Moving on With Life

by Victor2K

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Maven, Selina Kyle's assistant and Candace, Rupert Thorne's right hand. Two women that met and pretty much fell in love for each other Batman: TAS Fanfiction

“Please, Maven, what have I been telling you for an entire year?” said a beautiful and long haired girl name Trixie Woodlands to her friend, a brown haired female named Maven, who had been her close acquaintance for some years, at a table in a diner.

“I know, I know, but it is so hard to forget him” The glassed female, with formal working suit replied, with a monotonous tone of voice, implying a lack of enthusiasm for the conversation.

“Darling, you had broken up with Jonah one year ago and you did not get over him. I am concerned about you, I must confess I have fears about your wellbeing” Trixie confessed to Maven.

“Please, Trixie, I don’t need the concern of anyone about myself! And, don’t worry about me, I have my job, I have my friends. Everything’s sailing smoothly, I can handle any rough waters that come my way, and I’m a big girl.”

“I know ... Maven; we have been friends since we were teenagers. I know everything about you and no doubt you know much about me. But, let me speak candidly, as that is what friends do. I think you should free your mind, free yourself from all your problems. You live too much in your job, you don’t give yourself any “me” time” Trixie said, knowing that Maven and her boss, Selina Kyle, sometimes went much beyond the remit of working relations.

“I don’t need you to tell me about what I do with my life”, Maven seriously emphasized. She was somewhat rattled by being lectured in this way by Trixie.

“I am not saying that. I know the nature of your relation with your boss is pretty much like two really confident friends, but its not cheating with her if you go out and meet someone else, boy, girl or whatever. You need that freedom, to explore your own possibilities” Trixie explained.

“You are right Trixie, I admit. But that thing with Jonah tore me down so much that I think I could do with avoiding any man for a while. Good Gods, I’m so glad that I discovered that I had the hots for girls, otherwise I would be doomed”, Maven said, with her head a bit low, while her friend, at the exact moment she said about her girl desires, had an idea. It was a eureka moment, something which Trixie was not unfamiliar with.

“Wait, wait, I think I have an idea! Will you come to Jane’s birthday tomorrow?” The redhead asked, eager for an affirmative reply.

“Yes, I was invited. I would never forget to go to Jane’s birthday, it’s etched into my brain”, Maven answered, pointing to her head and smiling.

“Well, go there. I think I have the perfect thing for you!” Trixie said with some kind of devious grin on her face.

“What kind of thing? I hope you will not introduce me to yet another one of the preppy friends of your husband?” The brown-haired woman asked, puzzled and perhaps a little irritated.

“No, no, no repeat of that, I assure you. It’s just a thing I had and have in mind, but you will only see it tomorrow”.

“It seems very nice, judging by the way that you talk”, Maven commented.

“Well, I cannot say it now, I need to go to work, and some of us have lives to attend to. Okay ... bye Maven, be there tomorrow, okay?” Trixie said, before a customary goodbye to Maven, leaving an air of mystery about what Maven would see the next day. It would vex the mind of the woman for much of the rest of the day.

The sun rose on the next day. It was the 30th birthday of Jane Warner, who was married to the Gotham City radio talk show star Ronald Warner. Among the people in the party, was Maven, wearing a beautiful dark blue dress, talking with a small gathering of people. While chatting away casually, she spotted in the corner of the room, Trixie, her friend, talking with a long-haired brunette in a gray dress, at which moment the two women looked to where she was.

Then, Trixie and the woman approached Maven as soon as the brown-haired woman stopped by to talk.

“Hi Maven! I expected you to be here”, Trixie hugged her friend, in the complimentary manner which was second nature to her.

“It’s Jane’s birthday and she is also my friend. So I had to go ... listen, where is that great thing you wanted to show me? I’m eager to know.” Maven asked

“Oh, the thing? Yes, its here” The redhead said, pointing to the brunette who was at her side. “Maven, I want to introduce you to Candace, a girl I met at the country club. Candace, this is my good friend, Maven.”

“Nice to meet you, Candace” Maven complimented, smiling as she introduced herself.

