Four Generations - One Roof

by NDBareBear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Shemale, Incest, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, School, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: 14-75 years old under one cramped roof, look for and find alternatives.

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The Standish’s

David - Me - 57

Bela - wife - 55 ish’s

David - Me - 57

Bela - wife - 55

Isabel - Bela’s mom - 75

Stanley - Son - 32

Janeen - Stanley’s Wife - 40

Kate - Stanley’s daughter - 14

Carl - Isabel suitor #1 - Bi

Jodi - 17yo daughter

Randy - Yank Bartender

Tanya & Pierce - neighbors

Earl - Theatre owner

We lived in a township about 20 miles northwest of London, called Rickmansworth. Neat little village, awesome pub called The Keystone, Joan Of Arch All Girls Academy, where my granddaughter attended and my wife was a teachers aide. And, several public parks, one with a lake where the local kids went skinny dipping.

We all referred to each other by name, not out of lack of respect, but for clarities sake! - when you yell “Mom” in a house with three mom’s you never know what you’ll get!

Isabel owned the house since her first marriage. And, even though the house was in my name it was still considered hers! She was a fun and feisty old broad, who still had suitors chasing her, but with her body I can’t say I blame them. Her body was as good as Bela’s, if not better! (I love you Bela!) When it was just her, Bela and I, she was a little looser than if the kids were around, so I got the occasional flash, a few times I think were even intentional! It never failed to excite me. Bela sometimes noticed and even reached under the table to squeeze my cock - it was usually hardening!

Oh Bela - best sex I’ve ever had (Does that make up for the body comment honey?) With the house full, we didn’t have sex as often as we’d like, but we made do. Bela had been throwing the idea of bi-sex around for the past 40 some odd years, but had never acted on it. But, it seemed to be coming up more and more often lately. She was a teachers aide at the local all girls academy (same school our granddaughter attended). One of my favorite after work comments from her was “I swear to gawd If I have to look at one more pussy today, I’m gonna start super-gluing some knees together!” I’d slide over on the couch and would start to raise the hem of her skirt. I’d yank the skirt up and the panties down and yell boo! That usually got us to playing a bit and before long my dick was out and growing! About half the time Isabel would walk in and say “Can I play?” We’d scramble to get covered up and act as if nothing happened.

Our son Stanley was in the military and wouldn’t be home for a few weeks. His wife Janeen didn’t work, so she was always home. Kate was their 14 year old daughter, imagine Emma Watson with bigger tits and no morals!

I was getting frustrated to the point of wanting to make some changes around the house. Me and four really nice looking women were making way too many blue balls! Something had to change. I quit wearing a robe and wore just my boxers. I’d be a little more grabby with Bela’s tits and pussy. Now, if Bela and I were playing on the couch and Isabel came in, we didn’t stop. Isabel started peeking in and watching a lot more often, even to the point of running her hands over her tits or pussy.

I didn’t have a clue how to loosen Janeen up. She acted like she was afraid to see or be seen by her daughter. Maybe that’s it, get the daughter involved first. I know Bela knew what I was doing and suspected Isabel knew. Bela had an idea. Teachers and students both wore the same uniforms to school. She was going to suggest Janeen get involved at school (therefore needing a uniform) and that the three girls went on a shopping trip after school tomorrow.

