A Friggin' Haircut

by NDBareBear

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young guy likes the barber shop loves sex!


Me - Alex - 16

Dad - Barry - 47

Mom - Emily - 42

Sister - Kris - 17

Barber - Eli - mid 60’s

Left Neighbors

Tom & Marge mid 60’s kids only occasionally

Right neighbors

Mike and Shaunna mid 40’s

Son-Drew 15

Back neighbors

Anne and Dianne - lesbians

Barber customers

John and Brian (15) Waterman

Rob - Kris spanker - 25

Dad and I had the exact same routine every Saturday morning. Up at 8, bicycle shorts and tank-tops, and bike to the barber shop. Rain didn’t stop us, in cold we’d wear sweat-suits. Other than that come hell or high water, I was getting a haircut! The barber, Eli, had a couple “Pay In Advance” yearly plans, $3 for a haircut once a week ($156) $4 for a haircut, shampoo and shave ($208).

The barbershop was your typical old time barber shop. When you walked in there were two barber chairs facing a long mirror on the right and a bunch of chairs and magazine stands on the left wall. A TV was up high on the back wall.

Dad and Eli were talking then dad came over and told me he had added the shampoo and shave to my plan. He added, “Your attitude has always been ‘Go With The Flow’, that attitude is gonna come in handy!”

There were a couple old farts in the chairs, but apparently not waiting for haircuts. I was next.

After the haircut Eli didn’t brush me off and cover me in talc like usual. Just past the last chair was a door into the mirrored wall. He led me in and had me take off my t-shirt and lay down on a really comfortable table on wheels. He raised a panel that looked out into the shop, and slid the table so that my head was sticking out in the shop and right over a sink. He patted me on the thigh and said “this’ll take about a half hour. Just relax and enjoy it!” Eli went back to the front and turned on the water. When it was all warm, he soaked my hair and worked up a good soapy lather. He and dad came behind the mirror, I heard them talking, but not what they were saying.

They went back out front and Eli rinsed my hair, and kept rubbing behind my ears and my neck. It really was relaxing, I could get used to this! Eli told me to slide back inside and stand up and then came back to where I was and rubbed the towel all over my head, neck and back. He covered me in talc and rubbed it in with his hands. He handed me my t-shirt and asked how I liked it. I told him it was great!

Dad and Eli and the two old farts talked for a few minutes then dad and I left.

A typical Saturday was haircut, mow and trim the yard, clean the pool. A typical Sunday was pool, BBQ, pool! Yea, we enjoyed our weekends! I mowed and dad trimmed and we were done in less than an hour. Mom and Kris hit the mall this morning and said they wouldn’t be back till about 4 and would bring dinner. When the girls weren’t home dad and I would sometimes go bare-ass. Our yard wasn’t fenced and you could easily see a couple of houses from our backyard. But dad had apparently decided today would be a bare-ass day. When I came out of the garage with the pool net dad was vacuuming and he was naked. I just went with the flow and dropped my shorts on the patio table and started scooping leaves.

Sitting at the patio table dad said “Yard is done, pool is done, it’s about 1, Hoops in the pool?” I said yea, and threw the net and ball in and we jumped in. There’s a lot of body contact in typical basketball, even more so in a pool. I felt his dick on my ass and thighs a lot, a lot more than I remember being normal. I won and splashed him and called him a loser! We were both leaning against the edge of the pool and he asked how school was going, any girlfriends. Dad and I had a really good relationship, and these questions weren’t out of the norm. Then, he asked, “Foolin’ around with any of the guys? It’s completely normal and your mom and I wouldn’t have any problems with it.” Now, that wasn’t normal. I said “no real foolin’ around, a lot of comparing dicks, slaps on the butt, that kind of thing, but that’s about it”. Dad said, “at your age, it’s completely normal for boys to play with each other. It’s actually good for you and may answer a lot of questions later down the road. I remember sucking one of my friends in gym once, and it was fun, I sucked a few over the years but never really considered myself gay. Two of the guys though decided they liked it a lot and to this day are still gay. So, what I’m saying is, feel free to mess around with some of the guys if you want to.”

