Summer of Love
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Kenny Baller

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of how I lost my virginity as a 14-year-old boy to a 21-year-old woman in the Summer of '69. The two main characters names are real as are all the incidents. All other names are changed for anonymity sake. The dialogues have been changed because after 45 years I can't remember exactly how they went. But, they are as close as I could make them. This is both a romance (for me at least) and a very sexual true story

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Food   Voyeurism   Foot Fetish  

Ahh, the Summer of ‘69 or as I liked to think of it, the “Summer of Love”, of Woodstock, of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, of hippies, of free love and for one young boy, the best summer of my formative years. Yes, that makes me old now but that summer I was at the grand old age of 14. As far as I was concerned I was well on my way to being a man, having developed a new found excitement at checking out girls, women, anything with two legs and some breasts. Heck, even a bucket of KFC was looking good to me. My only problem was I was almost painfully shy and scared to do anything but talk to a girl.

First, a quick little background: I lived on the outskirts of a small college town in a middle class family with a school teacher for a father and a wayward mother. She had a job selling things at home parties to other bored housewives which she managed to parlay into an easy way to run around on my father. Mom would disappear shortly after dinner to one of her “house parties” and dad would grade papers from school then have a few drinks and head off to bed. Of course, at the time I was too naive to realize mom was cheating and dad was drinking to blind himself of the fact. All I knew was I had an excuse to be able to stay out later than most of my friends because dad was passed out and mom wasn’t home.

I lived in a small neighborhood with a community pool (we didn’t belong as my family couldn’t afford the extra expense) but my best friend’s family were members and through guest passes I got to go quite often. For the past few summers I had begun to take notice of the neighborhood girls and women, noting their poking nipples on the cool summer mornings, the way those skin tight one-piece bathing suits of the day accentuated that creviced small mound that called to me from between the junction of their legs and those tight asses, oh those tight asses ... I guess the reason to this day I am an ass man. But, being painfully shy I knew I was destined to only look from afar, only to touch or kiss in my dreams.

And to ever see one naked? Remember that at that time about the only place we ever got to see a naked woman was when we found some old Playboys in the trash or just had a brief lucky moment. I had only got to glimpse one female naked (my little sister) until the prior summer when my best friend and I talked my sister and 2 of her friends (who were sisters and lived up the street) into playing strip poker. My sister was 11, my best friend was 12 as was one of the sisters, Cindy, I was 12 and the other sister, Sherry, was 14. I always thought Sherry was gorgeous but being an “older woman”, I knew I would never have a chance with her. The rules for our game of poker were; the first one naked had to stand in the center of the room, arms held out to the sides, for two minutes one way and then turn around and stand two minutes the other way. My goal of course was to get Sherry naked as she was the only one in the room with tits, even if they were only barely there. With luck and a little distraction cheating on my part when I dealt, for the first time I saw a pussy that had hair on a living breathing female. Sure I had glimpsed my sister a few times in the bathroom but she was bald as a cue ball down there. Sherry, on the other hand had just begun to get that soft, sparse, feathery patch of pubes that a budding young lady began with. Getting to stare at it for 2 minutes gave me ammo for many a wet dream after that night. I was so fascinated by seeing hair on a pussy that I barely even remember her small perky tits, just beginning to pop out and her glorious dark brown areoles (she had an olive complexion) with tiny nipples that stuck out from the excitement we were all feeling that night.

But I digress ... that fall a small shopping center opened up down the street from my neighborhood. A small local donut shop was one of the tenants and the owner only hired very pretty local teen girls and young women to work behind the counter. My friends and I began to make this our hangout but the owner, who only worked during the days, had made a rule that you had to purchase donuts or drinks to remain inside. They had a long counter with swivel seats and a few booths to sit at. Since I was the “leader” of the gang I hung out with, everyone knew the seat at the far end of the counter was mine when we were in there. It was against the far wall and I took to sitting there for two reasons, the wall to lean against while I sat sideways to the counter and the view. I found my love for coffee that Summer of ‘69, not because I liked the taste, but because I could sit there and drink a cup of coffee for a couple hours, especially since you got one free refill, thus giving me a reason for hanging out on a budget.

