Payment of Debt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, True Story, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How do you pay someone who saved your life?

It’s funny how certain things in your life make huge changes to it so quickly both good and bad. You know, one day something happens to make you sad or mad. Then things get even worst and you begin to think they can’t get any worst or terrible. Then they do, and you begin to think that there’s nothing left for you here on earth but sadness. There may even come a time when you might start to think about ending it all.

Then something else happens and it’s so good so wonderful so damn enjoyable that you begin to live again. What if that sort of thing would happen to you? Let’s say you saw the love of your life leave you. No, I mean pass away, die, and when she did, it destroyed everything in your life that made you happy. It just slipped away and then it was gone and you could do nothing to stop it.

Then just as suddenly something happens to you that got you out of it funk and things begin to be OK again. Actually, you were better than OK. You were as good as or better than you have ever been.

What if it was another human who helped you recover, helped you get pass the sadness, the illness, the death in your life? What price would you be willing to pay for that turn around? Was there a price that would settle the score between the good and bad?

If it was another person who helped you get pass death and turned you around and walked you away from the idea of walking towards that bright, what would you do to repay that person? Anything? Would you be that willing? Willing to do anything for that other person, any thing at all?

Don’t be to sure you would or wouldn’t until it happens to you.

Keep this question in your mind as you read this almost true story. True in the fact that it happened, true in the fact that the reward was actually paid, only the sex was enhanced for the pleasure of the reader. My friend Bud told me this story about a year after it all happened and the act was completely over.

It started out with Bud’s life changing drastically when his wife Mary died after 22 years of love and the only woman he ever really loved had passed away. It happened suddenly with a fatal heart attack.

She was very well liked and had a huge number of friends and visitors attend her funeral. To Bud, it was the hardest 3 days of his life. He was crying almost all the time until he was completely cried out. His daughter was that way too but she had her husband and kids for support who helped her a great deal.

Now after the funeral Bud had to go back to that big empty house and try and get his life back to some sort of togetherness. But nothing worked. As the months went by, the summer finally came and he began to go to the neighborhood pool most every day.

Being both teachers, that was something his wife and he did during the summer months. They both loved to sit in the sun and enjoy the pool then go home fix dinner and if they felt like it, make love anywhere they pleased. Since his daughter was married now, their sex life had increased greatly. They experimented in every room like they were honeymooners again. Then Mary passed away and he was alone. He was more alone than at any other time in his life and major depression set in.

He was now 46 and his wife was 45 and they were still very much in love when she died. So when she passed away Bud became extremely depressed and it got worst as the weeks went pass. Everyone knew it and everyone tried to help. But he just missed his wife, lover, best friend and companion. Now that summer was here, the pool helped and hurt him. It helped because he was out with other people instead of sitting home alone. But it also reminded him of what they use to do together. It was sort of a Catch 22 for him.

It was turning out to be one of the hottest summers on record that year. And the day that changed Bud’s life was no different it was hot too. It was another very hot afternoon and the local schools were closed since it was a two weeks before Labor Day. He sat by the Swim Club’s pool at the deep end just baking in the sun. As he began to read his book, he was glad for the peace and quiet.

There were maybe 20 other adults there and same number of kids who were mostly in the other end of the pool. As he was debating on eating his lunch, Alyssa and Stan came in.

Bud loved to watch her walk towards him or away from him. Well for that matter, he loved to watch her period. She was a woman who could and did turn heads no matter where she was or what she had on. But when she was at the pool, she was dressed with less clothing on than any other time, except maybe in the bedroom. She reminded him of his wife when she was 25 years old.

Today, Alyssa had that deep color red bikini on that pushed her breasts up and together forming a deep cleavage. The bottoms were so small they hardly covered her vagina and ass cheeks. Her ass was the type you could hold in both hands as you lifted her up and down on your cock, if you know what I mean. She looked spectacular as usual with her hair in a ponytail and a big smile on her face as she waved to Bud before they put their towels on chairs near the deep end of the pool near to him.

Now Alyssa was without a doubt a beauty with firm breasts that looked like they were fake they sat up so high. You know the type of breasts that only your local plastic surgeon could provide to a thin woman like her, but they weren’t fake according to her husband, they were real.

Her stomach and hips were flat and built for a bikini. Her stomach was completely flat like she really worked out hard keeping it that way. Her ass, well, it made ever man drool with envy to be her husband or at least her lover. Stan was a very lucky man to have this magnificent woman sleeping in his bed. She stood about 5’3” and was thin but oh so sexy. She was tan like she had been to the Caribbean for the past two months just sitting at the pool or beach. She had light brown hair and brown eyes, and a very nice smile, which she seemed to have most of the time. She also had her tongue pierced with a spike and a small tattoo on her back.

Yes, Alyssa was erotic and sexy and when she talked to you she would say things that could be taken with a double meaning. Bud seemed to think she worked on doing that and it was very provocative. When she talked to you she looked you right in the eyes and liked men who did the same. When she was at the pool she stood right in front of you so unless you looked up, you were looking right at the crotch of her bikini. Bud said: “She must shave her pussy completely to wear a bikini that small. Her bottoms hung on her hip bones and her belly was as flat as any woman he had ever seen.

Her husband Stan was a very nice guy whom always waved and said hello. He was the kind of man who would stop and talk and kid around with everyone. He was very athletic and tanned very well too. They made a great looking couple. And they were always together. You could tell they were deeply in love with each other. Stan was a very lucky man!

Stan and Alyssa sat with Bud a few minutes and chatted about how he was getting along and told him he should go out to dinner with them one night. Alyssa laughed as she told him that he and Stan could get drunk as hell and she could drive both of them home. Bud laughed and said that maybe he would take both of them up on it one day if Stan would let him dance with her a few times. She smiled and said, “Only if they’re slow numbers Bud, I like a man to hold me.”

And with that she laughed and started to walk away. Bud watched her until she sat down again. She saw Bud and Stan watching and she laughed and said, “Men! OK you two look some place else!”

