Wee Wee Camp: Day One

by Victor C. Nathan

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Grand Parent, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After receiving all A's on his report card, well-hung Henry Humper is rewarded for his good grades by being sent to stay with his amorous and big-boobed grandmother June Humper for the summer. This story is a satire!

Starring Henry Humper And Introducing The Tittie Matriarch, June
Humper In A Story That Puts The Fun In Dysfunctional And Breaks All
The Boundaries Of Good Taste.
And Now, From The Uncensored Files:
“Wee Wee Camp: Day One”
Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

“Mom, hey, Mom!” Henry Humper yelled as he opened the door of the home he shared with his mother, Hilda and his older sister, Harriet. “I got my report card, Mom, and guess what?”

“Henry, must you make so much noise?” his beautiful, buxom mother asked him in reply, coming down the stairs to join her son in the front hall of their home. “You sound like a herd of elephants sometimes, I swear.”

“But Mom!” he repeated. “I got my report card, and guess what? I got all As!”

“Henry, I am so proud of you,” Hilda told him, reaching out and stroking the side of his cheek with her well manicured right hand. “I knew you had done well, I already spoke to some of your teachers, and I really can’t tell you how proud I am. In fact, I have planned a special surprise for you.”

“Wow, Mom, thanks,” said Henry excitedly, unbuttoning his trousers and lowering the fly.

“No, Henry,” said Hilda, laughing at his automatic response. “I have an even better surprise. I’m sending you to visit Grandma June and Grandpa Ward at the farm for a week. What do you think of that?”

“You mean I’m going to wee wee camp?” queried Henry, zipping his pants back up.

“Tee hee hee,” giggled Hilda. “I guess Grandma June does like to play with your big fucker a lot, doesn’t she? I’m glad you’re excited, sweetie. You deserve this.”

“No shit, Mom?” Henry asked her, his eyes gazing raptly at the inordinate amount of cleavage showing, squeezing out of the low cut white blouse she had stretched over her mammoth knockers, a blouse probably one size too small considering that it looked like she had forced two midgets under it with much difficulty.

“No shit, sweetie,” Hilda replied, smiling as her boy gaped at her bulging bazooms. “You’re really going to stay a week with your grandparents. You should have a lot of fun. You can help Grandpa around the farm, milking cows, feeding the livestock and you can eat a lot of your Grandma June’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. I figure my big boy deserves it when he gets all As. Your junior high guidance counselor was wrong, Henry. You’re not a moron after all.”

“Milking cows? Eating chocolate chip cookies?” Henry laughed out loud as he patted one of his mother’s oversized glands with an open hand and then gave it a playful pinch. “What the fuck are you talking about? I’m going to motherfucking wee wee camp. The only work I am worried about doing is feeding my pet snake. Grandma June just wants me to visit so she can see the pride of the Humper family again.”

Henry pointed down at his groin area as he continued.

“Grandma may be an old broad, but she is still one big-tittied bitch just like you are, Mom. Going to see June is like going to Big Tittie City and Wee Wee Central. And Granny will do about any crazy shit.”

By now Henry had a hand down Hilda’s blouse and his right hand fondled her giant left tit, squashing the pliable abundance of flesh.

“Why, Henry, you really are a naughty boy, tee hee, grabbing Momma’s big fucking tittie like that,” Hilda said, smiling indulgently at her youngest child. “I’m so glad you’re excited, sweetheart. I really am.”

“Oh, you bet I am, Mom,” said Henry eagerly, already going over in his mind the way his grandmother always let him play with her huge flesh balloons, which were even larger than the ones he now had his hands on. “I think my wee wee is more excited than I am.”

“Tee hee hee, Henry,” replied Hilda with her trademark girlish giggle, looking down at the huge bulge forming in the front of her son’s trousers. “Why, I think your excite-o-meter must be at about a ten, baby.”

“Oh, you bet it is, Mom,” laughed Henry, blushing slightly as his mother glanced at the tent he was pitching in his Dockers. “Grandma June loves to play with my big fucker, and she lets me play with her big old titties any time I want. This will sure beat that summer camp you used to send me to.”

Henry reluctantly removed his hand from his mother’s massive mammary mound and reached his hand into his trousers to rearrange himself and relieve the pressure his erect phallus was placing on the front of his pants.

“I think I’m going to go upstairs and get packed, Mom,” he said excitedly. “I’m going to wee wee camp, I’m going to wee wee camp. I can’t fucking wait!”

