Oh to Be Young Again

by NDBareBear

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/mt, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mom teaches son and friends

Randy Rapter (Mr Richard & Mrs Bridget Rapter)
Troy - 16yo at vacant lot and in my gym class
Todd - Troy’s dad
Jerry - Vacant lot old guy - first bj
Jack - his friend that wants to fuck
Monica - Randy’s girl friend
Nancy - Monica’s mom

Chapter 1: My First Blowjob

Why was being naked such a big part of my life? It seems like everywhere I went I was checking out opportunities to be naked. And, believe me I found plenty. One of my first, and best, was riding my bike down to the lake. There was a vacant lot on a hill before you got to the lake, and I saw where cars had been turning in and driving along the edge of the trees. I didn’t see any cars so I pushed my bike into some bushes and started exploring. And, yes - my clothes did come off. While walking around I saw lots of empty beer cans and rubbers. I figured this was where the high-schoolers came to make out.

I heard a car coming so I ducked under cover of the bushes and waited. Who ever it was just kept going. I kept exploring and didn’t hear an old man walk up behind me. I assume it was the driver of that car, he must have seen my bike, parked and came back. “Havin’ a good time kid?” I turned to run but he said “even if you run, I got your bike and your clothes - where ya gonna go?” He told me to come over to him. He said, “Don’t worry kid, I ain’t gonna hurt you. I’m just a dirty old man who likes to suck dick. You okay with that?” He started taking off his clothes too and before long we were both naked and playin’ with each others cocks. It was really kinda fun, then it got really fun when he knelt down and put my dick in his mouth. I’ve beat off a bunch of times, but never had a blowjob. Now I was starting to see what the big deal was, damn does this feel good. It didn’t take long for me to cum. He looked up at me smiling, stood up and said “Turn about is only fair”. He was slowly jacking his dick and kept waving it at me. I dropped to my knees and just looked and touched for a few minutes. He said, “Come on kid, I ain’t got all day.” I put his dick in my mouth and he kinda did the rest. He was pushing it back and forth in my mouth and before I knew it he was cumming too. I started choking and started to take my mouth off, but he grabbed my head and kept me moving up and down on it. Actually, I was kinda liking it. It was salty and smooth. When he finally pulled out, my mouth felt empty and I tried to put him back in. He smiled and said “What’s your name kid?” I said “Randy”. He said to be back tomorrow about 2:00 and we could do it again. I excitedly said okay.

He left and my bike and clothes were right where I had left them. I squatted down in the grass and was rubbing my dick and thinking, that really wasn’t so bad, I hope he does comes back tomorrow. I heard another car and thought, what the heck. I just sat there rubbing my dick and it pulled up next to me. It was a high school guy and his girl. He just looked at me and said to beat it. I got up to leave and the girl whispered something to her boyfriend, then he turned to me “Hey kid, you ever seen a naked girl?” “Come on”. They walked back a few feet into the bushes and he started kissing her and feeling her tits. He took off her shirt and bra and I was looking at my first set of live tits. She took off her skirt and panties, and he was taking off his pants. Now I’m looking at a naked guy and a naked girl - I couldn’t decide which I wanted to see more. Her pussy and his dick were all covered with hair. He looked at me and said “This is gettin’ kinda creepy - take a hike kid.”

I got dressed and left. I’d forgot to wipe my dick off good before getting dressed so, here I was walking inside with cum stains all over the front of my shorts and not even knowing it. Mom kept her back to me and said “Dad won’t be home tonight. It’s just us, what do you feel like for dinner?” Just then she turned around and stopped mid sentence and was looking at my crotch. “What have you been up to?” she said with a smile. “You know, if you play with it too much, it’ll break!” “Get in the bathroom.” Now, I’m 14 years old and, I think I’m capable of taking a shower by myself - but noooo. Mom has to come in and make sure I’m getting clean! She spun me around and grabbed my dick and began pushing and pulling on it. Between her and all the soap, I was getting hard again. She started washing my balls and the spot between my balls and ass-hole. I said “Mom you need to quit” She smiled, started rinsing off my dick and said go ahead, I know how often you boys need to get this out of your system. She leaned in and started sucking my dick. I was surprised that it felt just like the guy earlier, I guess a mouth is a mouth! I exploded, again and was wondering just how often I could cum in a short period of time! Mom wiped the corners of her mouth and rinsed off my dick and said to make sure I NEVER said anything to anyone about this.

