction. Each thrust forward came a little harder and a little harder. Her arms tightened around my neck, and she stopped kissing me to let her head fall back to moan. Clenching her abs, Brandi did her best to fuck back. But the sexual creature inside was taking hold and the extra force wasn’t quite enough for me.

With a growl, I exited my older sister’s pussy and rolled her onto her belly. She folded her arms on the mattress and set her cheek down upon them. A quick yank with both hands raised her ass up into the air, and damn what an ass it was.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: My sister has a world-class ass. Like her boobs, Brandi didn’t have the biggest booty around, the kind of butt that rappers turn into songs. No, Brandi had the kind of ass that sent thousands of young women flocking to the gym: the perfectly sculpted, well-rounded but super-firm paired buttcheeks without an ounce of excess fat that professional athletes could only dream of. It was a juicy peach, and I had to stop and take a bite out of it. Literally.

“Oww!” Brandi squealed at the unexpected pain of my teeth. But she quickly moaned when I laughed and took a long lick of her crack from base to top. She even shivered when I my tongue briefly buzzed over her crinkled anus, and I briefly thought about reclaiming my personal territory over Brandi’s body, the one place she had given to me and only me.

But we really didn’t have time. Another day perhaps. Instead I got up on my knees, palmed her firm buttcheeks, and lined up my mushroom head with her slippery slit.

“Fuck me, little brother,” Brandi crooned.

On command I slammed forward, blasting past her constricting tightness in a single thrust. Her whole body rocked, her cheek pressing up against her forearms while she grunted at the sudden entry. But right away she pushed up with her hands and started fucking back at me.

“So fucking full!” she groaned.

“So fucking tight,” I moaned in response, sliding my hands up to her waist to have a better grip.

“Fuck me, little brother.”

“I’m fucking you, big sister.”

“It’s so wrong...”

“Definitely wrong,” I agreed.

“It’s so naughty...”

“The worst kind of naughty.”

“But so fucking right.”

“Hell fucking yeah.”

Harder and harder I hammered her while Brandi flung herself back at me with every bit as much force, bouncing my pelvis back at me with that perfect ass.

“Oh, Ben... Ben...” my sister moaned as if my name itself were an aural aphrodisiac.

“Brandi ... Brandi...” I moaned in rhythm with my thrusts.

“I wanna taste your sperm, little brother. I wanna feel your massive cock flood my tonsils with incestuous brother cum. I wanna go off to work with the naughtiest kind of protein shake filling my belly, and I want you to give me so much that when I burp my co-workers are gonna wonder about the smell. FUCK me, little brother! FUCK me! FUCK me!”

I was fucking her. My blood was boilin’ and my balls were coilin’. Leaning forward, I slid my hands up to her tits and held onto them while I pounded away at her backside. This close to my own eruption, I wasn’t trying to make her cum anymore. Thankfully, she managed to scream out an orgasm anyway. And it was the sudden spasms of her climaxing cunt that finally set me off.

“Gonna ... gonna...” I grunted, straining at the edge of release. “UUUUNNNNGGGHHH!!!”

Abruptly, Brandi had rolled beneath me, tossing me onto my side just as I started to explode. I didn’t think she’d make it, but just as the first shot blasted forth from my upright cock, she got her gaping mouth about two inches over it and managed to snare the sperm bullet mid-air. And by the time my balls fired a second wad, she’d surrounded my crown with her lips while her hands milked my shaft for more.

“Ohhhuhhnggg...” I groaned, my body sagging into the mattress as my testicles gave up the rest of their load. My sister swallowed everything, her hands and mouth coaxing out the last drops. And even when she’d hoovered it all up, she kept on sucking just in case.

Panting in momentary exhaustion, I grinned up at my sister and started to say thanks. But before I could, and with her mouth still slurping at my knob, she placed a finger against my lips to keep me silent.

I settled down as she finished the job. After swallowing every last drop, she picked her head up, smacked her lips, and sighed in deep satisfaction.

“I’ve got your sperm in my belly, little brother...” Brandi sighed, her eyes sizzling. “Isn’t that so... wrong?”

I grinned. “So wrong...”

“And yet,” my older sister added with a matching grin. “So right.”

7:15 AM

Whenever in our rooms, Kim and I kept the doors to the Jack-N-Jill bathroom closed for soundproofing, but when I opened my side I saw that my baby mama’s door was wide open. Crossing through the bathroom I poked my head inside and saw Kim’s empty bed beside BJ’s similarly empty crib. No surprise since our little boy tended to get up around 6 every morning. Returning my attention to the sink and mirror, I went through my morning routine, put on boxers and a white undershirt, and emerged from my bedroom ready to find my little family.

“Say ‘Hi, Daddy’,” Kim encouraged little BJ while pointing at me. The two of them sat on the floor of our living room playing with a pair of battery-powered cubes with half of a different animal on each of the six sides. Rather than say anything, or even bother to look at me, my 8-month-old son focused on the two cubes, rotating the one in his right hand until the front half of the cartoon cow aligned with the back half of the same cow on the other cube. After he pushed the two cubes together, a speaker obediently played the “Moo ... moo...” sound for him, and my little boy let out a happy “Muh” in response.

“Yay!” Kim enthused with a few short claps before brushing one of her long, dark bangs back from her forehead, tucking it behind one ear. “That’s a cow. Say ‘cow’...”

“Nuh-uh. Say ‘Daddy’,” I interrupted as I squatted on the floor beside him and reached down to rub the back of his head.

