Anything Goes Inn

by NDBareBear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Once you check-in You never want to check-out!

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The Milano’s

Jeff - Me - 54

Meg - wife - 55

Liam - Son - 16

Mila - daughter - 18

Jen (Jennifer) - Anything Goes Inn Night clerk

Michael owner of sex toy shop

Jess RV Park attendant

Neighbors - Jack and Pat

Bar - Hangin’ Out Here

Price List

Blowjobs $10

Pussy Fucking $20

Ass Fucking (male or female) $30

We had decided to take a slow, cross-country trip in our RV. We had no particular destination, and told friends and family that we’d be gone 6 months to a year. The only rule we had was, no maps, and no interstate highways. It was all gonna be back roads. We’d hoped to start a routine of drive a day and stop for a week. The first campground was practically deserted and we got settled in. The kids changed clothes. We weren’t by any means nudists, but in these tight quarters it was inevitable. We didn’t flaunt it but we also weren’t embarrassed by it.

Liam and I got out the fishing gear and started cleaning it for a early start tomorrow. The girls had their recliners out and were soaking up the sun already. Since we were pretty much isolated they had decided to go topless. Both Liam and I kept staring at them. Damn!

The girls made dinner, the guys cleaned up we all fell asleep staring at the stars.

We ate a lot of fish the rest of the week and the girls were in a perpetual topless state. Like the nudity, sex was kind of an unspoken given too. The kids knew we had sex, we knew the kids masturbated. We just didn’t make a big deal of it. Meg and I slipped into the RV and started a quiet round of sex. Liam and Mila just looked at each other, smiled and pulled the bottoms of their suits down. They both started masturbating. We all finished about the same time and all went to the shower house to cleanup. Meg was wiping the cum off Mila and Mila was cleaning Meg’s pussy.

The next day was the end of our first week and we decided to head west for a couple hundred miles before stopping. The next campground was much busier but we found a spot down by the waters edge. Once set up the kids went off exploring and Meg and I had a beer and relaxed. We saw Mila talking to another young girl about her age and they spread out towels and were yaking back and forth. Mila handed the other girl some sunscreen and she started applying it to Mila’s back. She undid her bra and pulled it off. When Mila turned over the girl was applying way more sunscreen than needed to Mila’s tits. The girl dropped her top and Mila did the same to her. I asked Meg if she thought Mila might be gay or at least bi, and Meg said “Who knows, who cares, she’s young, let her play and figure it out herself!” When the girls started the pussy rubbing through their bathing suit bottoms I had to look away. Meg smiled, grabbed my cock and asked if I was getting turned on? I got up and said I was gonna go look for Liam. I found him down by the waters edge talking to a guy about his age. They were laying on their sides and the guy reached over and tried rubbing Liam’s crotch. Liam jerked away saying “Sorry, he didn’t go that way!” (That’s my boy!) They ditched their suits and jumped in the water. The other guy kept getting closer and closer to Liam and Liam kept backing away. Finally the other guy gave up and walked out of the water with a huge hardon. They got dressed and went their separate ways.

We weren’t real happy here so, we decided to move on. Once a month or so we’d get a hotel room and splurge on room service, long hot showers, and a little extra privacy. It was kinda early to start that but ... we found a place called the Anything Goes Inn. It looked nice and clean, not a lot of cars, it had a pool and hot tub. It looked like it only had 20 or so rooms. I checked at the office and said what the heck. There seemed to be a lot of registration forms to sign. But, I paid for the first night and we were shown to our room. Meg and I had a room with Mila on one side and Liam on the other. We were all extremely tired and all decided to take naps. Meg and I were the first ones up and were completely disoriented. We were both naked, We apparently had been moved to another room in our sleep. This room was completely Plexiglas. Inside walls, outside walls, everything, we could even see traffic on the highway and saw people walking around the sidewalk. There was nothing to cover up with, no sheets, no blankets, no towels, nothing. 6” holes were cut around all the walls. I finally turned to one wall and saw Mila laying on a bed, naked and in the exact same type room we were in. Turning around I saw Liam in the exact same predicament. I tried the doors and nothing. A TV came on and Welcomed us to the Anything Goes Inn. It continued, You will be here for approximately three days (but that’s up to you) the more cooperative you are the quicker it will go. You will have to earn all sustenance, food water, etc. Once your family has earned a total of $1000 you will be free to go. Copies of the paperwork you signed upon check-in are on the table. You agreed to all this and will have no legal recourse. You can’t see the price lists posted outside, so, for your information, Blowjobs are $10, Pussy Fucking is $20, Ass Fucking (male or female) is $30. Every time any of you turn down a client, that amount will be added to your debt. Sustenance will also be deducted from your earning, but on a very fair basis. The clock on the wall is your overall balance. As we stared at the wall clock it turned to $1000. To get things started and to show that we are serious. Mom and Liam, and Jeff and Mila will be fucking within 10 minutes or $10 will be added to your debt for every minute you are not!

