Becoming Mrs. Pleasure

by RichardGerald

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Revenge, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Violent, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Did her infidelity drive her husband mad? Or was it she losing her mind?

I’ve been playing with the storyline here for some time but was unable to bring it together. However, the other day I was re-watching Casablanca. It struck me that Humphry Bogart was able to create two distinct characters Richard Blaine in Paris and Rick in Casablanca. It was what I needed here.

WARNING this is what is referred to as a raac story or at least my version of raac. In addition, I know from your comments that some of my readers are very sensitive about violence particularly as regards women. Be warned this story may offend.

As always your comments public and private and both good and bad are welcome

Finally, this is fiction. None of the characters or events are real. Feel free to tell me every technical mistake I made but please read the story for the entertainment it is meant to be.

You have Mike K to thank for the editing, but I made many changes after he did his good work so expect some errors.

Lynsey Rodman Executive Vice President of Chester Health Care was enjoying an extended Wednesday lunch hour. More particularly she was enjoying the oversized male genitalia of Todd Price, a summer intern at Chester. Normally Lynsey confined her extended lunch hours to Tuesdays and Thursdays, but considering the fact that she only had the use of the college fullback until mid-August, she had added Wednesdays to her summer schedule.

“Tell me what you love,” Todd demanded.

“I love your big cock, fuck me with your big cock,” Lynsey replied playing the game that so turned the young man on.

Todd nearly lifted the five foot ten woman completely off the motel room bed as he slammed into her again and again. At nineteen, he had few sophisticated moves but what he lacked in technique he more than made up in stamina.

Twenty minutes later, showered and changed, Lynsey gave her lover a last passionate kiss and said, “till tomorrow stud.”

At her office, Lynsey faced the disapproving countenance of her Deputy Director of Sales, Sara Finch.

“It’s 2:38 Ms. Rodman. I have a dozen phone messages and three are from your husband.”

“Oh Sara when did you become such a stick in the mud,” Lynsey thought but what she said was, “Thank you, Ms. Finch.”

The two women had been close friends and partied long and often together until Lynsey married Richard Pleasure. They had risen through the ranks of Chester Health together. They had become friends the way attractive young women often do, but they were bonded together by a feminist philosophy and drive. Theirs was a culture of ambition where a woman was justified in doing whatever it took to get ahead.

Sara drew the line at casual infidelity. A single woman who took marriage seriously, she had made her position clear to Lynsey regarding extra-marital sex. Sara was far from a prude, but marriage vows meant something to her. Casual sex for a quick thrill was against Sara’s ethics. The occasional quid pro quo was a different matter. Business was after all business, but sex with interns in the afternoon was an unnecessary risk.

Lynsey suspected there was a bit of jealousy in Sara’s attitude. Lynsey’s husband, Richard was tall and exceedingly handsome. He was a gentle person and deeply compassionate. He was the kind of man who appealed not only to Lynsey as a romantic partner but to Sara as well. He was that rare man who was possessed of those giving qualities that made him a woman’s true soul mate. Lynsey was a blessed woman, and she knew it. Yet, she was a modern American woman with all the appetites of her gender.

After her marriage, Lynsey had toned down her partying but never totally abandoned it. Richard, on the other hand, settled right into marriage. A not very ambitious man, he was a tenth-grade teacher and girls’ junior varsity softball coach. That was fine with Lynsey since she had enough ambition for both on them. Currently, number three in the health care corporation, she intended to reach the CEO position within a decade. The top job carried the prestige and a seven figure income.

At thirty, Richard was a bit younger than his wife’s thirty-two. He had spent eight years in the Army most of it in Afghanistan. He was an intellectual man who received his BA at twenty before joining the military. Lynsey could never understand what a sensitive, bookish man could possibly have done in Afghanistan. They never spoke of his time in the Army. The closest to a discussion of his service time they had ever come was at the Chester Health Memorial Day picnic.

Jack Robinson the current CEO had dedicated the annual company picnic to veterans. Charles Washington, the maintenance director, had lost his son in a roadside bombing that year in Iraq. Everyone was encouraged to bring a veteran to the festivities to be honored.