Brandi, nestled into a corner of the couch with a cereal bowl and spoon in her hands, chuckled. “You want him to associate pictures of cows with ‘Daddy’?”

I rolled my eyes at her and re-focused my attention on my son. “Good morning, BJ,” I greeted with overly-enunciated speech.

My little man beamed up at me, drooling a bit as he grinned and replied, “Da-da!”

With waggled eyebrows, I shot a smirk at my big sister and rubbed BJ’s head again. “That’s my boy.”

Of course, BJ decided to point to the cow and repeat, “Da-da!”

“‘Cow’,” Kim corrected as she reached forward and pointed to the picture.

“Moo,” BJ replied, looking a little perplexed.

I chuckled. “Close enough.” Bending over, I pecked him on the crown of his head and leaned over to Kim to peck her on the lips. “Morning. Did you two have a good night?”

Kim shrugged. “Mostly. He woke up a little hungry around 2.”

I sighed. “I keep telling you to wake me for those. I’m more than happy to feed him.”

“Not happening.” Kim hefted her boobs with both hands, swollen up to C-cups with milk. “Not unless you grow a pair of these.”

“I’m perfectly capable of holding a bottle.” I sighed, dropped onto my butt and crossed my legs beside my boy.

“It’s fine. You need your sleep. And I didn’t want to bother you two.” Kim glanced up at Brandi, who smiled in satisfaction.

Shaking my head, I sighed, “You have willing help whenever you want it. Actually, it’s not even about ‘help’. I’m his dad. There should be times that I take over and maybe you can help me out.”

“I keep telling you: Don’t feel guilty. We’re fine,” Kim insisted. “You helped out plenty when he was younger and waking up every two hours. And now that he’s waking up maybe just once a night, it’s nothing I can’t handle on my own. You may be his dad, but I’m his mom. And like I said: you don’t have these.” She hefted her boobs again.

BJ noticed, and staring at his mom’s rack he muttered again, “Muh...” while making the hand-clenching ASL sign for ‘milk’.

Kim smiled sweetly at her son and said apologetically, “Oh, you’re not hungry. You just ate an hour ago!”

“He just wants to suck on your boob for the fun of it,” Brandi chimed in. “Like father, like son.”

I blinked and mused on that. “Come to think of it...” I leaned toward the couch and reached up to tug at the hem of my T-shirt Brandi still wore, miming sucking motions with my lips and mumbling hungry noises.

“Stop that!” Brandi giggled while batting my hand away with the spoon until I chuckled and gave up the half-hearted pursuit. She settled down, took one last bite of her cereal, and dropped the spoon into her empty bowl. Sliding her legs off the couch, she got up and said, “Well I’d better get going. Go make sure Dayna wakes up by 7:30, okay?” It was more of a big sister command than a request.

I looked up. “Dayna’s still here?”

Already on her way into the kitchen, Brandi didn’t even look back at us as she jerked a thumb over her shoulder toward the master bedroom and explained, “She spent the night with Adrienne.”

“Of course.” With their own comfy beds readily available in their apartment just an elevator ride down from ours, it wasn’t common for either Dayna or Brandi to spend the night. But since Brandi had stayed over with me, it was logical for her busty, blonde, bisexual best friend Dayna to find a bedmate here as well. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks, little brother,” Brandi replied as she dropped her empty bowl into the sink and returned to the living room, hands behind her head as she tied her hair back with a scrunchie. She circled around the couch, crouched beside BJ and raised her hand to him. “High-five, little man.”

BJ scrutinized her palm for a second before remembering what he was supposed to do, and he gave her hand a firm smack and grinned happily.

“Fist bump,” Brandi encouraged, presenting him with her knuckles.

Reacting immediately this time, BJ didn’t quite make a fist but still curled his fingers down before once again hitting her hand.

“Atta boy.”

Arching an eyebrow, I commented, “You’re so much of a better big sister to him than you ever were to me.”

Brandi glared and fist-bumped me... hard ... right in the upper arm.

Reflexively moving my hand to cover the spot where she’d hit me, I chuckled and chided, “See?”

Rolling her eyes, Brandi leaned forward and pecked me on the lips before aiming higher and pecking my forehead. “Bye, Ben. Thanks again for this morning.”

“My pleasure.” I reached up to goose her ass. “Anytime.”

Brandi giggled and stood up. “See you later, Kim,” she said with a wave, turned, and left our apartment to return to hers.

7:29 AM

I played with BJ for a little longer, and though my stomach growled for breakfast, I figured I should go rouse Dayna. I rubbed BJ’s head while he busied himself with the animal blocks again. He put together a dog, showed it to me, and properly repeated “woof” after the cube-speakers did so. I clapped for him with a broad smile, told him I’d be back, and got to my feet to head down the short hallway in the opposite direction of my own bedroom. Our east-facing corner unit was configured in an L-shape with the vaulted-ceiling great room on the corner itself. The Jack-N-Jill bedrooms for me, Kim, and BJ were down the right wing southeast. The hallway bathroom, office/bedroom for Sasha, and Adrienne’s master suite were northeast to the left.

Double doors at the very end of the hall led the way into Adrienne’s lair, and I pulled down on the door handle slowly to make sure the lock was fully-disengaged before silently pushing the door open. Northeast-facing windows would have offered a nice view of the San Francisco Bay had the curtains been open, but Adrienne almost always kept them shut so she could sleep in. Still, enough illumination fought through the designer shades to bathe the room in a warm morning glow that made the naked skin of both slumbering blonde beauties appear even creamier and more delectable than usual.