The girls hired at the donut shop were all from the immediate area, most I had known for years as they lived in my neighborhood. They ranged from 16 to the oldest, 21, and wore a required outfit of white skirts and white blouses. As stated before, I had chosen my selected seat for the view. In ‘69 the style for skirts were at an all-time short length and when the girls bent over to reach the donuts in the front display case I got to watch my version of Heaven. All those 16-21-year-old asses framed by silky smooth panties, the hint of camel toes showing, an occasional glimpse of a stray dark “pube” or two escaping from confinement, long slim creamy thighs all led to what seemed to me to be a constant erection from my pubescent cock. Now I had no idea at the time if I had a “big one” but through those sly peeks that all young boys did in the gym locker room I knew I had as big as most and bigger than the majority and spent most evenings in the donut shop trying to hide the fact that those young ladies had me straining the fabric of my shorts.

My favorite, Kay (the 21-year-old), a local beauty and the night time manager would often sit on the edge of the cooler that was located just in front of my seat during slow times and talk to me. I had known Kay for probably 5 years or so as she was one of the Lifeguards at the pool and always had a bright smile and kind words for even the young punk I had been. At that point I had no idea whether she knew she gave me the perfect view between her thighs as she sat there, but I knew I loved it. The hardest part of our long conversations was trying to peek at that sexy junction without being too obvious. I would occasionally notice a sly smile on her face after a quick peek, giving me the feeling that she knew I was getting a free show, but not knowing for sure. After all, why would a beauty like Kay allow this young boy to see her panties? That just didn’t make sense to me.

Kay was about 5’-8”, towering over my 5’-4” frame that still had a long way to go to reach my present 6’-0”. She had the athletic build of the Lifeguard she had been at our pool in prior years and had maintained it even after going off to college. Her long straight brunette hair hung half way down her back shining and silky. Her perfect, gleaming smile lit up my soul with every time it flashed my way. A long neck led down to smallish still perky breasts that like most young ladies at the time were not covered by a bra, this being the generation of “Ban the Bra”. Kay, besides having been tom-boyish in younger years had adopted the ways of the Hippies and when not in her Donut outfit was usually seen in cutoff jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts. But with those button down white blouses and no bra I often spent a little extra to get a dip of ice cream from the cooler that sat directly in front of my seat, always hoping to get that glorious view down her blouse as she strained to get that scoop I had ordered. I have fond memories of those slight glimpses at the edge of her extra-large areoles but no matter how hard I tried I never got a shot of those tootsie roll sized nipples that always seemed to be screaming at me from within that tight blouse. To me, Kay was as beautiful as any of those Playboy centerfolds I had often worshipped and what was even better than any of those fantasy women was Kay was real and actually seemed to enjoy talking to me. She was every young boys fantasy, an older woman who gave me some of the attention I desired.

One night while sitting at the counter, my best friend and I mentioned to Kay that we often had “sleep-outs” in the fort we had built in his back yard, using this as an excuse to wander the quiet streets of our neighborhood, getting into a little mischief and just having a good time. We often stopped by the loading dock of the grocery store in the shopping center at 3:00 in the morning to help ourselves to freshly delivered orange juice left on the loading dock, moving lawn chairs from front porches to the middle of the front yard and other small pranks. Kay, listening to our tales of fun smiled even more with every prank we described and after a while she said she’d love to come with us some night. As we had already OK’d with our parents for a “sleep-out” that night I quickly chimed in, “How about tonight?” Kay told us that she would get done that night around 10:00, would go home to her parents’ house to shower and change and would meet us when we could get there. With trepidation and the thought that she might back out we had to tell her we would have to wait for a 1/2 hour after my friend Mike’s parents’ bedroom light went out so we could sneak away. We told her this was usually about 11:30 and hoped that would be OK with her. She said that would be fine and we arranged the age-old signal of tossing a pebble at her window on the 2nd floor of her parents’ house. Mike and I headed back to his house so we could tell his parents good night and head into the back yard fort. I was as nervous as any first dater even though I knew this night was only going to be a few friends out having fun and chatting.

It seemed like days when it was only 2-3 hours before the lights went out in his parents’ room and we waited the 1/2 hour to give them time to go to sleep. Like the schoolkids we were we ran and laughed and talked dirty about Kay all the way to her house. When we arrived her bedroom light was the only light on in the house and after 2 or 3 tosses I managed to hit her window with a small pebble. Her beautiful smiling face appeared in the window and after a quick wave disappeared again. Seconds later her light went off and shortly afterwards her front door slowly opened and just as slowly and quietly Kay slipped out and closed the door behind her. We were off for a fun filled and for me unforgettable night.

