Queen Bee

by chris.lionofthenorth

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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A beautiful, power-hungry Latina works her way up the corporate ladder using her brains as well as her body

This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

"As you can see, Miss Reina, the revenue from the second quarter was 7.4% higher than same quarter last year, and 3 points higher than first quarter this year. Most of this revenue increase is driven by the acquisition of the largest 15 new accounts which occurred in the past 3 months. Our projection for the next quarter..."

Good trends, Carmelita, or Miss Reina, as she liked to be called, thought. And Bryan is doing a good job with the presentation. I may have to reward him soon.

Carmelita sat at the end of the board room-style table, with half a dozen of her most dependable employees seated on the sides. Bryan was standing at the other end of the room, presenting his financial statements for the second fiscal quarter to the board. Although Carmelita appeared outnumbered by the room full of men, she held the majority vote, so everything she said goes.

Bryan was now presenting on the different types of financial accounts that their company, Avox Inc., owned. The company was originally founded in 1976 by John H. Wilcox to help working-class Americans with their retirement accounts, and was modestly successful for many years. The company was built on sound moral principles- never risking too much of their clients' accounts on volatile markets, and always treating them with the utmost respect and dignity.

Carmelita thought back to her first time working at Avox, back in 2007. She was only 21, fresh out of college with a bachelor's in business, and willing to do whatever it took to make it to the top. Despite being a business major, she landed herself an entry-level position as a financial advisor for some of Avox's smaller accounts...

Carmelita was always a hard worker, and her bosses took notice. They also noticed how pretty she was, and they always seemed to be extra nice to her. Carmelita was no fool, and took advantage of the special attention. She always figured that the primarily Caucasian office was intrigued by her Latina looks, and she made it a point to look good every day.

Back then, there weren't a lot of women at the company, except for secretaries. With all the male suitors coming in to talk with her, she could've had her pick of them, but somehow work was always more important to her than a relationship. Her mom had always tried to match-make Carmelita, but she was never interested in tying herself down or slowing down her career.

This was not to say that Carmelita was unexperienced with men, however. On the contrary, Carmelita had many sexual encounters with men during her high school and college years. Although her body was pear-shaped, with most of her weight in her hips and thighs, she still attracted attention with her 36C's. Ever the student, she learned what men liked from her encounters, and experimented with different styles of hair, makeup, or clothing. With her astute mind and a plethora of male interactions, Carmelita developed the unique ability to read men- what they were thinking, what they desired in a woman, and what motivated them.

It wasn't until she was passed on a promotion that Carmelita decided to use her man-reading skills at work. Almost overnight, she changed her focus from working all the time to observing the people around her, taking mental notes about them. She learned that pretty quickly, she could predict what certain men would say or do in different situations. Using her newfound social advantages, she decided that this patriarchal business had to be shown what a strong woman looked like, to allow future hard-working women to receive their due.

As an extension of her knowledge of coworker personalities, Carmelita learned how to be well-liked. After all, if the success of a person was not based on merit, what else would it be? At this time, Carmelita practiced different versions of herself to different people, depending on what they valued.

In a couple short years, Carmelita had methodically worked over every one of her colleagues, becoming one of the most popular employees at Avox. But even though she eventually received the managerial promotion she had been desperately seeking, the success of her social strategy disillusioned her to men entirely. Instead of trying to be a role model for women, she had become an attention whore, just a popular girl trying to please the men around her. Her success felt hallow.

So, as soon as Carmelita became the manager for Avox's sales team, she decided on a transformation. Instead of pleasing the men around her to get what she wanted, she would have the men please her.

It was easy to figure out what all men responded to: sex. As Oscar Wilde once said, "Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power." So, Carmelita used her femininity to her advantage, wearing more revealing outfits and emanating a more confident, powerful presence at work. The change was immediate- men who never took her seriously started noticing her, and her employees seemed more productive.

Carmelita shifted her priorities, learning to balance her workload so that she could also work on herself. She spent more time doing aerobic exercises like jogging, and toned herself with some light weight lifting, too. The physical transformation soon matched her persona, making her highly-desirable to the men of upper management.

Carmelita gave hints that she was not interested in any of the men under her employ, or anyone of her hierarchical status within the company, for that matter. So it was only a matter of time when one of the board members, Jack Swartz, expressed his interest in her. Although dating within the company was not prohibited, it was expressly discouraged when one of the employees was above another, due to potential sexual harassment suits.

Soon Jack and Carmelita saw each other outside of work, and Carmelita used that time to learn more about how the company was run. Over the course of their 3 month relationship, Carmelita learned secrets about the other board members that no one else in the company was privy to. She was especially interested in their vices, and how they could be exploited.

After their relationship had served its purpose for Carmelita, she ended things with Jack. Jack was upset over their breakup, so Carmelita had to let things cool before making her move...

Now is the time, Carmelita thought. I've been out of the dating game long enough that people may start believing I'm not interested in Avox employees anymore. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Carmelita had ended her relationship with Mr. Swartz only a couple months ago, so she was cautious about the timing for her next man exploit. After all, she didn't want to be seen as the office slut, going from one man to another. She wanted to be seen as what she really was- a strong, sexy, independent woman who picked her male companions very carefully.

And so Carmelita, now Sales Manager, was studying her next move. Although she had risen to a high status in the company in a short five years, she was still left unsatisfied. Every day, she interacted with upper management- the Senior Managers (her bosses), and their boss, the Managing Director. She felt like she knew them inside and out, and believed she could do their jobs better than they could. After all, she learned a lot about running the company from her time with Jack. Unfortunately for her, all of these men were firmly entrenched in their positions, and wouldn't be leaving the company any time soon.

Carmelita knew that her quick transition to Sales Manager was partly due to her sex appeal, and she needed to use that to make a large leap in the business hierarchy. That meant getting dirty.

Avox's board consisted of five members, one of which was the CEO, Jacob Summers. All five were men of at least 15 years' experience each, each a white male of at least 40 years. It was your typical boy's club situation.

One of the board members, Maxwell Schoonover, was a pompous ass who had tried to publicly humiliate Carmelita at previous meetings. In addition to being a board member, Maxwell was also head of the legal department, and a licensed lawyer in his own right.

At 43 years old, Maxwell was a good-looking man, but also a terrible person. Married and divorced once already, he had learned his lesson and was now staying with his current wife of seven years. He was a chauvinist, and he often belittled his female secretary, Pam.

Maxwell's wife Gwen, an attractive blonde in her 30's, was much too nice for Maxwell. Carmelita honestly didn't understand why Gwen had stayed with Maxwell for all these years, since Maxwell had a reputation for womanizing.

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