Not that I had any pressing need for sex. The AM romp with Brandi had certainly taken the starch out of my morning wood, and I had to get to work at a reasonable hour, especially today. But Dayna and Adrienne had apparently decided to go without bedclothes of any kind, and while they were both concealed by Adrienne’s duvet, arms and Dayna’s right leg had come free of the covers, not to mention Dayna’s entire naked ass and the way the duvet came several inches short of impeding my view of Adrienne’s massive tits as she slept flat on her back. And the sight of them both was awfully, awfully tempting.

But like I said: I didn’t have any pressing need for sex.

Still, I let my hand drift to Dayna’s ass. No reason not to in this situation. Unlike Brandi’s tighter, firmer butt, Dayna had a larger, rounder junk-in-the-trunk kind of booty to match her 36DDs up top. And I filled my palm with a meaty handful to squeeze and caress before gliding it down that naked leg.

At the same time, I planted one knee on the mattress and braced myself with both hands while leaning down to nuzzle the blonde bombshell’s cheek and earlobe with my nose and lips before whispering softly, “Good morning, sweetheart.” And I went back to nuzzling and kissing her cheek again.

She didn’t wake right away. Knowing both her and Adrienne, I was certain the pair didn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, Dayna’s need to get to work on a weekday be damned. She continued to breathe slowly and rhythmically through two more “Good morning, sweethearts” until I brought my tongue out to tickle her...

Well ... that and my middle finger sliding through her asscrack to tease both her clit and anus.

Dayna’s sudden deep inhalation broke the rhythm of her breathing, and still with eyes closed she rolled most of the way onto her back and stretched out the right leg that had already come free of the covers. Pointing her toes, she actually pulled that leg further and further to the right, which spread her bare-shaven crotch open wide to my view. And while yes, I didn’t have any pressing need for sex, it was an opportunity too tempting to pass up.

After sliding off the mattress, I circled around to the foot of the bed and lay down on my chest. Dayna’s right leg still pointed off to the side while her other remained trapped beneath the blanket, but I had enough room to tuck my elbows beneath me and still extend my neck and take a long lick at the beautiful blonde’s already-moist slit.

My teasing middle finger earlier had started Dayna’s lubrication process, and the scent of her arousal filled my nostrils. I extended my tongue through her labia, penetrating inside in search of her honey, and I was rewarded with the taste of an Evans girl in sexual heat.

But I stopped myself from going any further. To continue without following through to orgasm would be an unkind tease, and we simply didn’t have the time. Dayna still had to get downstairs and get ready for work, and frankly, so did I. So with one final lick, I got up, moved over to the side again, and nibbled my way across her cheek before covering the sleeping beauty’s mouth with my own.

Still not quite awake, it took Dayna a few seconds to start kissing me back. But once she came alive, her arm circled around my neck and tugged my head closer to hers while her tongue ventured out to play. She moaned happily into my mouth, and we finished up with a few extra pecks before she finally released my neck slack enough for me to back up a few inches, smile, and repeat quietly, “Good morning, sweetheart.”

Dayna’s crystal clear blue eyes sparkled up at me. “Say it again.”

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I repeated with another warm smile.

She smiled blissfully and breathed in, her cheeks rising high to meet her closing eyelids before she sighed in rapture and beamed at me. “I love it when you call me that, boyfriend.”

“You ARE a sweetheart, maybe the sweetest heart I know,” I stated earnestly. And with a smile I added, “And I rather enjoy you calling me ‘boyfriend’.”

She blinked at me, her eyes bright and blue. “Still happy you decided to add me to your stable of fillies?”

I chuckled. “You know I’m happy.”

“I do know.” She smiled and nodded. “But I still like to hear you say it. Of course, you know that since you’ve now completed the Evans sister trifecta, Mom is gonna come after you even harder than before.”

I barked a laugh, loud enough to startle Adrienne just a bit. The naked supermodel moaned, rolled onto her side with her back to us, and after a deep breath settled back down into slumbering stillness.

The little adrenaline rush was just what Dayna needed to fully wake, and about five seconds after her bed partner went completely still, she turned back to face me, whispering, “What time is it?”

“Time for you to get up for work,” I replied quietly.

Turning fully onto her side and facing me, Dayna set her head back down on the pillow and sighed. “Work, work, work...”

“The show must go on.”

She shrugged and took a deep breath. “No time for a quickie, is there?”

I shrugged apologetically. “Not really, at least not here. You couldn’t be quiet if your life depended on it, and we don’t want to wake up Miss Grumpy Mornings this early.”

Dayna put on an exaggerated pout and looked up at me with big doe eyes.

“Don’t give me that look,” I chuckled. “I put two loads in you last night.”

“That was last night,” she whined. “Now it’s morning. I’ll bet your sister got a bellyful today.”

I shrugged. “Well ... yeah.”

Dayna’s exaggerated doe eyes came back. “And there’s nothing left for me? Your loving, adoring, beautiful cumslut girlfriend? Please, Ben. I need you.”

I rolled my eyes. The part about the beautiful cumslut girlfriend was enticing but the girls, collectively, had been overusing the ‘need’ card lately. We all knew I had a White Knight complex, but such blunt manipulation was rapidly becoming a turn-off.