We wandered the streets of the neighborhood, talking and pulling stupid pranks like leaving sticks or rocks on the front seat of unlocked cars, hanging trash on their car antennas, and other really childish stunts. We laughed told stupid jokes and even quizzed Kay about what we should say to girls when we got the nerve to talk to someone that we really liked. That was my question as Mike really had not been bit by the girl bug yet.

“Kay, I just get so nervous when I try to talk to a beautiful girl. I get all tongue tied and can’t say anything. The more I try to concentrate on what to say, the worse I get.”

She stopped in the middle of the street with an over exaggerated pout on her face, looked me right in the eyes and said, “I guess you don’t consider me beautiful.”

As I gazed into those gorgeous blue/green eyes I began to stammer, my tongue tripping over my lips, freezing up at the thought that she called me out on talking to a beautiful girl when I talked to her all the time. As her soul piercing beautiful eyes reached all the way to my heart, making it skip a few beats I was finally able to get out a garbled, “Kay, I think you are the most beautiful woman I know. But that is the problem, you are a woman, that’s different.”

“I’m not trying to impress you,” I lied

“Why am I different? I am a girl, right? You just told me I’m beautiful for which I give you my humble thanks and call into question your eye-sight. You have never seemed to have any trouble talking to me. Heck, I enjoy our conversations. You are one of the most intelligent, well-spoken young men I have ever had the pleasure to talk to.”

Hearing her say this made my chest push out and my shoulders square up from the “young man” comment. A slight bulge pushed out in my cutoff jeans shorts, from knowing now that this beautiful woman enjoyed our conversations.

“Gary, just be yourself, show interest in the girl you are talking to like you do with me, smile with that warm smile of yours and above all apply a few of those compliments, like how beautiful you think I am. You’ll do fine!”

My tongue was on complete freeze frame now and I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I said, “Let’s go have some more fun.”

Mike who was trailing ahead when Kay and I had stopped briefly for our little interlude said he was about done for the night and was getting sleepy. He was always the party pooper when he and I went out for late night excursions, always ready to call it a night because he was tired. At this point we would usually head back to our fort, curl up on the cushions we had collected from discarded couches and chairs that lined the floor of our fort and try to get some sleep before dawn.

Kay, not knowing our routine, asked, “What now?”

“Well it looks like Mike is on his last legs and I guess we ought to head back to our fort. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having you along tonight, Kay.”

“Ummm... , not knowing what you guys had planned for tonight I told my parents I was going over to a friend’s house tonight so they wouldn’t worry about me if they checked in my room and I was gone. They’d think it was strange now if I wandered in at 2:30 in the morning. Do you guys mind if I sleep in the fort too?”

My mind began to spin like a top, thoughts flying in every direction my infantile thinking dreaming up the idea that maybe I might get to see her naked. “Sure you can stay but we need to make sure you are gone before Mike’s Mom wakes up and calls us in for breakfast. That would be kind of hard to explain.”

Fantasies were popping up in my brain like mushrooms after a spring rain. Oh my god, this was just unbelievable. Please say yes!

“Then let’s head back to your fort,” Kay said.

I felt my bulge again reacting to my wild thoughts. Thank goodness it was too dark for Kay to see or I would have embarrassed myself to no end. I slowed a step or two to allow Kay to get just slightly ahead of me so she wouldn’t notice it until it went back down home. Bad idea. Her hot ass in those tight cutoffs just made things worse.

A short while later as we tried to figure out how to share 2 blankets between the 3 of us on this cool summer night we found ourselves giggling quietly so as not to make enough noise to wake Mike’s parents. Kay had laid down next to the far wall, I quickly grabbed the spot next to her and Mike laid down behind me. Within a couple minutes I noticed the telltale signs of Mike’s deep breathing and Kay and I continued to whisper as we were still not quite sleepy. My total thoughts were; here I am going to sleep next to a 21-year-old woman that I have had many fantasies and even a few wet dreams about and my 14-year-old cock was hard as a rock. What now?

“Kay, are you asleep yet,” I whispered.

“No, I’m still awake.”

“I’m really not tired yet, how about you?”

“I’m a little tired but we can talk if you want. You know I like when you sit at my counter and talk with me. You can always count on me to be a shoulder to lean on if you ever have any problems you need to hash out.”