Bud told Stan to let him know where and when for dinner. Stan told him that he would get back to him this weekend. Today was Friday and Bud knew they both would be at the pool over the weekend with their kids. He said he would look forward to it. Stan stood up and patted Bud on the shoulder and then he too went to his wife and they started talking and looking back at Bud.

Later that day Stan began to use the diving board. He was very good and played along with the older guards doing two and a halves and back flips.

When the guards went back into the guardhouse, Stan continued to dive. The day grew even warmer and Bud decided to take a dip to cool off. As he stood on the side of the pool about to dive in, he watched Stan bounce high up on the board. When he came down his foot slip and he fell backwards. As he did, his head hit the board and he plunged into the pool.

The sound of Stan’s head hitting the diving board made a loud thud and when he came up he was face down in the water.

As Bud told the story to me, he said he didn’t know where the guards were at that second but he dove into the pool immediately swimming towards Stan. Being in the Navy for six years he had a great deal of experience in the water. He came up under Stan and rolled him over. He wasn’t breathing. Bud swan to the side of the pool pulling Stan with him holding his head out of the water.

The guard on duty was down at the other end of the pool. So Bud started mouth to mouth again by the side of the pool as Stan’s wife and others started to scream for the guards.

Finally, they lowered the stretcher into the water and pulled Stan out. His wife was hysterical and as Bud administered mouth to mouth now on the pool deck to his friend the guards called the paramedics. They all heard the ambulance coming.

The oldest guard who was a female relieved Bud and continued mouth to mouth until the paramedics pulled up in front of the pool. They worked on him for a few minutes and then took him to the hospital. Alyssa asked Bud to drive her there as she was putting on her blouse and shorts. Alyssa was crying hard telling Bud she was sure her husband was dead, she just knew it.

Turns out he was OK, but had brokered his arm in two places and had a serious concussion. He looked really uncomfortable laying there in the emergency room after they stabilized him. That night they operated and had to put two pins in his elbow. His head was bandaged and he had a serious grade 2 concussion. They admitted him and kept him awake for twelve hours.

When Bud drove Alyssa back to the hospital the next day old Stan looked like hell. He was in serious pain and on meds. Bud helped his wife get him to sit up in the bed more. His arm was set in traction. He told us his head was pounding. They chatted for awhile and then Bud left for home when Stan’s brother and wife came up to see him. Alyssa would go home with them.

Later on he realized that he had most likely saved Stan’s life, by giving him CPR in the water and on deck. He had actually brought Stan back to life again in the pool.

That night around 9 PM the phone rang and it was Alyssa calling to thank Bud again for what he did for Stan and her. They talked for a few minutes and she must have thanked him twenty times. Finally he told her that Stan would have done the same thing for him.

She said she would always be grateful to him for saving her husband and they both had talked and wanted to show their gratitude. Bud told her it wasn’t necessary for them to do anything and that he would come see Stan again in the morning. Bud told her to get some rest and he would be talking to her later on and, if she needed anything to let him know. She thanked him again and told him she would see him at the hospital tomorrow sometime. Then they said goodnight.

Bud told me that as he lay in his bed that night he was thinking about what had happened today and then finally he fell asleep. He said, “It was then that he had a very nice and extremely erotic dream.”

It began with him being at the pool but it was very late at night. He was all alone when he saw a red bikini floating in the pool. As he looked he saw Alyssa climbing out of the pool completely nude. Her pussy was completely shaved. The post in her tongue was shinning in the moonlight. Her breasts were full and sat high up on her chest. And her nipples were hard, red and sticking out long. He sat in the pool chair, she bent over him and whispered, “I’m going to repay you for what you did for my husband now Bud. Stan told me to give you anything you wanted tonight Bud, anything at all. I know you haven’t had a woman in months. And he told me to make sure you enjoyed yourself tonight.”

In his dream, she took his hand and they walked into the clubhouse with her still completely nude. Bud said he watched her small round ass wiggle as she walked in front of him. When they got into the clubhouse it turned out to be his bedroom. Alyssa pulled him to the bed and pushed him back on it. As he lay there looking at her young, beautiful and wonderfully shaped nude body, she moved up over him and took his cock lovingly in her hands. She used her mouth and her post in her tongue to bring him to a fuller erection.

It only took maybe 30 seconds, if that, to make him as hard as he got, since his cock was well on his way to being hard already from seeing her climb out of the pool. She didn’t just suck his cock she made love to it. For over twenty-five minutes she brought him to the edge of an orgasm three different times before letting him cum.

As he moaned, Alyssa smiled as she held his cock in her mouth and they both felt the first of many shots of cum pump out the cock head and into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every one of them as she continued to pump the shaft with her one hand, suck the cock head and used her fingers on the other hand to milk his balls dry of cum. She popped her mouth up off of his dick and smiled as she licked her lips. Then she cleaned his dick completely and sucked on it making it hard again.

Bud told me he took her in his arms and rolled her over onto her back and moved between her lovely tan legs. As they held each other they began to make soft gentle love touching and playing with each other’s body. Bud really enjoyed exploring her young perfect body with his hands and lips and tongue. She moaned a few times when he inserted two fingers deep into her pussy for the first time. Then he looked up and she rolled him back over so he was on his back again. He kissed her and told her, “I had to taste your pussy and she smiled and told him to help himself.”

Alyssa move up his chest, leaving a wet trail on his stomach and chest as her wet pussy rubbed over them. She moved her sweetness up his body towards his mouth. She smiled down at him just before she straddled his face. She smiled again at him and said, “Here’s your dinner baby!”

And with that she slowly lowered her pussy over his watering mouth. When he shot his tongue deep inside her she cried out and began to rock and pump her pussy on his mouth as she used his face like a cock.

Bud told me he fucking loved it. Having her sit on his face was one of his best fantasies. She pushed down hard and he took all of her slit into his mouth sucking and humming on it! She cried out again and began to cum.

Bud said he tasted her juices as her body released them and they began to leak out her cunt hole. He sucked and licked her love tunnel deeper and faster. She was pumping faster now and he knew another of her orgasms had taken control of her body. She thrust and screamed as she peaked with a second orgasm.