“Come on, you,” I said, taking hold of her hand and tugging her toward the side of the bed. Still giving me the exaggerated pout, Dayna allowed me to lead her to the edge before I let go and she sat up on her own. Of course, she had to collect her fine blonde hair and tie it behind her head with a scrunchie the same way Brandi had earlier. But Brandi had been wearing a shirt. Dayna ... well ... wasn’t.

With a smirk, my newest girlfriend eyed the bulge that had formed in my boxers, the sheer fabric not doing much to hide it. “That for me?” she intoned suggestively, a naughty tease in her voice.

I sighed. “You know you’ve got great tits. Now stop it. We both have to get ready for work.” With that, I turned and headed back for the bedroom doors.

Behind me, Dayna groaned but followed me out the door and down the hall. Stark naked, she waved at Kim and BJ as we passed through the living room. I could’ve sworn BJ started making the ASL hand-sign for ‘milk’ again while staring at Dayna’s big boobs. But I didn’t stop to investigate and instead headed straight for my closet to get my clothes.

Dayna did too. Not long after they individually began spending nights here, both Brandi and Dayna each started stashing several outfits at our place for their frequent morning walks of shame down to their apartment. But while Brandi opted for stealing my T-shirts and wearing either shorts or yoga pants simply to handle the trek down the elevator, Dayna actually had complete ensembles here. And since becoming my newest official “girlfriend”, she’d commandeered an entire section of my closet instead of merely keeping a few outfits here and there.

Dayna’s breakup with her longtime boyfriend Kevin had come just a couple of months after we’d moved in. Their relationship failure had nothing to do with me, but having a ready and willing cock just upstairs made it much easier for the self-proclaimed nymphomaniac slut to get over her ex. While her high school and college years had been spent playing the field, living the last several years in a semi-committed relationship had put a damper on her enthusiasm for meaningless sex with total strangers, especially with Big Ben close by. And my existing girlfriends readily welcomed her into our inner circle so that she could satisfy her craving for regular shaftings with a dependable, trustworthy guy she already cared about.

Of course, Dayna spending so much time at our apartment led her roommate/best friend to come with her more and more. And although Brandi initially tried to stick to her moratorium on breaking the incest barrier, it was only a matter of time before my orgasmically-delirious big sister shoved Sasha’s face out of her crotch and ordered me to fill her up with brother-cock.

Nowadays, all seven of us (BJ included) spent most evenings together. Usually, Dayna and Brandi went back to their own place at the end of the night, especially after BJ was born and the combination of exhausted parents and screaming baby put a damper on the whole social/sexual thing. But as Kim and I got adjusted to parenthood and BJ started sleeping through the night, booty calls became more and more regular, and overnight visits became more and more frequent. And one night just last month, Dayna held me closely in her arms, my cock deflating in her cunt and my sperm soaking into her womb, and she whispered that I wasn’t just a booty call to her anymore.

Both of us had been careful about the L-word. I clearly loved both Sasha and Adrienne, and I admitted that I didn’t have that level of emotion for Dayna. We were old friends, our relationship quite literally dating back to my birth. We were familiar lovers, more “comfortable” than “romantic”. And indeed, we hadn’t even gone on a single solo date since becoming “official”.

But we were regular, we were consistently present in each other’s lives, and I was pretty much willing to service her whenever she needed it. For all the discussion about a relationship with me being like a daily commute in a Lamborghini, for Dayna, at least, I was the quintessential dependable family sedan. And even if the flames of love didn’t burn white hot between us, there was “a” love there. There always had been. We were Family. I’d started calling her “sweetheart” a long time ago, and she had no interest in searching for any man but me. The title of “girlfriend” simply let her feel like she belonged, that she had a place amongst Adrienne and Sasha instead of being an interloper stealing my time from them. The title, really, wasn’t that big of a deal.

At least, it wasn’t to us.

Of course, the title was a pretty big deal to Dayna’s mom Deanna, who got super-excited and started dreaming of Ben/Evans babies again. Nevermind that both Dayna and I explained that neither of us saw marriage in our future together. We were old friends, and committed partners for now, but eventually she wouldn’t need me anymore. If she found a new guy to fall in love with tomorrow, we would amicably break up and still be great friends.

It was a pretty big deal to DJ, too, but the youngest Evans daughter wasn’t exactly “excited”. It would take too much time to try and explain the exact nature of my current relationship with DJ – somewhere between “cordial” and “strained” – but the fact was that Dayna had committed herself to me and the feelings were mutual enough that it wouldn’t be fair of me to call her anything else, so Dayna’s baby sister would simply have to accept that. Besides, DJ had her own boyfriend now and we didn’t see each other that often anyway.

And of course, there was Dawn. But surprisingly, my ex-soulmate had been nothing but happy for us. The first time Dayna and I met up with her after becoming “official”, Dawn had simply wished the best for her big sister and ordered me to treat her right for as long as we lasted.

So Dayna had moved more of her clothes into my closet. She settled into a sort of rotation with Adrienne and Sasha. Nothing so regular as to be assigned days of the week or anything, but consistent enough for her to spend at least two nights out of seven with me. Sometimes it was just the two of us, and sometimes it was with one or more of the others, or even Brandi on rare occasions when my big sister let her lust overpower her guilty conscience to stay overnight. And sometimes, like last night, she’d spend the night with one of my other girlfriends instead of me.

So there wasn’t really anything special about this morning. It was just like any other weekday morning after Dayna had spent the night. And most weekday mornings when Dayna would start going through her section of my closet getting dressed, she’d simply put her clothes on, kiss me goodbye, and head downstairs to her own apartment to do her hair and makeup.

