Spank Me Daddy

by The Blind Man

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Spanking, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Samantha is a young woman who has a kink that creeps into her professional life. Frank is an older man who works with Samantha. Both parties need to learn to make concessions if things are to work out to each others satisfaction. This is not an incest story.

Let me say this before anyone gets upset about the title of this story; I’m not a parent and I’m not in an incestuous relationship with my child. I am however in a relationship with a young woman who has a very specific kink that comes out once and awhile.

Samantha is younger than me by at least a dozen years. She is a medium tall, waif of a girl who looks at times a lot younger than her twenty-one years that she really is. In fact her features can be best described as being childlike. She’s a redhead with long, wavy shoulder length hair, green eyes, and a small spattering of freckles on her face. She’s as thin as a rake and her breasts are little more than bumps. Still she has a great smile that can draw a man’s interest from across the room and she is super smart. Talking to her is a joy.

Samantha is a college intern in my office. She’s on a short-term co-operative placement program that is designed to expose her to real world on-the-job training. In a manner of speaking, I’m her mentor. That is how we became familiar with each other.

It all happened progressively. Samantha arrived one Monday morning and she was introduced around the office. The boss’s secretary took charge of her the first day making certain that she had a building pass to get into our building and she had access to our computer system. That and a ton of administrative paperwork kept Samantha busy the first day.

The second day the boss brought Samantha around to my office to re-introduce her to me. While Samantha was going to be doing some independent work for him, the boss wanted someone with a little seniority and a lot of experience keeping an eye on her. I wasn’t supposed to monitor her day to day activities or task her with anything, but I was supposed to make myself available if Samantha needed advice or guidance. Naturally I told him that I had no problem with that and I assured Samantha that it was going to be a pleasure working with her. That just put a smile on Samantha’s face and that smile brightened up my morning.

Like I said Samantha was a very smart young woman. The boss gave her the tasks that he wanted her to pursue and she ran with them. For the most part she worked alone. I’d drop by her cubicle first thing in the morning to say hi and again after lunch but that was it. In the first week that she was in the office I think she dropped by mine only once. When I spoke to the boss later that week I found out that he was very happy with what Samantha was accomplishing for him and the office and I left things at that.

The second week was when I noticed that Samantha had a couple of bad habits. They weren’t really bad like surfing porn on the office internet connection but they were non-productive in nature. My office charged our customers by the minute and every minute that we billed them for had to be accounted for down to the last second. Personal time was limited in our office to one hour a day. That included a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. Anything over that was a no-no. Unfortunately Samantha liked to talk.

I caught her chatting with one of our technicians on Tuesday afternoon. I was on my way to the boss’s office to discuss a paper that I’d drafted for him. Samantha was leaning on the wall of the corridor and Tony the technician was standing next to her. They were deep in conversation and neither of them took notice of me. At first I ignored them and I didn’t say a word. However when I came out of the boss’s office they were still gabbing and I knew from the length of my conversation with the boss that I’d been in his office for at least twenty minutes. I decided then and there to confront the two and put a stop to their gabfest.

Tony fled almost immediately. He didn’t get away scot-free. I warned him that I would be speaking to his supervisor. Then I took Samantha to a quiet room and I had a chat with her.

“Samantha,” I said to her in an exasperated manner, “I know very well that you’ve been briefed about wasting time in this office. It is one thing to ask for help from someone and it is another thing to waste time in idle gossip. In the future keep you chatting to your breaks and your lunchtime. Do you understand me?”

Samantha assured me that she understood me perfectly. She was remorseful from the very beginning of our conversation. In a way she was too remorseful and that made me wonder if she was taking what I was saying seriously. What got me worried was her body language. Samantha didn’t say anything disrespectful but she did start pulling a little girl act on me. She held herself like someone who was getting lectured to by a parent or a teacher. She held her hands in her lap clasping them together. Samantha also allowed her shoulders to slump down in a dejected manner as I spoke to her. Samantha even bowed her head in contrition. She even put a sad pout on her face and that took me completely by surprise. I had to call her on that when I saw it.

“Samantha, are you taking me serious?” I demanded to know, speaking perhaps a little more sharply than I would have usually spoken to another colleague in the same situation.

Samantha assured me that she was taking me very seriously. She kept up the little girl act the whole time that she replied to me. She apologized profusely over and over again and she promised me that she wouldn’t offend again. In the end I sent her back to work telling her that the next time I caught her wasting time that I’d report her to the boss. That got a reaction out of her. She actually looked at me wide-eyed for a moment and she promised me that she’d be a good girl from now on.

That was the only incident with Samantha that week and by the end of the week I thought that everything had gotten sorted out. The one change I did notice was that Samantha started dropping by my office from time to time to ask me a question about something she was working on. Her questions were all minor in nature and they didn’t demand much of my time to answer them so I didn’t really mind. I did find it strange though because I was certain that Samantha could have found the answers on her own without any help from me. What also bothered me was how she presented herself at the beginning of each conversation. She came to me doing the little girl act just before asking what she wanted to know. It was a little annoying.

My next run in with Samantha happened Wednesday the next week. The boss was out of the office for a week and I was acting as Samantha’s immediate supervisor. That meant that she had to report to me more frequently. At first it wasn’t a problem. Monday morning she gave me a mini briefing on what her tasks were for the week. She also told me where she was in each of the tasks, letting me know how her workflow was progressing. I ended up thanking her for her concise briefing and that put a smile on her face. She went off to do her work and I went off to do mine and my boss’s job since I was covering his desk.

On Wednesday morning I dropped by Samantha’s cubicle to check up on what she was doing. It was fifteen minutes after the morning break and I had expected to find her hard at work. What I found was Samantha playing a game on her cell phone. From the look of it she hadn’t even turned her computer back on. Naturally Samantha jumped with surprise the moment I stepped into her cubical.

“I want to speak to you in the boss’s office,” I told Samantha in a sharp, stern voice. Then I turned and left. I immediately walked to the boss’s office. Samantha followed me looking very much like a little girl once again, heading off to the principal’s office.

“You can stop the little girl act,” I told Samantha as I shut the door behind her after she’d entered the office. “It is not going to work on me. I’m immune to it. Besides you’re a bright, intelligent woman Samantha. Do you really think acting like a remorseful child is going to get you out of this conversation?”

“No sir, I don’t,” Samantha responded in a whisper of a voice.

That didn’t change a thing though. Samantha might not expect to get out of trouble acting like a little girl but she still kept it up and that just annoyed me even more.

“I’ve spoken to you once about wasting office hours on personal activities,” I chided Samantha as I moved behind the boss’s desk and I took over his chair, making Samantha stand across from me on the other side of the desk. “I will not speak to you a third time. You’re just lucky that the boss is not here this week or you’d be dealing with him.”

“Yes sir,” Samantha admitted in a low voice, her head bowed and her hands held clasped in front of her. “I understand.”

“Do you really understand?” I asked in a challenging manner, gazing sternly at Samantha. Again my voice had taken on a harshness that I wasn’t used to using in a professional setting. It was just that Samantha’s demeanour was getting to me. “I wonder about that Samantha. I really do. I also wonder about how seriously you take my comments. You’re a grown woman and not a child. Acting like a child in front of me only makes me want to spank you. It certainly doesn’t make me want to let you get away with what you’ve been doing.”

“I know ser,” Samantha replied in almost a tearful voice, “and I’m sorry about the way I’m behaving. I don’t mean to act this way but it happens whenever someone corrects me. I just can’t help it. Please don’t spank me. I’ll be a good girl from now on. I promise.”

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