The Priest and the Love Doctor

by RichardGerald

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A brief and humorous look at the modern relationship between the sexes.

The story is a bit on the light side and not to be taken seriously although some little bits are drawn from my past. Mike K was kind enough to edit out the worst of my bad grammar and spelling. I owe him a debt here. The story is not perfect but it is free. As always tell me what you think.

Father Dominic entered the dimly lit Newman Center Chapel. He expected more light because it was Thursday, and the Altar Society cleaned and prepared the church for weekly services on Thursday evenings. The Society was made up of a dozen young women volunteers from the University, but tonight they were not in the Chapel. That surprised him. Mary McCarty, the group’s chairwoman, was normally a most capable and dependable young woman. There were no males in the Altar Society. Young men rarely even attended services in these increasingly secular times. Father Dominic could only pray for their threatened souls.

Being the Chaplin of the State University’s Newman Center was not a particularly rewarding position. Father Dominic would have preferred real parish work, but it was not his option to choose. He had been assigned to minister to the university community, and he tried his best to be a good advocate for the teachings of the Catholic faith. It was a difficult community to serve, particularly in these times.

Young people today had very loose morals. Sex was always an important factor when ministering to college students. Nothing had prepared the priest for the modern “hookup culture.” Young people no longer dated, they hooked up instead. A hookup could mean anything from sharing coffee to sexual intercourse. It was, unfortunately, most often the latter. The priest was convinced that the unrestrained physical urges of young men were principally to be blamed for this development

Young men no longer felt responsible for anything. There were fewer of them in college, and, in fact, they were the minority. Young men were all about only one thing. Young women were no longer courted. A girl today would find her man at some event or social occasion without the benefit of prior arrangement. Sex had become no more than a casual event. Each Sunday Dominic preached against the hookup culture with only modest success.

His congregation was small and almost exclusively female. Still there were bright spots. Mary McCarthy was one of those lights. She was a teacher in training. She had completed her BA, her student teaching, and was almost finished with her MA in education for her permanent certification. She was a beautiful young woman with a very curvaceous figure. Not some skinny little thing, but a tall young lady with black hair and pretty green eyes. The unkind might label her as a bit overweight, but she looked like what Father Dominic would call a real woman. Added to these attributes like a shining jewel was her deep Catholic faith and commitment to the church. She had but one deficiency, and Dominic hoped she would soon rid herself of it or rather him.

Father walked through the chapel into the church hall. It was a long somewhat narrow room at the back of the church building that was lined along one wall with tables and chairs for social and educational functions. As he entered, he saw a group of young women at the far end, the missing Altar Society. The girls were gathered together and clearly excited about something.

As Dominic approached one of the girls called out, “Oh Father come and see. Mary’s engaged.”

They were gathered around Mary, who was sporting a substantial diamond ring. Father dreaded the answer as he asked the question.

“Who is the lucky young man?”

“Oh, Father don’t be silly, it’s Stil,” a number of young women informed the priest.

It was all he could do to keep a smile on his face. In a University filled with oversexed, immature men, Robert Simons might be considered an exception. He was painfully shy and awkward. He was very studious in his quiet way and maybe even somewhat likable. But that was the extent of his good qualities.

Robert was an atheist by personal inclination and a Protestant by birth. He was commonly referred to by the nickname Stil for reasons never explained. He seemed to be known to every young woman on campus who uniformly treated him with an uncommon familiarity. Every girl on campus seemed to regard him with amusement and hide a knowing smirk when his name was mentioned. Father feared the worst and had been disappointed the first time Mary had dragged Stil to Saturday evening Mass.

Mary had been seeing Stil, whom she studiously referred to as Robert, for a good eighteen months since the last half of the proceeding academic year. Stil was a good three years younger than Mary, a junior to her graduate student. He was in Father’s opinion in no way her equal. She led him around like a pet. Father could see that she ruled the relationship. He never directly stood up to her. Stil or Robert did not seem the type to be so submissive. The young man was firm in his religious views and adamant in his convictions. He was also tall and well built. A member of the varsity wrestling team he was also a bouncer at the “Factory”, the worst of the college bars. But it was clear that he was so utterly infatuated with Mary that her quietest wish was a loud command to him.

“Father can I speak to you in private,” Mary whispered in his ear.

“Of course—later when the others have gone,” he whispered back.

He was hoping that she had some doubts about her engagement that he might used to show her how inappropriate a marriage outside her faith would be.

“Father.” Mary took a seat in the small office the priest used at the back of the church hall, “Everything I say, it’s like confession?”

“Of course my child, but I hope it is nothing bad,” he said.

“No—well maybe, you see it’s Sti—Robert and sex,” she said.

“Has he been pressuring you for sex?”

A tear dropped across Mary’s face as she shook her head no.

“That’s just it Father. As you know, I am a virgin and very inexperienced, but surely a boy should well want to at least... ,” her voice fell off to a whisper.

“Mary I don’t understand what are you trying to say.”

“Well, he won’t let me touch him—you know down there.”

“I’m still confused. Stil doesn’t want sex?”

“Well, not exactly—I mean I wouldn’t be with a boy who did not satisfy me. I don’t think any girl would put up with that. When you can go just anywhere and hook up, but Robert will not let me return the favor.”

Now Father was entirely lost in territory beyond his experience and expertise. Why was it that people expected a man who had taken a vow of celibacy to give sexual advice.

“I am clearly missing something here. You need to give me more explanation.”

Mary pondered apparently both concerned and embarrassed, but the concern won out.

“We do a lot of oral. I just love it. I never even contemplated it before I met Stil, ah I mean Robert. He is splendid at that, at least I think so, and he can really use his fingers. But that tongue of his is fantastic, and how he uses his mouth is just so right. He will do it all night if you ask. But he will not let me touch his male parts. They are strictly off limits. It’s a no go,” She looked every bit as embarrassed as the now shocked priest.

Father Dominic was totally adrift. He would never have contemplated such a confession from the chairwoman of his Altar Society. The pretty young virgin who until moments ago he believed to be the epitome of chaste Catholic womanhood had undergone a transformation. More to the point, he knew she had never confessed any sexual indiscretion to him, and her attitude seemed to indicate that she saw nothing wrong in her actions. Evidently she believed, like a former American president, that only intercourse was sex.

“Perhaps Robert is reluctant to engage in premarital sexual activities. Maybe he sees pleasing you as acceptable, but doesn’t think he could contain himself if aroused,” Father Dominic ventured, wondering if perhaps Stil was a better man than he had contemplated.

“Oh, Father if only that were true. That thing of his is rarely at rest. He seems to have a perpetual hard-on. But he won’t let me touch it, and I believe there is only one reason,” Mary said, tears now flowing freely.

“Mary, you have me at a total loss,” Father Dominic confessed.

“Oh, Father can’t you see he must be —QUICK—a premature ejaculator.” She broke down entirely.

Father Dominic knew not what to say. He tried to understand what he was being told but it somehow failed to register.

Finally, he said, “Mary is that such a bad thing? Sex is only part of marriage and a small part at that.”

Mary looked up and frowned, “I don’t think I am being unreasonable Father. I love Robert with all my heart and soul. BUT, I am a modern woman, and I know what I have a right to expect. A man needs to perform in the bedroom. That’s his principle function. Robert is no Alpha Male. He is a shy, quiet person. He is big, and I am told rather strong in some male ways. But let’s face it. He is, as the saying, goes pussy whipped. I know I will always wear the pants in our relationship, so to speak. That’s fine, I like it, but I still want to be satisfied in bed.”

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