Of course, most of those weekday mornings Dayna would have already gotten her own big ‘O’ to start the day, whether it be from me or someone else. But she hadn’t today, not yet. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when instead of going to her section of my closet, my newest girlfriend molded her naked body against mine from behind and reached around to slide her hand into my boxers.

I had already retrieved the button-down dress shirt I’d planned to wear and was in the middle of removing it from the hangar. But as Dayna’s cool hand circled around my half-hard chubby and began squeezing it, I sighed in resignation, let my shoulders sag, and lowered the shirt, hangar and all, toward my lap. “We don’t have time,” I complained without turning around.

“But I really DO need you,” she whimpered. “I’m not gonna function right today without this.” Dayna WAS a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac after all.

I shook my head but allowed her to twist me around to face her with one hand on my hip and her other hand still tugging on my cock. White Knight complex aside, Dayna was my girlfriend and I’d already known from the moment she stuck her hand down my shorts that I was going to give her what she wanted. And as she squatted while peeling my boxers down to my ankles and stuck her tongue out to take a long lick from my testicles and up the underside of my growing shaft, I grumbled, “Well can we at least make it fast?”

“What? You don’t want to take your time playing with these?” Dayna batted her eyelashes at me and grinned while reaching down to heft her boobs with both hands. The 36DDs were considerably more massive than when Kim had done the same motion, not to mention more exposed. So while my first thought had been of nursing BJ when Kim did it, my first thought now was of sticking my banana-bent prick into the valley of my girlfriend’s cleavage, squishing the big globes to form a tunnel around my shaft, and rutting myself into her titflesh until I gave her one of the pearl necklaces she loved so much.

Turned out that’s exactly what I did, but not right away. First, Dayna settled onto her knees, suckled each of my testicles into her mouth one-by-one, and took another long lick along the underside of my cock. Then, she slowly moved her lips over my mushroom head and nibbled on it while swirling her tongue around the glans. And finally she relaxed her gag reflex, working her face down every last inch of my rod until she massaged my now rock hard erection with her throat muscles.

All that only took about a minute. The point was to get me hard, not get me off, and we DID have to get to work. Standing up, my girlfriend took my hands and backed up until her butt hit the edge of my bed. Letting go of me, she rolled onto her back and raised her heels onto the mattress, but when I started sinking to my knees and ducking my head into her crotch, she bopped me on the head and complained, “Fuck that. A.D. ate me out plenty last night. I need your cock, boyfriend!”

Rolling my eyes, I stood back up and grabbed onto her upright knees. Pressing them to the sides, I opened up her crotch, slotted myself into position, and thrust.

Dayna closed her eyes, bit her lip, and groaned, “Oh yeah that hits the spot...”

I didn’t dally. The clock was ticking and I knew she wouldn’t let me go until (A) she’d gotten her big ‘O’ to start the day and (B) she’d extracted a cumload out of me in return. It wasn’t that -I- needed another ejaculation this morning, but my cumslut girlfriend wouldn’t be satisfied without it.

At first, I hooked my girlfriend’s legs over my shoulders and tugged that well-padded ass to meet my long, steady thrusts. Then, pressing her knees out to the sides, I practically pushed Dayna into butterfly side-splits to create more room for my pelvis to get all the way down against her crotch as I increased both speed and power. And as she got closer and closer to climax, I leaned my weight forward, braced my palms against her big tits, and rutted into her hard and fast to push her up the final climb.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Dayna chanted while I drilled her out. “Oh, baby I’m gonna cum!”

Pivoting my hands, I raised my thumbs and began flipping her nipples like I was holding an Xbox controller. The thought of that visual metaphor put an amusing idea into my head, and I idly tapped out the Konami Code just for fun. On the verge of climax, Dayna barely noticed, and her eyes rolled up into her head as her lower lip shivered and her whole body tightened up just before she came.

“FUUUUUUCK!!!” the blonde bombshell screamed out her orgasm before taking a deep breath and screaming again, “FUUUUUUCK!!!” Like I said: she couldn’t be quiet if her life depended on it. Her head jerked back, her neck thrust up, and her jaw gaped wide open while I concentrated on continuing to pump in and out through her tightly-clenching cunt to maximize my girlfriend’s pleasure. And in response she added one more “FUUUUUUCK!!!” to echo through my room.

So (A) was complete. Time for (B).

Dayna’s final scream was still bouncing around the walls when she went limp beneath me. Her eyeballs rolled around in googly, uncoordinated swirls and her legs, which had been cinched around my lower back for that final climb, dropped to the sides. Swiftly, I yanked my dick out and clambered onto the bed before straddling my girlfriend’s chest. Laying my cock between her breasts, I squished her dairy pillows around my rod and started rapidly humping them.

Blinking slowly, Dayna moaned and took deep breaths before straightening her neck out and looking up at me. She got a silly smirk on her face and reached down to take over holding her breasts, which freed up my own arms to support my weight as I bent over on all fours and really began using my abs to thrust back and forth through her titflesh-tunnel.

I held nothing back. She wasn’t going to get another orgasm this way and there was no reason to delay. I rutted back and forth while staring at the way my cockhead disappeared and reappeared from beneath the fleshy mounds. Dayna craning her neck and sticking out her tongue to “high-five” my cockhead on each thrust only added to the eroticism of the moment, and the visual did almost as much for me as the physical pleasure.

