Batgirl and Robin

by Ann Douglas

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: With the Darknight Detective out of town, a new dynamic duo is born out of the Gotham night. One with a much more intimate bond between them

“ ... and on the social scene, Gotham’s best and brightest will be found at the Gotham Civic Center later tonight for Mayor Caruso’s Annual Children’s Benefit. The premiere event of the season, women the city over are still vying for a last minute invitation to what promises to be the most exciting night since...”

The voice of the radio announcer brought a cheerful smile to Barbara Gordon as she again let the warmth of the overhead shower splash across her breasts. Not only was she one of the fortunate few who would be going to the Mayor’s Benefit in a few hours time, she would be escorted by a member of the short list of Gotham City’s most eligible bachelors. - Edward Kendall. In fact, when the current list had come out last January, Kendall’s name had appeared right below those of Isoruko Yamaguci and Bruce Wayne.

Edward Kendall was the rising star of the City Council. Well educated at the finest schools both in this country and overseas, the 32 year old was both handsome and charming. The great grandson of “Black Jack” Kendall, Gotham’s legendary turn of the century Mayor, Edward Kendall was expected to be a front-runner in the next Mayoral election a mere two years away.

Running a soapy washrag between her legs, Barbara recalled her first meeting with Ed a mere four weeks before. It had been a Friday afternoon and she was waiting outside City Hall for her father, Police Commissioner James Gordon. As was their custom, they were going to have an early dinner together.

Barbara was greatly surprised when Ed had come up to her and introduced himself. She had seen him before of course, having attending many city functions with her father. He told her that he was a big supporter of her father and the job he’d done with the Police Department over the years. When James Gordon had finally appeared and told her that he’d be unable to have dinner, Ed had quickly offered to take his place.

Rising the last of the shampoo out of her hair, Barbara would’ve been hard pressed to remember what either of them had for dinner that evening. All she could recall of their first date was how deep were the blue of his eyes and how he never seemed to take them off of her. That and the fact that he had asked her out on a real date the following evening.

One date led to another and it wasn’t long before Barbara’s name was linked to Ed’s in the gossip columns. Truth was that the image of a couple didn’t really match the reality. It seemed like there was always something that got in the way. As one of the city’s shakers and movers, Ed Kendall was always on 24-hour call. Then there was of course, Barbara’s somewhat unusual hobby to add to the problem.

Given the current state of her personal life, again mostly due to the rather unusual way the 23-year-old redhead spent most of her nights, the last month had seemed almost like a dream. Barbara’s last relationship had ended almost nine months ago, her lover finally getting fed up with her many sudden disappearances. She truly hoped that this time, the relationship would have a more promising future.

Drying herself in front of the steam covered mirror, Barbara took a few moments to take stock of herself. She carefully examined the tiny mound of red hair she had so carefully trimmed before getting in the shower. If things worked out this evening as she planned, Ed would have a more than ample opportunity to appreciate her handiwork.

Next her attention shifted to the image of her upper body, particularly that of her soft firm breasts. While not exceeding large, they stood on their own without support and even she had to admit they were near perfect globes. She played with the pert nipples for a few moments, smiling as they sprang to life. They had always been very sensitive and given her current state of arousal, it took only a soft touch to bring them to erectness.

It had been quite some time since Barbara had enjoyed the feel of a man tight against her. There was only so much satisfaction she could get from her fingers or the small battery powered vibrator she kept hidden in her night table. Lately it seemed like every sensual touch sent her hormones raging.

Most people still tended to think of her as the skinny little girl who had her nose buried in the books when she graduated High School five years ago. The conservative wardrobe she wore as the Deputy Chief of Research at the Main Branch of the Gotham City Library helped maintain that image. In actuality, ever since her first day in College, Barbara had spent as much time in the gym as in the library. The result being a lean yet muscular athletic form. A form that unhappily, Edward had of yet only had a sampling of. Hopefully, tonight that was going to change.

Remembering the limo ride home from the hockey game a few nights ago sent a warm flush through Barbara’s body. Ed had a passion for hockey that was second only to his passion for politics. During the special exhibition game, Barbara had watched the normally reserved Councilman jump and shout like a little boy. It was a fire she was determined to keep burning as the night went on.

It had been late and the night was warm. A few kisses quickly led to more adventurous actions and it wasn’t long before Barbara’s dress was down around her waist and Ed was partaking of her delights. Surprised to find herself as horny as a high school girl, Barbara had her hand down his pants and was unzipping them to demonstrate her oral skills only to be interrupted by the loud chimes of his cellular phone.

A rather large water main break in his district had brought the evening to an abrupt end; leaving a rather aroused Barbara forced to take of herself that evening.

Smiling at herself in the mirror, Barbara was determined that tonight would have a much different ending. And it wouldn’t be in the back seat of a limousine, no many how plush. She had already reserved a room for them at the Carlton Arms, one of the finest hotels in the city. A late midnight dinner with herself as desert.

“Babs, honey.” the naked woman said to her reflection in a mirthful voice. “You are definitely a woman who needs to get laid!”

Once in her bedroom, Barbara carefully laid out the gown she’d borrowed for the evening. A stunning emerald gown, it was far more than she could’ve ever afforded. It had been a gift from once of her closest and oldest friends, Sara Lynn Collins.

The outfit was rather daring, and Barbara was certainly not was well endowed as Sara Lynn. Still, it would make the most of what she had, especially after her friend had it altered to fit her. Barbara had protested at first but Sara Lynn had insisted. After all, it’s not like I’m going to get any more invitations to all those society functions, she had proclaimed. So if Barbara didn’t take it, it was going to wind up going to Goodwill.

Barbara smiled at the thought of this designer original handing on a dummy in the window of a second hand shop. Sara Lynn would’ve done it too. She had that kind of sense of humor. That’s why they had been friends for so long, ever since they had meet in freshman year of high school. In fact, it was Sara Lynn who was responsible for her getting the coveted job at the Gotham Main Library right out of college. Her father sat on the Board of Trustees and wouldn’t deny his little girl anything.

That was of course before Daddy’s little girl had announced to the world that she preferred other women to men, sending a shock wave thought their social set. Most of her friends had deserted her, but Barbara had stood fast. A few snickered that it was because the mousy librarian had her own lesbian attraction to the knockout blonde. In truth, Barbara simply didn’t see any reason why she should lose so good a friend simply because she preferred bedmates of the same gender. Mentally, she reminded herself to write Sara Lynn a thank you note it the morning, letting her know how the night turned out.

Laid out next to the sheer green outfit was a pair of the sexiest bra and panties Barbara could find. They were expensive as well, but at least still within her means. The bra, what little there was of it, would be near invisible beneath her evening gown. The real benefit of it would be when that dress came off. Likewise, the panties would barely cover even her tightly trimmed red hair, not to mention the open slit in the center.

Putting on the lingerie, Barbara quickly realized that both pieces were as fragile as they looked. As much as she had paid for them, they would probably only last a single wearing. Well she thought with a smile, they only have to last until morning. The smile turned to a wicked grin as she amended that thought to only “halfway to morning.”

“Beep ... beep ... beep ... beep ... beep...”

“Oh damn!” Barbara said out loud as the unexpected sound of her beeper suddenly sounded from her night table. “Not now.”

The Senior Administrator for the Library was away for the weekend and it was Barbara’s turn to be on call. Hopefully, it was something that a quick phone call would take care of.

Quickly she crossed the room, picked up the beeper and looked at the digital display. Her green eyes opened wide when she saw the message.

“Oh shit, not now!” she exclaimed.

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