Kay had turned back towards me and with our faces just inches apart our whispered conversation covered all kinds of topics; Kay’s plans for her senior year at college, she quizzed me on how I was holding up with my parents crumbling marriage, what we were up to for the rest of the summer, telling jokes, talking goofy, giggling and whispering the whole time. Finally, with a little help from me, our whispered conversation circled back around to my being afraid of girls and how would I ever get the nerve to ask someone to be my girlfriend. Kay’s gorgeous face just inches away, her wonderful personality, the fact that she enjoyed talking to me, the smell of her perfume wafting in my face, her soft warm breath tickling my nose, had me thinking of nothing but females.

“What should I say? I mean I want them to know I want to have them for my girlfriend but I am just so afraid they will think I sound like an idiot and turn me down.”

Kay asked if I had any certain girl in mind so I said none for sure but I did have my eyes on a few that gave me that tongue tied feeling. She said, “Gary. you are a good looking young man. I think any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend.”

My heart began to thump in my chest, feeling like it would explode. There was that “young man” comment again AND she said I was good looking! I felt like I was at the top of the world for that brief moment. But then the next depressing thought slipped into my mind as I came crashing back down from the summit.

“I’m just so afraid of making a fool in front of a girl I want to get closer to that I just freeze up. Jeez Kay, I don’t even know how to kiss a girl. I’m sure I’ll make a complete fool of myself if one ever gives me the chance.”

She smiled, giggled for a second and said, “OK, now don’t take this wrong, this is just me being your friend, got it? I’m going to help you get over this silly fear of yours so whoever it is you have your eyes on will fall for you like a ton of bricks. Would you care to show me how you kiss? It would be an honor for me to help one of my best friends by giving you a pointer or two. It’s the least I can do for you after you and Mike let me join you for the fun we had tonight. I really enjoyed it and hope we can do it again.”

Oh my God, terror swept through my whole body except where blood swept into my cock and gave me the biggest hard on I think I had ever had in my life. The woman of every childhood fantasy I had was asking me to kiss her. Deep down I knew she was just helping me as a friend but I secretly told myself, she wanted me.

I slowly leaned forward those couple inches and like the kid I was gave her a quick “Mom’s peck” type closed lip kiss on her lips and quickly jerked my head back like someone caught doing what they shouldn’t have been doing.

Her quiet giggle saw my ego deflate like a leaking balloon, a frown taking over the smile I had just had as I kissed the woman of my dreams. As I saw her take note of the frown that had taken over my demeanor her face softened, a small smile and her piercing beautiful eyes making me relax again.

“You’re right, you don’t even know how to kiss a girl,” she said with a giggle. “Let me give you a lesson.”

She took my burning red cheeks between her palms, pulled me forward and as she whispered, “Close your eyes,” she closed hers, and our lips touched. I tried to pull back like I always did when I kissed Mom good night but her firm grip held me gently and her soft wet kiss began to send electrical sparks throughout my whole body, I felt every muscle in my body go limp as I felt the tip of her velvety tongue probe my lips and push its way into my mouth, just barely touching the tip of my tongue before sliding back and forth briefly and then disappearing from my mouth.

My mind was totally blank at this moment, circuit overload as I tried to process what had just happened. I suddenly realized our lips were no longer touching but she still held my cheeks between her hands. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to shut my dumbfounded mouth that had popped open in awe. Kay’s beautiful face was still inches away from mine her gorgeous eyes, like twin shimmering pools stealing my soul and every word that I could possibly try to say. I felt my jaws moving slightly but the only sound coming out was my heavy breathing.

“Gary, close your mouth, you look like a fish out of water gasping for breath.”

I felt like a fish out of water gasping for breath but knowing I could die happy now. My open mouthed freeze turned into the biggest smile you could imagine.

“There’s that sweet smile that makes me tingle when you flash it at me up at the Donut shop. Now you show me how you will kiss that lucky girl that’s destined to fall in love with you sweet boy. And always use that smile of yours, you’ll have her melting!”

Again! I was the luckiest person in the whole wide world. My erection strained against my shorts and I thanked the lord for denim because I figured any other fabric would have burst from the pressure I was applying from within.

I took Kay’s face between my hands like she had done to me and barely croaked out, “Are you sure? You really don’t have to do this. I know I’m just a little boy to you and I don’t want you doing this out of pity.”

“Gary, shut up and kiss me. Put everything into it and make me feel like you want me.”