She held his head with both hands and pulled his face tighter into her cunt. He tried to take a breath but she was holding his head so tightly between her legs fucking it and crying out with delight from his snake of a tongue he couldn’t breathe.

With some resistance he was able to roll her over so she was on her back again now. He moved into her open thighs and again began to eat her pussy. Alyssa was the type of woman that every man would love to have a chance of having her pussy juice running down his face. Seeing her tan lines just made it that much hotter as he licked all around them.

The odor and taste of her body was like a drug to Bud now. After months without a woman the odor and musky smell of her womanhood filled his senses. He was like a machine as his mouth continued sucking on her clit and he pushed three fingers deep into her removing more of her sex juice.

His tongue was everywhere licking and probing and filling her with one climax after the other. It was good for Bud, his cock was super hard. But it was magnificent for her.

She pushed up instantly whenever his lips touched her clit. He could fell it throbbing and pulsing with her lust and desire. She held his head and squeezed her thighs tightly around his ears and told him over and over again to suck her clit, just suck her clit. Bud removed his fingers from her hole and used them to spread her pussy lips wide. Then he used his mouth and went back on her clit. It felt like a little hard cock now!

Once he had licked her into one last fantastic orgasm with her pumping her cum all over his face, she had him roll back over on his back. Then she slid her pussy back down his shoulders and stomach and positioned her wet shaved pussy over his hard throbbing cock. As she took it in her hand and felt the heat and the pulse of it, she smiled at him, licked her lips and slowly slid her pussy down over his hard cock head.

Bud moaned so loudly that he woke himself up cumming all over himself, having a wet dream. When he woke up fully his thighs and boxers were covered with his cum as his cock spewed shot after shot up into his shorts before he could direct the head some place else. His hands and bed were getting wet too. He held his cock feeling the last of his orgasm. He stroked it furiously as he tried to continue the feeling. It was so damn good! He finally fell back asleep.

When he was about to get up the telephone rang and he realized it was around 9 AM and he had slept in today. When he answered the phone it was Steve.

He said he wanted to thank Bud again for saving his life. He wanted to do something for Bud to repay him. Stan again told him he knew Bud hadn’t been with a woman in months. He said, “Look Bud, don’t talk, just listen please. We don’t have very much money or a lot of things we could give you. So I can’t buy you a car or anything like that. So tonight I will be in the hospital resting, and Alyssa will be at your house at 7 PM. She will be staying the night! I want this and she does too. Please don’t say no to me. We both want to give you something and this is the most we have. Please don’t turn down this offer Bud. Please!”

Bud told me, “What could I say? I mean after that dream I just had and with the feeling of my cum still sticky on my thighs and stomach, after talking a while with Stan, I told him OK!

Bud said: “I told him, if that’s what you both want Steve. I’ll have dinner ready and then we’ll see what happens. But I’m not telling you I will make love to your wife. We may just meet and come up and visit you.”

Stan told Bud that Alyssa wanted to spend the night in his bed having sex with him. It was what they both wanted. Again Bud told him he would see.

So Bud showered cleaned the house and then showered again. He decided to stay home and cooked a nice meal for the two of them. Then he waited it was 6:30 PM and he felt both sexually excited and very nervous.

Bud said, “I had to fight the idea of jerking off all day. My cock was hard all day too and I remembered the dream I have that morning before Steve called. I wondered about things, like did she really shave her pussy. Or, would she suck my cock and let me cum in her mouth if I wanted? Was I going to fuck her tonight? Would I please her? Would I cum to fast? Oh well, another half an hour and I might know for sure. The timer went of and I got up and took the roast out of the oven just then the front door bell rang.”

He smiled and said, “I yelled, just come on in.”

When Alyssa came into the front door she was dressed in a short tight red dress that was mid thigh high and scooped deep around her shoulders. She looked fantastic! She smiled as she walked into the kitchen in 4 inch heels. She said, “You cooked! I was going to take us out tonight Bud.”

Bud told me he smiled back at her and said, “Nope, it’s almost ready.”

Bud said, “She took my hand and walked me into the living room. And she kissed me hard shoving that spike tongue into my mouth! When we broke the embrace she smiled and told me to sit down. Then she bent her hand behind her neck and I heard the zipper being undone. My cock sprang to life and got even harder after the kiss. I watched as she unfastened the zipper and let the dress drop to the floor.”

I asked him, “Then what. Come on tell me quicker did you fuck her?”

He laughed and said, “As the dress dropped to the floor, I saw that Alyssa had nothing on under it. And, yes, she does shave her pussy.”

Then she said, “Dinner is going to be a little late Bud. I was told to fuck you as soon as I got here so you couldn’t change your mind.”

Bud said: “She held out her hand and I took it like I was in some sort of a trance as she asked me which way to the bedroom. I just pointed with my other hand and we walked arm in arm into my bedroom.”

Bud smiled and said, “So here I was with this beautiful nude woman. The reward was about to be given to me, for saving her husband’s life, in my bed today.”

I said, “So tell me what happened?”


I asked Bud if he fucked Alyssa when she showed up at his house per her husband’s request to repay Bud for saving his life. He laughed and said, “Well my friend, as that dress dropped to the floor, Alyssa had nothing on under it.”

He said, “Oh my God, the most sexist woman I have ever seen was now standing there in front of me with nothing on!”

What did you do? Does she shave like we talked about? For God sakes tell me!”

He laughed and said, “Well yes, she does shave her pussy ... completely shaves it. She looked right at me and said, “Dinner is going to be a little late Bud. I was told by Stan to fuck you as soon as I got here so you couldn’t change your mind.”

I know I sat there with my mouth opened thinking about what my friend was telling me. I didn’t know if I believed him or not. Then he showed me a photo of her in that red dress standing in my living room after the night of pleasure she gave him. She was beautiful.

He continued by saying, “She held out her hand and I took it like I was in a trance and she asked me which way to the bedroom?”

I said, “Holy shit Bud. You did get to fuck her!”