“Fuck my tits, boyfriend. Fuck them,” my sweetheart crooned. “Feel how warm and soft they are for you. Enjoy the pleasure they give you, only you, my boyfriend and my only man. Don’t they feel so good? Fuck my tits, Ben!”

I was fucking them. Faster and faster I thrust, bunching the bedsheets beneath my fingers as my whole torso began to sway with each lunge. I stared at my beaming girlfriend beneath me, her crystal clear blue eyes sparkling with mirth. And when she recognized my telltale grimace that signaled an impending eruption, she gaped her mouth open wide and pleaded, “Cum all over me! Shower me with your sperm! Let your big dick spray all over me and give me that pearly jizz I need!”

“AAARRRRRRGHHH!” I roared, thrusting forward one final time and holding it there. The first wad raced through my urethra and burst out to hit Dayna right on the chin. She quickly let go of her tits and wrapped both hands around my rod, aiming it downward and to her right so that my next shot impacted against that side of her collarbone. And for the rest of my ejaculation, she tugged and pulled with a double-fisting corkscrew motion, drawing out every last drop while directing my cumdrops in a wide half-circle across her chest.

When I was done, the whole thing looked sorta like a creamy happy face, with a glob on each cheek and the one big one squarely in the middle of her chin, plus that wide half-circle across her chest. But it still couldn’t match the radiance of Dayna’s actual happy face.

Post-ejaculate, I felt the energy leaving my body and my limbs started to wobble, but I managed to keep myself up on all fours above her naked body. She began scooping cumballs off her skin with a crooked finger and popping them into her mouth. And as she sucked on her fingers, the beautiful blonde beamed up at me as if she couldn’t possibly be any happier than right at this very moment, covered in my cum.

I smiled right back, and having held nothing back, I panted after the exertion and sighed, “NOW can we get dressed for work?”

Scooping up another cumball, Dayna sucked on her finger for a moment while pretending to think about it before saying, “Sure I can’t tempt you into leaving another deposit up my ass?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “We can’t be late. Especially the last day before a long vacation. You just don’t do that to your employer.”

“I know, I know. Work, work, work ... Wouldn’t life just be so much more fun if we could just stay in bed and spend all our time fucking?”

“Just one more day, and then we’ll be in paradise and have all the time in the world to leave deposits up your ass.”

“You promise?”

I chuckled and nodded. “I promise.”

Fine. But I’m going to hold you to that.”

Rolling my hips back, I sat down on her upper thighs and bent over enough to give my girlfriend a grateful kiss. “C’mon, sweetheart. Let’s get this show on the road.”

8:03 AM

“You’re gonna be late,” Sasha warned without looking up at me as I arrived in the kitchen. The gorgeous, stacked brunette was fully dressed for work and seated on a barstool at the counter with a half-full glass of orange juice alongside a small plate, empty save for some leftover crumbs. She stared, enraptured, at the brand new smartphone on the counter in front of her.

“I know, I know,” I sighed before leaning over and pecking her cheek. She turned her face to me for a second kiss, this one on the lips, before staring downward at her phone again. I commented, “Less than a week and you’re already addicted to that thing.”

“What can I say? It’s incredible. Phone calls, email, text, iPod, camera ... and I’m reading the Wall Street Journal here. I love this big screen. Sorry, lover, but I think the iPhone has replaced Big Ben as my favorite toy.” She laughed delightedly.

I rolled my eyes and waved her off. “Whatever. Just don’t tell Bert he was right all along.”

“You kidding me? He already messaged me a photo of the line he’s in at the Berkeley AT&T Store. It’s the Big Launch Day, this thing won’t even be released until 6pm, and no one at the office can believe I already have one.”

“Adrienne works magic, doesn’t she?”

“You can say that again.”

I blinked, shrugged, and deadpanned, “Adrienne works magic. But her magic is apparently limited since she didn’t get me one.”

Sasha glanced up at me and grinned. “Jealous that she only got two from that Apple designer, and she gave the extra one to me.”?”

“Over a cell phone? Course not.” I opened a cabinet, retrieved a glass, opened the fridge, and pulled out the carton of orange juice.

“Not over the phone, but maybe jealous because it means that I’m her favorite over you?”

I rolled my eyes and finished pouring myself the juice. Setting the still-open carton down with one hand, I used the other to abruptly snatch the iPhone off the counter and slide it into my back pocket. “Fine. Mine.”

Sasha’s big brown eyes popped open wide. “You’re not serious.”

“What? Think I can’t strut down to work and show off my new gadget?” Nonchalantly, I raised my glass to my lips and took a sip.

“It’s not your gadget. Besides, that’s my SIM card in there.”

“Whatever, you can have my phone.” I pulled out my trusty RAZR2 and extended it toward her. “We’ll swap SIM cards.”

Sasha slumped her shoulders and gave me a you-gotta-be-kidding-me look. Pressing her lips together, her eyes narrowed just before she launched off the barstool and darted her hand around my waist to dig into my back pocket.

Only my back pocket wasn’t there anymore. I’d recognized her expression and been prepared, twisting my body the second she moved. Pivoting and backing up, I wound up still in front of Sasha as she stood in the middle of the kitchen and seethed at me.

“Give it back,” she muttered with a frown.

I shrugged and took another sip of juice. “Make me.”

Sasha darted forward, and again I dodged. Both of her hands grabbed and snatched at my waist, but she couldn’t get around me. But eventually I got cornered by the oven and she managed to hook her fingers through my belt, momentarily preventing me from getting away. Using her body to press mine against the cabinets and holding my belt firmly with that left hand, she did that reach around again to try and slide her hand between my lower back and the front edge of the counter. And with her face only inches away from mine, I raised the glass of orange juice and waggled it above and to the side of her head.