You can’t escape, it is all perfectly legal, I suggest you give in and get started!

Needless to say we didn’t start. At 10 minutes the master total increased by $10. At the $50 mark, Meg moved to the wall Liam was at and motioned him over. She grabbed his cock through the hole and started jacking him off. As much as Liam hated what was happening he couldn’t help but get hard. Meg knelt down and started sucking his cock (Mostly for lubrication, but it was kinda fun too!) She pulled his cock through the hole and lined her pussy up with it and let it slide in. She turned back to him and said Come on honey fuck me, fuck me hard!. He started fucking her soon forgot the circumstances and was going hell bent for leather. When he came, he pulled out and covered her pussy in cum.

That’s a good start, but the total is still climbing.

Meg went over to Mila and motioned her over. Honey, we have to do this, please. Mom, I’m too dry, would you ... Meg crouched down and started licking her daughters pussy. She turned to Jeff and grabbed his cock and covered it in saliva. She pushed Jeff to the hole and reached between his legs and grabbed her daughters ass and pulled her forward. With her other hand she rubbed Jeff’s dick up and down Mila’s pussy and finally in. They all heard a little buzz on the master clock and saws it had stopped at $1080. Jeff pulled out way before he came and covered her thighs and pussy in cum.

A cupboard popped open and washcloths and water were available to cleanup with.

Very good, now we’re on a roll, Liam, there’s a young man on the opposite wall that would like you to suck him. Liam didn’t even hesitate and said NO! The voice said, ok, this is new to you, what I’m going to allow, this time, is for your father to blow him and teach you how it’s done. Jeff said he had never sucked a cock and didn’t have a clue what to do. The voice just said ‘Figure it out’ 10 minutes, starting now.

The guy came over to Jeff’s wall and stuck his cock through the hole. Jeff touched it very lightly and it jumped. Jeff knelt down and licked just the tip without barfing! So he took it a step father he licked the sides and felt it getting harder. He knew he liked that feeling when it was done to him, so he kept doing it to the guy. Eventually Jeff sucked him into his mouth and the guy started pumping. Jeff wasn’t completely turned off and said fuck it. He started sucking and ended up swallowing a huge load of cum. The running total dropped to $1070.

The voice said I’m giving you a choice, Jeff, suck Liam for $20 or Liam suck Jeff for $70. But know this Liam, you will be sucking dick before you leave here! Tears were running down his cheeks. Jeff motioned him over and he patted him on the shoulder and whispered, it really wasn’t so bad, that was my first too and I’d do it again! Liam looked at his dad, really? Tell you what, try sucking me and if you don’t like it, I’ll finish on you.

Liam crouched down and touched his dad’s cock and licked the tip. He knew he was going to do it so, just went for it. Liam wasn’t ready when his dad came and he choked bad. The running total dropped to $1000.

The voice said good job folks, take a break till someone shows up. About 10 minutes later a guy showed up and wanted to fuck Mila in the ass. Meg motioned Mila over and had her turn around and lubed up her ass as best she could. Meg motioned the guy over and sucked him for a minute. The guy went back to Mila and just rammed his dick as hard as he could into her ass. Meg yelled for him to take it easy. He did slow down a little and kept pumping in her ass. When he came he wanted to be cleaned off and Mila said it’ll cost you $100. The guy said no, zipped up and left. The running total dropped to $970.

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