Cutting School with Dawn

by Uncle Micky

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Coach Dolan is leaving his school in Ohio and moving to Florida for a new position. He has many farewells to make during his last year and is especially happy when he meets a new girl in his class, Dawn.

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A Note

I was in my last year of teaching in Ohio before moving to Florida. Everyone at school knew of my plan and it made for a different sort of year. I coached football and wrestling but at an assistant level, in order to assist with the transitions for the new head coaches. I truly enjoyed the less stressful seasons. I had visits with some of my former students; some of whom I shared a “special” bond with.

Half way through the wrestling season, the principal cornered me and asked for a favor. The boy’s tennis coach was going to be fired and he needed someone to fill in for the season. I played some tennis, had a friend who competed at the college level; so, I figured what the hell and took the assignment.

That year I was also assigned ninth grade classes, due to my impending departure. I wasn’t too excited about this until my fifth period class entered my life. There was one fourteen-year old girl in the class who played an important role in my life that year. This story will concern that girl: Dawn.


Dawn is a little less than five feet tall and very petite. She has short blonde hair that is sort of feathered in a way, and it appears to be kind of unkempt, but has a cool look to it. Her eyes are a pretty blue and her lashes are thick and dark. Her eyes have a twinkle to them that lights up her face when she smiles. Her nose is button-cute and perfectly proportioned. Her mouth is a bit wide for her face. When she smiles, it takes over and her whole face smiles. One buddy of mine would call hers a ‘blowjob mouth.’

She is short and petite; you can barely make out the bumps where her breasts are and, because of that you know she will be a less endowed woman. Her stomach is flat and her hips have proper development for a fourteen-year-old girl. Her ass is just slightly larger than it should be, but that only adds curves to a body in need of a more womanly look. It is as if she is fully developed from the waist down while her upper half is still that of a developing girl. She has a way of looking up at you, in a shy way, that is entirely too erotic for what she intends the look to be; at least I think it is unintended. Sometimes, when she speaks or smiles, the side of her her lower lip will curl down just the tiniest bit, and it is oh so enticing an expression. Her voice is soft and sweet. You can readily detect the little girl in her when she speaks. I assume she is still unsure about her emerging womanhood.

I learned during the year she was the only child of a single mother. I met her mother a couple of times during the year, and Dawn had asked me if I “liked” her mother. Her mom was very much what I would call a “road whore” and had very little going for her. I could see the streets in her face and I knew she had been, and could be, trouble. The only good thing she likely has ever done, or would ever do in her life, was have a daughter who might have a chance to lead the good life. Dawn asked me for advice one day, concerning her mother, and I managed to lead the conversation around so that Dawn understood that our relationship was special and would be something her mother would never understand or accept. I explained to Dawn that her mother was likely going to start being jealous of her youth, looks, and intelligence. I led Dawn to realize that if her mother found out about us talking, she would likely be pulled out of school and my reputation smeared.

I know that how I treated Dawn that year was, in fact, “grooming.” If she ever needed anything, I would try to help: sometimes it was just lunch money, or a meal before a match. I remembered her birthday and made her feel special on that day. Hell, I was a soft touch for all the girls; but I always covered my lust. I have always believed that, in the art of seduction, you should leave the door open and inviting for a young girl to walk through, but never attempt to pull her through. I became the male figure in Dawn’s life and was loved by her for it.

I had recruited several of my wrestling “managers” to help with tennis, but only a few of them had the time. Along with Dawn, three older girls agreed to help; one of them, Jeanne, was very good at making sure this coach was relaxed and on his game.

During a match, each girl was assigned a court to record the game statistics and keep track of the score. I would move from court to court and help each player as best I could. We had a pretty good season going and everyone was enjoying themselves. The guys on the team were quite pleased that the new coach brought four pretty girls to each match, especially since no one, other than the occasional parent, would show up.


It was our second to last match of the season the weather was unseasonably cold and windy. Not bad enough to cancel the match, but bad enough to make it an uncomfortable day. I moved from court to court and the boys were doing well. My number one player was making mince meat of his opponent and had started to toy with the kid, as is his wont; he’s a bit more than an asshole. I pulled him over and told him that as soon as he finished the kid off, he could head home. I watched the rest of the match from my car and it was over very quickly. Jeanne, the senior stats girl, who had been scoring his match, came over to the car and slid into the passenger side and gave me the paperwork for the match.

Jeanne is about five foot four, carries a few extra pounds of weight, but has a killer body. She has large, firm tits and a curvaceous, buxom body. Her curves are proportionate to her height and body size. She would be classified as a “soft-body” and good lord, she is soft and cuddly. She has long, curly black hair framing a face that is somewhat weird looking, but extraordinarily cute in its own way. She speaks in a manner that conveys a soft innocence, which makes her all the more attractive. Without a doubt, her greatest characteristics are her full red lips and the fact that she is a nymphomaniac. I first had her in the drafting room after school when she was in tenth grade.

She handed me the statistic sheets, slid over closer, and complained of how cold it was. I put my arm around her shoulders, pulled her close and said, “Here, cuddle up a bit and I’m sure we can warm you up.”

She giggled, looked up at me and asked, “Are you really going to leave? You know, go to Florida?”

“Yep, no doubt about it, everything is arranged. I have the job, a place to live, some side work already arranged for extra money ... everything is set.”

“Are you going to miss me?”

“Of course I will! But you’re graduating this year and heading off to school in Pennsylvania; I would miss you even if I was staying here.”

“Are we going to have a chance to really say goodbye?”

She slid down a bit so that her head was resting on my chest. She started to run her right hand up and down my thigh. I replied, “I was hoping we could get together. We still have a few weeks, I’m sure we can figure something out, maybe something special.” Earlier that day I was informed that our last match of the season, next Friday, had been cancelled. We would have no matches until the district tournament in two weeks. I began to consider doing something with Jeanne that Friday but decided to hold off on telling her.

As her head slid lower down my chest, she shifted her legs up on the seat so she was almost lying down. She asked, “I would like that a lot. You know what I like most about you coach?”

“No, tell me what you like about me?”

Jeanne now had her hand right up into my crotch caressing my balls through the material. “You know all about me, you know what I can be like, yet you always treat me nice ... as if I’m a regular girl at school but then you give me that extra little smile that just makes me tingle ... does that make sense? You make me feel normal, you don’t judge me and then you make me feel special.”

I lifted my butt up enough so she could undo my pant’s button and zipper. She adjusted my clothing so she could scoop my dick and balls out of my britches. “It’s easy to treat you special, Jeanne ... but, now I think it’s time you made me feel special.”

“Coach...” was all she said as she slid her warm mouth over the head of my dick. I pulled her hair out of the way and leaned back to enjoy her mouth. Jeanne is one of the best blowjob artists I’ve ever put my dick in! She has an eagerness and love for cock that shines through in the way she sucks; the way she moves her head, the way her body puts some “English” on her efforts and even in the way she moans. Together, this all demonstrates her pleasure in giving pleasure. I know she gets wet just by sucking a dick; so, I reached down to her ass and cupped my hand on her crotch to massage her pussy. Jeanne is such a sexual animal that she can have an orgasm just from heavy kissing and being felt up a little bit!

She turned, ever so slightly to glance sideways up at me, which afforded me the opportunity to watch her full red lips slide up and down on my dick. As I caressed her crotch, she responded by sucking harder and quicker. I couldn’t help myself; I just love getting sucked off. The sight of a pretty girl with a mouth load of dick just floors me!

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