I piped in and said, “Dad, we need to change the subject.” He laughed and said “Gettin’ a stiffie?” and grabbed my dick and said “nice!” I didn’t grab his dick, but made a point of brushing against it when I turned away.

Dad looked at the clock on the wall and said we should get our suits on, the girls should be home soon. Dad got out first and was standing by the table drying off a little and I just stepped out of the pool when Mom and Kris popped out on the patio. Dad said, “Sorry girls, you’re early”. Dad and I had our suits on real quick and nothing more was said.

Mom and Kris dropped the KFC bags on the table and went upstairs to get their suits on.

Dad and I grabbed a bunch of condiments, drinks, plates and forks. Kris came out first, gawd I would like to see her tits. She had on a modest two piece, a little high on the hips and some cleavage. The top tied in back and didn’t have any straps. Mom came out in a very modest one piece, nothing at all sexual or revealing, but she did fill out the top nice, I wanted to see her tits too! The neighbors dog had nice tits too, and a bunch of them, I’d really like to see those tits! And, that one knot hole on the back tree really looked like a tit!

The week really seemed to drag by and except for me stealing longer peeks at the dicks in the showers nothing extraordinary happened.

Dad and I got up Saturday and biked to the barber shop. I don’t think the two old farts had moved, I was tempted to poke them and see if they were real. After the haircut though, when Eli took me in back there were two more old farts but they were playing backgammon. Eli took my t-shirt and had me hop on the table. And, I didn’t see it, but Eli held my shorts to the table and he had me slide more into the shop. I didn’t think anything of it, and was still covered, it just made my leg openings a little looser. Eli went back out front, but turned off the lights before leaving. As soon as the water hit my head, two hands were on my thighs. Eli said, “Don’t panic. It’s all part of the total sensation experience!” The hands were sliding up and down my thighs, and when they went under the hem of my shorts, I decided I liked what was happening. I started lifting my hips and spreading my legs wider. I wanted more. And, more I got ... their hands were brushing my balls and dick, and sliding from ass-hole to tits. I felt my shorts being pulled down, but my huge dick (all 4 inches!) was getting in the way. Now, it was four hands all over my body. I kinda looked down and saw a drape had been let down so no one could see in.

Eli was on one side of my head and dad on the other. They both had obvious hardons. My hands weren’t tied down, but I couldn’t get them out from under the towel across my chest. Dad nor Eli ever exposed their dicks but my head kept bouncing back and forth, like watching a tennis match, hoping to see a little something. Dad asked if I was enjoying myself. I smiled and said “A lot!” He continued, “You want to enjoy yourself a little more?” I looked at his crotch and then up to his face and said “Yes”. Dad shook the drape that separated the two rooms. I felt someone lift my dick up and all of a sudden it was in a very wet and warm place. I think I’m getting a blowjob! The mouth kept bouncing up and down on my dick and then I felt a finger rubbing my ass-hole. It became very slipper and slid right in all the way to the knuckle. As it was see-sawing in and out of my ass, my dick was getting ready to blow. Scratch that, I was playing Asteroids with my dick and trying to shoot the aliens on the ceiling! Moaning and tossing my head back and forth dad came up and clamped a hand over my mouth.

The two backgammon players pulled the table out and swung it around so my feet went thru first. Eli pulled the table until my ass, dick and balls were over the sink and he proceeded to wash me very thoroughly. I never get a hardon that quick after cumming but Eli was about to challenge me to Asteroids! He pushed me back in and the two old guys started drying me off and held my shorts while I stepped into them. The other guy had my t-shirt over my head and was pulling it down. They sat down and resumed the Backgammon game, not a word was said!

Dad and Eli came back and asked if I liked my haircut. Dad said “You did good today, you just gotta watch how loud you get!” “Ready to go home?”

Mom and Kris were already in the pool and talking. Mom told us both to turn around and said “That Eli does good work!” It took all my strength not to smile!

Mom and Kris went in to make breakfast. Dad and I got the lawnmower and trimmer out.

Dad asked “Did you enjoy your haircut today?” I just said “Holy Crap - that was fucking awesome, you knew they were going to do that, didn’t you?” Dad’s hair was cut very short, and he pointed at it and said “You think this needs washing every Saturday?!”

We finished up breakfast and the girls did cleanup while dad and I did the pool.

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