Christmas With Dena

by Uncle Micky

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Dena arranges an interesting welcome for Micky as he comes home for Christmas during his first year away at college.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

A Note

I was in my first year of college that Christmas. First semester was winding down and everything was looking up. My GPA was going to come in at 3.75. I was competing for a spot as a starter on the wrestling team, although it was becoming apparent I wouldn’t be starting that season. My social life was filling with new friends and very generous young ladies. I had been able to get back home a couple of times, most recently for Thanksgiving. Dena and I had been able to steal a few hours away from everyone else and enjoyed each other very much. We had been able to video chat every now and then and, when we did, we usually ended up masturbating together. I always made sure to record those chats, in case of an emergency!

When I made it home I always looked in on my girls on the street. Judy was turning thirteen and nine year-old Kayley was becoming more adorable than I thought possible. Some changes were made at home. My sister Lily got my room for herself, Dena moved into Jimmy’s room, and Jimmy moved into Dena’s and Lily’s large bedroom in the back of the house. It was set up so my bed and dresser were also moved in there for when I was in town. Everyone was happy having their own rooms and Jimmy was pleased to host me on my visits.

The family had come to school for Parent Weekend. Jimmy and I had loads of fun together. I was surprised how much I missed him. Dena was allowed to visit by herself on homecoming weekend and we made the very best of the situation.

Dena was in eleventh grade during my first year at school and had matured to levels that made her not just a little sister, but also a real friend. She had grown two inches without putting on any weight. With her natural Black-Irish beauty, long flowing black hair, and a toned, fit, five foot six athlete’s body, she had become one of the most beautiful women in the world, according to this proud older brother. She was excelling both in sports and academics. There was a possibility she would be enrolling in college for her senior year and completing college-level academics while finishing her high school diploma. One thing about her had never changed; the taste of her pussy! To this day it tastes like nothing else I have ever encountered. My addiction to eating my sister turned us into quite the oral sex aficionados!

God, I love that girl!

Shortly after Thanksgiving it became apparent I was not going to be starting for my collegiate wrestling team. Coach assured me my time would come, to keep my head up and be proud I was a member of an elite team of athletes. I decided to stay on campus to continue practicing until just before Christmas. My folks weren’t too happy with my decision, but they understood my choice. The semester ended Friday, December seventh, and my plan was to stay on campus until Monday, December twenty-fourth, the last day of practice before break. On Monday the seventeenth, Dena called and asked if I could come home earlier.

Dena had been rather straight forward at first. She said that mom, dad, Jimmy, and Lily were going to visit our Uncle Larry in Pennsylvania on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They wanted Dena to join them and not stay home alone. She came up with a plan and they agreed that she could stay home if she could arrange for me to come home early. Quietly she told me that we would have two whole days to ourselves. I was convinced! I would head home Thursday. Coach was already impressed that I stayed in town for practice and told me I could head home whenever I wanted.

Surprisingly, Dena told me not to arrive until Friday, after the folks had left, and to make sure I didn’t show up until eight that night.

I asked her why, and she described her plan to me. There had been a coffee commercial playing on TV about an older brother returning home for Christmas from Africa; who is met early in the morning at the door by his sister. As the commercial unfolds, the two of them show great affection while marveling over freshly brewed coffee, and then it ends. She and her friends had been calling it “The Cup of Incest Commercial,” which got Dena to thinking.

God, I love that girl!

I had seen the commercial and knew exactly what she was talking about. Hell, all of us in the dorm had been commenting on how any of us would be more than happy to tap that little TV sister.

As I was pulling into town and light snow began to fall. I was a bit early and decided to wait out front until the appointed time of eight o’clock. As I sat in the car I was pleased with how peaceful and pretty our block looked. As usual, there were plenty of Christmas lights and decorations. The darkness of the night, the falling snow, and the decorations turned our old street into a Norman Rockwell vista. The beauty of the scene only underscored the events that were going to take place in one of these houses. I wondered what other depravities were occurring on this pretty street tonight. It was eight pm.

Christmas With Dena

I made my way up the walk to the front door. I was wearing a winter coat and had my duffle bag slung over my shoulder. The door was locked. Regardless, I rang the bell. I noticed the curtains move and saw Dena peek out. She opened the door wearing a simple gray baseball shirt with red sleeves and grey sweat pants. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She was wearing no discernible make up and she looked like ‘the girl-next-door.’ To me, she has always been stunning in her simplicity.

I looked at her, then up to the house number over the door, then back at her as if I didn’t recognize her. I said, “I must have the wrong house.”

In character, smiling, she pointed at herself and said, “Sister?” as if I didn’t recognize her.

We smiled, laughed, then she jumped into my arms, tightly hugged me, and sweetly said, “Oh, I missed you so much.”

She took my hand and led me to the kitchen. I removed my coat and she said, “They waited all day for you, you know.”

I sighed and said, “It’s a long way from West Ohio.” I walked to the coffee pot, leaned over it, inhaled the aroma and said, “Ooooh, real coffee.” I took the pot, grabbed the mug on the counter and stood in front of her pouring myself a cup of steaming Joe as she perched herself on the kitchen island. After taking a sip, I set the mug down and reached into my duffle bag, pulled out a wrapped package with a bow on top and said, “I brought you something from far away.”

She quietly said, “You did?” took the package, dropped her eyes, looked at it as she turned it around in her hands, and said, “Ooh.” She removed the bow, paused, and stuck it on my belt buckle.

Smiling, I looked at her and said, “What ya doing?”

She smiled back and said, “You’re my present.” We both fell silent, we half smiled and stared into each other’s eyes. She is so fucking beautiful! I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been! She placed her hands on either side of her butt and edged ever so slightly forward.

I stepped towards her and moved so I was standing right in front of her, between her legs. I reached around the small of her back and pulled her in close to me. Dena wrapped her arms up around my neck and pressed fully against me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and then our lips joined. Our kiss was deep and passionate. We haven’t had time together in a while and a lot of pent up lust was boiling beneath the surface. Dena was kissing me with great abandon; she pulled me tighter, starting to move her legs up and around my ass. I started a dry hump into her as she pressed tighter.

Without warning she broke completely away. She popped down off the counter and pushed me backwards against the kitchen wall. She lunged back at me and our mouths met in a wonton display of French kissing. She was really worked up; her body was gyrating and pressing up against me. Her right leg hooked up to my hip and she started to dry hump my left thigh. All the time she was making quiet, throaty sounds of passion. My hands were floating up and down her back, cupping her ass whenever possible. I eventually placed my hands on her hips and pushed her back just a bit so we were looking face-to-face.

Speaking volumes with eyes but not making a sound; she moved the ribbon to my shirt, unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and pulled them down with my boxers. She grabbed my coat from the counter, put it at her feet and knelt on it with her face even with my stiffening dick.

“Dena, I thought that maybe we...”

“Be quiet big brother, I know what I want for my present, and I’m going to have it!” With that she took me into her mouth.

I caught on; she was still playing the commercial! “Oh sis, that feels so good. They don’t have anything like you in west Ohio. I’ve travelled so far ... I never thought...”

Holding my dick in her hand, she pulled back, looked up at me, and said, “What big bro? You didn’t think little sis would make your return special?” She sucked me in for three real intense pulls, looked back up, and said, “I’ve dreamed of having you right where I’ve got you ... in my mouth!” She returned to work, but this time she was intent on only one thing, and I had been horny for two days. I knew it wouldn’t take long.

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