He smiled and said, “Wait until I tell you the entire story, you’re not going to believe me I know but I swear to God it’s the truth. When she asked me where the bedroom was, I just pointed with my other hand and we started to walk hand and hand towards the bedroom.”

At that point Bud smiled and told me, “So here I was with this fantastic beautiful nude woman holding my hand walking me towards my bedroom to repay me for saving her husband’s life. The reward was about to be given to me and I was going to get it in my own bed. I mean my cock was hard as it had been since the first night with my wife on our honeymoon.”

I said, “So tell me!! What the fuck happened?”

Bud said, “We didn’t make it to the bedroom right away. She told me to undress too and I did. Then she kissed me. I pulled her hand and she turned towards me and smiled when she saw my hard cock bobbing up and down. She took two steps towards me and we merged our bodies against each other. I couldn’t help it I had to kiss her. But she kissed me! Kissed me hard and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and she took control. My cock sprang to its hardest and longest and thickest in a second. Alyssa pressed her tits into my chesty and wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned as our bodies pressed tightly together in the hallway.”

I sat there drinking my beer and listening to Bud telling me more. He said: “Then I picked her up. You know she weights nothing, not much at all! So I cupped my hands on and up under her spectacular ass and pulled her up off the ground. I held her as she wrapped her legs around me and I pushed her back against the wall.”

I asked with a dry mouth, “Then what? Did she put your cock in her snatch?”

Bud said, “Well not at first. As we kissed and shared tongues, Alyssa started to rotate her pussy on me as she dry humped her body all over my cock. My cock was like a rock now and my need for her was so great I moaned as she kept kissing me and tonguing me pressing her pussy against me. Hell she even bit and sucked on my tongue as I pushed it deep in her mouth.”

I didn’t say anything I waited for Bud to tell me the rest. He said: “I know she could feel my hard cock rubbing against and under her pussy and ass holes. It was then that she broke our embrace and lifted her body up a little raising her lower body and letting my cock come up between us. She took my cock in her hand reaching between our bodies. She moved her pussy so the hole was touching the head of my cock. She smiled and I could feel her wetness now as she guided it into her open pussy tunnel. I closed my eyes as I felt my cock enter Alyssa’s cunt hole. As she moved my cock head and part of my shaft sink deep into her silky cunt.”

I know I sat there with my mouth open listening to my fiend describing the best fuck he ever had. Bud continued saying: “I have to tell you man I have never felt anything as soft and smooth and wet as her pussy hole. And as my dick head moved deeper alone the walls of her pussy tunnel, she started to move her hips and pumping and moving it in and out of her hole until she had swallowed all of my cock in just a few moves!”

I looked at Bud and knew I knew he wasn’t bull shitting me. I knew that he had his cock in the best looking woman either of us has ever seen. Bud said, “You OK?”

I said, “Yea you lucky fuck! I’m just great!”

He laughed and said, “Well there’s more. She smiled at me as it went all the way in and then she looked me in the eyes and said, “Oh fuck I feel like I’m on fire Bud!”

I just licked my lips thinking of the picture Bud was creating in my brain. My cock was hard and I want to pull it out and jerk off while he told me the story. Here he was holding Alyssa under her ass with her long shapely legs wrapped around him, his cock all the way in her beautiful cunt hole as she began to fuck him. He told me: “She moved her pussy in such a way that my cock would come partly out and then back into her body.”

Bud told me: “She told me to take her to bed now and fuck her wildly! She wanted to feel me cum in her. Yea, she said that!”

I took a drink of my beer and he continued, “So I walked with my cock inside Alyssa and we went into the bedroom. As she moved she told me she wanted me to take my time and make love to her. She told me she planned to stay with me all night if I wanted her.”

We both laughed at that. He smiled and said: “If I wanted her! Jesus I was going mad for her by this point! Did I want her? Jesus I wanted to fuck her all damn night for as long as I could get it up!”

Bud smiled at me and said, “So that’s what I did. I walked to the bed and knew she was going to fuck me and make me a very happy and satisfied man.”

The rest of this story is what Bud told me he and Alyssa did together.

Bud lowered her to the bed and pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was all wet with her internal body fluid and jumping with his need. She held her arms open and up to him and he told me she wanted him inside her now, again, that she wanted him to make love to her all night. So he slowly pushed his cock back into her cunt.

He started by using his hands to squeeze the twin globes of her breasts together hard leaving handprints on them. She moaned as her nipples grew and grew under his hard but loving touch. His eye locked on to those pink hard needles pointing out at him and he bent his head and licked his lips and tongue over them. He started to pump his hips fucking her slowly and easy, He didn’t want to cum to fast. Her hands held his head and she moaned and told him how she loved to have her nipples licked and bite while being fucked.

When he looked at her beautiful face there was fire in her eyes and she moaned, “Oh God! Yes! Yes Bud! Suck them! Suck them both! NOW!! Suck them! Put them together and suck both of them hard”

Bud used his hands to push her breasts together and sucked both nipples into his mouth at the same time. His hips kept pumping his cock in and out of her pussy slowly. His mouth was making the nipples grow even harder, thicker and longer. He began sucking as hard as he could, biting and pulling on the soft round bullet of flesh. Her nipple sticking out as long as any he had ever seen as she watched him doing it. She cried out as his teeth bit and sucked a little too hard. She cried out every once in awhile. But Bud didn’t seem to care he greedily squeezed and lifted them to his mouth and he sucked both nipples in at the same time and bit them giving him his own pleasure. His hips never stopped moving, they kept moving his hard on in and out of her wet hot cunt. It felt amazing!

She cried out with her pleasure again and again. Bud’s hands held her breasts high and together as he squeezed them using his mouth to suck on both nipples at the same time. Over and over he worked on them pleasing Alyssa and enjoying her body. He just kept fucking her, never stopping while he sucked on those spectacular tits!

She pulled his hair, arched her back, thrust her hips up now to match his movements and pressed his face into her beautiful young tits. Her nipples, like her pussy, were screaming for stimulation. Her lower body began humping her pussy on his cock that was shoved up tight inside her cunt. She felt his hard on as it rubbed deep in her cunt.

