Stephanie's Master

by Girl Lover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Fa/ft, Romantic, Lesbian, First, Analingus, Teacher/Student, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Stephanie is a very strong, independent Goth girl who falls completely in love with a younger, weaker girl. Later, Stephanie's younger sister falls in love with her teacher.

Riding in her mom’s car to her new school, Amanda was not looking forward it. She was entering the ninth grade at Riverdale High School, despite being only 15 years old. Her mom and her just moved here from Chicago and because of her high placement scores, it was decided that she should start the ninth grade instead of the 7th grade, that she would have been going to. At her old school, everyone pretty much ignored her because she was smaller than normal, almost like a child, and not attractive. Her clothes were plain, she hardly had any breasts and her hair was straggly. So here at this new school, she didn’t know anyone, she wasn’t attractive, she was too small, and she was only 15. Nope ... She was not looking forward to this at all.

“You’ll be fine”, her mom said from the driver’s seat. “Stop worrying about it.”

“I’m not worrying.” Amanda mumbled unconvincingly. She thought she had plenty to worry about. In a few moments, she would once again be ignored and gossiped about.

“Here we are, Amanda”, her mom said as she put the truck in park in front of the main entrance.

Sighing, Amanda climbed down and out of the truck and walked into the building. In the office, the woman at the main desk asked if she needed help.

“Uhm ... I’m new”, Amanda said unhappily. She handed over the letter she’d gotten in the mail.

“Oh!” the woman said as she read the letter. “You’re transferring in today? I’ll get Ms. Calloway, the vice-principal, for you.”

Ms. Calloway turned out to be an older woman. “Ok then, let’s get you to your first class”, Ms. Calloway said briskly. They walked through the halls. Amanda was guided to a door down a short hallway and the woman knocked on it. There was a shuffling sound and then a middle-aged man opened it.

“Amanda here is a new transfer student in your class Mark.” The woman answered jovially. Then she turned to Amanda. “Amanda, Mr. Kline here will be your instructor for math. He’ll take it from here.”

“Sure thing!” the man said. “Come on then, young lady. Well then, there’s an open desk at the back there, go have a seat.”

Amanda sat in the designated seat and the class got started. As she walked to her desk, she could hear the snide comments that were being whispered. She sat in the desk and opened her math book. No one looked at her or said hello. She knew it was going to be like this. Eventually, the bell rang and her first class was over. She went out into the hallway to go to her locker. As she was walking, she tripped, sprawling flat out, her books sliding across the floor. She turned to see what she had tripped over. Leaning against the lockers were three bigger, older girls; one of them with her foot sticking out. She had a malicious grin on her face. Amanda picked herself up, gathered up her books and continued walking to her class. ‘How can someone I don’t even know be so mean to me?’, she wondered. And that was how her first day went. She was either ignored or whispered about.

She was relieved when school finally ended. She retreated from the building and found a group of metal picnic tables off to one side of the school. She plopped down her bag and leaned back against the table. The stressful day had left her feeling drained and exhausted. She closed her eyes to wait for her mom to pick her up. She ended up drifting off to sleep in the nice cool breeze that swept over her. Some time later, she woke up. She tasted something on her lips. She looked around, but there was no one there except the trees and the building.

She heard a horn honk and saw her mom waving to her.

“How was your day?” she asked as she climbed into the truck.

“It was alright”, Amanda answered sadly.

“Doesn’t sound like you had much of a good day”, her mom noted as she began driving.

“No one talked to me and a girl tripped me as I was walking down the hall”, Amanda admitted. “So yeah, it wasn’t fun.”

“Don’t worry about it!” her mom replied cheerily. “You’re just new that’s all. You’ll make friends.”

As they drove off, Amanda saw a girl sitting by herself on a bench. The girl was one of the older Goth girls. Her hair was dyed black, her makeup was black, her clothes were black. Everything about her was black and creepy. She was staring right at her and as Amanda watched, she saw the girl raise a hand and touch her lips. Frightened, Amanda quickly turned away.

