Thanks to a Pastrami Sandwich

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Don locates a deli close to his current assignment. His desire for pastrami sandwich is dwarfed by his desire for Jayden. The young clerk has a devastating effect on him. Don learns she is actually the owner's youngest daughter. Jayden brings love into his life. Not bad for a fourteen year old.

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This project was supposed to be a milk run. I’ve been on a three-hour job for the last week and there’s no end in sight. Every time a fix is in place and then re-boot we watch each workstation come on line and then crash. The actual source of the problem keeps eluding the team. As another day in paradise, finally draws to an end. If the team spends any more hours in a day here I might as well move in. As it is I get home exhausted, shower and crash to be awakened by my screaming alarm. That is a little about my job.

I am Don Parsons. At fifty-one I am usually comfortable with my life. I live alone in a large house. My wife was taken by cancer twelve years ago. Now I am only responsible for myself. Moving is not an option with me so I kept our matrimonial home. It’s much too big for me but it’s like a pair of old slippers I’m comfortable here. Up keep is not a burden. Money is no object as I’m well paid with many bonuses. What I do is very much in demand. I specialize in computer viruses, when I’m not doing that I try my hand at software development. But the simple-minded genius that write the viruses keep my services in demand.

My current assignment has me baffled. Usually I can click in on the code that was used but this one is totally new. The prick that wrote the code has a mind he could make a fortune with, instead of making more work for me. After each new code I think resolves and kill this worm, it replicates itself. I have yet to locate the source. The fact that servers go down doesn’t help as I can’t go through all the files and search for it. I have an isolated copy of it a disk and now how to figure out how to contain it while I figure out how to dismantle it. That is on my mind as I leave the office complex at nine thirty.

The only good thing about this assignment is I’ve found the perfect deli-variety-diner store in the city of Abbotsville. They make a pastrami sandwich to die for. The diner part consists of two very old tables with two chairs each. Their main business is take-out. When I arrive, the young clerk whom I found out is actually the owner’s youngest daughter, is behind the counter. She is the icing on the cake. She is beautiful.

I’m guessing she is thirteen or fourteen. Her blond hair is usually in a ponytail or in tight bun. She is about four feet five with noticeable breasts. It’s her face that is a knockout. Pretty doesn’t describe her looks she is several notches above that. She’s a natural blond with a very light complexion. Her facial features are unique I don’t usually like thin lips on a girl but in her case it’s part of the magic. Her use of light makeup maximizes her beauty. I’m no longer sure if I go there for the sandwich or just to look at her. Her name is Jayden. It says so on her nametag. There’s a little bell that rings when you enter the store.

“You really must like it here or you don’t have a home. Which is it?”

“Actually I’m thinking of opening a deli across the street and am here to steal your recipes.”

“You don’t have to open a new one, dad will sell you this one in a minute. At least that is what he is always saying.”

“He wants to sell?”

“Are you kidding? Then what would my dad have to complain about.”

Her laughter fills the small store. My tension disappears for a moment as I gaze upon her beauty. She’s smiling and it’s contagious.

“Can I trouble you for two sandwiches and a cup of strong coffee?”

“No trouble. I was glad to see you come in at this time. Usually it’s so boring all I do is restock and clean. Dad insists that everything is cleaned daily. The store has been here for twenty-two years. I’m the youngest and need some spending money so I get the evening shift. I do my homework between customers and cleaning.”

I watch her movements as she assembles my sandwiches. She is so feminine. Her hands are small and delicate. Her nails are well manicured. It’s a joy just looking at her.

“What grade are you in?”


I roughly calculate she must be thirteen or fourteen. Now sitting at a table I watch as she brings a tray with my food and drink on it. She moves like a cat. She does have small noticeable breasts. Her blouse hides most of them but her small nipples are showing. Her legs are well muscled and toned. I wonder what she would look like in high heels and a sleek dress.

“Enjoy your meal.”

What I really enjoy is the sight of her walking away from me. Her distinct bum cheeks flow back and forth as she returns to her counter. I have the benefit of her mild scent. The meal is good as were all the others I have eaten here over the past week. I read the paper and enjoy my second cup of coffee.

“I am sorry but we close in twenty minutes. I just wanted to let you know.”

“That’s fine. I’m finished just wanted to catch up on the news.”

As I look at her it gives me an opportunity to study her facial features. She has high cheekbones and a mouth made for kissing. The way she is looking at me I am sure she can read my mind. She gives me a soft smile and walks away. I imagine she put a little more swing in her wiggle for my benefit. As I leave the shop I hear.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow?”

“Likely, the job is taking a lot longer than I expected. Goodnight.”

She follows me to the door and I hear the bolt slide into place as I leave. When I look she is still in the window watching me and blows me a kiss, then she disappears. Beauty and nerve is going through my mind as I drive home.

Today is worse than yesterday. Not only did that dam worm re-appear and take out the systems on two more floors I find I have it on my new expensive laptop as well. If I could get my hands on the prick that wrote this I would cut off his balls! I will lose a lot of my own material if I can’t kill the little bugger. I can only hope my backups are virus free or my system at home is dead as well. I’m not a happy camper.

Each night I try to get out early enough to get my pastrami sandwiches before Jayden’s shop closes. As I’m finishing up she comes to the table.

“Mister, why don’t you call before leaving the building and I’ll have the sandwiches ready and waiting for you when you get here? That way there is no waiting and don’t have to rush. You can enjoy them.”

She hands me a card with the number on it and her name in pen. I’m sure I can feel her magnetism or it could be me hallucinating. Her face is radiant. It has me feeling like an old fool for getting excited looking at a teenage vision.

“No Mr. my name’s Don.”

“I’m Jayden; see it say so on my name tag.”


Over the next few days I do as she suggested. I call and kibitz with her. She could make a fortune on the sex lines with that voice of hers. When she talks to me I get hard. It takes a lot to get me hard at my age. She can do it in seconds just by talking to me.

This project drags on and on. I am really getting pissed off. I still haven’t found the key to kill the dam thing. Every night I see Jayden, I thank my lack of knowledge for giving me one more day seeing her. Then I’m really mad at myself. My office is only ten blocks from the shop and it’s on my way home. Stopping here regularly will be a breeze. What I need now is to get a brainwave to get my mind working three notches higher.

I do learn that Jayden is fourteen with a birthday in four months. She’s doing well in school and enjoys literature. That is one subject that really evaded me or I should say I avoided. She enjoys Shakespeare and a Russian author by the name of Chekhov. I recall seeing a play by this clown Chekhov called ‘The Cherry Orchard’. He apparently only wrote four plays. It’s my contention that the only reason he only wrote four is they finally caught up with him and shot him. What really got my interests is her interest in erotic literature. She is currently reading ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ by H. D. Lawrence. I recall that work.

“Do you enjoy reading classical stories?”

“Yes especially the ones with some interesting stories.”


“Yes lots of sex.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

“Well I have to admit sex is interesting reading and better doing.”

Jayden looks at me inquisitively as I leave the diner for some well-earned sleep. My drive home is perplexing as I ponder Jayden last comments. Just how much does she actually know about sex? With her looks and body I could understand if someone has taken the time to introduce that walking wet dream to the beginnings of sex. I only wish I was the teacher.

We continue our banter during my meals every time I drop in for my lunch. When Friday night rolls around she can sense I’m not too pleased.

“Boy, something got your back up. I thought you would be happy to get two days off so you can rest.”

“Well the powers to be have decided that we should work tomorrow till noon. They dropped that on us at four thirty tonight. I’m not a happy camper.”

“Well I have to work too so don’t feel too bad. I’ve your lunch ready.”

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