Selfridges had an outlet store in Rickmansworth for school uniforms and supplies. I saw a friend, Madge who was a clerk there and introduced everyone. I told Madge that I needed a new (larger - shut-up!) skirt, Kate needed a new blouse and under-ware, and Janeen needed everything. Madge took us back to a large changing room and told us all to strip down that she’d be right back. Kate had just removed her skirt and Janeen practically yelled “Where are your under-ware!” She said most of the girls don’t wear them. As I got my skirt off, Janeen just looked at me and said you too! I smiled and said “When in Rome, and it really does feel good, a touch erotic! I told Janeen to get her clothes off and she finally got down to bra and panties while Kate and I are completely bare-ass! Madge came back and said she’d start with Janeen. Loose the bra and panties so I can measure. Janeen still tried covering her tits and pussy but finally gave in when Madge raised her arms above her head. Madge ran the tape measure over her tits making sure to get as much skin contact as she could. Janeen’s nipples were thickening up, it must be working. Madge had her hold that position and spread her legs. Madge took at least 15 minutes of rubbing up and down her legs, frequently brushing over her pussy and even scratching her clit for good measure. Janeen’s eyes were closed and you could see some glistening on her pussy. Kate grabbed a couple paper towels and wiped her moms pussy before letting her try on the under-ware. Janeen tried apologizing but everyone shushed her and tried to put her at ease. Kate ran her hand over her ass and her knees almost buckled. Bela moved over to help Kate with the new blouse, bra and panties. Bela, having not played with women before seemed to know exactly what she was doing. After getting Kate’s panties on and checking the fit Bela even took a whiff of her fingers. Kate bent over and said it’s even better from the source, and pulled her leg openings aside. Bela sniffed but wouldn’t lick even as much as she wanted too. Kate knelt down and ran her hands up Bela’s legs and lingered on her pussy for a few minutes. Bela’s knees were shaking! Madge was just finishing up with Janeen and everyone checked out everyone else. Bela thanked Madge and said everyone would wear the new stuff and they went out to pay.

Bela had a thought and stopped to get three beach towels. On the high street they bought fish & chips for three and headed to the park. They found the lake the kids used and Bela suggested they try it. Kate was already naked and heading for the water with Bela right on her heels. Bela looked back and Janeen was still sitting on her towel, not moving. Bela went back and pulled Janeen to her feet and said, “Look, you’ve got to loosen up some, I don’t mean to become loose but to just relax a little. We’ve got two men at home that are almost afraid of getting hardons because of how uptight everyone is.” Some one yelled across the lake “Hey Mrs Standish, who’s the hottie you got there?” Bela yelled back it was her daughter-in-law and if she wasn’t naked in five minutes you guys could have her!” “Now, take off your clothes or I’ll take them off and spank you right here on the beach!” Janeen finally had her clothes off and followed Bela to the water. Kate came over and hugged her mom, “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Janeen actually smiled and said yea, it kinda does. Kate pointed out two girls making out on a rock, “That’d even feel better!” Janeen almost yelled, she’s eating the other girls pussy right out in the open. Kate said “Yea, I tried once but she wouldn’t let me!” Kate! Have you ever eaten pussy? Yea, a few times but she’s going steady with that girl! Now Bela was interested, “You’ve eaten pussy?” Kate said “yea, I prefer boys but a nice sweet, juicy, pussy is great once and a while.” Bela didn’t say anything but you could see her mind working away! They splashed around for 10 minutes or so, and Janeen even forgot she was naked. They went back and had their lunch and air dried before getting dressed and heading home.

David had called Stanley earlier in the day to explain a little of what was happening. All Stanley could say was Oh Thank gawd! I hope it works. That house was getting awfully uptight! Now, I’m anxious to come home, I’ll see if I can get a weekend pass. Thanks Dad. See ya later.

The girls walked in and Isabel and David were on the couch talking. Whoa! There’s my cute little school girls. The girls plopped there bags down on a chair and were just about to sit when David said “Hang on a minute, this is a Kodak moment. He went to get his camera. Isabel asked where their ties were and to get them on. Isabel cleared a spot on the sofa and had the girls sitting kinda provocatively next to each other. David took a couple pictures and said Wait Wait and ran off to the kitchen and came back with three suckers. Each of the girls was now licking a sucker, they each took swipes at each others suckers and it became a game. Kate put her sucker on her pussy and rubbed it around then gave it to Bela to lick, Bela wouldn’t give it back! Isabel lifted Janeen’s skirt and said “you naughty little girl, you’re not supposed to be wearing under-ware. Get ‘em off NOW!” The forcefulness of her language shocked Janeen into complying without even thinking about it.

Isabel piped up, Oh another idea, you kids stay there. David come with me. David followed Isabel to her bedroom and she told David to strip. David looked at her and said what!? She said “Strip, Oh for gawds sake you’ve wanted to do that in front of me since before you were married. Now strip. He stood there naked as she threw a black shirt, with a white priests collar at him. She didn’t have any pants but went to another drawer and pulled out a black speedo. She hung a crucifix around his neck and said Perfect, let’s go!

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