“Yes, you should pack,” Hilda agreed, stepping close to him, her mountainous mounds way ahead of her, so fucking large that her blouse looked as if it could be hiding Saddam’s missing weapons of mass destruction. “But I think we need to unpack first, sweetie.”

“Unpack?” Henry asked her, confused as she practically shoved her monstrous set towards him as one of her barely restrained tits heavily bumped his arm and then brushed against it.

“Yes, baby. We need to unpack something very important,” Hilda huskily cooed, grinning wickedly as she breathlessly undid the front of his pants. “We need to unpack this big weapon of yours before you pack any fucking shit, sweetheart. Actually, your excite-o-meter is about a twelve right now, isn’t it?”

“Wow, I think my excite-o-meter is off the fucking scale,” moaned Henry, as his mother extracted his already fully tumescent twelve incher from his underwear and wrapped her dainty, well manicured hand around it.

“Oh, Henry,” Hilda murmured softly to him. “I can hardly get my little hand around your big fucker, tee hee hee.”

Hilda grinned lasciviously as she grasped his rampant rod firmly and began to slide her hand up and down the entire length of his shaft, a motion that had Henry’s breathing labored and ragged in no time.

“Holy fucking shit!” Henry cried out as his mother’s touch drove him wild with longing, her experienced digits expertly manipulating him until he was crying out loud. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“We need to unpack something else too, sweetie,” big-tittied Hilda said in a sultry voice as she rubbed his snake. “In fact, two somethings.”

Hilda slowly unfastened the buttons on her blouse and shrugged it from her shoulders, allowing it to drop to the floor between them. Her bra soon followed, exposing the huge expanse of her feminine assets, already heaving and bouncing in anticipation. Her huge pink areola and pert, pink nipples were swollen and erect, standing out at right angles from her body, pointing invitingly in Henry’s direction. Her breasts were full and heavy, and the mere sight of them caused Henry’s big dick to stretch out even further and increase in girth accordingly.

“Holy motherfucking shit!” Henry Humper screamed as his big-tittied parent stroked his foot long planting tool, pulling down on it like a cow’s udder.

And speaking of udders, Henry gasped as Miss Humper’s soccer ball abundance of fleshy fullness and bountiful boobiness flowed out of her hammock-sized brassiere like a dirty Jack In The Box Christmas gift given for the full benefit of his boner that she yanked voraciously on to induce his seedy discharge. Henry’s hands caught her whoppers as they leaped into his large hands which were still not large enough to hold them. He felt like a five-year-old boy trying to palm a basketball and weeping as he failed. Except that he didn’t weep. He kneaded, pulled, tugged, fondled, and stretched her firm, proud, yet soft megatits like a greedy pimp.

“Oh, Henry,” Hilda squealed. “Nurse me! Nurse me! Suck my big fucking titties!”

Henry eagerly complied, his mouth opening, his lips wrapping around her firmly erect nipple and drawing on her so strongly that she felt a familiar stirring in her pussy and an ever increasing dampness in her panties.

“Ohhhh, nurse my big fuckers, Henry! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Hilda continued to pull on his pecker, using the motions that her father had taught her when she was a girl, back on the farm, milking the cows as part of her daily routine. “Squeeze and pull, squeeze and pull,” she chanted in a low, breathy whisper as Henry began to thrust in her direction, her hand on his male organ exciting him so exquisitely that it was akin to pain. He continued to draw hungrily on her huge, heavy hooter, his hand grasping her other fleshy globe and kneading it, pulling it, tugging on her nipple, tweaking it, driving Hilda nearly insane with the pleasurable sensations flowing from the peaks of her titties.

“I love school! I love to study all kinds of shit!” Henry hollered loudly between sucks and draws on her silver dollar areola and long pointed nipples, sucks that drew nothing but titillation for his at the moment overworked wee wee as Hilda pulled up and down on the tight skin of his swollen staff. “The fucking packing can wait, you big tittied bitch! I’m having too much fun with the fucking unpacking now! Mmmmppppphhhhhh!”

Hilda smiled broadly as pre-cum dribbled from Henry’s oversized private parts. He hadn’t nursed her titties this good since elementary school.

“Goodbye, sweetie,” Hilda hugged her departing boy in the airport terminal, one arm going around his broad shoulders and the other dropping as her right hand sneakily cupped his cock and balls through the fabric of his pants.

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