Weeks before the picnic Lynsey had her husband’s dress uniform taken out to the tailors and cleaners. Officially, Richard was still a member of the active reserves, but each time he was scheduled for reserve duty he received a telegram telling him not to report. His uniforms moldered in a back closet.

Lynsey had the uniform cleaned and let out. It was not that Richard had gotten fat, rather he had put on some healthy weight since leaving the service.

“He must have looked like a scarecrow twenty pounds lighter,” she thought.

But now he looked good dressed in his uniform with all those ribbons.

“What are they for dear,” she asked.

“Oh, just the standard stuff. Hang around long enough and someone will give you a ribbon,” he said.

This was one evasion that Lynsey caught. At the picnic, the Marines had supplied an honor guard in memory of corporal Charles Washington, Jr. These men immediately saluted when they saw Richard in his Army uniform with the Ranger tab and the oak leafs. Lynsey loved the tan beret. It looked so cute on Richard, but it was Simone Kirkland there with her new husband that lifted the curtain a little.

“Oh Simone, how good to see you,” Lynsey said.

Simone was an executive with a major medical device supplier. She had come to the picnic as a courtesy to show off her new husband, Lieutenant Jack Williams, another veteran. The two women air-kissed before Lynsey turned to introduce her husband.

“I know the Captain, but I guess you’re a major now,” Jack Williams said looking none too pleased to be staring into the eyes of Major Richard Pleasure.

Jack was not as tall as Richard but wore the same army ranger uniform with a similar set of decoration except for the purple one.

“I think we last saw each other in the Dorah Pass,” Richard said.

“Pamir, where I took the bullet,” Jack said.

The two men nodded clearly remembering an old battle, but the conversation died there. It was the women who carried it forward ascertaining that Richard had been Jack’s commanding officer. They parted so that Lynsey could introduce her husband to her colleagues.

Later Lynsey sought out Simone for a private conversation.

“Jack is bitter about his wound I’m afraid. It has left him with a stiff leg and ended his baseball career,” Simone told Lynsey.

“Does he ever speak about, you know, Afghanistan?” Lynsey asked.

“A little, they had it pretty rough and then he took the bullet to his hip. Doesn’t Richard say anything?”

“No, nothing.”

“I think the nightmares are passing,” Simone said.


“Yes, Jack calls out in his sleep. I think for friends who are dead, and something about blood or someone named blood” Simone shuddered.

Simone knew the meaning of the ribbons. They stood for engagements fought and medals won. Both Jack and Richard were highly decorated warriors.

“Odd,” Lynsey thought, “Richard doesn’t seem to be proud of it. He doesn’t talk about it. Sometimes I wonder...” Lynsey said her voice trailing off.

“I wonder too. What was Jack like before? I wish I had known him then,” Simone gave a wan smile to her friend.

“We’ll have to get together,” Lynsey said, “You know talk over old times.”

Simone laughed and said, “Not in front of the husbands, the less they know about our past, the better.”

Her secretary broke into Lynsey’s train of thought, “You have the sales briefing in five minutes.”

On the way out Lynsey stopped at Sara’s office.

“Please just be my friend again,” Lynsey begged.

Sara against her better judgment rose and gave her friend a hug.

“You’re playing with fire. Don’t get burned,” Sara said.

Just then Fred Dubin turned the office corner.

“Oh sweet, some lesbian action,” he said.

Lynsey looked down at the short, balding, overweight man. His comments were always crude and borderline sexist. He was placed in labor union sales where he could do little damage.

For his part, Fred had always had a thing for Lynsey. She was quite the package. Deep green eyes in an oval face with honey blond hair and tits that looked huge on her slim figure. But mostly he thought, “that little boy tight ass of hers was just so fuckable.” But alas he could never get anywhere with her. The thought of his touch made her queasy.

“Can the comments,” was all Lynsey said as she led the way to the sales briefing.

Fred followed behind his boss. She was his impossible dream. Men like Fred turned women off. Yet, like many unattractive men he pursued only women with looks beyond his reach. What galled him the most was that Ms. Rodmen had quite the reputation, and Fred could testify to the truth of the stories.

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