Making the Grade

by Victor C. Nathan

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Grand Parent, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Well-hung Henry Humper's English teacher mother rewards her boy's good grade by sharing her gigantic boobs and voluptuous body with her son.


Starring Titanic-Tittied Teacher Hilda Humper and Her Twelve-Inch Pupil Henry Humper in:

"Making The Grade"

By Victor C. Nathan and Dr. Mojo

Edited and published by Victor C. Nathan

"Ah, fuck this motherfucking paper!" Henry shouted to himself, slamming his copy of The Great Gatsby closed and throwing his pen down onto the paper in front of him, a scene of student frustration echoed countless times in teenage bedrooms throughout American history. "Why the hell does Mom always have to assign papers due on Monday mornings? She knows how fucking horny I get on Sunday nights! All the girls from school are always at home with their families doing family non-sexual shit, Harriet's always over at Missy's getting rogered by her horny brother, and Mom's always cleaning the fucking house all day and knocking over valuable heirlooms and lamps and shit with her tits. What the fuck? I mean, there isn't a pussy available in the whole town to house my wee wee. How is a guy supposed to get a nut off, not to mention two nuts as big as the ones I got in my big ol' beanbag. Ha ha!"

The Humper household was hardly a typical American household. Whereas most high school seniors would find themselves distracted from their academic duties with football games or evening sitcoms, Henry Humper found his eighteen-year-old, hormone-flooded head swimming with visions of gigantic bouncing tits. This would also be a common daydream for a boy his age, but in Henry's case the majority of the mammaries in question belonged to members of his own family, all of whom he was intimately familiar with. In other words, he had fucked them.

"I can't concentrate on writing about this stupid 1920s shit! Those ugly flappers didn't even wear low-cut dresses! I bet that Daisy chick was barely even a D-cup! Man, poor Gatsby! How did he manage?" Henry trailed off, having managed to pick up a basic outline of most of the story while reading the novel over the past week, despite having his eyes frequently averted from the book every time his impossibly stacked mother or sister walked by, his swinging organ immediately standing to attention at the site of one or both of their massive racks. Hilda and Harriet Humper rarely wore tops around the house, which gave Henry plenty of feminine distractions to compete with his studies.

Ordinarily he would grab either his mother or his sister and either beg or charm his way into some relief via their tits or pussy or mouth or all of the above, but Hilda was strict with her children's study time, not allowing distractions until they had put in sufficient time hitting the books each day. Hilda Humper could still be a surprisingly strict disciplinarian with her son, especially considering the fact that she had been pleasuring his gigantic wee wee by fucking him on a daily basis for nearly a year.

But Henry also knew that when it came to doing his homework and focusing on academics, Hilda would put her titties back inside her colossal brassiere and slide a pair of panties over her pink love canal and oh-so-kissable round fanny. She wouldn't give a shit how much his wee wee was tingling for the contact of fucky strokes or her warm mouth or her sopping wet pussy or, for that matter, a place between her hilly Humper mounds. Mmmmmm, titfuck. Momma wouldn't even let him knead and fondle or suck on her robust boobies if he started to neglect his homework, specifically the reading and writing assignments the buxom educator gave him in her senior English class. Fuck, but he could feel the snake of his dauntingly long dong creeping down the left pant leg of his Gap jeans to the point that it almost appeared as if a python had snuck into his drawers that morning.

"Motherfuck! Fuck this book anyway! Mommeeeeeeeee! Get the fuck up here for a minute!" Henry bellowed in a whiny tittie baby voice, his mother ever reminding him that he behaved like a child. But she would then huskily remark that he was a child with a kickstand cock between his muscular legs and a set of balls that she loved to suck and lick and pull on, so large and full were they. "Mommy, come up here and help me with this fucking homework and shit! This is worse than Nietzsche, although I think you've got some uber-titties and I've got one uber-mother-fucking cock and balls! Momma, come here and talk to me!" Goddamn it, he thought to himself. If she won't help me, I'll have to pull out this man-missile of mine and stroke that weasel till it spits across the fucking room. He hated the thought of having to do that. Henry didn't want to coax a spit-up out of himself manually. His wee wee wanted Momma.