That wasn’t going to be hard because I didn’t think I wanted anything more than her in all of my life. I mimicked her every move as I gently touched my lips to hers. I felt her muscles relax as we softly moved our lips together as one. I slid my tongue out and slowly, slipping it between her lips and touching the tip of her tongue. For a moment I stopped, forgetting what I was supposed to do and then I felt her lips and mouth begin to suck my tongue in deeper. Our tongues, of their own volition began to intertwine, snaking around each other, a little battle for dominance happening before sliding gently side against side back into our own mouths, pausing to touch ever so slightly on the tips as if to say goodbye forever. I got the urge to nibble softly on her lower lip, not wanting this to end and her tongue slid out one more time to trace a wet line around my lips A thin line of spittle trailed between our lips as we pulled away from each other and I opened my eyes. Her eyes were still closed as a soft moan escaped from deep inside her chest. Her eyes slowly opened, a big smile spreading rapidly across her face.

“Wow, that’s how you kiss your first girlfriend. Kiss like that and you’ll have a girlfriend forever! Now if that’s clear and I’ve given you enough pointers, it’s time I get a little beauty sleep.”

“Kay, that’s the last thing you need. More beauty sleep? You couldn’t get any more beautiful!”

She leaned forward one more time, gave me a quick kiss looked me in the eyes and whispered “Good night sweet Gary. You are something.”

As she rolled over to face the wall, turning her back to me and pulling the blanket tight up to her chin, my heart sank. Every young boy’s thought and hope, fantasy and dream came crashing down. I thought to myself, who did you think you were kidding. She’s a 21-year-old woman and you’re a little boy. Did you actually think this would even go as far as a kiss? A kiss between friends trying to help? You’re even stupider than you act. Be happy with what you got.

As I lay there, mind going a million miles a minute, staring up in the darkness at the ceiling above us I suddenly realized I was awful damn cold. I looked to my left and saw that Mike had rolled even further away from us than before, dragging the one blanket with him. Meanwhile, to the right, Kay had pulled the blanket her way when she rolled over. I had already noticed quiet soft regular breathing coming from her and knew she was asleep so I took the only smart path in my mind. I slid ever so slowly closer to Kay’s muscular back and soft round perfect ass. I pulled the rest of the slack out of her blanket and tucked it under my ass to hold it in place. As I pulled my knees up trying to get warm they bumped against that perfect ass before I quickly moved them back. I laid there for a moment with the most beautiful woman I knew mere centimeters from me when an evil plan crossed into my mind. I turned my hands so that the back of my hands rested against my knees and slowly pulled my knees up again, this time letting my palms and fingers press against her ass. It took all of my willpower to keep from squeezing that ass that I had so many times admired and desired while wrapped in that tight white Donut Shop skirt. After no movement from Kay I prayed she was a sound sleeper and let my fingers move just a tiny bit.

From the darkness in front of me I heard, “What’s pressing against my butt?”

Shit! I was caught! I quickly pulled my knees and hands back as I whispered, “I’m sorry, I pulled my knees up because I was cold, I didn’t mean to touch your butt with my knees.” I said innocently. I had no idea if she knew I was trying to cop a feel and was so afraid that I had ruined everything until she slid back towards me a little.

A sleepy, “That’s OK, it was warm, it felt good. I’m freezing too, you can get a little closer, I promise I won’t bite. And maybe we can help keep each other warm.”

As I slid closer, assuming the “spoon” position I thought, “God please don’t let me wake up from this dream.”

I left my arm lying on my side the other tucked under my pillow, not daring an open hand to be touching any part of the magnificent body, not wanting to get too forward and take the chance of her telling me to back off. After a few seconds I felt her hand gently take my left wrist and pull it tight around her stomach just below those hard little perky breasts and wiggle that perfect ass back until it pressed into my throbbing erection. I thought I would explode in my shorts at that moment and my immediate feeling was embarrassment at her feeling my hard-on pressed up against her ass. But as if to put my mind to rest a soft “Mmmmm” escaped from her throat as we settled into a comfortable, warm and cozy position.

“Much better and warmer. Thanks,” I heard her exclaim as she drifted off to sleep again.

Thanks? She thanked me for allowing me to be pressed up tight to her with my arm around her? OK, now I know I’m dreaming.

I heard Kay’s breathing grow soft and regular again as she went to sleep. Unfortunately, sleep was the furthest thing from my mind. Here I was, 14, madly in lust for the woman of my dreams and I had a throbbing erection pressed tight against her ass. And she didn’t seem to even know what she was doing to me or how much it excited me. I jockeyed around a little, moving my erection until it was straight up between the perfect globes of her ass nestled in that so warm crack. As I ever so slightly rubbed it against her, barely moving it up and down I felt her stir again. All I could think as she shifted away from me about an inch was “You fucking moron. You had her pressed tight against you and you had to push your luck. Nice work idiot!”