“Oh god baby! Oh fuck! I’m so hot for you!! I have to have you have you cum inside me now! Oh fuck! OH God, fuck me Bud! Cum in me baby!” she almost screamed as his mouth sucked and his tongue continued to lick her tits and nipples.

Bud stopped and took a drink of his beer. He smiled as he saw me squeeze my cock. I needed to jerk off. He said: “I really wanted to cum in her right them. And I would have if I didn’t realize that I didn’t want this to end so soon. If I was 25 and knew I could recover quickly I would have filled her. But I’m not 25 and I don’t recover as fast as I use too you know?”

I just shook my head yes. Bud said: “So I slowly pulled out of her and she yelled: “NO!!! Don’t stop! Don’t pull out!”

I said: “You what? Pulled out of that beautiful woman’s pussy! WHY!?”

He smiled and told me: “Yes, I pulled all the way out and I told her I had to taste her again. I may never get another chance at this so I wanted it to last.”

As I kissed my way around her beautiful body she held my head as I started to lick down her body. She stated to push on the top of my head as I passed her stomach heading south. She was moaning and grinding her pelvis against my body fucking anything her pussy touched.

As my mouth slid further down and I licked my way over her young creamy skin, I could smell her musk and see her wetness. As I moved closer and closer to her sweet pussy I teased her a little. I kissed just below her stomach now and heard her moan and saying, “Lower my love! Lick me lower. Lick me lower baby! You know where! Lick my pussy!”

He smiled as he told me that. Then he continued. My mouth traced wet marks down her tan silky skin and around the tan lines again. I licked up again and over and around her belly ring. She held his head and pushed harder with both of her hands as I came all the way back up to her left breast and squeezed her tit hard again.

“Oh Bud! Please baby, don’t tease me. Suck them later. Eat me now! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m on fire! Oh god, hurry! Hurry baby! Shit! Here let me help you!” she said as she used her hands to guide his head between her wide-open thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet with her eagerness.

So I smiled up at her as my fingers opened and rubbed her pink pussy. She said, “Your tongue! Use your tongue baby!”

She spread her legs almost to the point of being obscene. But she was just too lovely to ever be that way. She just wanted to make them wider now to give me more room. I heard her cry out with her need as I licked around her upper and inner thighs and all around her pussy opening. But I didn’t enter her hole.

Her passion was so high she felt like she would pass out when she felt my mouth cover her warm wetness between her legs and I shoved my tongue as deep as I could get it. She bent her knees and that spread her legs better stretching her upper thighs. In that position it also opened her cunt lips a little and now her pussy looked like a beautiful butterfly. She arched up off the bed a little and lifted her pussy up for me. I placed my hands under her ass again and held her up.

I was rubbing my cock as I listened to Bud tell me about his night with Alyssa and the sex she gave him. I was close to cumming in my pants right at the table we were sitting at drinking beer.

Bud said: “As I licked she guided me, giving me full access to her pussy and ass and when she wanted my mouth. My fingers and mouth began to rub her cunt now as I looked up into her face. Her eyes showed her lust as she looked down at me between her open legs and she knew I was inhaling the musk coming from between her thighs. Her cunt was soaked and my mouth watered as his fingers pulled gently at the lips of her cunt. She said, “Your tongue, use your tongue. My God Bud, eat me or fuck me! PLEASE BABY!”

“So I did, I licked and sucked her pussy. It was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of the taste and smell. Her shaved pussy was wide open as were her legs and I bent them back at the knees as she used her hands to move my head guiding my mouth into her pussy.” He told me.

Bud said: “Then she grabbed and held my head shoving it into her hot steaming snatch. “Eat me! Eat me God damn it!! She screamed.

“So I licked and sucked as she kept screamed, “Oh hurry! Lick my pussy! YES!!!!! YES! That’s it!! OH YES!! OH FUCK YES!! OH YES!! LICK IT! LICK IT BUD!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” He smiled remembering back at what she said and did.

Bud’s voice was getting louder and I told him to be quiet. He smiled and said he was getting too excited tell me and thinking of what they did together. “Jesus, man! That body of hers was un-fucking-believable.”

I squeezed my cock and told him I had to take a piss. I did. He smiled and told me not to jerk of the best part was still to come. I stood and knew my cock was so damn hard. I went to the bathroom and pissed for 5 minutes I know. I shook it and stroked it a few more times than need and then put cold water to my face.

When I came back and sat down Bud continue. “I was licking and sucking on that beautiful cunt and she was still moaning and yelling but I couldn’t hear her very well anymore. Alyssa had closed her thighs so tightly around my ears and was pumping her snatch into my face all I could do was keep licking and sucking it and trying to breath.”

He took another drink of his beer and said: “All I know was the odor of her musk, and the feel of her wetness and the taste of her cum as it flooded my mouth drove me wild with my own need.”

He smiled again and said: “She began grinding her cunt into my face as I sucked and licked on her burning hot pussy. Biting, licking and sucking on it like I hadn’t done in a long time to any woman I loved it. I knew I was really pleasing her too and gave her multiple back to back orgasms. I felt them moving over her body as she humped and humped my face as she held my mouth in place with her hands and thighs.”

He told me all of this as I held my cock on the outside of my slacks squeezing it. Bud had made me so damn hard telling me about this sex story.

He described every detail and I just sat there listening, drinking my beer and played with my cock under the table. He hadn’t even fucked her or had cum in her yet and I was dripping in my shorts just thinking abuts how she must have looked climaxing on his face.

“As she pumped and pumped on my face holding it with her hands she sighed and cried out over and over again and her body, that fucking body, fucked away on my mouth. I wish I had filmed it so I could see her body cum. That must have been so damn hot to watch.” He sighed and said to me.

“She only wanted to get off; nothing else mattered to her now. She had to satisfy herself on my tongue, mouth and fingers loving her cunt.” Bud said, “I must have been driving her wild with more sexual pleasure than she expected and her body was going wild. Damn I wished I had filmed it.”

