A Totally Unromantic Love Story

by D.T. Iverson

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The beauty of reposting is that I can build an overall narrative out of three separate pieces. This is the first in a series of stories written at different times and for different reasons. The question under debate in this first one is," Does a single snapshot tell you anything meaningful about a person?" It begins under the most prejudicial possible circumstance. Then it evolves based on who the protagonists really are. It definitely isn't romantic. But it IS a love story.

I actually heard Maddie before I saw her. I was at one of those interminable twenty-something parties. The hour was late. People were dunk. And strange and disturbing things were happening in dark corners. Naturally, none of that involved me.

I was hanging around the fringes because I hadn’t quite made the commitment to take up Holy Orders. Nonetheless, the chances of my solving my chastity problem weren’t looking very good that night.

My abstinence was a matter of OTHER people’s choices, not mine. I had gotten enough pussy to dispel MOST of the rumors that I was gay. But it wasn’t until my twenty-ninth year that I actually bagged one.

Linda was attractive, beautiful actually. But she was almost as socially retarded as I was. She was one of those girls who wanted to pick out the wedding china if you made it to the third date.

It was obvious from the beginning that she was the best I could do. Our personal deficiencies just played into each other. In fact, we meshed very well.

Unfortunately, we meshed so frequently that she was knocked up two months after we met. It seems she didn’t believe in birth control. And I was simple-minded enough not to ask.

Her view was that if she was spreading her legs it was for a meal ticket. Frankly that was fine with me. Marriage at that stage in my life was something you just did. Sort of like joining the boy-scouts when you were eleven.

I already had a successful career. I am in the pen testing business. I break into other people’s computers and tell them how I did it. Companies pay a lot of money for that knowledge. It is probably the only job that a socially dysfunctional nerd like me can excel at.

So Linda and I set up housekeeping in a condo in Germantown, Maryland and pretty soon baby made three. That’s when I discovered to my absolute delight that I really loved the little guy.

Up to that point I was a real nowhere man. I drifted along, grabbing targets of opportunity wherever and whenever I found them. Nothing interested me, at least not enough to care very much. And there was no actual emotional investment in relationships; EVER. That included my marriage.

Bill junior changed that. I knew that I was hooked the instant that I laid eyes on him. I spent a lot of his early months just playing with him. I would do anything to make Billy smile.

Most of what I did was in the virtual world. So I was around the condo more than Linda was. She had a big-person job at NIST, which was right down the road in Gaithersburg. And she was gone from morning until early evening. I didn’t care because I had my little guy and my very well paid, zero knowledge, cybernetic universe.

In fact, Linda was always more of a roommate with benefits, than she was a wife. I don’t know what I expected from that arrangement. But, what I GOT was divorce papers.

It seems that Linda had been given a better offer from a guy she had met at a party in DC. And so, all the time that I was watching the kid they had been fucking.

Honestly, I was relieved. Fact is that, once she birthed Billy, she went back to being a spectacularly self-centered bitch. Neither Billy, nor I, needed her.

So we split the DVD collection, which was pretty-much all that we jointly owned. She took her clothes and disappeared into the wilds of Reston. I wished her the best.

Of course that returned me to my horniness problem, which I had been trying to solve for months. That night, Billy was at my parents. Like me, they loved the little guy. Nonetheless, they both wanted me to couple up. So they were more than happy to take care of him any time I went looking for a replacement.

We would do the IHOP thing in the morning. But tonight was my night to prowl.

The hunting was sparse. So I went upstairs to take a last piss before heading back to my place. That’s when I heard loud sexual noises coming from across the hall.

My ears pricked up, along with something else. Voyeur that I am I had to see this. I slowly eased the door open. I didn’t really need to be delicate. There were four guys in various stages of arousal and undress wandering around the room.

None were wearing pants. Most were still wearing shirts. Except the fifth guy who was between the legs of the woman on the bed.

Her toes were pointed at the ceiling fan, which was slowly turning over their head. She was emitting the loud moans that had brought me there in the first place. Occasionally she came up with an even louder, “Oh Yesss!”

