Heartache Tonight

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Slut Wife, Revenge, .

Desc: Sex Story: I went into that bar knowing what I would find. But what I came out with changed my life for the better.

Hi Folks. First off, Thanks to all of the people who emailed me about my absence. It wasn't actually planned. But during the time that I didn't have the services Of a legendary editor, I started trying to finish the book I've been working on. And I sort of worked on it until it was finished. But to start us out again I wanted to write something that was more about feelings than most of my stories. I wanted to write something like Barney-R or Hermit or Jake Rivers would write. And while not quite up to their standards, this is a fairly decent stab. As always, if you don't like this one the next one will be different. Thanks to every one who reads it. And thanks of course to Barney-R for eiditing it with his usual wizardry. SS06

A day of destiny; that's what they call it when you experience an event that changes your life forever. Somehow I never expected mine to be in a crummy bar at the edge of the town I lived in.

I'd never been in the place before, but I knew of it. I think everybody in town knew about it. It was one of those places that nice people didn't visit. It was famous for whores, liquor, sluts, gambling, and skanks.

I felt dirty just stepping into the place, but it was necessary. It wasn't that I thought I was above things like that. During my college days, I'd been quite the hell-raiser. But my parent's deaths had burned all of that out of me and made me take my life and my future a bit more seriously.

There had been things I wanted to do with my life ... And none of them had anything to do with running the family's sprawling acreage. But I had two younger sisters who had just entered college and in the absence of our parents, the responsibility for keeping the family afloat fell to me.

So like my father and his father before him, I became a rancher. And strangely enough, I was good at it. Better, in fact, than my father, or my grandfather ever was. I was the first in three generations to do more than scratch a living out of the dirt we'd put our blood, sweat and tears into.

I had modernized our operations to the point that several very exclusive buyers were willing to pay very dearly for my beef. I also had a few large chain stores that paid through the nose for my lesser grades just for the name and my brand.

Ranching is hard work, even on an executive level. But I modernized the old place to the max. I'd built a new main house that was luxurious and well appointed. It had a pool and a spa and all the comforts of any California Mansion.

And I had filled the place with the one thing I needed to ensure that future generations would be able to keep things going. Yep I had married the prettiest girl in town.

Over the years, I had put some work into her as well. Nothing that I thought she needed, but women are crazy. Sally is a beautiful woman. The good lord saw fit to give her a slim and sexy body, beautiful natural blond hair and the bluest eyes that anyone would ever see.

But Sally has never been happy with what she has. She always wants more. So after a few years of her being jealous and miserable about what the good lord had forgotten, I got her a set of store-bought titties that no man could take his eyes off of.

They were much bigger than I thought they'd be and to tell the truth, after the surgery, I found myself wishing that we hadn't done it. But I felt the same way about her car. Sally drives a pussy pink BMW convertible that I have never set foot in.

But that to me is fine. Sally hates my Mustang as much as I hate her car. She says that it's too loud and too brutish for her. I can't stomach the thought of her smoking her shitty smelling cigarettes in my car, so I've never let her in it. I bought her the BMW to protect my Mustang.

I guess over the years I've doted on Sally. Maybe it was remembering all of the stories my Mom used to tell me about how she and my father hadn't gotten along at first. They were both strong-willed and neither wanted to give any ground. But in the end, they loved each other so much that they found a way to make things work.

In the end, they raised three kids and were very happy together. Even when my sisters and I were grown, I can still remember the way my mom smiled every time my dad came into the room.

My mom and dad never had the kind of money that Sally and I have, but they had something much more important. I guess I always thought that like my mom said, falling in love takes time. There's usually a spark or an attraction from the very beginning, but it takes some time for it to become love.

Of course, my dad swears that she loved him from the first second that she saw him and started following him around like a puppy dog. I didn't care who was right. All I wanted was for Sally to look at me the way my mom looked at my dad.

I also wanted a house full of kids, but Sally and I are nearing thirty, and we don't have any kids yet. She claims that we need a few years to get to know each other and just enjoy each other before we start having kids.

I always thought that she was wrong about that, but I let her have her way. Lately, I've begun to realize that maybe she was right. In a lot of ways, I'm glad that we never had kids.

One of the things that made me feel that way was catching her smiling at me out of the corner of my eye. Even after all the years of hoping to see that woman smiling at me; it kind of hurt to see it.

I know it sounds like I was getting just what I wanted and was unsatisfied with it ... much like Sally and her natural titties, but this was different.

You see the woman I loved had smiled when she saw me, but it wasn't the kind of smile my mom got when she saw my dad. Mom's smile was pure happiness at seeing the man she loved. It spoke of being proud of the man he was and the family they had made together. It was the remembrance of shared struggles and genuine love.

Sally's smile was something different. I'd seen that same smile on beef buyers when they thought they'd put one over on me. It was a smile that told me the bitch was laughing at me.

It had gotten my hackles up enough for me to flip the script. And the things I found out weren't pretty. My PIs were good. They were quick and their discretion was without par. But I loved the silly bitch. I had ever since I first pulled her hair in Sunday school.

So I needed to see it for myself. No, I'm not a sadist. But for two reasons, I needed to put my own eyeballs on it. The first ... Like I said I loved her. So I had to give her the benefit of the doubt. If my marriage was going down in flames, the reasons for it had to be genuine. No he-said-she-said or misunderstandings.

And the second reason was even more important. Once again, I loved the bitch. So for my own sanity ... For my ability to walk away from her and never look back, I needed to burn all of the love I'd built up for her over the years out of my heart.

The best way to do that was to see it in person with my own eyes. It would be even better to have other people around when it happened. That way, there would be the added weight of personal pride on the line.

So with poor Sally thinking she was free and clear to do what she did since I was "out of town on business," I sat back to watch the end of my marriage play out in real time from the front row.

The bar had several of what they called VIP booths. They were shaded corner alcoves that were hidden behind mirrored glass walls. The idea was that you could see everything that went on in the bar, but no one could see you.

Since some of the waitresses and all the dancers who worked at the bar hooked on the side, the VIP rooms were a lucrative sideline for both the owner and the girls. The owner made money from the cost of being in a VIP booth. The girls made theirs from what went on inside of them.

As I looked around the bar, I could see that I was early. I hadn't driven my Mustang. Seeing it outside of the bar would have scared Sally off.

The band was beginning to warm up as I sat down in my booth. Their smooth blended voices sent chills up my spine. Part of it was the uncanny accuracy of their rendition of one of my favorite old songs. The rest was how fitting their song choice was considering the situation.

"Somebody's gonna hurt someone, before the night is through.

Somebody's gonna come undone, there's nothing we can do.


"Not so hard, baby," I mumbled to the man mauling my tits. I have noticed lately that if you squeezed or rubbed them too hard in certain spots, it was painful. My doctor, jealous bitch that she was told me that it was the implant moving against my actual breast tissue.

She always wanted me to have them removed. Her boobs were bigger than mine. But hers were natural. Of course, she outweighed me by fifty pounds, so they didn't seem to be as big as they were.

"Billy Bob, you like my tits don't you?"I asked. He stopped rolling his tongue around my nipple just long enough to nod.

"You don't care that they're not real?" I asked. That stopped him in his tracks. He even stopped ramming his dick in me.

"They feel real to me, what do you mean?" he asked. Then suddenly he pulled his dick out of me. There was a look of concern written all over his face.

"Is this a catfish?" he asked angrily. "Are you a man?"

It was my turn to get pissed then. "Are you stupid?" I hissed. "That's a pussy you've been stabbing your dick into for the last two hours. I'm also married, you idiot. What I meant was that my boobs have implants to make them bigger."

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