Bud looked at me and smiled asking me if my slacks were wet yet? We both laughed but he was close to being right.

Bud continued: “She was like a sorceress the way her body moved trying to get all of my face up into her pussy hole. She would have pushed my entire face and head up inside her if she could. Man I’m telling you she needed fucking badly!”

He continued telling me how he suck and lick her swollen clit now making her cry out over and over again and again as orgasms after wonderful orgasms swept over her body. Each seemed to center in her throbbing hard and blood red clit. She was fucking his face and screaming as he found her huge clit and bit down on it gently. His teeth held it in place as his tongue licked and pushed and licked and pushed over it. He moved his tongue faster and faster and faster.

Finally, he said: “She screamed with joy as her entire body stiffened and lifted up off the bed. She squirted her cum all over my face as she climaxed hard against my mouth. She told me later I had a wonderful, wonderful mouth that had given her so much pleasure.”

Bud explained that she shook and shivers as chills ran over her and her orgasms slowly subsided. Her legs began to give out as she pulled on my head trying to move it up and out from between her thighs. But he told me he didn’t move. His mouth sucked and licked and continued to suck and his tongue continued to fuck her. She pulled and pulled again and again yelling now, “Oh please! Oh Come on! Oh come on Bud! Fuck me I need fucking now! Oh ... come ... on! Finally she pulled his hair hard and he came out from between her legs. His face was covered with her cum.

When he was over top of her body she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and used a hand moving it between their bodies and guided his super hard cock to her open pussy.

Alyssa grabbed hold of his hard cock with her hand and with one movement shoved her pussy on it. She felt the head slid into her opening and move up her wet warm tunnel. “OHHHHHH YES!”, she screamed as she began to fuck him like a crazed animal.

Bud told me how he pushed in and she began fucking him like she was under some sexual spell. Faster and faster her body rocked and pumped as she fucked him and rewarded him for his ‘talented mouth earlier’! She moved as fast as she could, pumping her beautiful young body against his older one. There was a need that was driving both of them wild with lust now.

She told him that if she hadn’t started to fuck him now, she was sure she would have gone completely insane from the lust built up inside her body and brain.

Screaming and thrusting her hips into him again and again and again she had a need that she was going to fill even if it killed her or him with pleasure. Her body was going crazy on his cock as he held her and arched his back. He slammed his cock as deep as it could go and as hard and fast as he could, trying to make her happy!

She squeezed her thighs tighter around his body and wrapped her arms around his neck as their mouths attacked each other and their tongues fucked too! Her feet pushed down on his ass trying to get him even deeper. God it sounded so hot. He told me it felt like he was buried inside her pussy and it squeezed his shaft milking it.

As they continued to fuck, she cried out with a sound that was a pure animal lust. As her body fucked away on his hard thick cock and she moaned and threw her head back and moaned some more. Then a cry came out of her mouth from deep inside her body. It sounded like a cry of a female wolf, in heat as her alpha lover took her hard. Locked together, she rammed her pelvis and hips up into his body, over and over and over again. And, as she did she took his cock harder and harder with each thrust.

“Your cock Bud! I need your cock! NOW! GOD! Fuck me harder! HARDER! HARDER! OH FUCK YES!!”’ she screamed as her body began to have a sort of convulsion from the orgasm that was sitting just this side of pleasing her.

She had to making her body cum. She knew she had to or she would go nuts with the lust and the pain and need in her pussy. It throbbed. She had to cum! She had too! She was hurting so badly and as his cocks rammed into her fast and hard it felt so good! So good she was sure she would die. She held him tight fucking herself on his hard cock that was ramming her cunt. And she was ramming back into him too, as hard and fast as she could get her hips and ass to go. They would both have burses tomorrow on their pelvis and hip.

In and out, in and out, in and out they worked together now giving their bodies thrill after thrill after thrill. Her mouth found his again and she bit his lip drawing blood. Her long nails raked his shoulders and back as her pelvis lifted and rotated on his cock driving into him. She moaned in a very deep voice: “Deeper!! DEEPER!! OH GOD!! Fuck me Bud! FUCK ME DEEPER! OHH! FUCK!! DO ME DEEPER!!”

He held her tight as his hips pumped as fast as his body could move them. His cock rammed and rammed into her as deep as he could get it. She cried out: “Oh yes! Oh god! I have to cum so bad! OH MY GOD!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!! LIKE THAT!! LIKE THAT!! DEEP!!! LIKE THAT!!! LIKE THAT!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! AHHHH BUD!!!!!!!! YES!!YESSSSSSS!!!!”

And he did. He knew they would be sore tomorrow but tonight he would give her everything he had. He wanted her to cum because he knew she would give him such a fucking when she did reach that sexual level and her juices flowed and she would lock her snatch around his cock and squeeze and milk him long and hard.

With both of them going crazy on each other, he drove his cock into her like a piston in a car. Slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, again and again and again he drove it into her pussy with all the fullness and length his dick had. His balls slapped her ass as she lifted up to meet each thrust!

Each time he slammed into she moved up higher on the bed 2 or 3 inches. She had her legs around his body humping and humping into him as she screamed, “YES! YES! YES BABY!! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Like animals they continued to fuck each other as hard and as fast as they could make their bodies move. Finally, she arched her back, lifted her ass up off the bed and elevated both of them as she slammed her pussy up into his cock and rotated her hips and began to orgasm. He held his cock deep inside her feeling exactly what her husband told him he would feel. It was incredible.

He felt her creamy wetness cover his cock bathing it with her cum. He could also feel her pussy rotating and humping on his cock squeezing it tight as she climaxed. Her pussy tightened even more and Bud knew she was holding him deep and trying to milk his cum. She cried out, “OH GOD! I love your cock! Oh fuck baby, cum in me, give it to me! OH YES! OH FUCK YES! Give it all to meeeee!!”