“It’s so nice to meet you too, Maven. It is refreshing to meet someone unexpected at these parties, you can get bored with the same people over and over.” The woman continued, “Maven, that is such an unusual name, I like it very much, very unique, very ... exotic” Candace said, making the other woman blush visibly.

“Listen, I will let you girls get on with the serious business of talking. I just need to see what my husband is doing, better make sure he is not up to mischief! See you girls later”, Trixie said, before leaving the duo, who soon got back to engaging in their conversations.

“So, you are Trixie’s friend, right? She told me a lot of stuff about you” Candace said.

“Well, what can I do? We know each other since we were about 15 year old. She is my best friend” Maven smiled.

“She told me you work as a personal assistant.”

“Yes, I am. I am currently working as assistant of Miss Selina Kyle” The brown-haired woman calmly explained.

“Her? Oh my ... I bet she is not all that glamorous and shining as we see on the cover of those magazines”, smiled the brunette, “would be interesting to see if she lives up to the hype. Wonder how much is just image?”

“Not that much. Well, she has her interests and she is invited to many of the social parties, but she is totally normal. She is not like the Richie riches, hooray Henry’s, or whatever you call them.”

“It must be very tiresome for someone to stay normal under the attention of the lights, the cameras and the men. Tell me, how can she be with a different man every party?”

“She has lots of male friends, but she is not that kind of woman who is with any man for recognition. She tries to look the perfect man to herself”, explained Maven, seeing that her chart partner was intrigued by the subject

“But I can’t imagine she is that hard to please. She is so pretty and glamorous in the arms of those men...” Candace commented.

“Miss Kyle is a person, just like us. Under that pretty woman, the glamorous man-magnet package, there is a woman who is just like any of us”, the brown-haired and glasses-wearing woman further explained, before then asking Candace, “So, let’s talk about you ... Trixie told me she met you at the country club”

“Exactly. I had no partner for the bridge game, so she decided to help me and be my partner. You know, I am not the kind of girl of those places, its my boss who keeps pushing me to it” Candace said.

“Really? And where do you work?” Maven asked.

“I am, like you, a personal assistant. Well, more than an assistant, like some kind of ‘right hand’, if you know what I mean”, answered the pretty brunette “I work as an assistant of Mr. Rupert Thorne”, Candace said, much to the surprise of Maven.

“Wow! Really? You work for HIM?”

“Why the surprise?” Candace asked, somewhat perplexed.

“Is, you know ... he is been on all the newspaper front pages for that Marinetti trial. They said mean things about Mr. Thorne, so people were sent people to kill him”, commented Maven.

“Newspapers ... why do people still believe them?” The brunette joked.

“But, tell me. Is true what everybody says about your boss? This crime stuff, the killings, that news about him and the mob and such?” Maven asked, her face projecting astonishment and curiosity.

“Mr. Thorne has many enemies, at all levels of power. Everyone’s gunning for him. People can make up stories about him just to see a powerful man like my boss to fall. And you know how this city is made of vultures. People are always gunning for the top guy, it’s the way of the world”, told Candace like the subject was normal stuff. Maven was bit worried, but still surprised to see such a woman in her front.

“Golly ... so, let me ask. It must be difficult for you to work with him, with all the stuff surrounding Mr. Thorne?” asked the brown-haired woman.

“I have to face the press and the vultures surrounding Mr. Thorne, but you see, its not easy, Maven, to work for a man like him, with many people desiring to get rid of him. A woman like me has to get into the ‘game’ and face these kinds of people.”

“Wow ... You are such a strong woman, Candace.” Maven stated as she looked at Candace in much the same way as a very studious girl pays attention to her teacher. “Takes a lot of courage and steadfastness to do what you do”, she added, obviously impressed by Candace’s tough job.

In fact, despite the early surprise, Candace and Maven sustained a nice and cheerful chat, where many subjects were covered, like favorite stuff, friendship with Trixie, people and, of course, their bosses. Candace was pretty interested in the details about Selina Kyle’s life, just as Maven wanted details about the routine of her and Rupert Thorne and the law issues that he faced.

The chat was so long and good that the time itself seemed to accelerate to the two women. So, it was near midnight as Trixie went to talk with her best friend.

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