"Henry Herman motherfucking Humper?! What are you yelling about, young man?" the top-heavy green-eyed Hilda Humper said as she stepped into the room, half-concerned and half-annoyed at her boy's petulant outburst, but her monstrously massive bazoomies wriggling under her tee shirt anyway. Seeing the book she had assigned him to read during the previous week and the mostly empty writing paper on his desk, she quickly put two and two together.

"Mommy-Boobs, I need!"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Henry! You haven't finished your paper yet? It's due tomorrow, young man! I knew I shouldn't have kept you up all night humping away in my room on Saturday. Gee, but we did some huffin' and puffin', Tiger. But for pete's sake, Henry - it's only a two-page summary. You should remember most of the key points from the lecture from the last class," Hilda reminded him, glancing down at his wee wee throbbing at the fly of his jeans, her gaze a mixture of motherly concern and carnal lust, secretly wishing that Henry would finish up his work so that they could have a quick tumble before bed.

Mmmmm. In and out, in and out. The busty mother was craving her boy's ripe young cock again. She wanted that foot-long slab of gristly thick hardness pumping in and out of her accommodating and pink Humper cooter. Hilda had been so busy cleaning the house and grading papers that she had practically no time to satisfy her comically wanton sex drive. The only sexual activity she had engaged in that day was giving Henry an early morning hand job as they both ate breakfast; she had also enjoyed a very quick fuck with the paperboy just after breakfast while the paperboy's mother was obliviously waiting outside in the car with the engine running. A day with only two sexual encounters was practically celibacy for Hilda Hannah Humper, and her horniness had continued to build up throughout the day.

"But Mooooom, I can't concentrate on this shit when I'm so horny!" Henry insisted, staring hard at her t-shirt adorned honkers that were the biggest in the fucking school. "I haven't squirted my ball batter out in like twelve hours or some shit. I mean, you didn't even give me my after-dinner blow job! What is this, a monastery? How is a guy supposed to stay focused when he's so backed up? My mushroom head needs to get fed, Mom." The absurdity of his complaints after a mere half-day without getting his wee wee sucked were completely lost on the boy, who had grown accustomed to getting his penis serviced by her constantly. "Besides, all I can remember from class on Friday is when you sucked Kenny Long's dick for getting the highest score on the quiz. It was a little hard to concentrate on the lecture when you had a string of jizz hanging off your chin the entire period."

"Henry, it could have been YOUR string of jizz hanging off my chin instead of Kenny's. You just gotta fucking study harder and work on your English skills and all that vocab and the other happy fucking horseshit I teach! Work harder, son!" Hilda sounded more like a mother than a dirty big-boobed teacher as she lectured him with a finger pointing in his direction, her J-cup motherfucking fat globes of girly glandishness wagging up and down under a casual white t-shirt that read 'Proud Mother Of A Son With A Twelve-Inch Penis' in black letters that were barely legible when stretched around her hilly hooters. "You need to buckle down and work fucking harder!"

"I've never been harder while working on my goddamn homework, Mom!" Henry blurted out, squeezing his fat veiny cock through the fabric of his jeans. He gaped at the braless bazooms that rattled around on his blonde mother's sculpted body unreservedly. "And buckle down? Fuck, Mommy! I need you to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants, unzip my motherfuckin' fly and whip out my fat tube of a damn horseycock and free my plump sack of sticky! Don't be such a bossy bitchy boobie momma with me. You know what your wee wee boy needs."

Hilda really wanted to oblige him, to unhouse her hefty old honkers and swing those fuckers out into view and then to pull out her son's young fresh meat, his ripe young cock from where it was hidden from view behind his pants and drawers. Goddamn, but she wanted to so fucking bad, but the top-heavy, behemoth-boobed blonde beauty needed to teach Henry a lesson far more important, a lesson far bigger (if possible) than the two mountains that adorned her modest chest and shoulders.

"Henry Herman Humper, I don't care how much of your cum I've swallowed, Mister. I am still your mother, and as long as you are under my roof, you will obey my rules," the Humper matriarch admonished more forcefully, putting aside her own carnal wants for the good of her son's education.

Hilda jutted her mammoth boobs out defiantly as she scolded him, the two flesh mountains looking as if they might burst her novelty t-shirt.

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