Kay didn’t say anything as I wondered if I had awakened her or if it was just a natural shift of her position. Her arm slid out from under the arm I had wrapped around her ribcage and as it did my arm was forced just a little further upwards. I realized that instead of feeling ribs I was now resting straight across those tits that I was constantly trying to get a peek of as she scooped ice cream from the cooler. My palm, that had just been resting on the back of her hand was now resting firmly on her right breast. I could feel her erect nipple pressing through her thin t-shirt between my 2nd and 3rd fingers and I gently squeezed them together, trapping that treasure between them and feeling it grow just a little more at my touch. I knew from watching them under her white blouse at work that at times her nipples seemed to be bigger than at other times but I had absolutely no clue of the workings of a female’s body. Did I make that happen? I released the pressure just a little and then tightened again and felt it grow a little more. I was stupefied. This was truly amazing to my young mind and I began to strain to keep from squeezing and releasing with those two fingers over and over. I didn’t want Kay to make me stop touching, that was for sure. But I swear it seemed as if Kay pushed her chest slightly forward, more firmly seating that fantastic breast into my cupped hand.

As I was pondering this new wonder I had discovered I suddenly felt her arm begin to shift again. I quickly got in a couple more gentle squeezes as I expected her arm to come up and pull my hand away from her breast.

To my amazement her arm headed the other direction reaching across her hip as she shifted her ass just a little further away from me, then reached down and grasping my painful erection she gave it a little squeeze. I thought I was going to pass out as she softly rubbed her hand up and down the shaft through my shorts. Other than my fingers cupping her breast and squeezing her giant nipple and her hand softly stroking my penis there was no other movement between us, no words spoken. I began to wonder was she awake or was she doing this subconsciously. Was she having the same dream I was? I mean, come on, she’s a gorgeous former Lifeguard, now beautiful college woman and I’m a dweeby young boy with an unnaturally large hard on for her. There is absolutely no way she is doing this to me while awake. And there is no way this could be anything but a dream. As my cock grew to an even bigger size and the throbbing to a painful threshold I felt my whole body begin to tremble and felt my first ejaculation I ever had while awake explode in my shorts. I had never masturbated before, had awakened a few times prior with a mess in my bed after extremely erotic dreams, scurrying to the bathroom to get a wash rag to clean it up before my Mom found it. But I had never consciously brought myself to ejaculation while awake. What had happened? That was the most amazing feeling to ever happen to me. A brand new world had just opened to me. I felt shudder after shudder run up and down my spine as I gasped to catch my breath again, trying my hardest not to awaken Kay (in case she was truly unconsciously doing this) and prove what a loser I was, making such a mess in my shorts. I also realized I had clamped down on her nipple as I came and quickly released it before I hurt her. I allowed my hand to continue cupping that breast not ever wanting to let it go again.

Her hand had stopped its rhythmic motion on my cock as it began to shrink back to its normal size. She remained softly holding onto the bulging spot and remained there while it shrank and became less painful. A “warm fuzzy” feeling enveloped me as my breathing slowed and my eyelids grew heavy. Kay remained still, no words between us but I thought I heard a soft moan, followed by what felt like the slight shake of a silent giggle. Was that truly what I felt and heard or just my mind playing games as I slipped off to sleep.

I woke to Mike shaking me and asking me when Kay had left. I sat up with a start, looked around and turned to him, “I have no idea. I didn’t know she had gone.”

“Well get up, my Mom’s calling out the backdoor, it’s 9:00 and breakfast is ready”

As I sat there groggily trying to gather my wits, I thought, “Wow what a dream. God if that was only for real...”

As I walked slowly into Mike’s house and headed to the bathroom I realized my underwear was glued to my penis, crackly goo encrusted in my pubic hairs (what little I had). I finished peeing as I thought, another fucking wet dream. But it seemed too real! I turned to the sink to try to clean up some of the mess before I headed to breakfast. My mind was abuzz with thoughts of why couldn’t that have been real, when I looked in the mirror and saw just the slightest hint of coral pink lipstick on my lips, the exact shade I had admired so many times on Kay’s sexy lips. I smiled.

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