There was a running play-by-play going on among the two guys who were actually watching the action. The one said, “Look at that bitch fuck.” The other told the person fucking her that he should hurry up because it was his turn. To which she added, “That’s it! Fuck me harder baby!”

I sat down in a handy chair to watch. At that point it was self-education as much as it was prurient interest. Of course I knew about gang-bangs. I had just never witnessed one. I was truly interested in the motivations of the participants.

It was obvious that the guys wanted to get their rocks off in a real pussy. Most guys my age would fuck a hole in the wall. So the enthusiastic involvement of those five wasn’t a mystery.

Nevertheless, it was not clear what the woman was getting out of it, except a whole lot of sexual stimulation.

Mind you, I am not saying that sexual stimulation is a bad thing. It was just that by headcount alone she must have been going at it for at least two hours. So you would imagine that some of the edge might have been taken off of her arousal.

Nonetheless, she was still fucking her partner like she had never had a cock in her before. Based on all of the fluids that were smeared on her she apparently had no problems with messy either.

The guy currently doing the honors let out a loud grunt and I could see his butt flex for a few seconds and she muttered a satisfied, “Yeeaaah!”

Then he reversed off her. It was almost like he was holding the door for the next fellow. The guy following in line replaced his buddy and smoothly inserted himself.

At that point he and she were off to the races again. It didn’t seem like she even broke stride. She just emitted a lurid groan of satisfaction and went back to slamming her pussy up to meet the new intruder.

That went on for another twenty minutes. The garish moaning and cries of passion were getting so monotonous that I almost dozed off. During that time all of the guys, but one, had pulled on their pants and left. The last one seemed to be waiting for his buddy to finish.

Finally, I heard an, “Arrrrrrghhhh” from him and a “Give it to me baby. Give it ALL to me!!” And the last guy made his own contribution to the girl’s already overflowing receptacle.

He slowly withdrew as she continued to loudly cum. Then he began to dress. He was doing it leisurely, like he was getting ready to go off to work. She was writhing on the bed, finishing herself with her fingers. Both guys left, joshing each other about their performance. It was a truly touching moment.

She was lying quietly on her back now, knees bent outward. She looked totally used. She had that thousand-yard stare that people get when they have come to the end of their physical rope.

I couldn’t honestly say that her pussy was leaking because she had so much cum on various parts of her anatomy that it was hard to tell. Meanwhile her chest was heaving with exertion. I noticed a dandy set of round, full tits puddled out on that chest, big brown nipples still erect.

She finally got back from whatever mystical journey she had been blown to. She said almost casually, “So are you going to fuck me or not?” I said just as nonchalantly, “No, I was just curious.” For a change my mind filtered out my usual response, which was that I wasn’t into catching things.

It was an odd situation. This was clearly a slut on the hoof. She wasn’t drugged, tied up, or even very drunk. How a woman who had just willingly fucked five men to death could look THAT vulnerable was beyond me. But I was actually feeling sorry for her. The main emotion though was curiosity.

She said, “Well if you aren’t interested in fucking me can you at least give me a ride home?” This whole conversation was going on like we had just run into each other at a Starbucks and she was about to order up a taxi. It was eerie.

I said, “I would be happy to, if you take a shower first.” I thought it would be a little tasteless to tell her that I didn’t want my car seats stained.

She rose wearily from the bed. I have seen the exact same faltering gesture from people who had just finished a marathon. She groaned and said with a rueful grin, “I’m going to hate myself in the morning” as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I said, “I’ll bet you will” trying to hold down the sarcasm. It was like we were discussing the weather. I noticed that the naked ass that was disappearing through the doorway was as exquisite as the set of big, beautiful round tits that preceded her.

I wondered why a girl with such a smoking hot body would feel like she needed to pull a train of smarmy policy wonks to get attention. That piqued my interest.

She was in there for a while but she had a lot to scrub off. She appeared back in the bedroom looking fresh and pink, wrapped in a towel and drying her wet hair. Her face was as world class as her body. It was a perfect oval with thick auburn hair framing it, big dark eyes and a wide sensual mouth.

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