“Let me go or I’ll dump this on you,” I warned with raised eyebrows.

Sasha was fully-dressed for work, with hair, makeup, and one of my favorite emerald green blouses. We both knew she’d have to get going soon to get to her office on time, and her eyes flared. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Smirking, I arched an eyebrow and waggled the glass to make sure her focus was on it. “Wouldn’t I?”

“You dump that and I’ll dump you,” she bit out coldly, her jaw set and her eyes frosty.

I measured her expression and chuckled, knowing my girlfriend would never actually break up with me over this, but at the same time she probably knew I wouldn’t actually pour the juice on her. Still, even after I set down the glass on the countertop behind me, I snagged her right wrist before she could dart her hand to my back pocket once again.

Rolling her eyes, Sasha shoved her pelvis against me to once again pin me against the lower cabinets, and released her grip on my belt to use her other hand to reach around. I countered by using my free hand to tickle her in the side, making her convulse and tuck her elbows to try and ward me off. “Jerk!”

“My iPhone now! Miiiine!” I crowed as I let go of her wrist and started tickling her other side, even pulling the hem of her shirt free so I could get to her sensitive skin.

“Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Give it BACK!” Sasha squealed and tried to tickle me back. But even though she got in a couple of hits, I was landing far more.

“You don’t stand a chance,” I bragged. “I’ve got longer arms than you.”

Squealing constantly, she focused on trying to block my attacks, but I batted aside her weak defenses and raised my palm to get a nice handful of boob.

Sasha screamed. I laughed. BJ muttered from the kitchen floor, “Muh?” And Kim appeared beside us with her arms folded and a withering expression on her face.

“Settle down, children,” Kim intoned wearily before glancing down at the crawler sitting on the floor beside her. Apparently my little man had come to investigate the ruckus.

I put on an exaggerated frown and sad, drooping eyes to look like a kid in trouble, but I could only keep it up for two seconds before breaking into a big grin. Opening my arms, I hugged Sasha firmly while she tucked her head into my shoulder. And both of us giggled like school kids.

Of course, a second later Sasha’s hand slid down my lower back and she fished out her iPhone. I let her take it and pulled back to arm’s length, my hands still clasped behind her lower back.

“Say you’re sorry now,” Kim ordered. “Set a good example for your son.”

“I’m sorry, Sasha,” I stated slowly and solemnly, staring my girlfriend in the eyes. “I shouldn’t have taken your iPhone.”

“You’re forgiven,” she replied just as solemnly, putting on a formal display for BJ.

“Now kiss and make up,” Kim added like a scolding parent, but even she was unable to quite keep a straight face.

Giggling, Sasha exaggerated her pucker and extended her face toward mine. I did an exaggerated pucker as well and slowly leaned in until we could smack each other on the lips with loud “mm-wah” sound effects. Sasha grinned, I grinned, and we turned to find that BJ had crawled up my leg and stood there leaning against my knee, looking up at me with big eyes and puckered lips of his own. “Mm ... mm...” he insisted.

Laughing, I bent over and kissed my son. He turned and looked at Sasha, who also bent and pecked him on the lips. Kim beamed and puckered up as well, but BJ instead turned his back to her and crawled back into the living room.

“What? You leave Mommy hanging?” Kim complained, throwing her arms up.

“C’mere, you. I won’t leave Mommy hanging,” I said with a grin as I reached an arm out and pulled Kim toward me. She put on the exaggerated pucker as well, but once our mouths met her lips softened and I pressed forward into a deeper, more soulful kiss with the mother of my child.

Once we separated though, Kim rolled her eyes and sighed. She released me and headed into the living room, muttering, “Babies...”

Sasha and I looked at each other, eyes dancing for a moment before we both broke into fresh grins. My girlfriend kissed me again, this time the deep, soulful, kind. As the passion built, she pressed herself against my chest and moaned into my mouth. But before things started to get out of hand, she pulled back, held my neck in her right hand, and tilted her face down to rest her forehead against my chin.

“You keep that up and we’re both going to be late,” she murmured.

I let my hand slide down her lower back and get a firm grip on her ass. “Might be worth it,” I muttered back.

“Haven’t you had enough this morning? Dayna made quite the ruckus this morning – that girl couldn’t stay quiet if her life depended on it – and Kim said that Brandi came out of your bedroom with quite the happy glow.”

“You know I can always manage for you.”

Sasha chuckled and pushed her breasts against my chest. Sliding her hand between us, fingers down, she lay her palm flat against my package and gave it a little caress. Big Ben had already stirred to life after that kiss, but she merely patted my bulge before taking a step away. With a sigh she said, “No, we both have to get to work and you know it.”

I gave her a helpless look and nodded. “But it’s been a little while for you, hasn’t it? Days ... Since the weekend, actually. Not sure we’ve ever gone that long before.”

“It’s fine. You’ve been busy, between work, Krav Maga, and we had the hip-hop class together on Tuesday.”

“But just hip-hop. I didn’t take care of you after the class.”

“Because Dayna jumped you as soon as you came in the door.” Sasha giggled, and when I started to apologize, she held a hand up and cut me off, saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine. She’s still in her honeymoon phase with you and really, I’m fine.”