As she held both of them up in the air off the bed, fucking away on him, he could feel his tight nut sack beginning to release his load. He arched his back now as he slammed into her one last time and held it deep inside her pussy he began to orgasm too! Spewing shot after warm shot, his cock pushed his load of cum deep into her. Shot after wonderful shot released his need and built up lust as he pumped his cum into her filling her channel. IT felt warm in her body pleasing her even greater and satisfying her and his need.

He told me he was sure he could hear each shot of cum make a sound of thump, thump, thump, as his cum was relapsed.

The release was so good; Bud had never felt any as powerful or as strong. She squeezed his cock shaft tighter as she felt the first of many shots of cum deposited into her pussy! Each felt warm and bathed her swollen pussy walls reducing the fire inside her as he filled her completely. “Oh yes baby give me it all”, she moaned in his ear as she held him tight and his cock began to empty his nuts.

He began to slowly pump again now, his cum pushed out the sides of her cunt and around his shaft as it run out of her pussy hold coating his shaft and down between the crack in her ass. “Oh fuck this is so good”, he moaned.

She didn’t want it to end, wasn’t going to let it end. She wanted more, needed more, and more was what she was going to get. With one fast move she held him tight and rolled them both over.

Now, with him on his back, she was straddling his hips and her snatch has his cock locked up, buried all the way inside her. She began to ride his hard cock around in small circles. Then she moved up and down as his cum began to run out her snatch on to his body. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around Bud’s hard cock.

He was smiling up at her now with a lust for this woman he had never known before. “Fuck me baby! That’s right, ride my cock. Faster, pump faster!” He told her.

He started talking to her now, as she rode him, saying, “Yea! Yea! That’s it baby! Oh yea! Oh yea your pussy feels so good on my cock! You love this don’t you! Ride my cock baby! Faster! Ride it faster! Yes! Oh yes just like that! Yes! Mumm! You’re so good! SO FUCKING GOOD ALYSSA!”

As he reached up, he held her lovely shaped breasts pulling on the nipples again and feeling the weight of the breasts. She threw her head back and began crying and moaning as she humped up and down on his big hard cock. Riding him with his cock way up inside her pussy, she was under a spell again, her sexual spell.

He saw her clit sticking out from under its hood all red, swollen and hard. It looked like a little cock. As his cock shaft went in and out of her hot wet hole, Bud used his fingers to stimulate it directly. As he did she humped on his cock even harder. In a fit of sexual rage she reached for his hand and held it tightly on her clit. She pressed his finger hard against it and let it rub her as fast as she could move up and down. She pumped her young beautiful body on his swollen hard cock as her hand held his hand on her clit.

Bud was watching her beautiful face and body reacting to the fucking and he realized he was hard and thick. Alyssa felt his cock get hotter and thicker and she realized he was going to cum again. She bent forward hanging her breasts down into his face. “SUCK!” she demanded.

His mouth circled one nipple as his fingers yanked and pulled on the other one. She slowed her movements down and began to rock back and forth on his cock as he loved her tits again.

She was trying to keep him from cumming to quickly! She looked into his face and said, “Oh Christ! This is so good, so evil, so animalistic, but so damn good! Don’t cum! Try to hold off! Please!! Don’t cum yet baby!”

He moaned as he looked into her beautiful eyes. Her hair hung around her head and tickled his chin. Her young beautiful body was wet with her sweet sweat. Her breasts were maybe 34 B but they sat high with no sag at all. She looked like she was 20 but he knew she was around 35. Her nipples were pink, hard and stuck out so far they looked like they were fake nipples. Yet he knew they weren’t. He took each one in his hands and pulled on them to make sure again.

Her body was small yet so damn compacted, maybe 110 pounds. Her hips were not large but more like a teenage schoolgirl. They complimented her round beautiful full young ass. That too was not large but perfectly shaped, round and very firm.

He knew she had lifted them both up off the bed with that ass when she had climaxed. They almost came together. As she rocked back and forth now, he looked at her mouth which was opened and he hear her grunting as she came down on his cock all the way again and again. From the sight of her beauty he knew he was going to have trouble holding back.

He held her hips now as she pumped up and down and then rocked back and forth. She had been riding his cock for almost 10 minutes and they had been fucking like animals for just over a half hour.

She now had her eyes closed and she was smiling as she rubbed her cunt around on his cock that was buried all the way inside her. Squeezing and releasing squeezing and releasing her grip on the shaft with the walls of her pussy, she teased him and teased him and then she just held him with her walls. She stopped and didn’t move. They kissed and held each other, her on top, and his cock all the way in her pussy.

Her wonderful pussy was slowly stimulating his body and she was not moving. He was still in heaven. She squeezed his hard cock with her pussy and she was making gentle love to him now. After attacking each other like animals they were slowly fucking each other now. Their bodies locked together as she had him completely buried deep inside her pussy just feeling his hardness, his thickness deep inside her. Slowly rocking back and forth over and over and over she moaned and sighed from the pleasure she was receiving.

His fingers continued to slowly stroking her clit. Not hard and not fast, his fingertips gently touched her very hard, blood-swollen clit. That little button that was the center of a woman’s pleasure and she just rocked her body on his cock.

Bud felt like screaming and slamming his cock up into her. He wanted to cum that bad. But he also wanted her to receive maximum pleasure from this encounter. He wanted her to come back, to find him again like she did tonight! He wanted her to drive her pussy on his cock again and again. She was the most sex driven woman he had ever met. It wasn’t the fact that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever had; it was that she had a sex drive which made him mad with lust and need. He wanted her again! This would not be a one nighter, he hoped. If he pleased her well maybe she would ask him to come back again and let him inside her body

She was resting her hands on his chest now as she slowly rode him rotating her hips making her pussy love his dick so very slowly. He was squeezing her tits now like he was milking them as they hung down over his body! He moaned as he felt the fullness and softness of them! He loved her breasts and the way they felt in his hands as he ran his fingers all over them. As his fingers and the palm of his hands cupped them, he sighed.

Yes, he loved breasts! He remembered back to the first time he saw her. He wanted to reach under her arms from behind and cup those tits and feel the nipples grow in his palms. Now he had them in his hands and his cock up inside her wonderful pussy. It was a wonderful dream which had come true for him.

