Teacher's Pet

by chris.lionofthenorth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Masturbation, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Sex Story: Janet is a mild-mannered teacher who is suddenly thrust into a new teaching environment that threatens to emotionally break her. How will she turn the tables?

This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

"Enough, Isabel!" Janet yelled. She was at the end of her wits.

"Mrooowww" Isabel howled. The black and ash-colored cat was standing at the window sill, howling for the whole neighborhood to hear. She had been doing this for almost a week now.

Janet stomped over to the window, and Isabel promptly jumped onto the floor and ran away. After closing the window angrily, Janet couldn't find the cat anywhere.

Damn cat, she thought. Should've had her spayed.

Janet was easily upset these days, what with her recent job transfer from Holy Rosary School to East Central High. She was still trying to figure out what went wrong at HRS to make them close down so quickly, because she didn't believe it was financial.

Like some sort of professional sports league, Janet felt ushered towards a history teacher position at the East Central High School, as if she was a free agent signing with another team. Holy Rosary School handled the negotiations for all of their teachers, but Janet couldn't believe she was placed at East Central High. From everything she had heard, that place was a nightmare.

And so now, only 2 weeks into the new school year, Janet had learned that everything she heard about the school was true. East Central High was definitely inner city, with a wide diversity of ethnicities represented. Unfortunately for Janet, the stereotypes of these inner city public schools were also entirely true- the students were unmotivated, disruptive, disrespectful, and potentially dangerous. Every day, she heard about a fight happening at the school.

Also unfortunately for Janet, the administration was not very helpful at all. Although there was a police officer on duty during school hours, the school had no security, so students were able to get away with a lot.

If only I could go back to Holy Rosary, Janet thought.

As a private Catholic school, Holy Rosary was the opposite of East Central High. Students were expected to behave in class, and there was a zero tolerance policy on physical assaults. The administration was firm, keeping order in every department of the school. Although expectations were also high for teachers, Janet had built a good reputation over her short 3 year tenure there as a bright and energetic history teacher. Janet loved to give lectures from the global history curriculum, which spanned the end of the Roman Empire to the Cold War. Her favorite stories were the ones about Napoleon Bonaparte, King Louis XIV, and Frederick the Great.

As part of the new school year, Janet had to quickly move from her previous apartment in the suburbs to one much closer to the city. She had found a relatively safe one that allowed pets, which was good for her and Isabel. Janet was 28, single, and wondering why life was going so wrong for her. Janet went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be better than today.

Since the very first class she taught, Janet felt disrespected. Students were much more likely to talk and socialize than to participate in class. They often had their phones out, and Janet used to ask the students to put them away. Eventually she realized that the students were hiding the phones so she couldn't see them, and there was no point in interrupting her class to get their attention anyway. Only a few students would take notes, so it felt like she was talking to herself half the time.

And the comments these students were making were totally unacceptable. The boys' language was lewd, like they were trying to impress the girls of the class. The girls seemed to love drama, being confrontational with her and the other students.

Janet's new assignment at East Central included 4 class periods of Global History, with about 30 students to each class. The class size was especially problematic for Janet because she spent much of her time babysitting the students instead of teaching. As a result, she never got through everything she wanted to. She felt frustrated teaching each of her classes, and the frustrations were starting to break through her calm outward demeanor.

Janet was teaching her third Global History class today, which was her worst class. They had just gotten to the Italian Renaissance after struggling with earlier topics about the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, and the Middle Ages. Janet was having the students write notes on their study guides while she explained the Medici family-

"The Medici's were a powerful family that operated in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. Their rise to fame came through what financial means?" Janet was hoping for a student to respond, but saw no one would. She had tried the long awkward silence strategy with this class before, but she didn't have time to coerce class participation anymore.

"Through banking, mostly" Janet finished. "They used their profits from the wool industry to start the Medici bank, and their wealth allowed them to gain political power in the 15th century. In fact, the Medici's produced—" Janet was interrupted by a loud groan from one of the students, Antoine. A few students laughed at this, but Janet was not amused.

Don't give them the attention, she thought. "The Medici's were responsible for no less than four popes from 1513 until 1605. Through their wealth, the Medici's were also able—"

"So boring" Antoine dramatized. There was less laughter this time.

"Antoine, please keep your comments to yourself" Janet replied. She wasn't in the mood to acquiesce today.

Janet didn't hear an immediate replay, so she continued, "They were also—"

"Bitch" Antoine muttered under his breath. It was loud enough that Janet heard it, and most of the class heard it too. There was dead silence.

"Excuse me?" Janet replied, accusingly.

"You heard me ... bitch. This class is a joke." Janet felt humiliated and angry all at the same time, and struggled to find something to say. Antoine lounged back in his chair, as if to assert himself more.

"Antoine, you can't talk to me like that ... Report to the principal's office, immediately." Janet trying to appear as confident as possible, but inside she was feeling shaken up.

"You know what I think of that?" Antoine asked. He threw a pencil at Janet, which she reflexively tried to dodge, but was hit in the shoulder. The pencil didn't hurt Janet, but she was in shock.

Antoine leaned forward in his seat, "Naw, you can't make me do nuthin'. Aint nobody wanna listen to you talk. Nobody gives a shit. Just sit yo ass down, bitch." A whoop came from a girl in the class, then another responded, "fight, fight, fight, fight."

Janet felt everyone's eyes on her, and then the tears welled up in her eyes. She was not prepared to handle this kind of emotional stress, they didn't teach her how to handle these situations.

A piece of crumpled up paper flew next to her head, narrowly missing her. She didn't see who threw it, but knew based on the students reactions that it was Jason in the back row. The near-miss brought her back to reality- I can't call officer Jones, he won't do anything.

Janet went behind her desk to the wall where the phone was. While dialing the number for security, she felt the paper balls being thrown at her from what seemed like the whole class. She curled up around the phone and tried to focus on talking to the other person on the line.

Just the receptionist? Shit. "STOP" she yelled at the class, to no avail. Students were now getting out of their seats, either socializing or trying to bean her with more paper. Janet was panicking now, yelling into the phone for security to come to her room. When she heard the receptionist tell her that the officer would be on his way, she hung up.

After what seemed like an hour of waiting, Officer Jones walked into the room and all the students scrambled back to their seats.

"What seems to be the problem here?" he asked in a booming voice. He looked at Janet.

"The students are out of control, Mr. Jones" Janet said, exasperated. She pointed to Antoine, "This one here is the one who started it. I asked him to report to the principal's, and he threw a pen at me!"

Officer Jones turned to Antoine and asked him, "Is this true, son?"

Antoine looked surprisingly calm, "Naw. She's lyin'. She's always tryin' to pin shit on me. I didn't do nuthin'."

"Alright", Officer Jones said, "we need to straighten this out at my office. Either you come with me now, or I report you to the principal."

"Shit, whatever. I didn't wanna be here anyways", Antoine said to the class with a smile on his face. Some of his classmates laughed.

Finally, Janet thought. Officer Jones waited for Antoine to grab his stuff, then proceeded out the door with him. Antoine gave Janet a wink as he left.

It's just a game for him, she realized. He doesn't care about the consequences. But he'll get what he deserves. Janet saw that there were only 5 minutes left in class, so she told the students to silently read for the remainder of the class period.

Janet was able to get through her last teaching class; albeit with some pretty uncomfortable questions from the students- "Did you put Antoine in jail?" "I heard Antoine hit you with a pencil, is that true?" "Did the cop take him away?"

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