I took a deep breath and frowned. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when you and I agreed to become a ‘couple’. You’re my girlfriend. You were my girlfriend first. But now with Adrienne, Kim, Dayna, Brandi ... I never meant for you to feel neglected.”

“And I don’t. I’m fine, really I am.”

Grimacing, I shook my head. “You know I’ve never liked this word ‘fine’. It always seems like a word to cover up all manner of resentments.”

Sasha rolled her eyes, grabbed my shirt, and kissed me again. But it was a short kiss, and she pulled back far enough to say, “I love you, Ben. And I love being here with you, in this relationship with you. Don’t worry about me. You remember how we got started? With all the Tri-Delts? I only had ‘Sasha Thursdays’, once a week, and that was perfectly okay with me.”

“That was a long time ago, and what we meant to each other then isn’t the same as what we mean to each other now. I’d have thought you’d want to be with me more, or are you getting bored of the way I fuck you?”

Laughing, Sasha shook her head and replied, “You know I LOVE the way you fuck me, but I really don’t need it quite as often as the others do, especially when Adrienne takes me out to parties like the one last night. With girls like that who know their way around a woman’s body, and when you get me juuust right, like the way you did on Sunday night ... Well ... sometimes I can go without Big Ben for a week.”

“Well, maybe YOU can last a week without me,” I muttered with a pout, taking a step forward to close the gap between us and sliding my hand down her cheek as I added in a low, throaty tone, “but I miss being inside you. Sunday was forever ago.”

Blinking and giving me a look of indecision, Sasha sighed and pressed her cheek into my palm. But again she took a step back to put some space between us, leaving my hand in open air. “We’ve both got to get to work,” she insisted.

“You’re right, you’re right,” I sighed, taking a deep breath and nodding slowly.

“Besides, starting tomorrow there’ll be plenty of time to catch up. No more work, no more distractions. Nothing better to do than relax and make love.”

“Of course, of course,” I agreed. It wasn’t like I needed sex. I’d already cum twice this morning, and there would always be other opportunities to be with Sasha. “So we should go to work.”

Standing up straight, Sasha nodded firmly. “We should.”

“So ... I’m going to work now,” I stated while slowly bobbing my head up and down. I also took a long step forward, which caused Sasha to take a long step back, which bumped her up the cabinets on the opposite side of the kitchen.

“Ben...” she muttered thickly, staring at my lips for a few seconds before flicking her eyes back up to mine. “Go. To. Work.”

I leaned in, brushed my lips against hers ever so gently, but didn’t press the kiss any deeper. I let my cheek rub against hers, inhaling her sweet, spicy scent before exhaling disappointment. “You’re right, you’re right. I’m going, I’m going.”

Wordlessly, she watched me stand up straight and give her an apologetic shrug. Her eyes remained on mine, a little wary of me changing my mind perhaps, but I took a deep breath and finally managed to turn and start walking away.

“Ah, fuck it,” she swore behind me and yanked back on my forearm.

I spun right into her grasp, our mouths meeting immediately and her tongue spearing down my throat. I grabbed onto her shoulders with thumbs and fingers, pinching almost hard enough to leave her with bruises through her shirt. But when she whimpered in passionate agony, I let go, slid my palms down her back while she stroked hers up and down mine, and finally got a firm grip on her ass.

“Right here, right now,” she growled into my ear. So I did as she wanted.

Thirty seconds later, my pants were around my ankles and her black dress skirt was pushed up around her waist. Sasha’s ass was perched on the edge of the kitchen counter, the strap of her panties pulled to the side as I rammed my cock balls deep into her cunt. Her right hand tugged down on the side of my collar, exposing the skin where my shoulder met my neck, and she bit down right there to muffle the scream she let out while feeling every last inch of Big Ben stretched out her already-creaming pussy.

I’d taken my time with Brandi, and although my session with Dayna was supposed to be a quickie, we’d gone on a good bit longer than that. But even though I was working on my third erection of the morning and could probably last a good long while, we really SHOULD be getting off to work.

So I rammed her hard and fast, holding nothing back. Sasha squealed and humped right back. And inside of three minutes, she started screaming, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” as she tightened up and came.

And I came with her, blasting forth every drop I had left. That had been FAST.

Thirty seconds later, Sasha had pulled the strap of her panties back over her pussy while my sperm soaked into her womb. She smoothened out her skirt, shook her head, and sighed, “Now we’re both gonna be late. Hope I don’t wind up with a trickle going down my leg.”

“Um, I’m sorry?” I ventured.

Chuckling, she yanked my head back down to hers, shoved her tongue down my throat for a few seconds, and then hustled out the door to get to work, calling over her shoulder, “Love you!”

I called after her, “I love you, too!” At least her office was somewhat closer to the apartment than mine. And I’d managed not to ruin her makeup or anything.

And me? Well, when I checked myself in the mirror by the door, I had Sasha’s lipstick covering half my face and two large hickeys on my neck, only one of which would be completely covered by my collar.

June was gonna kill me.

Kim reappeared just then, holding BJ on her right hip. Usually at times like these she always managed to sneak him into her bedroom or otherwise get him out of sight. Having now returned, she gave me a little smirk and said, “There’s a bagel in the toaster for you.”

Pants still around my ankles and Sasha’s girlcum drying on my balls, I turned around to look. Sure enough, there was a nice blueberry bagel popped up in the left slot, but I was sure it had been there for a half-hour by now and must be pretty cold.

“No time to re-heat it,” Kim sighed. “You’d better just grab it ‘to go’.”

Just another ordinary morning in my life.

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