And he loved what she was doing with his cock all the way up inside her beautiful young body. He could feel his balls tighten more now. He was sure she was moving a little faster on him too. They each began to work harder now towards another orgasm for both of them.

She sat up higher now and worked on his cock as she began riding it up and down again. The walls of her pussy squeeze his cock’s shaft all the time as she humped and humped and humped her pussy on it. He could hear her talking to herself or to him he wasn’t sure. She was saying, “Have to cum now! Oh yes! I have to get off! OH yes! Oh fuck! Oh this is so good! So good! Oh yes! Going to cum soon! Mummmm! God this cock feels so fucking good! YES! I’m going to cum!!”

He held her hips and helped her pump up and down. Faster and faster and faster they moved together. Closer and closer and closer they went towards what he was hoping would be a joint orgasm. More and more they rammed harder against each other as the felling built and built and built! “Oh yes!!”, he cried out, “OH YES! OH FUCK YES!”

She screamed as her orgasm hit her like a freight train hits a car! It drove her on and on, wild with lust and passion. Harder and harder she slammed down on his thick hard cock. Harder and harder he thrust up into her as she came down. And then!

She felt his cum slamming and pumping deep inside her body again as his climax took over his body. That was all she needed to begin her own orgasm. She was going wild on his cock fucking him like he had never experienced before. Then she slammed down one final time taking hi as deep as she could get him and screamed: “ OH GOD YES! I’M CUMMING! OH YES BUD! IT’S SO GOOD!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!!! OH!!! OH YES!!!! OH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

She fell forward on top of him still lifting her hips and ass riding the long shaft of Bud’s boner. She was just beginning to come down from what was one fantastic orgasm. His cum had pushed her over the edge and she had a wonderful climax along with his. It was perfect. Then she screamed as she felt Bud quickly rolled her over on her back again.

He began to thrust his cock into her pussy like a bull fucking a cow now. He had shot his load but he still wanted to fuck her. He had to fuck her. And he had to fuck her hard and for a long. He would fuck her cunt until he couldn’t fuck it any longer.

He began to ram and ram and ram his cock in to her and she screamed with delight as another orgasm took over her body and lifted her into a higher sexual plateau.

Again and again he slammed into her cunt and again and again she lifted her body to meet and accept his cock! She screamed out with pure pleasure as the orgasm swept over her just as the last one started to subside. “Yes! “, she cried out, “Fuck me Buddy! Fuck me again!”

Higher and higher they climbed. Higher and higher she went with her sexual pleasure. Higher and higher he went with her. Bud moaned and moaned as his energy was beginning to fad. He slid his strong arms under her thighs. Her legs were lifted up high and over his shoulders as he bent her in half. He bent her so far that his hands went to her shoulders and he held them giving him leverage as he rammed into her hole. Lifting her legs that high up and over her head he had the leverage he needed.

Now with her ass and pussy pointing to the ceiling, he began to give her all that he had left. Driving down into her cunt with his cock he was fucking her almost straight down into her pussy. And as he fucked her again his cock moved all the way into her body! She hung there almost bent in half as she rested only her shoulder, neck and head on the bed. The rest was up off the bed. She was almost upside down now.

Bud was hammering her cunt like a jackhammer now! She loved it! She watched in amazement as this older man fucked her like no one had ever fucked her before. She didn’t know for how long Bud fucked her but finally he was done. He was completely drained. He didn’t cum again he had none left. So as he thrust his cock one last time into her he held it there and let it begin to deflate. His heart was beating so fast she could see it beating against his chest.

He released her legs and she lowered them and he slid between them. His cock moved slowly out of her cum filled pussy. They kissed and slowly tonguing as they continued to hold each other. As she held him he sucked on one of her nipples like a child as his hand slowly stroked her wet slippery cum filled pussy.

After a few minutes when they both had recovered from the sexual encounter, he began licking her neck and biting her ear gently. When he could breathe enough again, he whispered as he bit her gently, “I want to lick your pussy clean. I want to suck all the cum out of your pussy and eat you into another orgasm Alyssa! Then later on sometime tonight, I want you to suck my cock getting it hard again so I can fuck you doggie style! Would you like that?”

She moaned as she relaxed her arms and legs that had been holding him tightly against her body. She smiled as she felt his mouth move down her very tired and very wet body. His lips kissed and his tongue licked over her stomach towards the wet cum filled pussy throbbing between her thighs. She opened them wide for his pleasure and her own. When she felt his breath on her wetness she smiled again. Then she felt her cunt being sucked and licked, she knew this guy was a keeper.

She would wake him by sucking his cock and then she would love to have him fuck her doggie style before breakfast. She also knew she would be spending the rest of Sunday in his bed. This older man was some lover and she was going to have him again. Now all she had to do was tell Stan that she wanted more of Bud.

As she was thinking about all of this, her body was bring her back to reality as she arched her back and lifted her ass up off the bed. Bud was sucking her dry and clean and she was cumming for God knows what number of time!

Bud told her that sex with an older man was better. They were always so thankful to the woman afterwards. As she felt his mouth sucking her pussy and draining her and his cum from her well fucked pussy, she realized he was so right! She would invite herself back to Bud’s house again and continued to reward him. Stan would understand she was sure.

As Bud finished the story, I wet my pants cumming in them. We both laughed when he saw me do it. I drank the last of my beer and went into the bathroom. I cleaned my pants and cock and then I took a piss. You know you only rent beer. Right?

When I came out I had a huge wet spot. Bud laughed again. I asked: “So when to you see her again Bud? Are you going to see her again? Did Stan say it would be OK?”

Bud smiled and told me: “Yes, She talked to Stan and he was not only OK with it but he wanted to tape it, you know film it. The three of us talked and agreed that Stan will be with us next time I meet with Alyssa. He wants to make a porn movie and he will share the movie with me. So I will get to se her at least one more time.”

We shook hands and left the bar. I wondered if Bud will let me see that movie.

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