When I Am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Nothing

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cousins, Swinging, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mature woman finds in later years the sex life she never had as a young one.

Maggie dried herself after the shower. She looked for her robe but had forgotten it somewhere. As she exited the bathroom she saw herself in the full length mirror. “Not bad for 55 and 2 kids,” she thought. Realizing that it was warm and no one else was home, she decided to be adventurous and forget about covering her body. Just yesterday she had read the poem “When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple”. Catching up on reading was her main activity for the first month after retiring from a career as a schoolteacher. Her husband had died a year earlier and her kids were grown and moved away. She had an average body with full and nicely sagging older breasts, but it was kept in excellent condition with careful eating and regular visits to the adult wellness center fitness room.

The poem had struck a deep resonance in her. Her life had been very predictable and conservative. At age twenty-one, after graduating from college, she married her high school sweetheart as a wedding night virgin. She had brought forth two children and had weekly sex until a year before her husband’s death. They had been active at church and travelled a bit but nothing adventurous, as that was just not her husband’s style, and she was a dutiful wife.

But she knew that there was something missing and the visiting with other women at the wellness center was really setting off her curiosity. They talked about porn sites on the web. She had never seen a detailed picture of a nude person of either sex. She was curious but hadn’t followed up yet.

It felt good to go about the house nude. It was freeing and a bit wicked. “What if someone came to the door? Should I just greet them this way?” That thought gave her a tingle. Mmmm, this was kind of fun! Her tits swayed as she moved around. Sometimes they brushed against things and that made her nipples feel good.

She had purchased the first romance novel of her life and laid out to read on the chaise lounge in the fenced back yard by the pool. As she got to the steamy parts, her fingers strayed to her crotch, parting the fine fur and rubbing her clit. The story and being exposed outdoors were very exciting and she brought herself off before long. Over the next few days she enjoyed the rest of the novel in a similar fashion.

The next time sex was brought up in conversations at the wellness center, and it frequently was, she got some web site recommendations from the other women. This was another revelation for her. The pictures, videos, and erotic stories got her into a high state of arousal. This unusual level of stimulation drove her to use the dildo her husband had given her when he was unable to perform due to his illness. But that was lacking something as well. She came to the profound realization that she had missed quite a bit having never been an independent single woman. But now was her chance!

In the house behind hers lived a widower her age who had lost his wife about six months earlier. The couples had been friends and would do things together from time to time but never really became close. She liked Ray’s personality and he had appreciated the meals she took him for a while after his spouse passed away. Maggie didn’t think he had yet developed another relationship from the occasional conversations they had. Her new horniness overcame her insecurity and she invited him to dinner.

Right on time he came through the gate between their yards bearing a big bottle of wine. They ate and drank by the pool, both of them enjoying the food and the company. After much of the wine was gone, Maggie cleared the table and invited Ray for a swim under the stars.

He protested that he had no suit and Maggie bravely began stripping. He got the idea right away and soon joined her au naturel in the pool. They swam, talked, and played for a while.

Maggie took his hand, leading the way out of the pool and they toweled each other off. Talking ceased as touching and kissing became a much better way of communicating. Towels were thrown over the big chaise lounge and Maggie opened her thighs to welcome the second cock of her life. The dildo had kept her vagina conditioned so Ray entered easily and fucked her with technique and energy she had never known. She was almost delirious with the pleasures of repeated climaxes by the time Ray shot his cum into her.

After hugging and kissing for a while Ray pulled her on top of him and showed her how to ride a love pole. As he played with her nicely hanging breasts, she reached a final climax when she again felt his hot semen surge deep in her cunt, and then she lay down on top of him.

Sometime later she stirred and weakly said, “Thank you for an amazing evening. Let’s talk tomorrow...” She climbed off Ray and staggered into the house, leaving her partner to find his way home.

It was midafternoon before Ray’s phone rang. A somewhat timid voice asked him to meet his neighbor at her poolside. When he came through the gate Maggie was wearing a short pool cover up and had two ice teas on the table. She smiled at him as he sat next to her and reached out for his hand.

Ray let her lead the conversation. He asked questions that would encourage her to talk since that is what he sensed she really needed to do. At first the conversation was light and avoided the events of the previous evening but Ray skillfully guided it towards her feelings.

After he learned about her limited sex life and the recent decision to explore new things, Ray excused himself and retrieved a bottle of champagne from his house. He proceeded to toast the “new Maggie” and the beginning of the rest of her life. He praised her attractiveness and the adventurous spirit she had demonstrated the previous evening.

As the bubbly took effect, Maggie shed the cover up and they moved to the double chaise. She noticed that Ray often looked at her body and his cock showed his appreciation of what he saw.

As she lightly stroked the firm shaft, she asked, “How did you learn to use this thing so well?”

Ray replied, “Well, my wife and I each had a number of lovers in high school and college. Even when we met we didn’t date exclusively for at least a year.”

Maggie interrupted, “Did you know that she was having sex with other men?”

“Yes, she didn’t hide it.”

“That didn’t bother you?”

“At first a little bit, but then it became a turn on to know how sexy she was. It obviously didn’t reduce her enthusiasm for me. I got all I could handle. She later explained to me that having more lovers actually made her hornier. When we became closer as a couple, her fuck buddies became fewer. There was one, Pete, who she had been screwing before she met me and who was a special friend. They had long ago decided that it could never be more than friendship, but they had great sex together. They continued once or twice a week even during our engagement until about a month before the wedding and then after the honeymoon until we moved to my new job. My wife got her “extra Peter” several times a year whenever he or we could visit. The only exceptions were when we were trying for children and during her final illness. I got to know him as a friend.”

Maggie was flushed and said, “This has really turned me on. Please help me out...”

Ray moved between her spread legs and surprised her by heading south with his mouth and tongue. This was a pleasure that Maggie had rarely experienced and she nearly trapped him between her thighs as she went off like a firecracker. Ray then moved up and buried his rigid rod to the hilt on the first stroke. He surprised her again by not beginning the usual in-and-out but just stayed deep, moving only slightly and slowly enough to keep the sensations awake. He held his weight off her and continued the story of their marital loving.

“Over the course of our marriage we became very close friends with a few couples. We might swap for an evening, a night, or a weekend about once a month. There were a couple of great cruises where we played musical staterooms. My wife always made certain I knew I was her best lover, and vice versa. It was exciting to tell each other of our adventures and share anything new we had learned. I sometimes got to feel her partner’s fresh cum on my cock and she might taste different women’s flavors on me. I have learned just how much well-shared sex can add to a good relationship.”

Maggie asked, “Did you ever watch her having sex?”

“Not at first. She was very sensitive about that even though she would tell me all about it when we fucked afterwards. Years later, when Pete would visit, the door to the guest room was sometimes left ajar with a bedside lamp on. I could peek through the opening to see and hear them going at it. I would always be back in our bed when she returned wet and ready for my cock, as if I had never left. After the kids were gone she became more relaxed about nudity when Pete was visiting. Eventually Pete joined us in our big bed.”

Maggie had been pushing back against Ray’s cock more and more. Her feelings were so moved and aroused by this story that she was nearly in tears. She whispered, “Your wife was such a fortunate woman ... now fuck me like you fucked her!” And he did...

They spent time together making love at least once each day of the next week. When he did her two times only an hour apart, it was another sexual first for Maggie. Saturday night Ray took her to dinner and a concert and she asked him to spend the night.

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