That night, Amanda was lying in her small bed in her room. Tears burned in her sleepy eyes as she felt the crushing loneliness of her life in that dark room. She just wanted one person to care about her. She wished there had been someone there this afternoon.

The next day, Tuesday, began much like the first. Everyone either ignored her or whispered to each other as she walked by. As she was getting her book out of her locker, one of the boys bumped into her, causing her to drop it.

“Outta the way, dumbass!”, he said and then he and the other boys with him laughed.

During lunch, she went to an empty table and sat down. She had barely started eating when a group of girls walked up.

“This is our table! Move it!”, threatened one girl. Picking up her lunch, she stood up and left.

‘So this is how my life at school is going to be’, thought Amanda as she left the cafeteria.

The rest of lunch she spent wondering the empty hallways until she found a bench to sit on and read. She loved reading. Books were her only escape from her dismal life and she used them to escape her loneliness and the torments of others. As she was reading, she glanced up and saw a group of people standing at the far end of the hall talking to each other. They were all Goths; black and scary-looking. But it was one of the girls that drew her attention. Taller and more imposing, she wasn’t talking with the others. She just stood there, staring at her. Amanda then recognized her as the same girl who’d stared at her yesterday. Amanda quickly looked back down at her book and tried to read, but her curiosity made her look back to see if the girl was still looking at her. She quickly glanced back at the girl only to see that she was still staring. Amanda tried to ignore her and continue reading, but found she couldn’t. The girl kept staring at her. She was tall and lean, resembling a tall, muscular guy more than a girl. Her constant staring gave Amanda the creeps and she got up and walked away.

During gym class, they were playing basketball. Some of the other girls deliberately kept bumping into her, or saying mean comments about her. Near the end, one of the girls threw the ball so that it hit Amanda full in the face. The shock blinded her for a few seconds while everyone laughed. Coach blew her whistle signaling for everyone to hit the showers and to change out of their gym clothes back into their school clothes. Amanda slowly walked to the locker room, tears in her eyes. In the locker room, as she went to her locker, the other clothes made fun of her and called her a baby. She was sweaty, so she had to take a shower, but she wasn’t about to undress in front of the other girls who would further mock her pre-pubescent body so she waited in embarrassment until everyone else had left the locker room before she undressed and went into the showers.

She stood in the hot spray long after the bell for class change had rung. She knew there were no more gym classes today so she’d be alone for a while if she stayed. She didn’t feel like going back to her classes anymore. She was miserable and just wanted to be alone. She leaned forward and placed her forehead against the wall and closed her eyes as the tears ran down her cheeks. When the automatic shut-off turned the shower off, she didn’t restart it. She listened to the constant dripping of the water on the floor.

Then she noticed that the dripping noise becoming a louder, thudding noise. She gasped. It was footsteps in the locker room. She kept her eyes closed and hoped the person would go away. She began trembling in fear as she heard those heavy footsteps enter the shower room. She tried to lift her head to see who it was, but the person quickly pressed their hand over her eyes and used their other hand to hold her so she had her back to the mystery person.

“What are you going to do to me?” Amanda whimpered, fearing the absolute worst. Was she going to be beaten, raped, killed?! She began trembling violently. Instead of the blows she imagined in her head, she felt the hand not shielding her eyes caressing her neck and shoulders. Then she felt it run through her long wet hair in an almost loving slowness. Amanda had no idea what this person was doing to her.

“Don’t be afraid”, a soft voice said from behind her ... a girl’s voice?!, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Amanda felt a kiss on the back of her neck, raising goose bumps all over her body. She shivered even harder than before. She was confused by what was happening to her. “Please don’t hurt me...” she said softly with fear filling her voice.

“I won’t”, the voice said near her ear, as a finger slid down her back, along her butt crack and back up again, “I find you very beautiful and hard to resist. I just want to touch you.”

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