“Mom”, I said, “Are all girls tits the same?” She laughed and said “No darlin’ some are big, some are small, some have big nipples, some have dark aureola’. I asked her what that last thing was and she said “Don’t ever tell anybody I did this!” and took off her top and bra. She pointed out the aureola and as she was running her finger around the dark red area I noticed her nipples getting bigger. I asked if that was supposed to happen and she said usually, with most girls it does! It just means that they’re enjoying what’s happening.

We got dressed and she said I could watch TV for an hour.

Mom just made soup and sandwiches and we ate in front of the TV. She said, “You know, it’s okay going out and ‘being a boy’ but, you be careful, not everybody out there is trustworthy. You’re a smart boy, you just be careful. Where is it you go anyway?” I just looked at her. She smiled and said “Okay, but the first time you’re more than 2 minutes late coming home, I’m calling the police!”

“Half hour, then teeth and bed! K!?” I said yep. Mom came in after I was in bed and sat on the edge of the bed leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead and pulled the blankets up under my chin. Typical good night ritual except, this time she patted my dick and said “Is he all tucked in too” - I yelled mom! - she laughed turned out my lights and said night!

Chapter 2: Moms’ Can Be Such A Pain In The Ass

I was back out at the vacant lot by 12:00. I wanted to do some more exploring. I walked into the bushes for about 20 minutes before I came to another clearing that had a cliff overlooking the lake. I squatted down on the grass and just starred off into space. I looked down at myself and really liked the tan I was starting to get. Another guy came walking out of the bushes about 50 yards from where I was, he was naked too. There was no point in hiding, we were both naked. He came up to me and introduced himself as Troy and asked if he could sit. He was a couple years ahead of me at school but, we had the same gym period. He asked if I was gay or straight? I said neither, both, “I don’t know!” I like men and I like women! He said good answer, me too. Can I see yours. I laid my right leg down and let him see my cock. He laid his left leg down so I could see his. We talked a bit and I said I had to go. He asked if I was meeting Jerry or Jack. I said I didn’t know either of those names. He described Jerry and I said “Yea, that’s him” Troy said, “Yea, he’s cool and really gives good head. His friend though, Jack, be careful, he’ll want to fuck your ass.” I asked Troy if he’d ever let him and Troy said “once, but I just didn’t get into it.”

I got to where I was supposed to meet Jerry and just squatted down and waited. A car came in, drove by, and left. Looked like Jerry was a no-show. So, I went back to where Troy was and said, “Jerry couldn’t make it I guess” We sat real close together and started playing with each others dicks. And he asked if he could blow me. I said “only if I can blow you too!” So, we started sucking and playin’. I haven’t played with a lot of cocks but was really starting to enjoy it. We both blew our loads. I told him about goin’ home with cum covered shorts. He laughed and said that it was just he and his dad and that he’d done the same thing. I asked if he wanted to come over to my house and he said sure. We rode our bikes the 15 minutes over to my house and went in. I yelled at mom if it was okay if Troy and I had a soda. She said yes but to drink them out on the patio. We went outside and he said cool, you have a pool. Can we go in? Mom had just come out to meet Troy and said sure go ahead. Troy asked if I had a suit he could borrow and mom said don’t bother, you’re both boys - Mom went in and Troy and I stripped down and got in the pool. Mom came out once and brought some chips and asked if everything was okay. Of course it was, she was just hoping for a peek at one or both of us. Troy shocked the crap outta me and invited mom to join us. Mom thought for a minute and said okay, but I need to go put on a suit.

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